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Do you guys know what’s absolutely heartbreaking about listening to the Hamilton soundtrack on shuffle? When the song “Helpless” comes on and you can’t help but feel overfilled with love for Hamliza, but then “Burn” comes on. Whenever this happens, I feel like I want to cry because it’s the beginning of their happy relationship, then all of the sudden everything is ruined. Why does Hamilton do this to me?!?!

Fight to the Death (Jefferson x Reader)

Words: 1300+

Warnings: A LOT of cussing, james being extra salty

Request: Pasta battle between Jefferson and the reader (This stupid thing is still in my mind XD ) @sorry-but-no-sorry

A/N: dude i think i did this eh but here you go~~~

You and Thomas Jefferson were always competing with one other, whether it be grades, sports, who eats faster, and so on. He was your best friend and your roommate. All of your other friends disagreed with the arrangement, but both of you thought it was fine. Besides the fact that he constantly occupied the bathroom.

“How long does it take to shower and get dressed?” You yelled, pounding your fist on the wooden door. You heard a laugh, and a blow dryer start. “Come on! I have to use the bathroom!”

“You should have woken up earlier.” He said. You looked down at your watch.

It was five in the morning.

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So Good to Me (Lin x Reader)

Summary: You’d always known that you wanted to fly. The open seemed so inviting from the safety of the rooftop, much like the ocean: the tide lapping gently at your ankles, calling out to you, a soft and soothing voice whispering to you from the void. It convinced you that it would be okay, that it would catch you if you were to fall. Perhaps it would have done so, but thanks to Lin, you’d never know.

Warnings: Suicide/Depression

A/N: i apologize once again for posting something that isn’t a Kiss it Better update. I’ve been working on the write-a-thon fics all week and haven’t had time to edit kiss it better, oops. this was going to be for the write-a-thon but i realized while writing it that it didn’t really fit into any of the categories so i’m posting it now. also there are titanic and finding nemo references so basically i hate myself, and the title is a song by the 1975, why am i this way

You’d always thought the word ‘overdose’ to be an unnecessarily harsh word, and the reaction it invoked in people was, to say the least, not exactly understanding. Whether it was the word itself, or what the word conveyed that unnerved them, you didn’t quite care. Either way, you’d always known that an overdose wasn’t the way you wanted to go.

No, you wanted to fly. You wanted to hear the whistle of the wind as you fell, feel the sensation of the air rushing by you. You wanted to feel that small ounce of freedom that came with being utterly unattached from everything. Nothing to tie you down or hold you back.

You took a trembling step forward. The open air in front of you called out to you. Much like the sea, the sky seemed to be a source of comfort when you were so distanced from it, with such blatant unfamiliarity with the terrain.

Soft, yet menacing, the wind continued to pull at your frail body, demanding surrender. All you had to do was give in to the tempting pull of the air. Let yourself fall.

Below you, the rest of the world continued on with it’s business. Everyone with their own lives, their own friends, their own loved ones to worry about. And no one to worry about you. Not for that night, at least.

You could fall. You could allow yourself to surrender to the winds and plummet to your death, and the world beneath you would continue on as it was. Nothing would change, not until the next day at least. Not until Lin woke up and saw that you were gone. Not until your parents got the call the next day that you’d jumped from the top of Lin’s apartment building.

It wasn’t that you were sad. It was quite the opposite, in fact. You couldn’t feel anything, let alone sadness. You’d grown numb to the whole ordeal of life, and it seemed as though you were simply putting yourself through the motions of living without the capacity to pay the slightest bit of attention.

You could see the rest of your life stretched out in front of you, a tundra of monotonous greys and whites. Nothing particularly sad, but not the sort of life you’d aspired to live.

As you took a few more steps forward, you became acutely aware of the way the moon shone on you, almost like a spotlight highlighting your every move.

The edge was close. Too close, perhaps. You swayed precariously, knowing that one wrong step could send you plummeting into the open air.

You took a sharp breath in as you peered over the edge of the roof. The city gleamed brightly beneath you, as if mocking you. Telling you that it was your fault that you were so unhappy. If only you’d surrounded yourself with more people, brighter lights, taller buildings.

It was too late for that. No point in finding taller buildings and brighter lights now.

You felt a stab of regret as you prepared to jump. You hadn’t even left a note for Lin. You were going to die, and you hadn’t even bothered to leave something for your boyfriend. You felt as though you owed it to him to explain, but you couldn’t very well go back.

What would you have said anyway? That you couldn’t continue on because you simply didn’t care about anything anymore?

No, perhaps it was best if you kept your thoughts a secret from him. It would have been too hard to try and explain it to him, not to mention the devastation that would accompany seeing the look on his face.

You stood at the edge of the building and took everything in.

The night was silent, the sky dotted with stars.

It was 2:14 am, and the world should have been asleep. At least Lin was.

You let out a soft sort of whimper as you took a few steps back. If you truly intended to do this, you were going to get a running start so you couldn’t stop yourself.

Don’t hesitate. If you hesitate, you’ll start to doubt yourself.

You backed up until you were roughly ten feet away from the edge. You heard a thump from behind you, but you didn’t dare look back.

A soft voice cut through the bitter cold air, disrupting the silence of the night. “Y/N?”

Without having to turn around, you knew without a doubt that it was Lin.

Fuck. No.

“What are you doing? Are-” Lin’s voice trailed from mere confusion to the deepest understanding. “No! Don’t!”

You’d been certain he was asleep and that he wouldn’t notice your absence until morning, but there was no doubt that the voice belonged to Lin.

You tried to run, a desperate and final attempt to go through with this, but a pair of strong arms wrapped themselves around your waist, preventing you from moving.

 “Please,” you whimpered, although you weren’t quite sure what you were asking of him. “Please.” You repeated yourself, repeating the word over and over until it felt foreign in your mouth.

“What are you doing?” Lin’s voice was tinted with the color of worry, a deep red clouding the night. “Were you-”

“Don’t,” you begged, cutting him off. “Don’t say it.”

Your voice was hollow, void of any sort of emotion whatsoever.

Lin held you as you trembled, shaking in from the combination of the cold air and the fear that had taken over not only your mind but your whole body.

“I’m going to take you inside, okay?” Lin spoke in a soothing tone, but it did nothing to make you feel better. “Get you some tea, blankets, whatever you need.”

You nodded, numbness spreading throughout your body. “Please… don’t…” You mumbled into his shirt, tears prickling in your eyes. They were wide, bright, even in the darkness. The shaky breaths that followed were, of course, to be expected.

“It’s okay, Y/N.” Lin brushed your hair out of your eyes. “Are you… are you alright?”

You didn’t bother to justify that question with a response. Lin knew you weren’t alright and there was nothing to be gained from saying it out loud. It was nothing but an empty whisper into the formidable vastness of the night.

Guilt stabbed at your gut as you gazed up at him and saw that his eyes were brimming with tears.

“Don’t cry.” Your voice came out as a hoarse whisper, barely audible, even in the silence of the night. You buried your face in the fabric of his shirt so you wouldn’t have to see him upset, but his body shook as he cried, seeming to shake the earth itself as well.

“I’m so sorry,” he whispered, hugging you tightly. “I should have done something.”

“There was nothing you could have done.” You drew away from him, but he kept a tight grip on you.

“I’m a horrible boyfriend.” Behind Lin’s watery eyes were islands of pain, a stretch of sadness that drew out for miles.

“Don’t say that. You’re not.”

Lin dropped his gaze, refusing to meet your eyes. “You’re shivering,” he noted, his voice shaking despite his attempts to keep it steady.

“It’s- It’s fine,” you replied, but your teeth chattered even as you spoke those two words.

“Let’s get you inside, okay?” Lin’s eyes searched for an answer, but none came. He let his fingers intertwine with yours and walked you back down the steps to the indoors.

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anonymous asked:

Could you please write a version of s/o getting severly injured with Cor saving them and some adorable aftercare? I would love to read how Cor would react ٩(♡ε♡ )۶

Your wish is my command, dearest Anon! <3 Sorry this took so long to get out to ya! I hope the huge dosage of sensitive!Cor makes up for the wait! (Seriously, I headcanon that Cor is a complete softie inside who has this hidden little boy locked up inside his mind who’s just insanely scared of losing people he loves- especially when he knows he has the capability to save them from a terrible fate!)

It’s been two years since the endless darkness consumed the lands of Eos. You and Cor were out on a search and rescue mission, and for the most part, everything went well. You both managed to reach the rescue site two days before your estimated arrival date, you found all of the reported refugees, and most of their injuries were able to be treated with a single Hi-Elixir each. Amongst all the good fortune you and Cor had experienced, your battle-hardened boyfriend couldn’t help but feel that something was amiss.

“Watch your back, y/n. This mission is going too well,” Cor says to you. You throw him an incredulous look and brush him off immediately.

“You’re such a pessimist. But I find that strangely cute, so you lucked out there big guy,” you quip playfully, smacking his shoulder before making your way towards a group of young men and women standing idly by one of the large tents you and Cor had set up at the haven you’d escorted the group to. “You guys all good?” you ask, ensuring that there was a smile on your face when you approached them. They all turned to you and flashed grins of their own at you.

“Yeah, all good here. We were just talking about that Red Giant we saw wandering close by a few hours ago,” one of the girls spoke up, her voice laced with worry. You shook your head, trying your best to dissuade her fears.

“Don’t worry about that- Cor and I can go and check it out right now!”

A thirty minutes later, you were kicking yourself for not keeping any Hi-Elixirs for yourself or Cor. It turned out that there were three Red Giants moving in a group, destroying everything in their wake- including smaller daemons. You cast a worried glance at Cor, who was busy landing precise blows on the Red Giants’ weak spots with his katana. Biting your lip out of nerves, you hauled what you dubbed a triad-elemental spell flask at the Giant standing furthest away from Cor and covered your ears with your hands as the powerful fire, ice and lightning spells exploded with power.

The shrieks that the Red Giant let out started off extremely loud before they turned into low keens before it fell to the ground with a resounding thud. Your knees buckled and you went sprawling onto the earth below you at the Red Giant’s impact on the ground.

You were moving to get up, but then Cor had felled his Red Giant almost immediately after you’d defeated yours, and the strong shudders on the ground from the heavy weight falling onto it had you sprawling straight back to the ground. You groaned and let out a few curses before attempting to get back up again, only to find that you were being crushed by an impossibly red and extremely flaming fist.

All you could do was mentally curse before the third Red Giant squeezed the life out of you while Cor desperately hacked and slashed at the Giant’s legs and arms.

“Damn it!” Cor yelled as he fought, though his voice was becoming faint as pain took over all your senses. You whimpered and slumped in the Giant’s tight grip. Your ribs were burning, and it was getting hard to breathe. Suddenly, you were in limbo, flying through the air in a straight downward motion before impacting harshly with the ground.

The next thing you knew, you were prying your eyes open and trying to lift your hand to remove the oxygen mask that had been placed over your mouth and nose while you were out. You felt incredibly weak and sore, and you whimpered pathetically out of helplessness.

“Y/n…” the first voice you heard since waking was the last voice you’d heard during that terrible battle. Cor Leonis. Your boyfriend. You try to tilt your head in the direction of his voice, and you’re successful, but damn did it take a lot of effort.

“Hey, you’re hurt…” you frowned at the sight of the small, stitched up gash on Cor’s forearm. Cor glared down at you and moved his hand to softly bop you on the nose. You scrunched your nose in response to his ‘attack’ before slowly lifting your hand and gesturing at your white-clad body. “Nice look for me, huh?”

“I thought you were dead.” Cor said, ignoring your attempt at lightening the situation. “When I finally killed that Red Giant and saw your body… I thought you were dead.”

You didn’t know why, but you found yourself tearing up at Cor’s words. He’d never been so candid about his inner thoughts before- especially when they had to do with anything that happened on the battle field. His face was as stoic as ever but… you could hear the residue of his panic in his voice. It broke your heart a little, and then pieced it back together when you realised that he cared about you A LOT.

“Cor…” you whimpered. You hated sounding so weak, especially in front of Cor Leonis, the marshal who valued strength and mental fortitude. But he didn’t say anything to rebuke your behaviour. He just grasped your hand in his and squeezed your soft palm in his calloused hand.

“I’m sorry. I couldn’t keep you safe.” Cor growled, averting his gaze, but squeezing your palm tighter. You squeezed back- and with what little strength you had, you lifted his hand to your cheek and nuzzled his hand softly. At the feeling of your soft skin on the back of his hand, he turned his clouded steel blue eyes to your face. You smiled and lifted your other hand to remove the oxygen mask from your face. Your muscles protested at the movement, but you didn’t care. You just wanted to make your obviously distraught partner feel better… you wanted to let him know you were okay despite the brutalised state of your body- because he was there with you.

You brought his hand to your lips and you peppered soft kisses onto his hand, maintaining eye contact with your marshal as you did so. Cor breathed out hard through his nose, his nostrils flaring slightly, before he quickly closed the distance between you and himself. He pulled his hand away from your lips and replaced it with his own insistent lips. You applied pressure to the kiss and you felt a wetness that wasn’t your own trail down your cheek.

Opening your eyes, you found Cor’s were shut tight as he kissed you, his silent tears of both relief and guilt streaming down his face. Your heart swelled at his rare display of emotion, and you brought him closer to you as he retracted his kiss, guiding his head towards your chest and pressing his ear right above your heart.

“I’m okay, Cor. I promise.”

“You promise?” you held back tears of your own as Cor’s unsure tone reminded you of a small child. The immortal was truly shaken, and it was heart breaking.

You pressed a kiss to the top of your love’s head and smiled into his short, coarse dark brown hair.

“I promise.”

You feel Cor’s shoulders shudder before you hear his low rumble of a voice against your chest.

“Good. I don’t think I could live in this darkness without you.”

You’ve Got One Voicemail

Prompt: Imagine Spencer leaving you a message when he develops anthrax poisoning.

“Umm, hey, Y/N. I hoped I never would have to do this, but here it goes. If you’re getting this, it means things have turned for the worse. I’m leaving this for Garcia to send you only if it looks like I might not survive this. We’re looking for an unsub that is poisoning people with anthrax. I’ve had a vaccine, but if you get this it probably means that the vaccine didn’t work.

“I just wanted to call you to let you know, well, do you remember that night a few weeks ago when we were supposed to meet up for dinner, but I had a case? Instead of pressuring me to go out you showed up at my place with some take out and the Doctor Who box set and we just sat around and talked and watched tv. There was a point in the night when you had just fallen asleep leaning against me and I looked down and I realized that I loved you and I wanted to spend my life with you. I went out and got a ring the next day.

“I just wish I told you how much I loved you, Y/N. You’re amazing: you’re smart, beautiful, and all around perfect and for some reason you choose to be with me. I still don’t know why you do, but if I do get out of this I’m going to make sure to cherish you everyday and tell you in some way that I truly love you. If you do get this message, please don’t blame anybody but me for being reckless when I entered this house. I just wanted to make sure you know how much I love you. If you get this message, you should go into my top drawer at work and you’ll find a ring. Please take it and remember me, but still live your life. I just-I-I love you, Y/N. Alright, Garcia, I’m done.”

End of message.

Too Close For Comfort - Rick Grimes

Rick returns as being the sheriff of crazy town when he witnesses reader nearly dying in front of him. a/n: sorry this is a long one and my app deleted my original story so i had to rewrite. i will begin on older requests, enjoy! ps: there’s some detailed gore.

Terminus was supposed to be the place that you and your family needed. What Rick’s group that included yourself needed but you all were amazed when it was nothing like it was advertised in the postings along the railroad tracks. Rick, Daryl, Glenn, and Bob were taken away from the rest of your group and along with yourself. You were picked along with the men because you had give the one leader of Terminus, Gareth quite the bit of trouble as you managed to give him a swift kick to the face as he and his friends were rounding up the rest of the group. “I hope you taste as good as you look.” the man cackled as he threw you down onto your spot along side some other men that were strangers to you. Rick was several people down from you and the two of you looked at each other, Rick huffing with anger. One by one men wielding aluminum bats smacked the unknown men upside their heads, cut their throats, and drained their bodies of their blood. 

Just as the one butcher was raising his arms above his head to smack you with the bat, a large explosion shook the compound and stopped the men in their tracks. “What was that?” the two butchers looked at each other with a worried look on their faces. Gareth had sprinted out of the building and out to find the source of the booming. As the two men were distracted by talking Rick had managed to wiggle himself free of his ties and freed the three other men of your group. Just as Rick was about to turn and free you from his bindings, one of the butchers had grabbed a hold of you and placed the large butchering blade closely to the throbbing artery in your neck. “One move and all her blood will be on the floor!” the cannibal threatened your three friends. The second butcher lunged towards Rick and knocked him into the other’s of the group. You stomped your foot hard onto the butcher’s feet that caused him to drop his knife but before you could run away he grabbed you tightly by your hair, throwing you down onto the floor and crawled on top of your body. “Hold still you dumb bitch!” the man wrapped his hands around your throat and was squeezing with an insane amount of force. You tried to fight back but his strength was far greater than any you could conjure up, you kicked with all your might but your vision was distorting and you could feel your life slowly slipping away. Your face grew red, then into a purplish blue hue as the oxygen was leaving your body. Rick stabbed the second butcher through the throat with a piece of wood and then proceeded to jump on top of the man that was strangling you. Rick grabbed for his hands to pry them from your neck but his body weight was only pressing down harder and harder onto your fragile throat. Rick grabbed a hold of the sides of the cannibal’s head and with a swift twist, Rick snapped the man’s neck with a subtle ’pop’. The dead man’s grip released from your throat and his body collapsed to the side with a thud. 

GASP’ a rush of oxygen filled your lungs with the sweetness of sweet, sweet air. With your vision being a blurry as it was, you turned to the side and could only make out a blurry blob that had been moving up and down. Rick was beating the butcher’s face in and it was nothing but a caved in bloody hole. The Grimes man continued to punch and punch and punch away at the hollow hole that used to be a person’s face, the sound of his angry yelling and grunts filling the room. Glenn ran over to Rick and ripped him off of the dead man’s corpse, Rick’s arms were flailing around and he was still yelling loudly. Daryl and Bob lifted you up off of the ground and supported your weight between the two of them; thankfully you were not in the right state of mind to witness the horrors that laid in the several rooms of the killing floor, each room was littered with the butchered corpses of those who were also fooled by Terminus. Thankfully that whatever caused that explosion aided in your survival or the 4 of you would’ve become a meal to these insane people. With a yank Rick pulled the metal door opened and the 5 of you entered the shitstorm of walkers and fire that was the outdoor complex of Terminus. “I can walk.” you assured your two friends and with a good shake of your head, you had most of your wits about you.

 "Let’s go!“ Glenn yelled as he stabbed a walker in the skull with a sharpened piece of wood. Daryl wielding a large metal pipe and you managed to find a metal prod that resembled something similar to a fireplace poker. Your vision scanned for Rick as his whereabouts were unknown because he simply disappeared from your immediate left. When you finally locked onto him, he grabbed an exposed piece of metal rebar from a piece of wall that had been blown up from an explosion and was b-lining for a man that started shooting in yours and Glenn’s direction. This sent Rick over the edge, with a hard swing the Grimes man pelted the Terminus’ resident in the knees with the metal bar that caused him to fall backwards. Yelling in pain the man loosened his grip on his automatic weapon and Rick ripped it from his hands. Rick delivered several hard blows to the man’s head with the butt of the automatic rifle and then aimed at the middle of his face, pulling the trigger and shooting wildly into his head turning it into a fleshy pin cushion. Turning his attention to the large hoard of walkers and Terminus residents he shot wildly and excessively into the crowd until the weapon emptied out, then taking off into the massive group killing anything and anyone in his path. You all managed to escape with your lives and those that were held up in the train cars met up with Glenn, Daryl, Bob, Rick, and yourself in the woods that was just outside the Terminus compound. Soon it was revealed that it was Carol that caused the explosion that aided in all of your group’s survival. 

Thank you’s and hugs were exchanged but Rick was still set on his revenge on those in the cannibalistic settlement. “We need to finish them.” Rick was digging up the bag that he had buried previously to entering Terminus, grabbing a hold of his magnum he checked the ammo and grabbed his machete with the red handle. “We barely made it out of there.” Rosita commented, she was right, everyone barely made it out alive. Even before all of the walkers, you all were corralled up like cattle for slaughter. “I need to do this. I’ll do it with or without y'all.” he paused for a moment. “Stop!” Abraham asserted Rick as he walked over to him to get closer so he could issue the stakes at hand, that he needed to get Eugene to DC and get him there alive. Abraham went to place a hand on Rick’s shoulder but Rick retaliated with a hard shove that pushed Abraham’s buttons, just as he lunged towards Rick, the Grimes man turned around and began setting his course back towards Terminus. Carl ran after his father to stop him but he shooed away his son’s attempt but when you pleaded for him to stop, your voice must’ve worked like magic because Rick stopped as soon as your voice processed in his mind. Carol had taken you all back to Judith and Tyreese, Rick was more than happy to see his daughter okay but he was acting like a different person. Like he was in a haze and you were all just shadows passing in the fog of his mind. 

Rick became more of a brutal person, when you all had met Father Gabriel he talked to the terrified man in a cruel voice, threatening him. He let Gabriel know that he would not hesitate to end his life if need be. When you all settled in the church for the night, you placed yourself next to Glenn and thanked him for his help. “What’s wrong with Rick? He’s not himself..” Glenn was sipping from the communion wine that Gabriel was sharing with your group and he spoke something that was utterly surprising. “Maybe it’s because he’s in love with you..” Rhee spilled out under his breath. “What?” you had to double take at Glenn as what he said sounded insane to you. “Oh wait.. uhh nothing!” he tried brushing off what he said but you grabbed a hold of his shoulder and squeezed tightly. “No, no, no, no. Glenn you can’t just say ‘uhh nothing!’ after saying something like that!” Glenn sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. “It’s just. Rick lost his wife and he lost himself for a while. He was insane when we were in the prison before you came. I think what happened to you set him off again..” The two of you gazed over to Rick who was holding Judith but was staring off into the distance like he was in a dream. 

 You watched as Rick surrendered Judith over to Sasha as she was cooing over the young infant and proceeded to walk outside. You stood up from your spot and followed behind him shortly after. “It’s so quiet out here. Feels nice to be able to hear the frogs and crickets.” you closed your eyes and breathed in the crisp country air. Rick turned around and smiled at you slightly as he noticed how happy you looked but his smile turned into a cold frown as he noticed the bruises that were wrapped around your neck from the man that was strangling you. Rick turned his back to you again and stared off into the woods, lost in his thoughts. Walking up to the Grimes man, you placed a tender hand on his back, “Rick. You can’t blame yourself for the things that you can’t control.” you slowly rubbed his back but he shimmied away from you. “Rick no. You need to stop this. You can’t keep beating yourself up.” You walked in front of him and grabbed his hands, observing them you noticed the scars that this world had inflicted onto his tender skin. “I can’t lose again…” he finally muttered a sentence. You looked up to him, which he was now staring down into your E/C eyes with his silky blue orbs. 

“You won’t lose again.“ you tried reassuring him. But he grabbed a hold of you and held onto you tightly with his arms wrapped around your torso. Small droplets of water dripped onto the crown of your head and it was not raining, were they tears? Was Rick crying? In this entire time that you knew Rick he seemed like the least likely person to shed tears so when he did it hit you hard. “I can’t lose anyone again.. I don’t think I could be myself.” Rick’s tears flowed from his eyes and dripped onto your head more than the last. You pulled your head skull back and looked into his eyes, “When I lost Lori. I lost myself and turned into somethin’ that this world makes.” Rick rubbed his eyes with his dirty hand. “You don’t need to worry about that anymore. This only happened this one time.” you pulled Rick into a hug and embraced each other on the steps of the small church. Several sets of eyes were observing you two, Glenn and Maggie on the inside and more form within the darkness of the woods. You made a promise to Rick that day that you wouldn’t let him lose himself again.


Remus Lupin x Reader

Request:  Remus X reader, they dated in high school but broke up after James and Lily died. They meet again when Sirius is out and fall back in love?

Originally posted by muffilato-blog

You were heading to the Grimmauld place, head full of thoughts. It’s been fifteen years when two of your best friends, Lily and James Potter got murdered. Everything that could go wrong, all went wrong at the same time.

You still smile if you think back more blissful times. When you were in Hogwarts - which was definietly the happiest period of your life -, when you made friends with the marauders, who made even the most boring days interesting and could always cheer you up, when you fell in love with one of them, when you visited Lily’s son, Harry with Remus… you wished everything were like this forever, but it didn’t. Everybody felt that darker times are coming, but nobody really liked to spoke about it, and what is more important, trust were broken.

When Lily and James died, Sirius betrayed them and killed Peter (at least back then you thought that was the truth), there were only you and Remus. Both of you were damaged, heartbroken, and betrayed, and even if you knew that you should stay together in those days, you couldn’t. You ran away from each other. You were deeply in love, but none of you could see clearly anymore.

You seriously thought you moved on. More or less you were fine by now, but then a letter came; explained everything about what and why really happened on that night at Godric’s Hollow. That was no question you’ll join to the Order of the Phoenix once again.

Molly Weasley opened the door. She said things about how happy she is to see you again and how good you look and if you’re hungry, but you really didn’t hear anything she said. You walking inside the house and while she spoke to you, your thoughts were too loud to hear anybody else. You saw them, and that was when you realized you didn’t move on. Never.

Sirius and Remus stood in front of you and you frozen, hot tears was falling down on your cheek as you tried to say something, anything, but you couldn’t. Fifteen years’ thoughts was stuck on your throat. You felt your knees getting weaker, and maybe you’d fell down, but then strong hands wrapped around you. Remus’ hug immediatly made you calm and you felt yourself safe; just like when you were in school. You pulled away and hugged Sirius too, there were laughter now too. In the corner of your eye you spotted a boy with messy black hair and green eyes, you knew he only could be Harry.

You talked a lot, but you hadn’t much time for small talk; there were so much more important things. Day to day, you had a feeling in your stomach, in your heart, in your whole body. It was growing bigger every day, especially when you saw him. The feeling was like and old friend to you. Every trembling knee, every blushed cheeks and every nervous lip bite was familiar, you felt yourself like a teenage girl. You fell in love with Lupin again, but deep down you knew you never even fall out.

At one night, you walked in front of Remus’ room, the door was ajar, so you could see him. Sat at his desk, he was reading some book and eating a chocolate, you couldn’t help yourself but let out a little giggle.

„Oh, Y/N, I didn’t see you there.” – he said.

„Sorry I didn’t mean to… it was just so nice to see you like this. You didn’t change much, y’know.” – you said with a smile.

„Yeah…” – he laughed, but continued more serious. „…Yet I am.”

“Do you wanna see what I found? Come inside.” You sat down on his bed and he came next to you with an old looking photo album.

“Oh my god. It can’t be!” - you yelled when you recongnized the thing. Remus find it in an old cupboard. The album was full of photos of you and your friends in your Hogwarts years. You scroll through it, laughing and almost crying at every single photo you saw. When you finished, both of you were in a better mood. You talked about old times and all those years when you were away.

“I bet kids loved you at Hogwarts! How was it teaching them about Werewolves?” 

“Unfortunately Snape took that experience from me.” - he said absently.

“Oh, how nice of him.” - you giggled. “You know deep down every one of us is the same sixteen year old git… expect you, you never were a git, Moony.” He laughed, but then he stopped and the next time he was closer to you until you felt his lips on yours. And you kissed eachother, passionate, with so much eager like you wanted to make up of all the lost years. You held each other so tight like you were afraid if you don’t, one of you will run away again. He only pulled away when you started to cry. 

“What is it, love, what’s wrong?” - he asked with worry in his voice.

You sobbed silently for a while when you finally could speak. 

“It’s just… I wish I’d stayed with you.” There were so much other things that you could say to him, like how much you missed him and how much you love him after all this time, and how lost were you without him, but you couldn’t say anything else. And you didn’t need, beacuse he understand you now as he understand you always. He cupped your face and gently wiped away your tears.

“Shhh, listen to me. It’s okay now. I’m here and you’re with me. We have all the time in the world now.” - he smiled and you believed him, and after fifteen years you finally felt yourself content again.


You Could Be Happy (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

i cried writing this even though i don’t relate to the song but i am tired and need sleep cos i gotta rise like the dead at 6am tomorrow to go to london 

lemme know if you want a part 2 


Song; I Could Be Happy by Snow Patrol (pls listen while reading it’ll make it more emotional)

Other characters featured;


Y/N - Your name

Y/L/N - Your Last Name

Warnings; just 100% pure sad angst type shit 

Word count; 1143

lyrics are in bold/italics and flashbacks are in just italics 

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Alone with Everybody

Dean x Reader

Warnings: Well I cried while writing it so there’s your warning.

A/N: This fic has no dialogue.

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The best things in life aren’t things at all. They’re living, breathing…people. Not some random person you see passing by on the street. Or somebody who gives you a free coffee. No, it’s not anything simple in the least.

It’s the person who pulls you closer when a nightmare sitrs around like an uncontrolled whirlpool in your sleeping mind. The person who drops an ice cube in your top ramen so it won’t burn you. Who carries you from the car to your bedroom when you fall asleep in a long car ride.

Dean Winchester carried all of these actions on his shoulders, making him the one person who created the title known as the best thing in your life. There was no extent to how far he’d go to please you beyond a words descression. There was no doubt in your mind he was the man you were going to marry someday. Have a normal life with on some miraculous account. But every dream. Every wish and plan you’d been dwelling on went down and out the drain like after a bad rainstorm.

One minute: Everything was going wrong, but not so wrong that all hope had left your body. Two legs carried you as swiftly and quickly as possible behind the two Winchesters running back to the main road before you. It seemed as though every other second, piercing green eyes shot back in your general direction to make sure you weren’t too far behind. The three of you were going to make it out of this. Head back to the Bunker. Drink a beer. And laugh it off in a few days.

The next minute: A forceful hammering sound rang through the darken damp air, forcing it’s way into your ears. No more did your feet run forward. Everything stopped. Time. Breathing. Heartbeat. All for a split moment everything in your tiny inclosing world stood still.

Directly through the thick skin on your back came a pulsating force. Stretching beyond the outter flesh and crawling deep inside your body to where the real pain lie. Something in you demanded you look downward at your chest where a filling unknown grinding sensation lurked. Nothing could’ve prepared your madly wild eyes to behold the curling circle of red perfection between your chest.

A stict driving force unfloded within, forcing your quivering legs to take three rowdily steps towards Dean who accepted your presence halfway. Catching your wethering mortal body in his hands. The soul thrashing around somewhere beneath your wounded surface begged to grab onto him. Indenting your very touch into his so that you would never be without each other. But nothing happened. Not a muscle would move at your desperate mental call.

His tongue rolled, speaking something which was inaudiable to your mind. For the first time in your life, everything was quiet. Everything was peaceful. The greed Dean held in two sublime eyes only wished to coax Death himself to save you. To once again bend every law of life and bring a loved one back from the inflaming light at the end of a dark and gloomy tunnel. In that moment you knew- this was it. Life as you knew it was over. And nothing in the world looked quite as striking as it had in a time of dying. All signs of life bloosomed, beamed with radiant unmerciful beauty. All signs of death boombed with a sadistic and unforgiving roar. Yet it was all still so beautiful.

Sturdy hands gently caressed the impure skin clinging to your facial structure. Wickedly vunerable orbs dropped all feelings of love from Dean upon your skin. Watering your newly given death sentence into something beautiful like a rose. All of this seemed to slip the weakened grasp on life you already had. Rather instead you pondered upon his delicate face. Each freckle resting in a perfectly scattered formation, bewitching you, even as your last breath was inhaled lightly with a smile.

So you see; The best things in life…aren’t things at all. They’re… livingbreathing…people.

Sooooo, I received an early birthday present on Thursday and couldn’t wait to open it!! Not only did I get cute little personalised bits (Clarisse, I’m totally going to sew them onto EVERYTHING!!) but I was gifted a book with messages and birthday wishes from my readers. I sat and cried a bit whilst looking through, honestly I’m astounded by everyone’s kindness and Clarisse, it’s the sweetest, most unexpected, present I’ve ever received!! Thank you to everyone who participated xx
Being friends with you this past year has been so much fun and when you send me pictures on Whatsapp, I know it’s either going to be H.Styles or a photo of you pulling a face. I adore both!!!
Thank you so much xx

I Thought You Were Different (Part 5/?) (Rogers/Stark x reader)

It was a slow night at work, and this popped into my head.  So here’s part 5, way earlier than planned.

Part 4

They were a well-oiled machine.  For the first time, they were working fully in sync, cooperating together with a wordless understanding and a common goal.  Steve compressed your chest to keep your heart beating while Tony breathed for you.  They were working in a perfect rhythm as if they had practiced this moment for years. They were keeping you alive.  

“Barton, how much farther?” Steve called out, his voice faltering.  

“Three minutes.”  

Natasha was ducking around the two men, skillfully inserting a needle into your vein to squeeze bag after bag of fluid into you to make up for the lost blood.  “Do better, Clint,” she whispered harshly to him, “he’s breaking.” It had been barely twelve hours that he had you back, and Steve was ready to give you his last breath to keep you alive.  Natasha watched both men carefully, ready to take their place if she needed to.

“We’re in for landing,” Clint called out, “medics are at the door and ready to take her, Cap.”

Steve jumped up onto the table and straddled your waist, continuing the compressions as they wheeled you out for the medical team to take over.  Tony reluctantly let go when Natasha forced his hands away and held him when he crumbled to the floor, fully exhausted and completely terrified, his anxiety building and making his own breaths ragged.

Once inside the infirmary, Bruce directed the team to the temporary surgical suite they had set up, pulling out the cart of emergency supplies to revive you.  To Steve, there were no sounds or sights other than the counting of compressions in his head, and your face as he watched it for any sign of life.  When they told him that he could step away, it was as if he heard nothing.

“Captain Rogers, we can take over,” one of the doctors offered but with no result.  Bruce cautiously moved next to Steve and put his hand on top of his, keeping it there as his motions continued.  “Steve, it’s okay,” he reassured quietly, but his efforts went on without pause.  Bruce turned to Clint and gave a nod, with immediate understanding as he ran from the room. Seconds later, Bucky and Sam appeared and flanked him at either side.

“Steve, stop.”

“Come on, Cap.  You’ve done enough.”

“She can’t,” he mumbled, the fatigue beginning to show in him.

“She won’t, Steve. But you need to let them work,” Bucky said quietly, putting a hand on Steve’s arm, only to find it brushed off angrily.  “Steve, don’t make us do this.”  When he didn’t respond, Bucky pointed Clint to Sam’s side and moved in; Bucky took Steve’s arms with the other two holding his legs.

“Get off me!” Steve hollered, trying to fight them off but too tired to put up his usual amount of fight. “I can’t leave her!”  He continued to struggle until they finally had pulled him out of the room and the doctors had taken you out of his line of sight. When they released him, he stumbled back against the wall and slid to the floor, panting and staring at his shaking hands.  “Buck…”

“We’ll stay right here with you, for as long as it takes, okay?” Bucky said, taking a seat in front of his friend, with Sam taking his place next to him so both men were blocking his route to the door.  Bucky had no idea what to say in a time like this; he didn’t know anything that would make Steve feel better or make him understand what was happening.  All he could do was be there.  

“You did good, Steve.”


After three hours, Steve sent Sam away.  Thirty minutes later, Bucky followed.  Steve hadn’t moved from his spot on the floor, siting in an almost statuesque stillness.  Natasha and Clint had passed by him without stopping, sensing that he wanted to be alone, but Tony wouldn’t have it.  He sat on the floor next to Steve, silently waiting with him until the quiet became too much.



“She’s gonna be okay, you know that.”

“Have you ever done that before, Tony?  What we did back there?  Because I haven’t, and I never want to experience that again.  On anyone.”  Steve brought his hands together in front of him and turned them over, examining them as if they were showing him something that wasn’t really there.  “Have you ever felt bones crack under your hands?  I don’t mean the sound of hitting someone, I mean cracking, breaking, because of what you’re doing?  Breaking someone that you love with your own hands?”

“Don’t do that to yourself. They say that’s unavoidable,” he replied with a shudder at the thought, having a new respect for Steve in that he was holding together at all after that.  He envisioned that they had changed places, and the vivid imagery in his own mind sent a wave of nausea through him.  

“Has anyone talked to you yet?”


“I’m gonna go in there,” Tony began and started to stand when Steve grabbed his arm to stop him. He sat back down and looked at the Captain, confused.

“Don’t go in there,” he whispered, “if it’s bad, I don’t want to know yet.  I need to be able to read their faces before they say a word to me.” He finally looked up and turned to Tony, with his eyes puffy and red, “I don’t want you to be the person to tell me something bad, Tony.  I’d never be able to look at you again.”


“Captain Rogers?”

Steve opened his eyes at the sensation of a hand on his shoulder, not sure who it belonged to but not really caring.  With a deep breath he steeled himself, telling himself that he could handle it; telling himself that you would want him to keep control and that it wasn’t their fault.  It wasn’t his.  He couldn’t get the image of the pale blueness of your skin out of his mind.  He couldn’t stop seeing Tony breathing into you when you wouldn’t do it on your own.  He needed to see you as he knew you before it began to drive him mad.


He stood from the floor and forced himself to look at the doctor, reading his expression just as he said he wanted to, but finding no explicit emotions.  “Of course her doctor has a poker face.  Wouldn’t expect anything else,” he mumbled to himself with a sigh.

“Captain, we should talk,” the doctor said, extending his hand to lead him into the infirmary and towards a few chairs scattered on the far side of the room.  Steve sat and looked around, hearing the beeping of monitors and the hum of pumps and breathing machines, but he didn’t know if they were attached to you or not.  He couldn’t see you anywhere, and he felt his heart begin to race again.  “We’ve repaired her wounds and she’s heavily sedated. She’s also received a great deal of blood from Mr. Barton, Mr. Fury and Ms. Hill.”

Steve perked up in his seat, adjusting to sit taller with a more eager expression.  “But she’s alive…”

“She’s alive, yes.” The doctor leaned forward in the chair, putting a hand on Steve’s arm, “Steve, she’s alive because of you and Mr. Stark. There’s no other reason for her to still be here.  You need to know that.”

Steve took another long breath, but it was shaky and rough, his chest heaving with the emotions that he had refused to release in front of his friends.  He tried to hold them back but it was futile, with his shoulders hunching over as the wave hit him.  The doctor sat with him for several minutes, holding a supportive hand on him, waiting for the Captain for as long as he needed.  Bruce had noticed the scene and quietly made his way over.

“Steve, come with me.” Banner led Steve into the area where you were recovering, putting him into a blue surgical gown and gloves, bringing a chair for him to finally be next to you.  “Take all the time you need.”

“Thank you,” Steve whispered, his eyes now locked on you.  He reached up to touch your hand first and sighed a quiet and tearful laugh that it was warm against his own.  His other hand touched your cheek and he again smiled at its temperature, studying the colors of your skin as if he had never seen them before.  The images that were haunting him began to fade, replaced with this version of you; the version with hope that you were going to be okay.

“Hey, baby,” he whispered, stroking your hair and winding it around his fingers gently, “I’m here. You really scared me, you know?  I’d like you to stop that now.  Captain’s orders,” he choked out, his voice beginning to fail him again with the scratchy familiarity of crying.  His right hand shifted from yours and moved to the center of your chest where he had pushed against it, trying to feel the damage he had done.  “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”  He sniffled quietly, rubbing a hand across his face as he watched your chest rise and fall with the ventilator.

“I need you to do something for me, (Y/N),” he continued with a furrowed brow, trying to choose his words carefully.  “I’m gonna need you to pull through this, alright?  I need you to tell me when I’m not making you feel like you’re the most important person in my life.  Because I don’t ever want you to feel like you’re not, okay?  I need you to pull through this so I can start right now.”

Tony sheepishly poked his head around the corner, with his hands hidden in his pockets and his expression cautious.  “Cap?”

“Come in, Tony.”

He slowly walked to the other side of your table, taking your hand and gently running a finger over the bandage that secured your IV, finally bringing it to his lips and then held against his cheek.  “She’s warm,” he sighed with a relieved grin.  “God, she was so cold.  I thought…”

“I know, me too.” Steve leaned back and away from you slightly, but making sure to not break contact.  “Thank you.  Thank you for what you did, Tony.  I owe you.”

“Nah,” he said dismissively, “I did what I had to do.  Just like you did.”  

Steve nodded, “yeah, you’re right.  But that’s not what I was talking about.  I want to thank you for her.  You introduced us, remember?  Pepper brought her by and said she was hired as your new assistant?”

“Right,” Tony smiled, “my SHIELD-hired assistant that had the means to kick my ass from here to next Tuesday?  I knew who was in charge from minute one.  I thought of you immediately and knew it was meant to be.”

The two men sat quietly for several minutes, the silence filled only with the occasional beep of a monitor or the shuffle of a doctor’s feet as they checked you.  Steve bit his lower lip nervously, glancing at Tony often enough for him to finally pick up on it.  “What?”

“If I tell you something,” Steve began, pointing cautiously at Tony, “will you promise me to keep your mouth shut?  I know how hard that is for you, Stark.”

“Lips are sealed,” he agreed with a wide smile, completely excited that Steve was about to trust him with a secret.  This had never happened before and he was almost giddy.  “Spill it!”

“Okay,” Steve sighed, looking over his shoulder to be sure that no one else would overhear.  He leaned forward, with Tony leaning in over you to get closer.  “Before all of this started…with that whole Wanda thing…I had a plan.  A plan that I need your help to get done.”

“You’ve got it!  What’s the plan-“ he stopped, turning sharply when a monitor began to scream behind him and two of your doctors rushed in to check it.  “Woah, what’s happening?”

Steve stood immediately and grabbed your hand, lowering himself to rest his forehead on yours.  “Hey, doll.  We have a deal, right?  You’re not gonna scare me anymore.”  He glanced up at the doctor who was gathering supplies in his hand and snapping on his gloves.  He reached over and took your breathing tube in his hands, signaling for Steve and Tony to each take a step back.

“She’s waking up.”

Part 6

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Just Jump || Taehyung

This was a very random spurt of an idea that decided to jump in while I was scrolling through my blog.

Pairing - Kim Taehyung x Reader

Genre - Smut, Angst

Summary - You spent your last days with Taehyung, and he wanted more. So decided to just jump.



‘Shh~’ He cut you off, placing a finger on your lips. You stared at him, but he had his eyes closed; You noticed a tear slip his eye.

‘But, Tae-’

‘Y/N, it’s alright..I’m not leaving you, I’m not leaving us, baby.’ He whispered, as he leaned his forehead towards you, touching yours.

‘I am, Taehyung. I’m leaving. I can’t bear to watch you like this, please.. Taehyung, as my last wish, please just go.’ You sobbed, your hand wrapped tightly in his, as he squeezed it again, wiping your tears away.

‘Babygirl, I’m staying with you, if that’s the last thing I do.’ He said as he caressed your very much paled, hollow cheek.

You were dying, and you both knew it. He was like your medication until, you couldn’t have more of him. He had agreed to your terms and conditions of how he wouldn’t be able to spend his whole life with you; his beautiful wife.

This boy fell so madly in love with you; he considered you his angel sent fromt he heavens. Where as, you cursed the heavens for letting him land up with such a poorly destined excuse of a wife. He made you feel on top of the world whenever he could; he wouldn’t take no for an answer. He just wanted to see you happy, although, you were dying inside.

You loved your husband to the end of the universe and back and yet, the heavens didn’t find that enough to let you live just for his sake.

‘What are you thinking about, love?’ He whispered, snapping you out of your depressing thoughts.

‘I’m gonna miss you, Taehyung,’ You said after a long moment of dreadful silence. You didn’t look up at him, but it wasn’t necessary to; you could hear both your hearts breaking in sync, as you tried to let the feeling drown in you.

‘Baby,’ He took your chin in his index finger and thumb and made you look up at him, into red, pooled eyes.

‘I love you. And I’ll let you take only the best memories of us.’ He leaned in close, his lips brushing against yours. You instantly closed the remaining gap and pressed your lips onto his, hungry for him.

He was forceful with his lips, yet very gentle. Powerful, yet submissive.

His hands reached to the small of your back and pulled you closer to him, your bodies touching at every bend and joint.

You let him hover over you, as he kept his lips till tangled with yours in a fiery kiss, your tongues not fighting for dominance, but expressing love as equals.

Your hands traveled to the back of his neck, bringing him closer to you, as his pulled at the hem of your top. You both broke the kiss for a second to remove your top, before embracing each other again. You repeated the same for his, until you both were just in your remnants of your clothing.

He trailed kisses across your jawline and down your neck, making you mewl and moan in content as his lips collided with your sensitive spots each time. He let his hands roam your body until where ever it could reach before settling by your hips. Nipping on your pale skin, he kissed his way down to your breasts, looking up at you occasionally.

You were heated up just by the sight of his lips working wonders against your weak body. You tugged at his locks gently as he nipped at the skin just beneath your breast, making him groan.

He trailed his hands back, you arching your back to let him unclasp your bra, it falling off in a second, your breasts completely surrendering to your husband.

He massaged them for a while, his hands rubbing gently against them, his fingers now and then moving across your swollen buds. These actions, whether intended or not, made you wetter by the minute.

‘Taehyung~’ You sighed, as he leaned in forward to kiss you before he took a bud into his mouth, ‘Shh.. Y/N, it’s all about you tonight.’ He whispered as his tongue vigorously ran across your nipple, making you almost scream out his name, his other hand playing with your other breast.

‘Ah~’ You moaned, as he switched sides, repeating the actions with your other breast. You arched your back, completely exposing yourself, letting him have more access to your pleasure spots. You felt his hand slide down your stomach, and reach your throbbing clothed core.

‘I know you’re enjoying this just as much as me, Y/N, let me hear your beautiful voice,’ He spoke so sweetly but seductively that you thought you’d become undone right there. You let your moans and screams erupt from the back of your throat as he stimulated you through the thin cotton fabric, which was only getting wetter.

His face was already between your thighs, kissing and nibbling his way to your womanhood. Curling his fingers at the sides of your hips, he pulled your underwear down and threw it on the floor, letting it join the rest of your clothes.

‘Let me pleasure you all night, babygirl,’ He whispered, looking straight at you through his lashes, before pressing his tongue flat onto your throbbing core. You almost screamed at the sudden warm contact, your sharp breaths mixing up with your voice.

He traced his way from your entrance to your clit, before settling there, as he began to suck and lick all at the same time. His fingers made their way to your entrance and you felt a single digit enter you, making you take in a sharp breath before letting out a content sigh. One of your hands grabbed at the sheets by your side and the other tugged at his hair, as you bucked your hips to feel more of his tongue against your clit.

His actions became more vigorous and you felt the familiar feeling of a knot forming in your stomach. He slipped in a second digit before sucking at your clit and thrusting his fingers into you at the same time.Your shallow breaths and tightening grip indicated that you were about to come, making him pull out his fingers and expose your clit, to the cold harsh air.

‘Taehyung!’ You almost yelled, as you felt frustrated, the knot, undoing itself in your stomach as he hovered over you aligning himself between your legs.

He chuckled before looking at you, making your frown fade, ‘Take deep breaths, Y/N. It’s gonna feel much more better, I promise.’ He rested himself on his elbows that were each by your head, his face only millimeters away from yours, his breath fanning your lips.

‘Okay,’ You whispered. He leaned in for one of the most passionate kisses he had ever given you, as you felt him entering you slowly.

You gasped slightly, him taking the opportunity to slip in his tongue, as you responded with the same amount of hunger.

He cupped your face, holding you in place, as he made love to you senseless, a way of his to tell you that you were the only one out there for him in this world. Your memories with him played in your head as he looked at you, his beautiful face scrunched in pleasure, your stomach turning into knots, many of them.

The overwhelming feeling of his love and the sadness of how you might never be able to experience this again, made tears fill your eyes as you whispered to him, ‘I love you, Tae,’

You felt a tear fall on your cheek, making your open your eyes, to notice he was tearing up as well. He pounded into you a last few thrusts before you screamed out his name, an intense pleasure coursing through your body as he groaned your name into the nape of your neck. You felt him slow down his thrusts before pulling out completely, your sweat covered bodies attaching themselves to each other as he lay himself on you, careful not to add too much of his weight.

He rolled over to your side and faced you, before puling you closer to himself and kissing you one more time.

‘Goodnight, Y/N. Sleep tight, baby.’ He cooed, as he sang your favorite song to you, your eyes slowly drooping in exhaustiveness.

‘Goodnight, Tae~’ You said, your voice barely above a whisper as he stroked your hair.


When you stopped breathing, he didn’t know. All he knew was that day looked deceitful as it shined bright outside the window, as you lay lifeless in his arms.

He had cried the whole day, not even bothering to leave the bed, let alone dress up. He remembered trying to wake you up by showering your face with kisses and shaking you by your shoulders and even lightly patting your face - You remained unresponsive.

But he was glad you were able to leave peacefully, with the best memories he could gift you and he knew you were there, some where, looking down at him as he stood over the wooden platform, the sea glistening below him.

‘I’m staying with you, if that’s the last thing I do, Y/N.’ He whispered up to the skies before running towards the end of the platform and jumping into the bright blue sea.


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Authors and Readers
  • Reader: Can I buy you a drink?
  • Author: That would be nice.
  • Reader: And while we're talking, let me offer you some free advice. Talk less.
  • Author: What?
  • Reader: *slides Author a laptop* Write more.
  • Author: Heh. *starts typing*
  • Reader: Don't let us know what the character's against or what they're for.
  • Author: *looks at Reader* You can't be serious.
  • Reader: You wanna get ahead?
  • Author: Yes.
  • Reader: Characters who don't deserve it wind up dead.
  • Character who didn't deserve it: A-yo yo yo yo yo yo! What time is it?
  • Character's friends: SHOWTIME!
  • Reader: Like I said. *cries*
  • me: i still love tegan and sara but im no longer so obsessed with them
  • me: mum, i just want some tns merch for christmas
  • me: *screams for 10 minutes when the merch gets here*
  • me: *on bus for 3 hours* *tries not to cry while listening to tns*
  • me: hi, new friend! this how you tell tegan and sara apart
  • me: *spends 5 hours listening to their banters*
  • me: *cries over stacy because she makes sara happy and buys cats with her*
  • me: *thinks about where on my body would tns lyrics tattoo look the best*
  • me: *checks snapchat every few minutes*
  • me:
  • me:
  • me: so nice to not be obsessed with them
I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing (Dean Ambrose x Reader)

I seriously cried writing this. This was a request from my Shield sister @i-kneel-for-king-loki based off of I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing by Aerosmith, one of my all time favorite songs hands down. I’m quite proud of it. ALSO, this is my first time actually going into someone’s head and narrating a fanfic from their point of view. I liked experimenting with it, so please tell me if you liked it! Enjoy! Warnings for swearing

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Ghost Stories - 7

(Part 1) (part 2) (part 3) (part 4) (part 5) (part 6


Warnings: ANGSTY AF (I cried, so be ready), all the feels

Word count: 2311

A/N: I wrote this entire chapter on a plain while listening to really sad songs (I may or may not have cried a little) and there’s just one more chapter to go!! I’m really exited about this series coming to an end and I hope you guys like it :)

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“There” says Wanda, sprinkling spices and stirring the contents of your pan with a wooden spoon, the smell of vegetables and spices filling your apartment “The others should be here in half an hour, want me to help you with your hair?”

You sigh, nodding your head and humming appreciatively. Wanda accompanies you to your room, a small cramped bedroom with every inch of available space covered in potted plants and books. There is no mirror. The ones you had were either removed or put in boxes, so you let your friend braid your hair, her fingers scraping softly at the nape of your neck.

The second she’s done, the both of you stand up from your bead and go back to the kitchen, your bare feet padding softly against the yellowish linoleum floors. The sight of the pans, filled to the brim with food makes your stomach churn in anticipation of seeing the Avengers, and you turn to Wanda for the millionth time in less than three hours.

“This was a terrible idea” You can’t help but sigh, forehead leaning against the doorframe. “How on earth am I supposed to say goodbye to them? We should cancel this thing.”

“No.” Wanda states firmly, moving her hand to rest on your shoulder and giving it a reassuring squeeze. “Remember that night at the infirmary? When we first met and I told everyone to call Barnes?” she asks.

“Yeah” you answer, not really sure about where the conversation is headed, but feeling a little pang on your chest at the mention of Bucky. You haven’t spoken to him since the incident at the rooftop and, if you remember correctly, the two of you aren’t on the best terms.

“Well, I already knew you back then, and so did he. Even if he couldn’t remember it.” Wanda’s voice is soft as she speaks to you, her accent heavy. “He dreamt about your mother, but you were always there in his memories, buried in the back of his mind.” She goes on “No matter how hard he tried to suppress it, I saw you. You were his hardest mission besides Steve.”

You close your eyes at her confession, feeling a tornado of emotions swirling inside. But there is no time to react as the sound of footsteps nears your apartment, followed by the ringing of the doorbell.

They’re here.

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The Best Of The Endings

You and Sam give up hunting and start living a normal life.


Words: 1100

Warnings: Blood, fluff, and a lot of tears

I want to thank @nemesris and @asparkshinesbright who read this this morning and their replies made my week. Also, thanks to @abaddonwithyall for giving me the courage to post this and being so freaking nice to me :)


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After hunting all your life, you never thought you’d be so happy. You never thought Sam would be the love of your life. You never thought on giving up hunting.

When The Darkness arrived, the brothers and you decided to drop out hunting. You moved from the bunker to a pretty house with blue windows in Kansas.

You remembered Sam proposing as it had been yesterday. He took you to your favourite place in the whole world. Where you met: a park near the bunker. That was where he saved you from that vampire who was trying to kill you. Where your eyes first met. It was also the place where you had your first kiss and started dating.
When you were there, it was like one of the stories your mother told you as a child. He knelt in front of you and said a few words. Obviously, you accepted.

As for Dean, he was so happy for you. He even made a bachelor party for Sam. Surprisingly, he sent you messages every 10 minutes to tell you all was well with Sam. You told him to let go, and not to worry. You wanted both of them to have a great time, and that wouldn’t happen if Dean texted you every 10 freaking minutes.

Hunting all your life made you lose all your friends, except for the Winchesters. So, you spent your bachelorette night watching Game of Thrones on your own on your shared bedroom with Sam.
Neither Sam nor Dean came drunk that night. Although they went to a bar, they didn’t get drunk. Dean wanted Sam to arrive to your house safely, and Sam just wanted to get home and cuddle with you. It was actually one of the cutest things he had ever done for you.

The wedding day arrived. It wasn’t the wedding you dreamed as a child, but Sam was there and you couldn’t help it but smile. At the chapel, Dean was the best man and Cas married you both. He wasn’t a priest, but he was an angel, and it was more special… Kind of.
When you were a child, you dreamed with an enormous wedding. Full of people, in a big and beautiful church, and a chic, white dress. But now, you had your wedding at a local chapel, with a simple white dress and your 3 favourite people in the world. And it was good. It was enough. It was lovely. Sam was holding your hand from beginning to end as Castiel’s smile lighted his face. Dean was holding the rings and weeping.
Yep. He did.

You were happy. You finally were. After all those years hunting things, you were satisfied with your life. Sam got a job as a teacher in a primary school and Dean was a mechanic. You all had dinner in your place every Saturday night. Even Cas was there.
Everything was perfect. Perfect house, perfect friends, perfect family…

Until that happened.

 It was 4:23 AM when your phone rang. Stretching your arms, you felt the right side of the bed empty. Sam wasn’t beside you, but maybe he was calling…

But he wasn’t. It was Dean.

“Dean, what the hell? It’s 4 in the morning,” You said hoarsely.

“Y/N,” Dean cried. He sounded agitated… and scared. “It’s Sam”

You got up as fast as you could and began to put your shoes on. “Where are you?”

You never liked driving. You only did it when you had an emergency. But you were driving right now. Roads were never your thing, so you grabbed Sam’s GPS before you left your house in a hurry. Dean told you where to go, but before knowing what happened, you hung up and grabbed the car keys. You didn’t want to know. You couldn’t. You prayed for Sam to be fine, to be back home.

An old barn. “So Winchester,” you thought. But you were scared as hell. Running, you opened the door, gun between your fingers, and walked in. Dean was kneeling on the floor when you saw him, looking at the floor by his left.

“Dean?” you asked. He strained when he heard your voice. “Where’s Sam?”

“Come here, Y/N,” he said. He didn’t turn back. You ran as quickly as you could. When you were beside Dean, you saw him.

Sam was on the floor, offering you his hand. His chest was bleeding badly, and you could feel tears already falling down your face.

“Sammy, honey… What…” you started, but Sam interrupted.

“Come here, Y/N, come.” He said as you took his hand and knelt beside him.

“You know…” he whispered, “We couldn’t stop hunting.” A smile grew on his face, but suddenly faded. “Werewolf. Dean killed it but… It was too late for me.”

“No! It’s not late, baby, it’s not… Please don’t leave me” You said, crying.

“I guess I had to tell you this but… I was protecting you, keeping you safe. But please, Y/N, forgive me.”

“Don’t talk as you were going to die, Sam, don’t… Please!!”

You felt how your heart wanted to escape from your chest, beating faster than ever, trying to fix this in your mind, somehow.

“Cas” you said, looking behind you at Dean. “He can fix this, he can save Sam, can’t he?”

He stared at you, nodding no with his head, as Sam squeezed your hand, making you turn at him.

“Y/N, no… Don’t do this.” He said, coughing blood.

“But you can’t die, Sam, please, don’t” You pressed your forehead with his, begging. “Please don’t die, not like this.”

“I’m sorry” his voice was fading.

“Sammy, you can’t leave me… Us. I’m pregnant, Sam. Please don’t leave us, and be a father…”

“I love you, Y/N” he said. “Make sure our baby never hunts. Ever. Please.”

You nodded, as you smiled and pressed your lips with his. It went through your mind if at any moment you would be dry from both mourn.

“Thank you” he said, with his last breaths.

“Why?” you answered cupping his face with both hands.

“For giving me the best of the endings.”

As a smile rushed on his face, his eyes closed. You felt your heart skip a beat.

Screaming, crying, kicking. That’s all you could do. Dean tried to stop you, but he couldn’t. You hugged Sam’s body as you screamed his name, sobbing.

You had just lost the love of your life.

But for him, it was the best of the endings.