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Drab-let (Guess it, pick next): “Put It Behind Us”

From/for @supernovacoffee who requested 367 words.  First person to correctly identify the episode right to pick the next one.

“You’ve been quiet this morning Commander, something on your mind?”

The rest of the senior staff have left the conference room, but he waits patiently.

His eyes lose their focus on his own hands.  “Actually, yes,” he says honestly. “You scared me yesterday,”

She rises and moves to lean next to his chair.

“I thought this matter was behind us Chakotay.”

“Just because I stepped aside doesn’t mean it’s behind us.”

“I wasn’t going to let her die if I could help it, surely you understand.”

‘I do and I don’t.  I would also risk my life to save Kes,” he shakes his head.  “I should have been the one to do it.”

“That wasn’t allowed.”

“Then I shouldn’t have let you do it,” he says more harshly than he intended.  “Above everything it’s my obligation to keep you safe.”

“It’s your obligation to follow my orders,” she corrects. “And keeping me safe isn’t always possible.”

“True.  But this time it was.  I should have pulled you away.”

“She would have died,” she stresses.

“The lives of the many and the lives of the few, Kathryn. I’m glad things worked out.  But I’m telling you, we both made the wrong call.”

“My call didn’t endanger the lives of the many,” she argues, hands in the air.

“Yes.  It did. Your life is the lives of the many.  This crew needs you.”

“Are you saying that if something happens to me, you wouldn’t get everyone home?  Because I don’t believe that.”

“No. I’m fully prepared to take over command.  But Kathryn…” he says, placing his hand over hers, “I shouldn’t have to.  Not like this.  Not because of a bad decision.  You got lucky in that shrine and everyone knows it.”

“Luck had no bearing.  And if this is because of your personal feelings toward me…”

“Personal feelings made you cross a line,” he says abruptly.  Then he draws his own.  “I won’t let you do it again.”

She yanks her hand from underneath his.  “Is that a threat, Commander?”

“It’s a plea.”

She steadies her breath.

“You’re dismissed.”

He expected nothing less as he moves to leave.  

“And next time,” she adds before he’s gone.  “You will address me as Captain and ask permission before speaking freely.”

A/N: This was a difficult one for me. As much as I wanted a sappy-sweet, ‘I’m so glad you’re okay’ I realized that her decision (and his) would have bothered Chakotay immensely on several levels. It’s one of the first times we see her trying to be a martyr.  I think he’d be very concerned….


Favorite actor series | Ralph Fiennes: [On working with Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel] “The best experiences I’ve had as an actor have always been being part of a company or an ensemble. The worst experiences, or the least satisfying, I should say, have been when the actors were in their trailers and no one talks to each other,” “Ahead of this, I was worried, I didn’t know what it would be like but, actually, I loved it. And I could see why actors came back, because Wes creates this sort of family atmosphere.” - Ralph Fiennes 

9th Advent Joker Imagine

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//Sorry this sucks and it’s late. I’m just dealing with a lot of stuff now, but I’ll write. Xxx

Your P.O.V.

I was bored so I decided to kill some time. After doing a lot of criminal things, being outside on a wild ride and dealing with the world, I thought it was fair for me to be lazy and get my pc. I was in bed and I found a game called ‘the impossible quiz’. That’s what I was trying to solve and it had been twenty minutes of frustration already.

I had one life left and I had a completely idiotic question ‘ are my candy girl’ and the answers were ‘1. Sugar 2. Jam 3. Marmalade 4. honey’. Since I had no skips left I decided to choose Jam. It was wrong. 

‘’Fuck you!’’ I yelled at the pc as I lost the quiz again. Then I shut it and nearly threw it away from me. It really pissed me off. ‘’What’s upsetting you?’’ I heard Joker who had walked in without me noticing. I turned to look at my shirtless boyfriend who found this amusing. ‘’That fucking game or quiz..whatever’’ I muttered and crossed my arms. I was so done with that thing.

‘’Still playing the impossible quiz?’’ He asked me while sitting down in bed with me. I just nodded and took a deep breath. ‘’Well at least it’s name is fitting’’ He snickered and thought it was a good idea to make me more angry. I rolled my eyes and faced away from my boyfriend who knew how to be a total dick sometimes.

‘’Don’t be so angry doll, it’s just a game’’ He sighed after laughing. Then he touched my arm softly, causing me to look at him. ‘’I dare you to play it without losing your temper’’ I said a little encouragingly. His red smile froze and he glanced at the pc. ‘’Fine’’ He accepted the challenge.

It didn’t take long until we were both frustrated with that game.

Quiz Show

“Why do we always find you watching a quiz show?”

“Because that’s how I like to spend my time when I’m going through hair and makeup, okay? Plus it makes for a good conversation because everyone has something to say.”

You would never understand why none of the lads around you could tolerate a quiz show on the tv. 

All the women you know are fine with it, they even help answer the questions so you’re not participating on your own.

The men?

Nah, goes against their grain. 

Or something.

They can’t stand it.

Some of the guys tolerate it when they’re in the same room as you but the majority of them like to complain when you’ve put a show on, doesn’t even matter that its in the last five minutes of air time. 

They prefer their sports.

Or, anything to do with food.

They just don’t understand the fun to be had from a quiz show. Half the time you don’t even watch them because they’re on as background noise as you’re talking to the team.

Your hairdresser gets a kick out of it too because when she’s trying to style your hair, you get really animated when a contestant doesn’t get the correct answer, even when the answer is obvious and you don’t need to guess it. 

You don’t realise half the faces you pull in the mirror.

The love of your life sometimes makes fun of you, but secretly enjoys watching the quiz shows with you because you make them way more entertaining with your running commentary and quips. 

He loves you, but sometimes you need to chill. 

Though everyone knows that you won’t. 

It’s your thing.

It’s your method of passing time.

And an excuse to spend more time with your one.

Though you don’t actually need an excuse. He finds his way beside you as you’re finding the correct channel to watch the show.

Your animations as you answer the host even though it’s just a television are one of the things he loves about you.

You love that he will watch them with you and participate - sometimes.

He loves how annoyed you get when a contestant thinks that the Atlantic Ocean is South of the Equator when it’s North of the Equator. Horse manure is more cultured than your are, you swine. 

Former Avenger Turned Actress ~ Part 5: Jimmy Fallon

A/N: So glad to know that people are enjoying this tale that I’m telling! :)

Anyway, here’s part 5!

Enjoy! :)


Former Avenger Turned Actress:

- Summary

- Part 1

- Part 2

- Part 3

- Part 4


A few weeks later, New York City, New York, Jimmy Fallon…

It was the day before Christmas Eve, and Y/N and Sebastian were backstage getting ready for Jimmy to introduce them.

On stage with Jimmy…

“Okay, so my guests for tonight are two people who have made quite a stir in the world of demons, ghosts and vampires in very recent months.” Jimmy explained to the audience. “Please welcome, from the CW drama, Supernatural: (Y/N) (Y/L/N) and Sebastian Roché!”

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Why did I become a doctor?

I feel like my answer to these questions has changed a bit as the years have gone on, but here goes:

I always wanted to be a doctor. Like always. My reasons changed as I got older and smarter, but the goal was always the same.  I wish I could say something like I was inspired by a dramatic personal illness or a family member’s medical problems, but I wasn’t. I didn’t pick it to follow in the footsteps of a parent, because neither of mine were in medicine. I didn’t set off wanting to save the world or cure cancer or even “help people”. For me, being a doctor just made sense. I was smart and I liked science and I liked people, so it just fit. 

I never put much thought into being anything in medicine other than a doctor. Of course, every day I have to sort of re-evaluate that choice and decide if I still want to be a doctor. Some days I definitely don’t. I daydream about “simpler” jobs. Jobs with less red tape and politics and debt burden and so on and so forth. 

What about my readers? How did you all decide to be doctors (or whatever else you may be?)?

Reader Quiz:

What’s the best Christmas (or Hanukkah) present you ever got? And what’s the best you ever gave? 

I think the best thing I ever gave (or at least it got the best response) was an autographed picture of the cast of Star Trek for my Trekkie BFF in high school. She nearly lost her mind when she opened it.