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Harry Styles x Reader | He’s angry

/Hey there! So I wrote something really short thing, hope you will like it :v )

He slammed the door behind him. It wasn’t a good sign usually. But it was different with him, when he’s angry. Nothing really ruins his mood, but when something does, it’s bad. You sat on the couch, quitely watching the news. He stormed into the room, he angrily glanced at you. Was he mad at you? You didn’t know. You saw him being upset before, but not like this. Maybe, he had a serious argument with the boys from the band. “You okay Haz?” you asked carefully. He angrily exhaled, then rushed over to the couch, sitting down. He  buried his face in his hands. You snuggle a little more close to him, and put one hand on his shoulder. “Harry… what’s wrong?” you whispered. He didn’t answer, just shook his shoulders. “ Harry? ” you tried once again. He suddenly looked up. “ Just leave me alone! ” he shouted. What? “Oh….” you looked away sadly. “ I’ll be upstairs, okay?” you stood up from the couch, but Harry  immediately grabbed your arm. “ No…sorry (Y/N). Just, stay.” he told silently. “Alright.” you sat back, next to him. He hugged you close. “I just had a bad day.” he sighed. “That’s okay, love.”

Drunk Baby

Author: canyouimagine1D

Pairing: Harry x Reader

Trigger Warnings: None

A/N: Bit of a longer one, but I hope you guys like it!

When Harry was sober, everything he did was adorable or extremely sexy. But when when he was drunk, he was like a little baby. He’s clingy, cute and somewhat of a pain in the ass to take care of. Nevertheless, you still loved taking care of him when he was drunk because he’d do the same for you.

So when Harry told you that Niall was throwing a Christmas party, you knew that the night would involve you having to take care of your drunk boyfriend because it was his turn to drink. You and Harry had an agreement that you’d both take turns drinking when you guys went out so that the other could take care of you.

“Baby, are you ready?” Harry asked you from where he was leaning against the door frame of the bedroom. You looked over your shoulder and smiled at him. “Almost. Can you help me zip up my dress?”

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Menswear Illustrated by Mister Slowboy

Artist Fei Wang (aka Mister Slowboy) has some great fashion illustrations on Instagram. Readers who frequent other style sites might see some familiar faces – Italian tailor Antonio Liverano, Frasi’s Simone Righi, and a couple of The Armoury guys. There’s also a Tintin inspired character in various get-ups, as well as a reimagined Churchill dressed in contemporary E. Tautz. The account is a fun browse


Request: Could you maybe do an imagine where you are dating Harry styles and he is being a protective boyfriend?

Pairings: Harry styles x reader

Imagine Harry Styles being protective over you, his girlfriend.

You and Harry were invited to go to a party later at night. Of course it took Harry a lot of convincing from you to finally make him stop being lazy and decide to go. Harry really just wanted to stay at home, watch a movie, and cuddle. You would choose this over anything but this was your best friend’s birthday party. You just couldn’t miss it.
“Babe? You ready?” Harry said entering your bedroom. He froze when he saw what you were wearing. It was a tight black dress that ended mid-thigh, paired with high black heels. “Nope. Definitely not. You are not going like that. Change now.” He demanded. “What why?” You asked. “Because, there will be boys.” When he said that you started laughing. “Really babe? You now I love you and only you.” You said softly kissing him. “Now come on. We don’t want to be late now do we?”
~time skip~
“Y/N welcome. So nice you could make it.” Your best friend said hugging you. “Wouldn’t miss it for the world.” You said hugging her back. “Hey. Harry came.” She said surprised. He laughed. “Yeah. I did.” “Y/N? Y/N is that you?” Asked the voices of a person that you wish you would never ever see again. Your ex James. You guys broke it off when you found out he had cheated on you. “Hey James.” You said sounding somewhat angry. “Wow. Look at you. You look better than anyone in this room right now.” James tried flirting with you before Harry interrupted “She is isn’t she. And she’s all mine.” He said in an overprotective kind of way. He grabbed your waist and pulled you into him, kissing you. When he pulled away, James cleared his throat and excused himself. “What was that for you?” asked Harry. “Because you are mine and no one else’s.” He responded kissing you again.

One Direction Preference

Harry - You and Harry had been married two years. Before the two of you had gotten married you’d discussed your desire for children. You could have your own, but you’d always felt led to adopt. Since Harry’s work with different charities and children in need, he’d felt the urge to adopt as well.

Finally things had settled down enough for the two of you to start the process. You felt a bit selfish but you were thankful for Harry’s celebrity status, which you were sure was fast tracking the adoption process.

You were playing scrabble with Harry.You were thankful for this day together. You didn’t think you could get much happier. Suddenly the phone rang.

“Hello Styles Household,” I answered as I played the word “Zamboni.”

“Ma'am we’re happy to inform you, that you and your husband have been cleared for adoption! There is a sister and brother who are in need of adoption.”

You told the woman you’d be there the next day to finish the paperwork for the siblings. Harry could tell you were excited from the tone of your voice, but didn’t know what it was about. Finally you hung up the phone and turned to Harry.

“We’re cleared for adoption!” You told him.

“Really!” Harry’s face lit up with his famous smile. Your heart swelled as he ran to you and hugged you.


Time had passed and now you had a beautiful baby boy, and a lovely one year old girl. Harry joined you in the babies’ room. The two little angels from India were as sweet as could be. You watched as Harry kissed both the children’s heads. You smiled as Harry turned to you with tears in his eyes. Both of you were so happy to have these little blessings with you.

“Babe we did it, we’re parents,” Harry whispered as he pulled you towards him.

“I know, I’m so happy,” You said looking up at him. Just then both children began crying. You both sighed, but continued smiling. You were just so happy to finally have a little family.

“I’ll get Darcy,” You told him.

“I’ll get Jace,” He offered.

Both of you cooed to the babies. You couldn’t be more happy with how things turned out. Everything was just so perfect.

Niall - “Splash!” little Leo cried as he jumped in a puddle. Leo and Niall were on a walk, and Leo was thoroughly enjoying the leftover puddles from the storm. Niall was hardly able to admire his adorable son, as you were still in the hospital. You’d lost a bit too much blood when giving birth to your second son, Jared, and the hospital recommended you stay a bit longer. Niall had wanted to stay with you desperately, but both of you knew Leo was very uncomfortable around people who weren’t family. Even with his, aunts, uncles, and grandparents, he started shutting down after a day without you or Niall. You’d begged Niall to go see him for a little bit, because Louis, who was watching Leo while you were in the hospital, had called worried about Leo’s lack of interest in food.

“Can we get McDonalds?” Leo requested. Niall broke from his thoughts and smiled at his son. Finally the kid had asked for food. Niall picked him up grinning.

“Of course buddy!” Niall grinned and Leo giggled. Niall felt his pocket buzz. He saw your name on the caller ID and he quickly answered.

“Hey Niall,” Your weak voice came through.

“Hey love, how are you?” He asked gently.

“Well um surprise, I’m home!” You said.

“What how?” Niall asked worriedly.

“The nurse said I could go, and my mom was here, and I just couldn’t stand being in that hospital bed any longer. I’m sorry Niall.”

“It’s fine,” Niall said happily, he liked you being home. “Let me just take Leo to McDonalds, and then we’ll be home,” Niall told you. You agreed excited for Leo to see his brother.

During the ride to and from McDonalds Leo had many questions. Mostly centered around the question of how many toys he’d have to share. Niall explained the baby wouldn’t even be able to hold his toys for a while. Leo seemed pleased with that, and he shoved the rest of his chicken nuggets in his mouth.

“We’re here!” Niall called as he and Leo came in.

“Mommy!” Leo yelled happily but stopped in his tracks when he saw you with a bundle. He approached warily. He came near you and gingerly lifted the blanket away from the baby’s face. He studied the baby boy.

“We can keep him right?” Leo questioned after a minute or so.

“Haha, Yes sweetheart,” you told him, happy he was reacting so well. Niall sat beside you in the bed and held Leo so he could watch you and the baby.

Liam - The two of you were sitting on the couch. William, your son was running around the living room happily. He was wearing his spiderman pajamas, but currently he was pretending to be Iron Man. Both you and Liam were used to William’s antics. He was a very active child, so his running wasn’t particularly distracting. You went to get more water for yourself.

William finished his final fly around the living room and plopped on Liam’s lap. Liam rubbed his son’s head, trying to concentrate on his show.

“Daddy,” William said. Liam did not answer. He was a bit too invested in the television show. “Daddy, daddy, daddy,” William sang.

“Yes, yes William,” Liam finally answered.

“Does every superhero have a sidekick?” the little boy asked worriedly.

“No, of course not,” Liam responded.

“But they can have one, if they want?” William questioned.

“What are we talking about?” you asked coming back in.

“Superheros and sidekicks,” Liam stated, you nodded, superheros were a very common subject in your household.

“Why all the questions about Sidekicks? Are you looking for one?” Liam joked.

“No I have one,” William explained confidently.

“Oh really,” you asked. “And who might that be?”

“The baby in there,” William pointed to your stomach and you paled. Liam turned to you curiously, but with a sparkle of excitement in his eyes.

“Oh William, I told you not to tell Daddy,” You scolded. William shrugged, only a little bit sorry. He then ran off before he could get in trouble.

“Is it true?” Liam asked. You nodded.

“He was being loud when I was trying to take a nap, I told him he should be nice to me. When he asked why, I told him I had a baby in my tummy, which made me tired. I wanted to surprise you, maybe do some cute little thing.”

“Well I couldn’t be happier,” Liam laughed snuggling down next to you.

“Are you mad?” William called from his room.

“Haha, No,” you called and William came running in and sat on your lap.

Louis- (Regardless of what I believe about Freddie’s parentage, I still like that little baby, he’s sweet. However, Freddie won’t be acknowledged in this imagine) 

You felt sick, but you didn’t want to tell Louis his driving was a bit jerky for you. You’d recently realized, unfortunately, that your pregnancy sickness was very bad. Bad back pain was another downside. However, you hated to complain. You were ecstatic to be pregnant, you’d always wanted a family.

“Babe,” Louis said, poking you gently. “We’re here,” he said gently. Your eyes were scrunched up, hoping you wouldn’t throw up. He rubbed your back softly. You nodded and let him lead you into the doctors.

“Alright let’s get you up here,” the Doctor said cheerfully. You climbed onto the examination table. Louis held your hand. Having anxiety made these moments very hard for you. You wanted your baby to be in healthy surroundings and yet, everything seemed to make you nervous.

“So the two of them are doing fine,” The Doctor told you jovially. You’d missed the finding of the heart beat because you’d been so nervous.

“Wait two?” Louis asked confusedly. You took a moment to process what was going on. Searching your memory, sure enough you remembered her saying,“Two.”

“Didn’t you know?” Asked the woman. “You’ve got twins in there, a boy and a girl.” You almost laughed with joy squeezing Louis’s hand. Twins! You could hardly believe it. You turned to Louis. Both of you had tears filling your eyes.

“It’s gonna be okay babe,” he comforted, knowing your anxiety must be at an all time high. “We have lots of room in the house, my sisters and mom can come help. Everything will be fine.” You looked into his bluish greenish eyes and felt a peace. It was going to be okay if you had Louis. Of course it would.

“I know,” You said snuggling into his side. “Everything will be great!”

Target run

First time for everything, aka first time making a harry styles imagine

- vina

“Alright we are here for one thing and one thing only. Got it?” You said to your bestfriend, Jase who is now covered in cookie crumbs.

Wiping the crumbs off his shirt and cheeks, “Sorry, wasn’t listen, remind me again.” Jase said, getting out of the car.

Y/N rolled her eyes, before sighing, “I’m out of milk, and desperately need some to accompanies my fruit loops.”

“You made me leave my bed for milk…?”


Slamming the car door, Jase puffed, blowing some of his strands out of his eyes. “It better be the good kind.”

Y/N chuckled to herself, leading them towards the front doors of Target. Later, opening the door for them and walking to the center of the building.

“Okay, so the groceries aisle should just be down th-”

“VIDEO GAMES!” Jase exclaimed, dashing down to the electronic aisle.

“..ere,” Y/N muttered out, “..boys.”

Y/N continued walking down the aisle, looking for where the milk area is on. She finally found the section where the milk was, grabbed a half gallon, then switched it for a full gallon after realizing she doesn’t want to come back next week again for some milk.

Now regretting she didn’t get a cart, Y/N decided to look for Jase in the electronic aisle. Last time I bring Jase anywhere with me, Y/N thought to herself.

After searching for what felt like an eternity, but was really two and a half minutes. Y/N decided to head over the clothing section. 

 Could use a pair of new socks, Y/N thought to herself. Making her way over there, she spotted a pack she liked, but then pouting because it was on the top shelf. Clearly not going to ask for assistance because Y/N hates asking anyone for help, she put the milk down then tried jumping and reaching far enough to grabbed the pack of socks.

Fuck, This is harder then I thought.

A pale arm covered in tattoo’s grabbed the pack of socks, picked up the jug of milk, and handed both items to Y/N.

“You looked like you were struggling so..” the guy with the ridiculous fedora hat, and thick sunglasses said on, dragging his words a bit. 

“Yeah, ‘m just a random damsel in distress,” Y/N uttered out, “..but thanks.” 

The random stranger snickered at Y/N comment, making Y/N laugh. Y/N begin to say, “I have to go find my fr-”

Taking off his glasses, showing off these brightening set of emerald eyes. “My baby cousin is having a birthday party tomorrow, and kind of needed help on what to get a nine year old girl. Wanna help me out?” the man said, with the british tone voice. 

“Erm.” Y/N turned, seeing if she can catch her missing friend, then shaking her head. He’ll be fine, Y/N thought. “Okay. Y/N said back to the very attractive man. He flashed a smile, and begin walking down the pathway to the toys area.

This could either go really good, or very bad

Y/N picked up her pace behind the man, thinking to herself, fuck why does he take huge steps, this is turning into some sort of workout.

Curly head man stopped in front of the barbie section, knitted his eyebrows together trying to decided which one to get. Y/N combed back some of her own curls behind her ears, fonding towards the strange man. 

“What is she into?” Y/N finally questioned. 

The man with the murderous fedora turned to Y/N, “Is it bad to say I’m not really sure?”

“Nah, I tend to just get people things I would want.” Y/N said back, walking backwards to check the other aisles. Y/N squealed when she notice a Sophia the first toy car. Quickly turning around, bumping into the man. 


The man smiled, nodding assuring Y/N, it’s okay. 

“What about this?” Y/N suggested, skipping to the princess car, “this would have been cool to have as a child.”

The man walked up close behind Y/N, said, “This is perfect, thank you.”

“You are very welcome,” Y/N stated, beaming at the man.

The man stretched his arm to shake Y/N hand, and casually said, “Harry.”


Cheek dimpled, “Beautiful name.”

“Thanks, parents gave it to me.”

Harry mouth upturned, grinning at Y/N. “Do you wan-”

“Y/N,” Jase boomed out, making Harry and Y/n to turn their heads, “There you are, check out what I got!”

Y/N shakes her head, while rolling her eyes, “Great timing, Jase, great timing.” Turning back around to harry, “Friend, don’t worry.”

“Good, look I really have to go, but I do want to go out sometimes.” Harry quickly said, reaching out for her phone in the pocket of her jacket. Unlocking the phone, twisting the phone back to Y/N to put in the pass code. 

Placing his number in, then handing the phone back to Y/N, “Text me whenever you decide to hang out.” Harry beamed a smile and Y/N smiled back.

Making a 180, Harry walked off in the opposite direction, pulling the toy car behind him. Y/N stared off until he was out of sight. Y/N spinned around, and glared at Jase. 


“Thanks a lot.”

“You’re welcome.”

Y/N continued to glare at Jase, walking down to check out. Carrying out two plastic bags filled with her and Jase stuff, strutting down to the car. “I can’t believe you didn’t recognize that was harry styles.” Jase spit out in between laughs.

“Listen, I don’t buy their music, and I thought they still look like the boys from the what makes you beautiful video.”

“Gotta keep up with the times, Y/N,” Jase said, getting back into the passenger seat. 

Taking longer then usual to close the trunk of the car, Y/N pulled out her phone and decided to text harry after all, not because he was was harry styles, she just wanted to hang out with him and see where this can take off. 

Hi. She texted.

Hi :). He texted back. 

gina-sadiren submitted: Hi, uhm..I just wanted to say I really enjoy reading your story “Sans Days”. Especially the picnic chapter when Sans and the reader were looking up at the stars and he made that sweet little comment. I squee’d like a fangirl on the inside when I read that part.

I know you said you like when people draw I thought to take a shot at it. I admit its probably not that good, but it really got my inspiration back into drawing and made it fun again, so I wanted to thank you.

Just wanted to say your story is fantastic and you do amazing work! I can’t wait to read more in the future! Take care, and have a nice day!


Holy shit what are you talking about “probably not that good” ITS FUCKING ADORABLE AND I LOVE IT



Best Friends... Part 2

Pairings: Harry styles x reader
Warnings: None
“So how much have I missed?” Harry asked. We were now currently in his living room. It has been a couple of hours since he landed. And as you can see he is very interested in what he’s missed. “Not much.” I said. “Well what happened with that ass Bryan?” Harry asked.
Bryan. Bryan was my ex boyfriend. We were together for 2 years. When Harry left Bryan and I were still together. He never liked Bryan. He always thought that I was too good for him and that Bryan was an ass. The reason for the breakup was that he cheated on me. I mean I wasn’t as hurt as you’d expect me to be. I was actually having doubts about my relationship with him since Harry left. I missed Harry a lot. Even more than a best friend should.
“We broke up.” I responded. I could tell Harry was searching my face for at least a bit of a sad face, but he didn’t find anything. “Oh. I’m sorry.” Harry said even though I could see he really wasn’t. “Don’t be.”
~* Time skip *~
“Okay so tonight we are having a movie night and I’ll sleep over. And then tomorrow we’ll go to public pool. Do you understand the plan?” I asked. In return I got a firm nod and a “Yes, Sir.” From Harry. I rolled my eyes “Harry this is important.” I whined. “We haven’t seen each other in such a long time and I want to spend every second of the day with you.” I said as I sat on him. “I know and I want to spend every second of every day with you too.” Harry said hugging me from behind and resting his chin on my shoulder. “Mmh. I missed this.” I said. “Me too.”
“Okay. What movie should we watch?” I asked as I stood up. “No wait. Let me guess. The notebook.” “Well I was going to say Love Actually but now that you mention it, I think I like the Notebook better.” Harry said with a smirk. He knows how much I don’t like romantic movies. Everything that happens in the movies will never actually happen in real life. If you die someone is not just going to wait for you. Titanic. And people are not going to buy you expensive flowers, and take you to a fancy restaurant and then confess that they love you its just never going to happen. “Whatever.” I murmured. I got up and put the movie on. I sat back down on the couch next to Harry. Just as the movie started Harry put an arm around me and pushed me closer to him. Wow he smelled good. Wait, what?! No. He doesn’t. He smells just like every other man. Yeah, definitely.
The movie was finally over. I was going to stand up to put the bowl of popcorn and the sodas in the sink when Harry pulled me back. “Leave it there. We’ll pick it up tomorrow. Right now I want to sleep.” He said as he carried me to his bedroom. “You do know I can walk right?” I asked as he put me down on his bed. “Yeah I know.” He said as he went into the bathroom to change. OMG. He just carried me over to he’s bed. Are you kidding me?! I thought as I changed quickly in case he came back rather fast. When he entered the room again I was already lying in bed, ready to sleep. I felt the bed dip as he lay down on it. Once again he put an arm around me and pulled me closer , spooning me. “Good night, Y/N.” He whispered as he kissed my cheek. I felt myself blushing. God, the effect he had on me. He was only my best friend, for gods sake. “Good night, Harry.” I whispered back.

Cast of Wonders is Seeking Sci-Fi/F Stories - Pays 6 cents/word

Cast of Wonders, a young adult fiction podcast, has updated its submission guidelines and is looking for short and flash fiction stories for future episodes.

Because the podcast’s readership is young readers (12-17 year olds), stories should spark a spirit of wonder and reveal something extraordinary about them. The editors want fiction with strong pacing, distinct characters, captivating dialogue, and unhampered action with the core elements invoking amusement and adventure.

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Best Friends... Part 1

Pairings: Harry styles x reader
Warnings: None
Today was the day. I was going to see my best friend after all these years. You might think that being best friends with the one and only Harry Styles was the best thing ever, but truly, it wasn’t. I can’t spend every minute of the day with him because he has to go on tours for months, has millions of interviews, and also award shows. So this day was, what I consider, one of the best days of my life. I was finally going to be with my best friend again.
I was now currently waiting in the airport with Anne for Harry to come out of the damn airplane that was taking longer than it should have. “So Y/N aren’t you excited? I mean you haven’t seen Harry in like what 1 year? I mean you are his best friend.” Anne said “Yeah I am pretty excited.” I said smiling like an idiot. Just when I said that an announcement was made that the plane Harry was in just landed. I couldn’t help but jump up and down. Hey if you were me you would start jumping and running around screaming Harry.
“Oh my god Anne. He’s going to be here any second now.” Just as I said that a familiar voice behind me said “Aww look at that you so excited to see me. I guess you could say that you missed me?” I spun around and was face to chest with the one and only Harry Styles.
“Harry!!” I screamed and jumped on him. “Yeah,yeah I missed you too.” He said spinning me around.

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Best Friends... Part 3
Pairings: Harry Styles x Reader
Warnings: None
A/N: Part 3!! I’ll try and post part 4 later. If not then I’ll post it tomorrow ❤️
Harry’s POV
I woke up quite early today. It must have been like 5 am when I stretched and stood up. Well that’s what happens when you travel around a lot. With all the different time zones, you get jet-lagged. I decided to leave Y/N sleep for a bit more. I remember how she was when someone woke her up unexpectedly. And trust me, it’s not good. I made my way to the kitchen, but not before looking at how peaceful she looked asleep. With her eyes closed, a small tint of red in her perfect cheeks, her long and beautiful hair falling out of her bun framing her face perfectly. And those lips. Oh please don’t get me started on those lips. They were so pink and pouty. So kissable. Snap out of it!! I really shouldn’t think like this about my best friend.
To take my mind out of those thoughts, I started making breakfast. When I finished I was left with lots and lots of stuff to pick up. Aww man. “Harry,” I heard a groggy and husky voice ask from behind me. I turned around and saw Y/N. Wow. I hadn’t noticed her pjs. It was a tight tank up and short shorts. I licked my lips and turned around as fast as I could. “Hey.” I responded, my voice tight.
I could feel my breath hitch in my throat as I saw Harry doing breakfast in only sweatpants. No shirt whatsoever. Oh my dear lord. “Harry,” I said in a groggy voice due to exhaustion. He turned around and looked me up and down, taking in what I was wearing. God I should have worn sweatpants. He licked his lips and turned around quickly. “Hey.” He responded in a tight and husky voice. God that voice. “So I made breakfast.” He says still not looking at me. “Great.” I say
~* Time skip to the afternoon
Well since this morning, everything went back to normal. The awkward moment was long forgotten. Or not. You could still hear his voice in your head and every time you would feel butterflies in your stomach. But you don’t know why.
“Y/N , get ready. We are going to the pool.” Harry yelled from the other room. “Okay.” I yelled back. I really should have thought about this before. I don’t have many bikinis. Some are too big or too small. I start rummaging through my closet trying to find at least one bikini that fits me perfectly. Finally I found a black bikini that my best friend, Carly, had bought me for my birthday. It was from Victoria Secrets. I put it on and before I could throw on a tank top and shorts, Harry barged through my door. “Hey, Y/N have you seen- Wow.” He said as he stared at me.

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A Night In

Author: Kelsey

Word Count: 735

Requested: Hey I love your writings. I was wondering if you could write an imagine where y/n is on her period and how Louis deals with it.. If possible, thx 😘😍

Originally posted by moan-s

Your cramps were killing you. You were reduced to curling into a small ball on the couch thinking about things that would feel better than this – a bed of nails came to mind. You were supposed to go on a date with your boyfriend tonight, but your period had came early and you didn’t feel like moving much. Or getting out of your comfy sweatpants for that matter. You heard your phone buzz then, so you picked it up figuring it was your boyfriend calling to confirm your plans for the night.

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(i know Reader didnt go as far as to poke under his shirt but the line ‘Your hands ran up and down his ribs’ makes it hard to not draw it woowie //blushes into the void)

also?? changed the style of Reader?? so everyone can join idk what do you think ;v;“” im having fun drawing these scenarios thank you for writing these a  a a a aaaAAAA.//dashes away to do more proba b ly

(Submitted by anon)

 Poubelle: Ohhhh myyy goooood this is SO GOOD but it’s making me relive the embarrassment of that second chapter ahhhh. GOD YOURE SO GOOD AT EXPRESSIONS. the embarrassed sans in the last panel is GOLD. I like the change in your rep of reader too :) EVERYTHING IS SO GREAT I CANT BELIEVE YOURE DRAWING THIS FOR ME??????