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When 2 becomes 4 (Finn Bálor x Reader)

“I’d say any day now.” Your doctor looks down at the ultrasound. “Are you feeling okay?” He continued moving the wound over your massive baby bump. “I’m exhausted!” You say laughing holding on to your husbands hand. “She probably wouldn’t have got out of bed today if it wasn’t for this appointment” Finn added laughing. You were so over being pregnant, you just wanted to meet your sons. The twins were draining everything you had in you. If it wasn’t for Finn being some loving and caring you would have not at all survived your pregnancy. You could tell he was going to be a great father. Every morning he would roll over in bed and rub and kiss your belly. He would talk to your sons, and they would move and wiggle at their daddy’s voice.

The next day, you two woke up to very active baby boys. “I love you so, so much Y/N” Finn said putting his lips to your. “Love you too hun” placing a hand on your belly watching your babies move around inside of you. “Daddy can’t wait to meet you boys, I love you so much already.” Finn kissed your belly as one of the boys kicked at him. “Ouch!” You place a hand on your belly rubbing lay the sore spot one of your boys kicked. “Boys, you need to stop hurting your Mama” Finn kissed at your belly again.

A few hours later you were standing in the middle of the nursery looking at all the shades of blue and green you and Finn painted months ago. Finn walks up behind you placing his hands over your stomach kissing your cheek. “Can you believe that your due date is 2 weeks away? I feel like it was just yesterday we were jumping up and down at the positive pregnancy test” he said continuing to hug you. “I know baby, I can’t wait” you put your hands on his as they move around your belly.

Laying down to sleep that night you just didn’t feel right, something was off. “Are you okay baby?” Finn asks you as he crawls into bed next to you. “I think so.” Your rubbing at your belly. You tryed to roll over and get comfortable, you soon fall asleep. A couple hours later you are nudged awake by your husband. “Baby?” He says to you. “Yes love” you respond. “I love you so much” he smiles kissing your lips. “I love you too, but did you really just wake me up to tell me that?” You laugh putting your head on his shoulder. “Of course I did.” He looks down placing a had on your belly and kissing your lips. “You know they say that having sex can induce labor” he bites at your lip. “Absolutely not” you say jokingly. “Fine” he kisses you softly. You both daze off back to sleep. “OH MY GOD! Y/N!” You are woken up by Finn screaming at you. You feel a growing wetness between your legs. Oh my god, my water broke you thought as Finn was in hysterics moving about the room grabbing all the bags you two had packed two weeks ago. As a contraction starts you wince in pain. “Are you okay baby” Finn drops all the things in his hands rushing over and gabbing your hand. “Just help me out of this damn bed so we can get to the hospital!” You yell becoming slightly annoyed by his actions. You two got all your stuff together and we’re off to the hospital, since it was only 10 minutes away you didn’t bother calling. “Baby relax” Finn holds your hand as another contraction passes. You had been in labor for 14 hours at this point. You were tired, in pain, and irritated. Finn tryed his best at calming you, kissing your forehead and laying in bed behind you rubbing your back. “Y/N-” the doctor walks in “how are you feeling?” He smiles at how sweet you and Finn look. “I’m fine I guess” you arch your back as a contraction starts. You have gotten use to them by now. Finn behind you rubs down your stomach making you relax a little. “Well we are going on 15 hours now, let me check to see where things are” Finn moving off the bed so you could lay back so the doctor could check out what’s going on down there. “Well, it’s looks like it time to start pushing-” you and Finn smile at each other. “Y/N, breath, push” Finn holds your hand as you are screaming in pain “I love you so much baby” he adds placing a kiss on our forehead. You can feel the first baby start to crown. “One more push and baby A will be here Hun” the nurse says will her hands at the base of your vagina. After you push again you hear a little cry come from the first baby, you and Finn start to cry hearing the sweet sound. “It’s a boy” the nurse say lifting him into the air showing you and Finn before she hands him off to get cleaned off. “I love you more than words can explain” Finn kissed you watching the nurses clean off the first baby. You feel another push come along, as the nurse puts her hands back down to the base of your vagina and in minutes you hear the second little cry. “It’s a boy” the nurse holds this on up as she did the first before handing him to the other nurse to clean off. “They are beautiful” Finn says watching the nurses clean them off and bundle them up in blankets. “I love you so much Y/N” He kisses you softly. “Congratulations” the nurse says while handing both of the little boys to Finn. A tear runs down his cheek “daddy loves you boys so much” he kisses each one softly “so so much” he continues as he sets them both down in your arms.

Rant/request/my perfect one shot fic:
Why is it so hard to find a fic that’s AU Sam/reader or Dean/reader or Jared/reader or Jensen/reader or even Misha/reader???
Seriously, I looked all over in ao3 and a few days in tumblr… There are so many AUs that are Destiel, is it so hard to ask for one I can picture myself in, where I’m not a hunter or working on set? Lol…
If I was a fabulous writer like the rest of you, this is what I would write:
Reader is Jensens little sister and while Jensens and Jareds family were always friends and close since always, reader was sent abroad to England to a fancy boarding school when she was young, and then got a scholarship to Cambridge/Oxford and stayed there. She would hang out with her brother and Jared on holidays and vacations, and though Jared and her always liked each other - they never thought too much of it because of the distance. A few years after uni (and some exes passing for both reader and Jared, maybe even broken up with a fiance), reader comes back for good for a job in the states and Jensen is about to get married. Reader and Jared help with all the preparations and love blooms slowly but surely.
That’s my idea. If anyone is even willing to write that for me, If be thrilled. But I have no expectations, really… I have no followers anyway lol
(and even though I know most of you don’t take requests, I tag you. Deal with it :P @deanscolette @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog @kittenofdoomage @ilostmyshoe-79 )