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(More like a fan fiction but I hope you enjoy it ^^)

You knew Tony for years, you were really good friends and he always helped you when you needed it, but somehow you wanted to stay away from the whole Avengers situation: yours was a quite messy life even without it. For this, you never met his superhero friends before that battle.

The Stark Tower was always open for you, so when you asked Jarvis to let you in the higher floors, where the Avengers base were, he didn’t question.

“Hi Tony”

“Hi sweetheart, how come you’re here? What can I do for you?”

“I’m searching for Clint, actually.”

He looked at you and stared at what you wore and grinned. “Sure! Clint! Someone’s here for you!”

He immediately arrived from a room nearby.

“Good luck” Tony whispered to him so you couldn’t hear and went away.

“Y/N, hi!” he looked at you a bit confused, he didn’t imagine why you were there.

“Hi Clint! I’m here just because I wanted to thank you again for what you did for my son… If it wasn’t for you… I don’t even want to think about what could have happened.”

He blushed a bit “There’s no need, you don’t have to. This is what I do, and I’m happy you can see your son again.”

“Yeah, and that’s thanks to you” you smiled and bit your lip searching for the words “I hope I can show my gratitude maybe going out together? Would you like?” That came out terribly, you noticed when the words left your lips. You had never been good with this kind of things, it wouldn’t have surprised you if he had refused.

He seemed really surprised, clearly that was unexpected “Sure, it’s ok for me… but, you have a son, maybe you shouldn’t… well” he began to stutter “I assume you’re married.”

“I’m a single mother” you admit.

“Oh!” he exclaimed “Alright then, whenever you want!” he smiled happily and you returned the smile.

“Tonight! Or if you can’t, maybe tomorrow night.”

“Tonight is just perfect.”