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2, 3 and 14 for the fic writers ask please and thanks 🤓

(Since I did #2 and #14 already, all I got is 3 for you here, sorry. ;3)

3. What is your absolute favorite kind of fic to write?

I like the kind that rips your soul out of your body through your tear ducts.

Just kidding, but seriously. I like writing hard truths, or character studies, or strange AU’s. I like digging in deep and pulling out that little spark of a something from a character that maybe no one’s quite noticed before, or writing the switch side to a soulmate!AU that no one’s really used before. Maybe it’s fantastical, maybe it’s the bad side, but I’ll take it. I’ll write it. Because i’m a jerk.

Jimin café fluff

A little fluff with Jimin cuz he is the cutest c;


The rain was hitting on the hard asphalt.

You watched your shoes getting wet while walking on it.

A smile appeared on your face as you looked up at the sky. Autumn has always been your favourite season.

You love the view of people around you walking around with colourful umbrellas, talking to each other or just walking through the city alone like you always do.

The sound of the rain splashing down on the ground was music to your ears and you hummed lightly along to it.

In one hand you twisted your light blue umbrella and looked at the rain drops fall off of it, in the other one you held a book to your chest, you just have bought of your favourite author.

You were going  to read it in a café you always liked to visit.

You closed your umbrella and opened the old wood door. As you entered the café, the wonderful scent of coffee rose into your nose, making you feel like home.

You sat down on your favourite place near the window and made yourself comfortable. As you took of your jacket and scarf, the waiter took on your order.

You opened the book and could feel and smell the scent of new pages. How you loved this feeling.

After time you got your drink, chocolate latte macchiato. You took a sip and enjoyed the taste of chocolate and cream on your tongue and lips.

You took a glance outside and saw the rain drops rolling down the glass pane.

At the background you saw a young man entering the same café as you.

You looked at the entrance and saw him running his hand through his slightly wet orange hair.

He was wearing a dark blue coat ,under it was a back knitted turtleneck sweater, dark jeans with black boots and a leather backpack. You would lie if you would say he wasn’t good looking.

He went straight to the counter and gave the waitress a huge smile while telling her his order.

You caught yourself staring at his face. As he smiled, there where little winkles to see on his cheeks that looked really cute on him.

You leaned your cheek on your right hand and continued reading in your book.

From the corner of the your eye you saw him taking a seat on a table that was two tables away from you, facing you.

You took another sip of your hot drink and took the chance to look at him better. You noticed that he was really handsome.

The male took out a notepad and a pen. He looked outside the window as he was thinking about something. You would have took a picture of him in this pose.

In a second he switched his gaze of the window to your direction.

You where already looking back down on your book and didn’t notice that he was looking a bit longer at you.

Two hours later you finished your drink and marked the page in the book you stopped reading.

You looked up at the male again and saw him writing or drawing something on the page of his notepad.

You were curious what he was doing, since he looked like he was really into it, but you were too shy to ask.

Ready to leave the café you called the waiter to pay your drink.

As you did you saw the man already leaving the café.

The waiter noticed that he had lost a page while he walked out and called him but he has already left.

“I think this is for you” he said and handed you the piece of paper.

There was a drawing of a woman sitting in a café while reading a book.

Yes, that was you!

“The beautiful mysterious woman by Park Jimin” was written on it.

You rushed out the café and searched for his orange head.

You saw Jimin walking with his hands in his pockets.

You forgot that it was still raining as you ran, trying to catch him up as the cold wet drops touched your face.

Your cheeks were already getting a shade of pink from the cold as he looked at you.

“I think you lost something” You said and handed him the drawing.

With a shy smile he took it back and thanked you.

Before any of you could say something you opened your umbrella and walked away.

“Wait! What is your name?” Jimin asked.

All you did was turning around, flashing him a bright smile at him before you left in a small alley.

Jimin just stood there smiling like a fool while pushing his wet hair back again.

He looked down at the drawing, still seeing your smile. Then he noticed something on the edge of the paper.

It was your name and number you left before you handed it back to him.

He couldn’t wait to get home and call you.

The Littlest Winchester - Uncle Sam

Character(s): Sam Winchester

Warnings: None

Word Count: 982

Request:  I’m not sure if you’ll ever do this or not, but I was hoping that you would do a Little Winchester fix that focuses more on uncle Sam and his bond with Dean’s daughter. Maybe them spending a day together or something like that. ☺


           With the amount of energy she’s displaying, Sam’s glad he took his niece out of the bunker. For ten minutes straight she tore around the wooden play structure, laughing like there’s no tomorrow. Sam’s perfectly okay with chasing her; he just has to depend on his long arms to reach her when she corners herself in the nooks that are much too small for him.

           “Faster, Sammy! Faster!” The four-year-old squeals delightedly as her uncle spins her as fast as he dares on the tire swing. Clutching the chains suspending the tire, she laughs as Sam spins her just a bit faster at her request. “Stop! Stop!”

           Sam brings the swing to a halt. “Too fast for you, huh?”

           “No.” The little girl clambers out of the tire. “I wanna play tag!”

           “Oh you do, do you? Then you’d better run!” Sam lunges for the four-year-old and she shrieks and dashes away.

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French Roast

Ship: Lafayette x Reader

Request: “Ayyy fam hook me up w/ some Laf x reader? Reader works at a cafe and Lafayette always comes in and flirts with them and they write cute nicknames on his cup. Bonus points for bad/hilarious pickup lines.” - anonymous

Triggers: coffee puns

W/C: 1508

A/N: Nobody asked me to but I used Taylor The Latte Boy as inspo for this because I’m a fucking dweeb

Peggy Schuyler gripped your arm, forcing you to drop the cappuchino you were working on. You groaned as you watched the drink stain your white shoes. “Damn it, Peggy!” you spat in a low voice so the customers wouldn’t hear. She helped you clean up the spill, more anxiety growing in her voice, “Sorrrrry!” she stressed, “I think I broke the dishwasher, it started bubbling and then I heard the dishes start clanging and I don’t know what happened-” You sighed and gave her a warm look, “I will take care of it” you promised. Peggy was constantly in distress whenever you had a shift with her, she just couldn’t the hang of things. “Besides I’ve got to make sure everything is working before our horrible excuse for a manager shows up” you scoffed.

“Lee as a manager is a joke anyways. You should’ve been the one promoted, Y/N” you heard Dolley Payne say from behind her register. You smiled while handing her the finished cappuchino. “If he keeps leaving his shifts early I might as well be” you joked. Dolley laughed before Peggy slammed into your side, tugging your arm.

“Ow! What is it Peggy?” you asked sharply.

Your friend winked, “French cutie is here on schedule” she whispered.

Your eyes darted to the clock. 8:11 am. Dolley moved away from the cashier, pushing you into her place, “Go get your flirt on, Y/N” she nudged. Your jaw was left on the floor while the girls scattered behind the counter, pretending to make drinks as they giggled. You sighed, they did this everyday and you still hadn’t learned how to escape it. Or maybe I don’t want to … you realized as the tall frenchman approached you, his curls in a tight bun and face in a wide smile.

You smiled, greeting him as he approached the counter. Wow, eager much? You scolded yourself. His bright eyes pretended to scan the menu, even though he always got the same thing. “How are you, Mister um” your mind started going on red alert, had you never learned his name? “Mister.” you stated. It’s perfectly normal to call someone ‘Mister’, right? Without a last name included? You pondered.

He said, “Fine and my name’s Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette.”

You raised your eyebrows, blurting out “Wow”

“But you can call me Lafayette” he blushed, “m-my name’s Lafayette and I’ll take a latte with extra foam” he asked, his kind eyes showing his embarrassment. You smiled while putting in the order, hoping Dolley and Peggy weren’t too busy eavesdropping to make his drink. He stood there, both of you smiling at each other until you heard someone clear their throat. Both of you began to make flustered sounds and Lafayette awkwardly stepped to the side, nervously patting his beard. Or slapping himself. You couldn’t tell.

“Hi,” You smiled at the new customer, “How are you?”

Lafayette shuffled around on his heels, waiting for his drink and looking at you from the corner of his eye. Say something, Gil. Tell her how pretty she looks or how well she handles the coffee cups … He shook his head, That would sound creepy don’t say that, cher Dieu… He snapped back to reality when you put his drink in front of him.

You blushed, “Sorry it took longer than usual, hope we didn’t make you latte”

Lafayette raised an eyebrow, “I’m sorry, what?”

“Like, you’re late.” you explained, wanting to shrivel up into a ball, “I was saying I hope we didn’t make you late because of how long it took because you see my friend Peggy is still in training and she doesn’t know how to use the foam machine so when you said extra foam she accidentally-” Lafayette put his hand on top of yours, slowly pulling the cup towards him, “You’ll have to teach me more of those jokes, mademoiselle.” he whispered.  You let go of the cup, stammering a response. He smiled with a wink and quickly took his drink and left the shop, his long legs bumping into multiple people at once.

He looked down at his cup that read “La Baguette” and smiled.

You ran your fingers through your hair and looked at Dolley and Peggy, who were both giggling. “What do you think, Dolley?” Peggy asked while misspelling names on cups. Dolley smiled as she accepted change from a customer, “Well if you ask me - Y/N needs to do a better job at espresso-ing her feelings” You rolled your eyes, “Har, HAR”

“It’s 8:09” Peggy announced in a singsong tone. Even as you told Peggy you didn’t care, you couldn’t help but check your reflection in the coffee pot. Dolley smiled while shaking a jar of coffee grounds in your face, “Oh come on, Y/N - everyone knows you have cofFEELS” she laughed. Peggy and Dolley high-fived.You ran your fingers through your hair, laughing nervously.

8:11. You heard the bell of the door opening and pushed Peggy out of the way of the register. Dolley snickered behind you. Lafayette greeted you with a smile, his eyes looking extra tired this morning. “Hi, how are you?” It was routine to start off orders like that, but you were genuinely interested in the tall boy’s mood. His eyes met yours and his smile brightened the coffee shop.

“Incredibly tired, my boss is frustrated and we’re understaffed” he laughed.

You nodded in understanding, already making his double latte. “Well, BREW can do it!” you comforted, while mentally slapping yourself in the face. He chuckled, the sound of it making your heart skip. Blood rushed to your face as you added extra skim to his drink.  Lafayette began digging in his pocket, and you stopped him “Keep the 3.55” He smiled, “Wow - where have you BEAN all my life?” the frenchman laughed.

“Serving coffee” you answered as you gave the drink to Peggy so she could add foam. The poor girl spilled on herself, but you decided to ignore the mess and focus on Lafayette. He WAS the customer, afterall. “What’s your favorite coffee?” he asked you during his wait, not taking his brown eyes off you for a second. You tried to control your heartbeat while thinking.

“I really love espressos but I can’t have them, they keep me up all night” You admitted.

The frenchman laughed, “I could keep you up all night”

You blushed, stuttering, when Dolley came to your rescue saying “Triple latte is ready” You grabbed the drink, about to scribble his name on it before he put his palm over it, lowering the drink and grabbing your attention.

Lafayette leaned over the counter, “Would you like to go out after your shift, mademoiselle? I’m free whenever you are” You opened your mouth to respond, but were interrupted by the customer behind him clearing his throat. Peggy raised an eyebrow, scolding the other customer. The frenchman’s face fell as you took longer and longer to respond, and he moved to the side. You quickly scribbled on the cup and shoved it into his hand.

“Hi, how are you?” you asked the next customer in a monotone.

Lafayette sighed and took his coffee out of the shop, angrily walking to his car. George Washington was waiting in the driver’s seat, impatiently tapping his foot. He looked up and sighed in relief, happy to see the frenchman approaching.

“Sorry, sir” He mumbled to his boss while climbing into the passenger seat. George put his hand up, “Don’t call me sir so much, son, we’re friends.” he said while starting the car. “Don’t call me son” The frenchman mocked. George sighed, pulling out of the parking lot. Lafayette put his drink in the cup holder and leaned back in the seat, a frown still on his face.

“What’s wrong? You’re always happy when we come here” his friend asked him with stern eyes. Lafayette shrugged. “What’s that on your hands?” His eyes shot open and he looked at the cup, noticing that he smudged your message. Lafayette hit George in the arm, shouting in happiness and french.

“I’m DRIVING!” George shouted. The frenchman shoved the latte in his friend’s face, “EYES OFF THE ROAD, PÉRE!” he shouted. George drove the car onto the side of the road, angry drivers honking at him. He took the cup from him and read the note.

‘LafaYES - Pick me up at 3?’ was scribbled. George raised an eyebrow at his friend, whose smile was extra cheeky.

He raised an eyebrow,“I suppose someone has to find that accent endearing…”

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Modern day coffee shop au with Aaron burr??? Something like the main reason the reader goes to the cafe is to see the employee burr?? I dunno something cute and fluffy like that. :)

You’ve got it it is on the list

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Can you do a fluffy Madison x Reader fic where they meet at a cafe (reader as barista) and they leave cute coffee-themed pick-up lines on his mug and it is super cute and they end up exchanging numbers? Pls and thank you!!!

Of course! This sounds SO ADORABLE! Have a good day!

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number one with Bucky please?? your blog is amazing!! 💕

Waking Up Together

Prompt List // Character List

Bucky woke up but didn’t open his eyes. He breathed in as he remembered the events of last night - Stark’s party, the dress you were wearing, they way he could hardly contain himself, and what happened after you left the party together. A smile tugged the corners of his mouth as he remembered what happened when you were in this very room last night - the best night of his life so far - your first night together

Opening his eyes, he gazed at your sleeping figure. You were snuggled into his side, his arm wrapped around you. Your hair was a mess, you makeup from last night had smudged and faded, yet he didn’t notice because you were the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. You breathing was slow and deep, your face peaceful, and Bucky noted that with you in his arms, the noise in his brain was quiet.

He began to trace patterns on the uncovered skin of your back. Groggily, you sighed and your eyes blinked open, a sleepy smile spreading across your features.

“Hey,” Bucky said softly.

“Mmm. Good morning. How long have you been awake?”

“Not long. How’d you sleep?”

“Good. You?”

“I haven’t slept that well since the 1930s.”

“Well, I’ll have to wear you out every night, I guess.” You smirked.

“Nah, I think it was just havin’ you beside me, doll.” He smiled and kissed your forehead.

“I’ll just have to sleep over a lot, then.”

Years later, Bucky could safely say that, while you slept next to him every night, he was not often sleeping through the night. First your daughter, and then your twin boys seemed determined to exhaust both you and Bucky. The boys were now 5 months old and were starting to sleep through the night (sometimes).

Today though, Steve and Sam were watching all the kids, and letting them sleep over for the night. Bucky had taken you out for a nice dinner, a movie, and you’d had the chance to catch up without any kids around. Things had also gotten a bit steamy once you had arrived home, leading to a long night.

At around 10 AM, you woke up. Bucky was still asleep, snoring softly with your arm thrown over his abdomen and your head resting on his shoulder. You traced the dark marks you had sucked into his skin, slowly moving to his stomach where you brushed the lines of his muscles.

Without you noticing, Bucky woke and smiled as he watched you. He began to rub his metal hand up and down your back and side.

“Good morning, beautiful.”

You smiled and glanced up at him. “Morning, dear.”

“Been a while since we woke up like this, huh?”

“Yeah… It’s nice to wake up on our own. Nice to have a night to ourselves, too.”

“I’ll have to agree with you on that, for sure. I forgot just how stunning you are when you’re moanin’ for me,” he winked.

“James! If I recall, you were doing plenty of begging for me.” You smirked and quirked an eyebrow at him, and he let out a guffaw.

“Fine, doll, fine, you’re right.” He winked at you and squeezed you closer to him. “Mm, I could stay here forever.”

25 years later, all the kids were out of the house. You’d had another after Sarah, Henry, and Jonah - she was a surprise, but a good surprise. Little Rebecca had been full of energy from the day she was born, much like Bucky’s sister, her namesake. Bucky had retired from missions long ago, occasionally helping to train new recruits, but mostly spending his time with you and visiting your children and grandchildren.

At 6 AM, Bucky woke and still had a smile on his face when he looked at you sleeping beside him. Pressing a kiss to your temple, he got up and started brewing coffee. Not long after, you joined him.

“Good morning, doll.”

“Morning, Buck. How’d you sleep?”

“Good - I had you next to me, doll face.”

You were about to smack his shoulder lightly - the man was still such flirt after over 30 years together! - when Bucky’s phone rang. After some conversation, you realized it was Steve (it helped that Bucky still had a patriotic ring tone for the poor man).

“Wanna meet Steve and Anne for breakfast, doll?”

“Sure, tell him to meet at Mama Smith’s Cafe.”

You left to get changed and soon heard Bucky enter your room. Wrapping his arms around your waist. “You look amazing, sweetheart.”

“You’re not too bad looking yourself, babe.” You pressed a kiss to his jaw, smiling. “Love you.”

“I love you too, sweetheart.”

Imagine Lucifer Being Overprotective Of  You, His Girlfriend

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You didn’t even have to look up to notice the look on your boyfriend’s face.

“What did you do this time?” you asked, trying not to sound as bored with asking the question as you already were.

“I did absolutely nothing wrong this time,” Lucifer insisted. “I just went around making sure nobody could hurt you. You peered up at him through your glasses.

“…You sent the barista at the coffee shop down the street to Limbo again, didn’t you?”

“He looked very suspicious, Y/N,” he said, “and I definitely think that there was something funny about him. Didn’t you see the way he was looking at you?”

“Yes, I did,” you went on typing at your computer, “and I think you have nothing to worry about. I’m not going anywhere, Luce. You, however, are going to bring that poor man back from Limbo because he does make a damn good coffee.”

“Can’t I just leave him there for five more minutes?”

“That’s five hundred more years in Limbo-time, Luce. You have to go get him now.”

Lucifer merely smiled at you before flying to complete your request. He did love how unfazed you were by him, sometimes.

(For Anon)