reader&039;s choice


Summary: A frenzied encounter in a hotel room. 
Pairing: Your Choice x Reader
Word Count: 1130
Warnings: Smut. Like that’s all that happens. 

A/N: I’ve done one of these before, but I wanted to give it a try with some smut. You all know smut is not my strongest point, but hopefully you’ll enjoy this with whomever you choose to have in mind. 

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Choices [Spencer Reid Imagine]

*Requested* can i request a spencer reid imagine where the reader is very pregnant and she finds out that spencer has been cheating on her with maeve while on the case.. happy ending please! thank you love. xoxo

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Love you,” Maeve whispered, hanging up the phone.

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“Holy shi—Mom, MOM, MOM take a picture take a picture take a pictu—”
-Tsukishima Akiteru, Founder of the Suki Tsukki Society



Well, I’m a day late but sh

Hope everyone’s having a nice holiday break 

Tsukishima Kei’s the type of person who tries to preserve the physical integrity of the wrapping paper his presents are wrapped in. 1 because he’s not a savage, and 2 because when there are people watching him open their presents, he likes seeing them squirm. 

(and 3, he likes to save them as memorabilia)

Reasonable Choice

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Warning: Swearing?

A/N: Reminder my Peter Parker is Andrew Garfield because he is of age, perfect, hot, goofy, dorky and well honestly the perfect Spider-Man ever. Plus, that sass, hello! So one last Fluff before Heart Break Weekend starts!!

When you and Peter admit you have feelings for each other you also find out Peter is Spider-Man. You agree to stay friends and only friends it was for best right? You could handle being friends even if you were ridiculously attracted to each other.

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“Wow.” Parker grins at you as he closes the distance between the two of you, you laugh fighting the blush rushing over your cheeks.

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sanctuary - chapter 1

On his fourth day living in Beacon Hills, Stiles wakes up when his dad raps on his bedroom door. “Stiles! Get out of bed. You’re going to school!”

So that’s where they are in the push-and-pull of their father-son relationship today. His dad has reached the I Am Not Fucking Around stage again. A few more days and he’ll be right back at the I Am Not Going To Push You stage. Which Stiles likes a lot more than the I Can’t Bear To Even Look At You one that’s defined most of the last eight months, actually.

Everything hurts when he levers himself out of bed, but Stiles is used to that. It always takes a while to get moving again after everything’s seized up overnight. He doesn’t bother shower. Just drags some fresh clothes out of one of his unpacked boxes and pulls them on. His red hoodie is last. He pulls the hood up even though he’s still in the house, and thinks that no, no he can’t go to school today.

He heads downstairs.

When was the last time he was in the kitchen? Yesterday? The day before? His dad has made good progress unpacking. It takes Stiles three attempts to figure out where the glasses live now.

He pours himself an orange juice while his dad digs out the cereal.

“I thought I’d drive you to school,” his dad says. “Come to administration with you and get things explained.”

He waves vaguely.

“I can drive myself.” He has a Jeep now. He hasn’t really checked it out, but it was part of his dad’s bribery attempt to move them here to Beacon Hills.

“You’re not driving that thing until I get it checked out properly,” his dad tells him.

It’s just an excuse, and they both know it. If his dad doesn’t literally escort him into the school, there’s no way he’s going.

“Dad,” Stiles says, his voice wavering.

“No.” John Stilinski’s face is set. “You need to do this, Stiles. And the longer you wait, the harder it will get.”

Stiles stares down at his cereal so his dad doesn’t see his tears. “It’s gonna suck, though.”

His dad reaches out and clasps a hand around Stiles’s, making his spoon clatter against the table. “Come on, kid. Have you forgotten how tough you are?”

No, Stiles thinks, but have you forgotten how much of a freak I am?

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The Choice

Chris Evans x Reader

Summary : your best friend drags you out to comic con, and something amazing happens.

A/N : yes, I am rewriting my Breathless series. But making it into a Chris Evans fic! Lol. Don’t judge ;)

Warning : language?

Your best friend nudged your side, catching your attention.

“Dude, he’s staring right at you!” She squealed.

“No. He’s probably looking at someone behind us.” You chuckled, shaking your head.

There was no way he looking at you. Especially since there were hundreds of other beautiful girls in the room.
Both you and your friend snapped your heads back to see who he was staring at.

But no one was behind you.

“See. I told you, he was looking at you!” She exclaimed, squeezing your arm.

Your rolled your eyes and bit the inside of your cheek. It was crazy. Why of all people would he deliberately stare at you?

For a quick second, you glanced up and immediately, you met his gaze. And for a moment, you felt as if the world had stopped.

Here you were, sitting out in the audience, watching the guy you had drooled over for years. So it was hard for you to believe that of all people, he noticed you.

He flashed you a quick wink, and you couldn’t help but bite your lower lip, feeling the blood rush up to your cheeks. A small chuckle escaped his lips as he returned his gaze back to the ground in front of him.

Your heart was pounding, hard like a hammer. Clutching on to your friend, you felt light headed from the adrenaline pulsing through you.

Chris turned back to you, smiling like a child on Christmas morning.

He watched as you giggled and blushed not knowing what to do.

Evans took one last look at you, before turning his attention back to the lady who asked a quick question.

Finally able to breathe, you stood, listening to every word he spewed.

“This is the best night ever.” You whispered.

(After the panel)

Everyone scattered into the lobby, talking amongst each other. Taking pictures.

You and Y/F/N, met some new people and shared stories of the weekend.
“You have to see the pictures we took of Mackie!” Y/F/N stated. “Show them your pictures.” She nudged your side.

You looked through your bag for your phone, but there was no luck.

“Shit! Where is it?!” You grunted, feeling your pockets.

“Maybe you dropped it inside?” Y/F/N muttered. She pulled her phone out and dialed your number.
The phone rang twice, but someone answered the other line.

“Hello?” You exhaled.

“Hey!” The familiar voice muttered.
You immediately knew who it was and suddenly, you were frozen.
“Um h-hi. I believe y-you have my p-phone?” You stuttered. “Well of course you have it, since you answered it.”

You heard him chuckle making you laugh along with him.

“Yea, I found it on your seat.” He cackled. The line was quiet for a moment, making you panic in that very second. Maybe the line cut off? Or he realized who he was talking to and hung up?

You couldn’t help but freak out. That was until you heard him clear his throat.

“So I’m sure you’d want your phone back, right?” He asked, smiling to himself.

Snapping back to reality, you nodded. “Y-yes, please.”

“Okay, how about we meet up somewhere, and I can give it back, personally.”

You locked your gaze with Y/F/N and gripped onto her arm.
“What?!” She muttered, furrowing her brows.

“S-Sure. Where would you like to m-meet?”
There was a long pause again, and here you were, praying the connection didn’t end.

“There’s a bar that the guys and I are going to right now, just down the block. Meet me outside in about 15 minutes?” He asked.

Your mind was spinning and you couldn’t focus on anything.

“Y-yeah! Sure, yes.” You hesitated.

“Sweet! See you soon.” He chuckled.

“See you.”

The line went dead and you let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding.
Your friend snapped her fingers in your face, catching your attention.
“Y/N!” She yelled.

Your eyes were wide and your lips curved up into a smile. “We have to go outside. Now!”

Million Reasons

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Pairing: Barry Allen x Bestfriend!Reader

Summary: (Y/N) helping Barry to fix his misunderstandings with Iris, despite Barry left (Y/N) out.

Word count: 1.545

A/N: It’s my first imagine, yay! It’s not that good, but I hope you enjoy it. I am accepting your feedbacks, but please don’t be harsh. 
 Anyways, I am accepting requests and I am trying to find time to write them one by one. Thank you so much, everyone.

- G. x

It was the millionth deep and heavy sigh that you have unleashed since you sat on your usual place at Jitters. Barry asked you to meet him there, since he had some sort of misunderstandings with Iris.

Barry was your best friend, you were inseparable and people saw complicity between the two of you. You would take care of him when he is sick, you would cover him up when he arrives late at his meetings, you would be there to cheer him up in times of need. In short, you were so close and people started to ship you together.

By hearing people’s compliments, you didn’t notice that you were slowly falling in love with Barry. You loved everything about him: his dorky side, his intelligence, his kindness. Everything. You loved it when he made you feel special and when he shows that he cared for you, because, in the end, he was the only person who showed importance to you.

You also loved his negative side, but sometimes you get impatient and annoyed, because he can be the fastest man alive and, yet, he still arrives late every single time, at least when it comes to you.

You loved everything about him, until Iris and Eddie broke up. Barry is head over heels Iris and he left you to comfort her, he left you because his other best friend was more important than you.

Months has passed and Barry started to ignore you. You worked with him at S.T.A.R. Labs but he was colder and you felt his absence so much. You missed him, obviously, but you have always told yourself that you can’t fight with someone he really loves. You’re just his best friend, she’s the loved one. You will always lose.

“(Y/N)!” Your thoughts lost their threads and you quickly turned your head to the exact direction where the familiar voice was heard. You rolled your eyes to let him know that he took too much time to arrive and he quickly flashed an apologetic smile.

“Barry.” You called his name in a bothered way. He was still flashing his bright smile, one of the many things that you loved in him, while following his movements with your eyes.

“I’m sorry,” He started while taking the sit across from you. “something came up in S.T.A.R. Labs while I was on my way.”

“Why didn’t you call me?” You raised an eyebrow, being annoyed once again for his actions. You are a part of the team and you demand to know everything that happens in the laboratory.

“My fault.” He sighed. “I didn’t want for you to worry, it is your day off.”

“Hi, Barry!” The waitress named Lucy greeted him.

“Hey!” He looked at her and flashed her a lovely smile.

“Can I bring you something?” The waitress nicely asked.

“Oh, no!” He politely answered. “I’m fine, ask this beautiful lady in front of me.” You just rolled your eyes because of what he has said.

“I’m fine, don’t worry.” The waitress smiled sweetly and nodded.

“Just call me if you need something, okay? I am here to satisfy your needs.” Barry and I murmured a “thank you” and she left us alone.

"What were we talking about?” You asked him and waited him to answer. “Oh yup, my day off.” You sarcastically burst out when he was about to answer your question. “I spent hours of my day off on this sit, waiting for you.”

“I swear to God that I am really sorry, (Y/N)!” He grabbed your right hand and caressed the back of it using his thumb.

“Sorry,” You took a deep breath and looked straight into his green eyes. “you’re always sorry.” You snatched your hand from his grip and you fumblingly played with the empty cup of coffee in front of you.

He sadly looked at you and his green bright eyes turned dark quickly. He knew what he has done, he knew that he abandoned you, he knew that he left you alone. You’ve already talked about your situation many times, but he can’t balance his relationships with people.

"Look, (Y/N), I know that I have hurt you. I know that you hate me, because I come to you only when Iris and I have some misunderstandings. I am a douchebag, but I seriously tried to equilibrate everything.” He sadly defended himself for his actions in the past few months. 

You looked at him dismayed. You were obviously hurt, of course.

“I miss you, (Y/N)!” He sincerely admitted it. “I really do.”

Your heart melted by hearing those words. The hate you felt towards him vanished and your heart started pumping fast. 

It is always like this: you hate Barry for everything he has done, but then you will forgive him for his nice words. You just can’t resist him, because he is more important than your pride and you know that you can’t stand it when you lose him.

You told to yourself that you can tolerate things, you can be hurt every time he leaves you alone, but, at least, he chooses you every time he feels lost. It is better to have him for a short time, than not having him at all.

“Barry, we didn’t meet each other to talk about our situation. What is it this time?” You changed the topic by shrugging it off and he took a deep breath when he noticed that you were really hurt.

“It’s just,” he looked around the surroundings, as if he was searching Iris’ face in the crowd. Iris works in this infamous coffee shop of Central City, so it wouldn’t be strange if he found her face. “she has been acting so strange in these days. I confronted her about it, but she didn’t want to talk to me about it. She is keeping a secret and I know that she wants to talk about it, but it seems like she doesn’t trust me, not at all.” He continued.

“Give her time, Barry.” You calmly said, leaving the unfinished topic before. “She loves having you beside her, she is happy with you. She will tell you everything when she feels that it is the right time.”

"What if she’s not happy with me?” You rolled your eyes by hearing his dumb question.

“Barry, I am giving my best friend away to someone. She had all of your attention, she has Barry Allen, my dorky best friend, and you doubt that she’s not happy with you? She better be happy!” You raised your left eyebrow and he laughed because of your reaction.

"Alright, wrong question.” You flashed him a fake smile.

He thought that you were kidding, but he should have known that you meant those words. You really meant those words, because if you were just so selfish, you wouldn’t have let him choose Iris. If she’s not happy with him, you would force him to leave her and come back to you. But you know that Barry is happy with her and you are not an egocentric person. At the end, it was his happiness that counts.

“If you want, I can talk to her.” You corrugated your forehead because you were shocked of the words that came out from your own mouth, but quickly smiled so Barry wouldn’t notice it.

“Really?” Barry’s eyes and lips grew wide on hearing those words, as if he was on cloud nine.

“What have I fucking done?” You silently said to yourself. “You’re such an idiot, (Y/N)!” 

You were so disappointed, because it seems like you’re really pushing him away and it seems like it is fine with you that he leaves you once again. 

"Yup.” You shortly answered after few seconds of silence. You just can’t take it back anymore. Unfortunately. 

"Thank you so much, (Y/N)!” He stood up from his sit and hugged you tightly.

“No problem, Barry.” You nodded and smiled at the same time.

“Why are you still here for me even after I hurt you?” He whispered in your ear. “I’ve given you a hundred million reasons to walk away.”

You slowly wrapped your arms around his slim body. You thought of how great the feeling is to have him just for you, of how great the feeling is to have his arms around you.

You thought of your hidden feelings for him as your heart beats happily and sadly at the same time.

You thought of your happy moments together, of his smile when you help him. You thought of his face when he told you that he missed you awhile ago.

You thought of everything and enjoyed the warmth of his hug and the smell of his perfume.

You thought of the happiness you are feeling right now, even though he will abandon you once again right after.

You are hurt, but you decided to keep on loving him, even though your heart will break in little fragments once again.

You thought of many things, but it is your love that forces you to stay.

I just need one good one to stay, Barry.” You said as he hugged you tighter and he leant in to leave a sweet little kiss on the top of your head.