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people wonder why reylo made top 20

i seen an anti say that the only reason reylo made it is because apparently the anti’s made it so, instead of the many people actually supporting it.


does anyone else see how ridiculous that sounds? if anything, isn’t that WORSE? people don’t know how to hate properly anymore. they keep obsessing over reylo and in turn are exposing their nasty, ugly, and toxic personalities. then get surprised when others wanna see what the fuss is about and we end up gaining more support due to people seeing how we are nothing close to the horrible people the ants have tried to paint us out to be.

even so, the anti’s are the minority here - outside of tumblr you’ll find that quite alot of people ship it and are not total nutcases like the folks you’ll see ranting and raving on here.

im proud of all of you, from the content creators, to the fanfic writers/readers, we’ve all contributed to making this ship prosper despite the discourse.

The incuBEST Halloween (Sam x Mika/reader)

So you decided to write a Halloween seduce fanfic about my favorite incubus Sam. I’ve officially contributed my role in the seduce me fandom. I might do a smut continuation. Maybe. Possibly. Also Michaela Laws if you reading this (which I doubt you are) just wanted to say: hi
Okay I’ll shut up now…
Sam’s Pov (A/N okay, usually I don’t like switching Pov’s, but this one time i’ll make an exception)
We were waiting for the girls to come. What was taking them so long? Anyway, James decided to dress up as a prince (old habits die hard I guess), Mathew was a wizard, Damien was a vampire, Erik was a Pirate, and I was supposed to be a werewolf, not a dog. Suddenly we heard the door opening and in came Naomi and Suzu, Mika’s friends. Naomi was dressed up as a witch and Suza was a zombie
“What took you so long?” I asked
“Sorry we’re late, Mika took forever putting on her costume” explained Naomi
“Speaking of which, MIKA GET IN HERE” Suzu yelled out the door
“NO!” Mika yelled back, causing me to raise an eyebrow
“Why not?” I asked back.
“Come on Mika you look great!” Naomi encouraged.
“Like I said:NO! I don’t want Sa- the boys to see me like this.”
By ‘the boys,’ I could tell she was referring to me. I heard her groan
“Why did I let you talk me into this.”
“Oh come on princess,” Erik cooed, “it can’t be that bad”
“You say that because you can’t see me!”
“Just get in here doofus i’m sure you look fine.” I said.
She sighed. “Fine, just don’t laugh okay.” She emerged from behind the door and…
She was dressed up as, what I think the human’s called it a ‘Neko-maid’ which was basically a human female in a maid outfit wearing cat ears and a cat tail saying things like ‘master’ and ‘nyah’.
The whole thing kinda sounded dumb to me but seeing her now…
She was wearing a green maids out fit, black ears and a black tail,knee high kitty socks i’ve seen uh couple other people wear and one of those choker necklace things with a bell attached. All this tied together with a blush on her cheeks.
“Well?” she asked bashfully.
“Amazing.” said Mathew
“Interesting choice, miss.” Said James
“So cute princess~” said Erik
Mika smiled a bit and looked to me.
I blushed and looked away.
You look so fucking adorable doofus I thought to myself
“You look good.”
“His exact thoughts are ‘You look so fucking adorable doofus’.” Said Damien, making me whip my head back to glare at him.
“Stop reading my thoughts!” I growled
Mika giggled a bit (making her even more cute) making me look back at her I could see a mischievous smirk paint her face before she looked back at me
“Thank you sam Senpai.” she said in a sweet voice before winking at me. I blushed and looked down, glaring
That teasing doofus
I looked back up at her to see her looking me over. I had ripped jeans with a wolf tail, Brown fur covered shoes, A ripped plaid shirt,fake claws, fake fangs and wolf ears.
“Werewolf?” she said.
“THANK YOU!” I practically yelled looking back at me brothers
My outburst caused Mika to giggle again. I willed myself to keep whatever little control I had.
“Well, should we get going?” asked Naomi
“Yeah, I wanna get candy!” said Mathew
“I wanna scare people.”
“Then what are we waiting for?” asked Mika, “Let’s go!”
“Right behind you!” called Suzu, and everyone followed her out the door.

Your/Mika’s Pov
We had gone to a couple houses for trick or treating. Granted we got a few strange looks from some people, probably because we were all adults and we were out trick or treating but I didn’t really care. Neither did the boys seem to either. They most likely had no idea trick or treating was for kids. Probably because I didn’t tell them~. Cruel? Maybe. But everyone deserves to at least go trick or treating at least once in their life. Demon or not.
Eventually we passed by a haunted house, which sam stopped to gawk at.
“Oh cool, i’ve heard about these.” He said, turning back to us with an evil grin “We have to go in!”
“I don’t know sam,” said Matthew, sheepishly “Do we have to?”
He smirked at his younger brother
“What, are you a scaredy cat or something?”
No, but I am I thought to myself. I didn’t see it out loud though. 1. Because Sam said this would be his favorite part of Halloween and he’s always wanted to go in one. Ever since he found out that they existed. And 2. I just knew someone (If not Sam) would comment on the Neko maid costume. Why did I decide to wear this again?
“Sam, maybe you should consider how Mika feels about the situation.” said Damien. I remembered he could read my mind.
Sam turned to me, taking on a more considerate expression. I must have been pretty pale, because looking at the haunted house I suddenly felt overwhelmed.
“Doofus, you gonna be okay?” he said to me, “We don’t have to, if you don’t want to.”
I smirked and turned back to him with a smirk on my face and a feeling of determination.
“Puh-lease, I can handle it.” I said with a newfound confidence. “I bet i’ll go through the whole thing with the expression of a brick.” Sam smirked.
“Is that so Doofus?”
“It is so.”
Suzu laughed our attempt at flirting
“Well, if that’s the case maybe you 2 nerds should go in together.” she said.
“Yeah! If Mika gets scarred, you can protect her, sam.” Suggested Naomi
“Or vise versa.”
Sam chuckled and put an arm around my shoulders.
“Yeah right doofus.”
“Well what are you two waiting for? We’ll be waiting for you guys when you come out.” said Matthew
Sam looked to me.
“You ready?”
“Ready when you are…” I suddenly felt a bit mischievous, so after I said that I also tagged on, “Master. Nyah~”
Sam blushed, momentarily stunned. I took the chance to walk ahead to the haunted house, hands behind me back, tail swaying, and I silently thanked Naomi and Suzu for forcing me to where this.
He shook his head and jogged to catch up to me, and with that, we both went in.

Sam’s Pov
The haunted house was pretty average. It was kinda scary I guess, but I’ve seen scary. Suddenly I realized that Mika was no longer by my side.
“Mika?” I said, turning my head around, Suddenly a bit more scarred. “Mika?”
“BOO!” I heard someone yell behind me, scaring the living shit out of me. I turned around to see Mika laughing at her own prank. I sighed
“There you are doofus.” I grabbed her hips and pulled her towards me, kissing the top of her head.
“Don’t do that, you really scarred me.” I knew she could handle herself, but I still wanted to be protective. Plus, this counted as my revenge for her teasing earlier.
“Sorry.” she relaxed in the embrace, and lingered in my arms. Eventually she pulled back and grabbed hold of my arm,
“Come on, I have to show you something cool!” SHe said, sounding very excited. I smirked (for like the 6th time tonight) and decided to humor her
“Alright, lead the way doofus.”
She smiled and dragged me by my arm to a group of book shelves and placed me in front of one of them.
“Alright, now what did you want to show me?” I asked, turning back to her. My expression hardened as I saw her turned away from me.
“Mika? What’s wrong?”
She hesitated a moment before responding to me.
She turned around, blushing her tone dripping with nervousness
“Now that we’re alone I want to tell you something. Something I’ve wanted to tell you for a long time.”
“Y-Yeah?” I was shaking, wondering what it could possibly be she needed to tell me.
I shivered at the sound of her using my real name.
“I…I” suddenly she turned around and flipped a switch I didn’t notice before
“HA!” she yelled
Suddenly the ground beneath me vanish and I fell into a room, a huge air mattress breaking my fall. The room was full of bloody skeletons and it was pretty terrifying. Meanwhile, Mika was laughing up a storm.
“MIKA!” I yelled in fury
“Sorry, but I couldn’t help myself! You would’ve done the same.” She said
I growled up at her. She smiled apologetically down at me.
“I’m sorry. Are you mad at me?”
I didn’t answer her. She reached hand down to me, the room wasn’t that big.
“Let me help you up.” she said. Yeah right, like she could lift me up. I decided to humor her, giving her my hand. I was surprised when she actually managed to pull me up. I was even more surprised when I’d managed to land on top of her, my arms on either side of her head. I looked down at her as she looked up at me. This kind of reminded me of the first time Mika and I ever kissed. She fell off the roof, I caught her, and she landed in my lap. It was just like now, only vise versa.
“Heh, when did you get so strong?” I said.
She shrugged in response. I leaned down and whispered in her ear, “I’m going to have to punish you later for that.”
“Can’t wait.”
I smirked before planting a subtle kiss on her neck, causing a shiver to run through her body.
Eventually, we got up off of eachother and I helped her to her feet. Before we left, I broke that lever so no one else would fall down that hole.
“Oh and sam?” I turned back to her. She sneakily kissed my lips, stunning me.
“I really am sorry. You still mad at me?” she said with big sad eyes, letting out a very sad, “Nyah.” I sighed and pressed my forehead against her’s
“You know I can’t stay mad at you doofus.”

Your/Mika’s Pov
With a hop a skip and a few jump scares later, we finally exited the haunted house.
“So, you get scared at all?” Sam asked me.
“Pssh,” I responded. “It wasn’t that bad.”
Suddenly a fake clown jumped out of a garbage can and let out a nightmarish screech
Next thing I know: i’m in Sam’s arms. Shaking. The clown had run off.
“All the emotion of a brick huh?”
“Shut up.”
He wrapped his arms around me, and comforted me. I hated clowns. Ever since I was a kid. Nothing really personal, they were just hella creepy.
I felt safe in his arms, and he didn’t let me go until I stopped shaking. He leaned his looked me in my eyes with his hands still around me.
“You alright?”
I nodded and pulled away from his embrace. I spotted our friends and started walking toward them and looked back at Sam.
“You coming?” I asked him
“I’ll be there in a minute. First I’ve got to go find that clown and beat the living shit out of him for scaring you.”
Before I could tell his otherwise, he was already off to avenge me. I giggled and headed back to my group.
“So how was it?” asked Damien
“Pretty awesome.” I said. James looked around and sighed
“And where is Sam?”
“He went to go beat up a clown who jumpscared me” I answered. He pinched the bridge of his nose
“Of course why not?” He said
“Aaaaw!” said Namoi “How romantic!”
“Hey giiiirl~” I heard someone say behind me. One was a robot, the other was a Skeleton.
“Wanna play with me joystick?” The robot one said to me
“E-EXCUSE ME?” I half yelled
“You heard him. But if you’re not interested in him, maybe you’d be interested in playing with my bones, kitty~” said the skeleton. It was then that I decided to politely tell them I wasn’t interested ,and to leave me alone.
“Fuck off.”
“Ooh~ kitty playing hard to get?” Said the Skeleton
“That or she’s just a lesbo.” added the robot
“I have a boyfriend.”
“Well I don’t see him.” Said the robot
“Turn around.” said a familiar husky voice.
Both of them turned around and standing there was sam, clutching a clown wig and looking very menacing, even though he looked like a dog. Probably because he was pissed off.
“And now that you have…”
His eyes glowed gold and his voice changed into his demon tone.
With that single word, The two men who flirted with me ran for the hills. Sam looked back to me
“They give you any trouble?” he asked me. I shrugged not knowing how to respond.
“Get that clown?” I asked.
“Yep.” He tossed the clown wig in his hands to the side of him and dusted off his hands.
“You know Sam, it’s there job to scare people.” Said James
“I Know!” Retorted Sam, “I just don’t care. You scare my girl we’re going to have problems.”
“Your girl?” asked Mathew. Sam blushed at the realization of what he just said.
“Whatever, are we gonna head home or what?”
“Yeah! Naomi and I got a bunch of Halloween movies!” said Suzu
“Yep! I mainly got movies like the nightmare before christmas while Suzu was in the horror section.”
“Isn’t the a christmas movie?” asked sam.
“No, it’s a Halloween movie.” said Mathew
Before they could engage in a heated argument, Damien intergcted
“Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s go!”
I heard him say before that Halloween movies were his favorite part of Halloween. No wonder he was excited.
“Alright! Then let’s go!”

Sam’s Pov
Somehow, Mika and I had ended up being the only ones still awake. What time was it anyway? I didn’t feel tired. Probably because when we got home we’d eaten a bunch of candy. We’d watched a collection of Halloween movies, (The Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride, Beetlejuice, Hocus Pocus, ext.) Mika yawned, causing me to look down at her. She was cuddled in my chest with my arms wrapped around her.
Incase you get scared I had said. Yeah right. Mika decided to humor me though and agreed to my conditions.
“You tired, doofus?” I asked her. She shook her head ‘No’ Against my chest.
“You sure.
“…Well, maybe. But I don’t want to go to sleep just yet.”
I chuckled.
“Then what do you want to do?”
She paused for a moment, thinking.
“Wanna barter candy?” she asked. I cocked an eyebrow at her.
“What’s that?”
“I’ll explain later…” she said getting out of my arms and standing up. We were both still in our costumes because we were to lazy to take them off.
“Come on, let’s go upstairs.”
“Alright.” And with that, we both headed upstairs.
Your/Mika’s Pov
So Bartering candy is basically another word for trading candy. I explained to Sam
Then why don’t the call it ‘Trading candy’? He asked
No one knows. Just accept it.
Now we were in a heated trading war. Suddenly an idea popped into my head. Mischievous? Yes. Yes it was. What can I say? I guess I just felt a little frisky tonight.
“I’ll trade you 4 Twizzlers for 2 Reese’s.” he said. I decided to put my plan into motion
“Ok. And i’ll trade you 15 jolly ranchers for 1 pack of sour patch.”
“Okay, sounds fair. How about I’ll give you my skittles for your M&M’s.”
“Alright. But only if you throw in 3 kisses.”
“Got it.” Said Sam. he furrowed his eyebrows and scanned over his candy.
“Wait, I don’t have any k-” he blushed and looked at me as I smirked. He smirked right back.
“Oh, heh.” he placed his hand on my cheek, causing me to nuzzle into it.
“Deal.” he leaned in and placed a kiss against my lips. Sweet, loving, and protective. He pulled away.
“One.” he said in a husky tone, before leaning in again. And again, it was Sweet, loving, and protective. He pulled away.
“Two.” Before he could lean in again, I grabbed him by his shirt.
“Three,” I said before slamming my lips into his. This one was hot, heated and passionate. I pulled us back so the we were laying on top of eachother.I released my hands from his shirt and combed my hands through his hair. I felt him lightly bite my lower lip, asking for entrance. I teased him a bit before granting him entrance. Our tongues wrestled for dominance, but eventually his won. His tongue explored my mouth, and I waited until I could do the same to his.
Eventually we pulled apart, gasping for air, a string of salvia lingering from his mouth to mine. His eyes were glowing gold with desire. He leaned down and whispered in my ear,
“You must be pretty uncomfortable in that maid costume. Mind if I help you out of it?”
I giggled, “as long as I can do the same for you.”
I don’t know why, but I took the chance to nip at his ear, causing him to shiver. I remembered what he had said earlier,
I’m going to have to punish you later for that. He had said.
“Are you going to punish me now…Master?” I said, hoping he’d remember. He blushed and stared down at me in surprise. He remembered it perfectly.
“You gonna keep calling me that?” he asked.
“Maaaaaaaaaaybe~” I teased. He smirked evilly.
“In that case…” In an instant, he nipped at the sweet spot at my neck, causing me to let out a loud moan.
“…I’ll have to make you scream that tonight.”
I couldn’t think of anything kinky or sexy to say so I just purred.
“Would you like that…kitty?” I nodded.
He started to enthrall me causing me to moan once again.
“Well then…” he changed his voice to his demon tone and smirked lustfully down at me
“Let’s get started.”
I could tell this would be the sweetest thing i’ve tasted all night~

mamamidnight  asked:

Simon, I'm very tempted to make recipie cards of those listed in the cookbook. Would I be allowed to do such or would you prefer readers not to? Part of me wants it as something tangible other than a shirt (which I will order one of these days, damn it) and as a reference, another wants to attempt modified. Note: These would not be mass produced, just a little set for myself and my boyfriend whenever we move in together.

I don’t mind that. If it please you, I do have a humble Zazzle store. Most of the items have nothing to do with the books and are more a collaborative effort with my gentle readers: art contributed by them, quotes from our conversations, and so forth. All the proceeds so far go to the salary of the gentle reader who manages the site. If ever it should turn a profit, I will donate it to charity. It’s random nonsense, really, largely sprung from the constant phrase “Simon, I need the things you say on a t-shirt”

Bloody hell: Newt fic

Heyyyyy so this is my first attempt at a tmr reader fic, forgive me if it sucks, I've practically read every newtxreader fic on tumblr, so I thought I should contribute!

Summary: Reader got her periods. Need I say more? 

 Warnings: None 

 Rating: uh K+? (No smut)

 “Y/n!? Y/n wake up love, Everyone is almost done with breakfast!”

You groaned and twisted in your hammock. “Two more minutes Newt”

“No can’t do love, We’ve got work to do. Rise and shine yea? tonight’s a bonfire night so finish up work quick!”

You still made no sign of getting up so Newt decided it was time for plan B 

“y/n” he said dangerously to your face, you huffed and turned to the other side.

He smirked and started tickling you. Normally you would have laughed but not today you jumped at the sudden contact and almost fell off your hammock.

“NEWT WHAT THE HELL” you yelled glaring at him, Newt looked a little taken back. This was something he did very often when you refused to wake up and you normally responded with giggles which eventually lead to the you chasing him down for breakfast.

“I’m sorry love, I just wanted to wake you up” he said, his eyes clearly showing signs of hurt. You felt bad for a second but then your stomach gave a horrid twist making you wince. Newt seemed to notice that

“Are you alright y/n? You seem a little”

“Stop talking. please” you replied, you didn’t want to deal with him right now, you weren’t in the best of moods and you were pretty sure you’d snap at Newt again if he mentioned ‘waking up’ or ‘work’ again.

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As any book lover knows, reading provides an ability to escape. Whether it’s for a few minutes before bed, on the hour-long bus ride to work or even a full day under the sun – books and the stories they hold are a driving force for creativity, growth and (almost always) relaxation.

Novels allow us to visit places, time periods and states of mind we never thought possible. Often these stories and their characters change how we see ourselves and put us on a completely new path.

It’s no surprise that women are big readers, contributing to 64 percent of book sales. With these statistics in mind (and our own healthy addiction to reading), we asked the HuffPost editors and our Facebook audience which books shaped the way they thought about themselves as young women. And while we couldn’t fit all of the amazing books on this list, we’ve rounded up 18 that have made life-changing impressions on our community.

In the name of written words that have left a permanent mark on us, here are 18 books that changed the way many young women felt about themselves


I was searching for an excuse to use my crayon set I only once worked with thought it would be a neat thing to draw a little in my copy of mariannapaige’s poetry booklet. I adore her writing to bits and am so delighted to own a piece of it that I wanted to add to the poems a touch of colour I feel while reading and relating to them. granted I’m no artist, so I highly doubt my scribbles enhance the beauty of her words, but I hope she would like the idea of her readers contributing and expressing their own worlds to hers.

if you haven’t been convinced yet to purchase one of her lovely booklets bookets, you should do so now in her etsy shop. I heard there aren’t many left, so you better hurry! yay for shameless plug

Reader Futuraself’s contribution.

My desk setup draws inspiration from the minimal designs and pastels popular in Japan.

I do big stuff like 3D modeling and design on the Macbook Pro, and I use the Surface Pro 3 for studying, browsing, and light gaming. Climbing Mt Fuji is the coolest thing I’ve ever done so it’s featured as my Mac wallpaper (left) and I plan to work for NASA one day so their photo of the day is my Surface wallpaper (right). I collect coffee mugs, and this one is one of my favorites.

  • furniture and accessories from IKEA

  • NERV mug from Kotobukiya

  • pastel highlighters & notebooks from Yodobashi Camera

Arranged Marriage AU

Does anyone still like these AU’s?

Ok, so we know how animals evolved from a certain point in their history and rose above their primal instincts and from what we could see in the movie that was in the ‘ancient civilization’ times and whatnot, that means that they had to go through many periods like the biblical times, the medieval times, Victorian eras all the way to the modern days, and from what we can see in the movie Zootopia, despite claiming to be a city “were anyone can be anything”, there was definitely some prejudice still going on so how about an Au that is set in a medival era where basically all of the mammals are separated by kingdoms, but not just predator and prey.

The kingdoms are separated by types of animals, so a kingdom for large animals (elephants, rhinos, buffalos), one for rodents (mice, rats, hamsters), another one of mammals that live on trees, etc.

So as there has always been in any era in history, there is mistrust, wars, invasions, etc. Due to the recent invasion by the feline kingdom (lions, tigers, wildcats, etc.) into other kingdoms King Stu and Queen Bonnie of the Hopps monarchy begin to grow worried that their mostly-bunny-and-other-small-mammals-like-sheep-and-squirrels dominated kingdom might not hold up against these invasions so after careful thought and consideration they decide to seek out the help of King John and Queen Alice of the Wilde monarchy. They rule over what is a usually very very mistrusted and non-sociable kingdom due to the large population of foxes, weasels and other such animals that are usually seen as cunning, sly and manipulative.

Although their not-so-good reputation, the Hopps’s know that the Wilde’s kingdom can provide more stability in their system and protection from the Felines, seeing as they are great strategists and amazing traders. Plus they can achieve a mutually beneficial relationship since the bunny kingdom can provide a more stable food supply (especially during the winter where many kingdoms struggle with food shortage), architecture (they have to be good at building things since they have many kids and the size of the houses must be pretty big), and even some hidden mines of gold/jewels/silver and whatnot.

So after meeting with the foxes in their castle (as a sign of humbleness and trust) King and Queen Wilde agree and suggest that the best way of uniting their kingdoms is through the marriage of 17 year old Judy (the oldest non-married lady of the house) and 23 year old Nick (The only heir to the throne who surprisingly still hadn’t gotten married (his father wasn’t dying yet so he had time)).

When both couples reveal the news to their children Judy is calm and collected and 'for the sake of my people I will do whatever it takes’ but she’s having an internal breakdown, even if she did sort of expected this she never thought it would be a fox, the animal her parents and everyone around her warned her about even if she didn’t completely buy it. Meanwhile Nick merely raises an eyebrow and accepts even if he is quite curious on how the hell this happened but hey, this could be fun.

Many people protest (mainly in the Hopps’s kingdom) but eventually have to accept that this is the best for everyone unless they want to be slaves to huge cats who can get very violent. Both groom and bride meet but only very briefly, they don’t really get to know each other.  The wedding happens and it’s very beautiful, aesthetic wise.

The atmosphere on the other hand is a mix between indifference, anxiousness and of course the tension could be cut with a knife.

Nick and Judy’s relationship starts to develop and at first it’s very rocky having been raised different ways, in different environments, having different methods of strategy, government management, foreign relations and whatnot but as time goes by, they slowly start to care for each other and love may even begin to blossom.

So this can go one of two ways:

1. They fall in love, adopt a/some heir/heirs put a stop the feline kingdom’s invasions and they work towards becoming one country as a whole and Zootopia is born.


2. A surge of extremist groups begin to arise protesting against the newlywed couple and on the official coronation of them becoming the new king and queen one of them nearly get assassinated so they have to deal with 2 major problems now and one minute they are laughing and kissing and the next they are watching their closest advisor/bodyguard/friend Emmet Otterton (or Finnick) slowly die in front of them due to taking a sip of a poisonous wine that was meant for Nick or for Judy. And it would be a whole “We’ll be ok” kind of ending.

Idk just popped in my head. 

Edit: I am actually planning on making a fan fiction about this so like if you are interested in becoming a beta reader or contributing/helping me write this, I would be grateful :) Also if you have a better name for Nick’s mother and father or why he hasn’t gotten married at the age of 23 it would be very (very) much appreciated.

Call for Photographs: Too Hard to Keep

Since 2010, Chicago-based artist Jason Lazarus has maintained a growing archive of images deemed “too hard to keep” by their owners. Submissions have included photos of friends, family members, pets, high school graduations, objects, and places that are too difficult to view again. Lazarus returns these shadow images to the light in the form of books and exhibitions culled from his archive, but their dark pathos remains attached.

We invite VICE readers to contribute images to Too Hard to Keep, and VICE will publish a selection of the results. Please indicate whether the photographs you submit to the archive may be exhibited in the future, or are private photographs that are only to be displayed face down. Send photos, photo albums, photo objects, or any other large submissions to the repository:

Jason Lazarus
1516 N Kedzie Ave, #3
Chicago, IL 60651

First: The Question

Calling upon my Common Elegance readers again for some advice.  This time the advice is for a friend.  No really, it is. This isn’t one of those situations where *I* really want the advice and am just coming to you and pretending I need the advice for someone else. Here’s the situation:

My friend…let’s call him Bob–he knows who he is!  Bob is 29 and single.  He often ends up relying on fast food, take out or prepared/frozen foods for his meals because it is hard to fix healthy, fresh meals for just one person without having a mound of leftovers resulting in him having to eat the same thing for days in a row.  (Something he does not enjoy.)

He has asked me to come up with some meal suggestions for him that would allow him to eat better; eat cheap; and not require that he eat the same foods for days at a time.  Frankly…I am at a loss.  I know what I often do when I fix meals for just myself and it looks much like what Bob is doing now. What would you suggest for Bob?

Before you answer, here are a few other requirements:

He doesn’t want things to clutter up his freezer, because he is concerned that things will be forgotten and not eaten, so eating only part of something and freezing the rest really isn’t a great option.

He doesn’t want to spend a ton of time in the kitchen and is a fairly new cook, so the dishes should be easy and not require a lot of exotic ingredients.

He is willing to try new things…within some limits.

He is allergic to shellfish.

Now…give me your best!  What do you have for Bob?

Best wishes for love, laughter and finding the elegance in common things.

I’ll discuss the first part in terms of natural numbers, since that’s the easiest. If someone can generalize this explanation to the real numbers, or even the complex numbers or a larger set, that would be very cool.

One property of natural numbers is the fundamental theorem of arithmetic. The fundamental theorem of arithmetic states that every natural number is a product of exactly one multiset of prime numbers (natural numbers which are divisible only by themselves and 1). For instance, if a natural number can be factored as 2 * 3 * 3 * 5, it cannot also be factored as 7 * 13.

Exponentiation is repeated multiplication, similar to how multiplication is repeated addition. x ^ y is equal to x * x * x… * x, with x appearing y times.

This means that exponentiation cannot be universally commutative. 5 ^ 6 does not equal 6 ^ 5, because if it did, then the result could be factored as either 
(5 * 5 * 5 * 5 * 5 * 5) or (2 * 2 * 2 * 2 * 2 * 3 * 3 * 3 * 3 * 3). Because of the fundamental theorem of arithmetic, this isn’t possible, so 5 ^ 6 cannot equal
6 ^ 5. On the other hand, multiplication can be, and is, commutative because multiplication is repeated addition, and there are multiple ways to represent a natural number as a sum of other natural numbers, for instance, 10 = 5 + 5 = 6 + 4 = 1 + 2 + 3 + 4, etc.

Now the second part: 

The two are the same expression. So what you’re really asking here is, what is the difference between x^(1/y) and y^(1/x). I don’t know how to answer that any further, so I’ll leave that up to readers to contribute to.

One more thing that is interesting: a ^ b is not commutative, but the operation
a ^ ln(b) is. a ^ ln(b) = b ^ ln(a).

This blog will not succeed and I can’t grow as a writer without reader feedback. So many readers have contributed their viewpoints and suggestions when something about a story either didn’t work, took them out of the experience, or flat out didn’t make sense, and those stories are now better than they were originally. If you see something like that, send me a message! Let me know. I have a lot to learn.

We’re just one post away from reaching 200 submissions. I’m still in awe. Thank you for all your contributions - readers, submitters, commenters, sharers, messagers - thank you for your continual support and readership loyalty. You really don’t know how happy and grateful I am for you all. 

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anonymous asked:

How do you read so much bad fanfic and not leave a comment? I've seen you leave comments on terrible fanfic and telling them to keep writing. Why would you want to see more of that? Leaving comments like that is the reason we have so much bad fanfic don't you think?

Sigh. Ok. I’ve kinda been avoiding this but after seeing that last confession I just can’t anymore.

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