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Let's say their S/O is well trained with a knife. What do the male assassins think of this?

Only going to do two Assassins for this as well, love. There’s just a lot more that I have to write, so apologies if the Assassins you had in mind don’t show up here. Feel free to specify which Assassins you want me to write in particular when I open the ask box again :)

Jacob would be grateful to know that you’re extremely handy when it comes to blades. At least you had a way to defend yourself against any potential Blighters that tried to harm you. He always makes sure you have a dagger on you when you leave the train hideout and tries to teach you how to handle a gun in case a blade isn’t around you or if it’s been knocked out of your grasp. It doesn’t change how Jacob sees you as a person, but if anything he may get a little bit distracted during fights when he sees you kicking some random Blighter’s ass.

Desmond will see a formidable opponent in you. Have you seen his ability with a knife? He may be one of the few people to rival your skill with a blade. The two of you would be unstoppable with a few throwing knives, daggers and your gauntlets. Don’t be surprised if Abstergo tries to take you out before they go for Desmond, it just proves that you’re a certified badass with a dagger. Of course the two of you train with guns just to keep up, but everyone knows that the two of you are best prepared to handle a few brutes with a polished silver knife in hand instead of a silenced pistol.

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Can I just say you are a treasure for writers and readers alike? I think this blog is very precious and amazing and it gives the opportunity for readers to showcase their favorite work and authors to gain more readers! Someone put me on your fanrec Friday list and I instantly got 300 more views on my story and I'm so glad people are reading my work but more importantly I think it is definitely necessary to say thank you to you for all the work you put into this fandom so thank you so much!

Thank you so so much for this comment! 💙💙

Bonding Exercise - Showcase Vers.
(Reader x Natasha Romanoff ft. Avengers)

Word Count: 1409

A/N: BFF’s fo lyfe with Black Widow. #squadgoals. 

Inspiration fights here and here. Watch them, they are amazing. Listened to this while I wrote. Kept in mind the following quote that anon sent me that summarises the Recruit!Reader: “Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness. I will choke you with the hand I fed you with.” Bless that anon, this fic is fo youuuuuuuuuu~ This is also for the one anon to requested da hot momma recruit!reader yassssss.

There was something devastatingly beautiful in the way you moved when you fought. It was something that everyone had unanimously decided. You were focused and precise. Every action you took was never an action wasted. Many new recruits when they saw you training wondered who you were and what you did before you had come to Avengers HQ. You were compared with Black Widow a lot of the time. She was beautiful and cruel, but she was flashier than you were; in the way she dressed, how she acted, in her movements. There was a stylish flare in her steps.

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Welcome to the newest issue of All-New Ghost Rider and thanks to all those who have written in so far. I was blown away by the reception of our first issue. I’ve never gotten that much fan mail before and all of us here on Team Ghost Rider were really impressed with everyones enthusiasm. Robbie Reyes connected with a lot of long-time fans and struck a chord with a legion of new readers. We’re going to showcase all the letters in a special on-line edition of reader mail, but here’s one that really touched us