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Imagine Being Dark's Form of Hope


  • slight angst?


The beginning of your relationship with Dark was a rough one. Spiteful words went back and forth between you both. After meeting you through your flirty co-worker Wilford, Dark had felt something terrifying with in him. You became his newest target of manipulation, but having a sharp mind you weren’t going to take any of his bull. It made him mad but he kept pushing forward, unsure of why for the longest time. As for you, you still remained, putting up with his crap every day at work and eventually even outside of it. You wanted to just give up and leave, but something kept telling you to stay as well. It took a near life ending experience for the both of you to realize that there was most definitely something with deeper meaning knotting within your intertwined strings of fate.

 It had started off when you and Dark had a nasty argument at the company Christmas party. Fed up, you ignored that inner voice shouting at you to stay, and stomped off to make your way home. Unfortunately, you had been jumped walking past an alley, grabbed and forced against the wall with a knife at your throat. You didn’t know who this man was, but by his extraordinary pale skin, body glitching in and out of existence, and the black colored eyes, you knew he wasn’t human. Before the assailant could slice your jugular wide open, he had been ripped off of you and flung against a dumpster. From the way the atmosphere had tightened in pressure, and the how everything had grown shadowy around you, you knew your savior was Dark. He stood in front of you, peeked with rage, and in as calm as a voice he could muster with his powers spiking, he told you to run home. Few hours later, and you were still sitting on your bed shaking. Eventually Dark had popped up beside your desk, but while you called out his name with relief, he suddenly collapsed. Apparently he couldn’t get away un-scaved and you worked fast to patch his wound. During that duration of close contact, thoughts and realizations ran through your minds. For you, it was that Dark wasn’t as cruel as he made himself to be; towards you it was a shield to prevent himself from the fear of having something so nice it couldn’t possibly be real. For Dark, it was realizing how much you actually meant to him and just how hard he had really fallen for you.

Since that night, the bond shared by you both had grown much stronger. It had all come down to you both feeling more than strong friendship. This didn’t go unnoticed by others, and it filled one man with much jealousy. Wilford saw how you both loved one another so much but wouldn’t say a thing, and it made him sick. There was a reason he flirted with you on the daily, and it was because he wanted you. It had been so long since he wanted something so dearly that didn’t stem from his cravings of violence. Now though, especially seeing you with him of all people, Wilford felt himself twitch with envy and madness. In fact, it’s what lead you to where you were now; rushing out of the companies elevator and straight for the roof.

Slamming open the heavy metal door, you were met by heavy rain pounding against your frame. You shouldn’t be up here, especially during this storm, but mostly because of the thundering claps of demonic powers and sharp booms of flying bullets. Shielding your eyes from the rain with your hand, you peered over to the farthest part of the roof. You felt your heart drop, seeing Dark on the floor and bleeding out, Wilford standing over him a mess himself but triumphant none the less. His trusty golden gun was aimed down at Dark’s forehead, ready to yet take another victim. Even in the face of death, your blackened entity stilled held a strong glare.

“Say Darky, how about you send lil o’ (y,n) and I a postcard from hell will ya?”, Wilford slurred as his finger closed around the trigger.

“NO!!!”, you screamed out, pushed forward by adrenaline.

Before you or Wil’ could even realize what was happening, your body had slammed against his, sending the other ego over the slippery edge. You didn’t bother to look over and see the result of the violent act you had just done, too occupied by the main reason you were here. Dropping down to your knees, you reach over and flipped Dark onto his back, resting his head in your lap. Ignoring the red stain upon your hand from touching his side, you pulled open his tattered coat and shook at the damage.

“I-I can fix this!”, you stuttered out, reaching to take off your sweater and use it to apply pressure.

Before you even got it above your chest, a calloused hand had reach out and took hold of your wrist. You peered down with watered eyes to see Dark staring up at you; his eyes no longer a harsh shade but dull and grayer than his own skin. Your mouth opened to speak, but stopped when his large palm reached out weakly to rest against your cheek. Wiping away a stray tear with his thumb, a small smile graced his lips, something rarely seen but very much genuine.

“Tears never did suite you, belle…”, his coarse voice mumbled out, nearly silenced by the still falling rain.

You choked on a sob at hearing the nickname, and what his words meant. It was an apology. An apology for all those times he tormented you to try and push back his feelings. Slowly, Dark’s hand slid from your face and rested over his tortured body. Seeing his eyes close, your heart picked up and you felt cold.

“Dark?”, you cried out with a cracked voice.

Upon no answer, you began to be racked by tears and wails. You leaned over, holding him close and letting yourself mourn over the one person who had managed to capture your heart. His body had always been cold, but this, this was not the same cold form you had once danced with. You cried and cried, remembering all the memories shared between you both, not noticing the clouds parting over head and the rain becoming less heavy. The sudden feeling of warmth had made your cries calm as you looked up at a blinding white light. It was certainly in the form of a man, one with wings, but because of the brightness it radiated, you could not make out fine details. When the stranger started to speak, it reminded you of a voice you’d no longer hear, just smoother and more light.

“When I had him cursed, I did not think there would be any hope for him.”, the man spoke slightly appalled, then suddenly smiling down at you,“I guess it just came in a different form.”

“Who…who are you?”, you sniffled while trying to blink against the brightness.

He only smiled more, reaching down and placing his hand over Darks chest. There was a quick burst of light, and when it finished the being was gone. You stared up at the clearing sky, the mans voice hovering all around you.

“Someone with too light of a heart.”

(E,c)’s eyes continued to stare above, as though looking for heaven, when something stirring in arms had quickly distracted them. Looking down you gasped seeing Dark stir, his face scrunching up before his lids slowly opened. He looked around confused, before focusing in on you. Your face, although tear stained, was by far the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. With rosey cheeks, gorgeous lips, and stunning, wide eyes, you further confirmed the entities feelings for you.

Dark furrowed his brows in a confused manner,“Correct me if I’m wrong, but angels aren’t supposed to be in Hell right?”

You stared down at him for a second more, feeling something giddy start to bubble up from with in. You laughed out lightly in exhaustion, before reaching forward and hugging him tightly, feeling his strong arms wrap around you as well. Pulling back slightly, you rested your hand against his jaw line, connecting lips in a long, overdue, passionate kiss.


A China Rose: Chapter 16

Originally posted by gafou

Summary: Y/N was once an employee at Prince Adam’s castle along with being his childhood friend but she doesn’t remember. Caught up in the curse, she ends up in Villeneuve where she stands out. But circumstances arrive and she somehow returns to the place she once called home, and a beast she once thought a friend.

A multi-chapter fanfiction. MASTERLIST

Author’s Note: My laptop is finally up and running again. Slowly and painfully but working! This chapter is long overdue, so I hope you all enjoy and I thank you all for your patience and support. Like usual, requests, questions and tags are OPEN!

Chapter 16: A Dream Holds Secrets 

When the Beast suggested that you should run away, you weren’t sure what you expecting. You didn’t imagine that he ventured very far past the castle grounds given his… situation. Still, when he said adventure you expected him to show you a hidden part of the grounds that you’d yet to discover or he’d yet to show you. What you hadn’t expected was him to lead you to the library. You knew that you considered books an escape, a way to leave the current world behind and travel to far off places, but when the Beast said escape you truly felt that you’d be going somewhere other than the library. In all honesty though, you weren’t going to complain too much. With preparation for the ballroom taking up so much time for the past two weeks, you felt as though you hadn’t had as much time to spend with the Beast. You’d still read, of course, but you hadn’t managed to read through an entire book in one sitting like you normally did. You were looking forward to it, maybe even hoping that the Beast would read to you with his angelic voice more than you read to him. 

You followed behind the Beast closely as you entered the library, not wanting to draw your eyes away from him, curiosity of where he was leading you overwhelming your senses. He led you round to one of your desks which was currently scattered with several plans and an unfinished chess board that you must have put on hold to complete the ballroom. He walked over to one of the shelves and quickly scanned the top shelf. You went to follow but he simply turned around and signalled for you to stand by the book stand at the edge of the desk. You stepped over to the book stand and admired the globe that sat next to it, enjoying looking at the far off places that you could go. You were gazing at the jungles of Peru when you heard a grunt behind you. You turned to see the Beast heaving a rather large, beautiful decorated book onto the book stand. You had to admit that you hadn’t looked at the book before, mainly because you knew that you’d never be able to lift it. You stared curiously at the book as the Beast unclipped a lock on its side. Your brows furrowed in confusion, you’d never seen a book with a lock before. He spread it open to reveal a beautiful atlas which lines swirled and danced across the page. The gold ink shimmered from the small amount of sunlight that was peeking through the curtains. You stared at it in absolute awe for what would be considered strange. Not that the Beast noticed. He just let out a large sigh. 

“Another gift from the enchantress.” He explained. “A book that truly allows you to escape." 

At his words, the drawings on the page seemed to come alive. The trees blew slightly from an unseen wind, and the sea seemed to rise and fall. You stared at the book dumbfounded, words not truly coming to your mind. Eventually you managed to stutter out,

"Amazing.” The Beast did a small snort in retaliation. 

“It was her cruellest trick of all.” He said rather solemnly. You looked up at him, concerned by his words. “The world is no place for a creature like me.” Your heart fluttered at his words. He was no monster, he was just as human as you were, as the staff of the castle were. You’d met men that were monsters and the Beast wasn’t one of them. You touched his arm affectionately. He looked down at you and smiled before grasping your hand inside his own. You heart fluttered once again at the contact and you had to look away from your hands to ensure that your breathing remained at a normal rate. Before you could do anything else you heard him start talking again and you listened closely to every word.

“Think of the place that you’ve always wanted to see. Then see it in your mind’s eye and feel it in your heart any you shall go there." 

You closed your eyes, trying to picture a place that you’d always wanted to see. It didn’t take you long for you to think of one and as soon as you pictured it in your head a sudden breeze hit your face and you felt yourself falling. The only thing stopping you from screaming in fear was the Beast’s firm but gentle grip on your hand. You felt another breeze and this time you felt your face dampen, almost as if you were passing through some sort of magical mist before you felt your feet fall back onto a surface. 

You kept your eyes firmly shut until you felt the Beast let go of your hand. You opened your eyes almost instantly at the removal of his touch. You turned to look at him but your eyes didn’t reach him before you stopped to stare in awe. No longer were you in the castle library in broad daylight. Now you were in a large square in pale moonlight. There weren’t any fountains, just the remainders of stands that were to be set up in the morning. A large set of steps were on one side which led to a church of great grandeur. On the other side there was a path that winded up in between two large walls covered in ivy. You stared at it all in disbelief, before the Beast finally spoke. 

"Where did you take us?" 

A smile played out on my lips. You did a large curtsy. "Welcome Monsieur to fair Verona.” Before the Beast could ever mutter out a groan, you grabbed him by the arm and began pulling him towards the path between the walls. “Come on, we must find a balcony worthy of the love story." 

He chuckled as you dragged him along. 


You had found a balcony, overlooking a large garden not too long into your walk. It was of a house that was nowhere near as grand as the castle but it still had that unearthly quality about it that drew you towards it. The Beast had noticed you staring at it before he began to walk towards the house. You’d been apprehensive, as it was someone’s property you were intruding upon. But the Beast had ignored your silent protest and dragged you up there with him so you both looked over the city of Verona. It was breath-taking, you had to admit. You were overlooking a small town it seemed, and beyond that was a lake and in the far distance you could just make out a mountain range. Everything seemed to twinkle in the moonlight and despite the semi darkness, you could see every brick on every building. You would have enjoyed the view even more but you could help but feel jittery as you were currently trespassing on someone else’s balcony. The Beast seemed to notice your nervousness and offered you an explanation. 

"No one can see us.” He reassured you, but to little avail. “Another special twist the enchantress added. I can go anywhere but no one will see. I could stand in a hall full of people and not a single person would bat an eye. We can see them but not the other way round.”

You pondered his words, relaxing but the deepest part of you still felt slightly guilty. You released your question for him before you even thought it through. 

“How do you know that?”

He looked away from you and out towards the lake, his eyes distant. “Sorry.” You said. “It’s just I don’t understand how you know that?” He turned and looked at you as if you were stupid. Then it clicked. 

“Where did you go?” You asked, no louder than a whisper. 

“Paris.” He answered. You looked at him, pressing him to continue. “It was about the third year of the curse. I hadn’t left the west wing since the curse was set. The book had appeared in my room along with the mirror and I didn’t care much for it. But I was going insane, I refused to speak to the staff, citing the fact that they had no idea what I was going through.” He stopped and looked down at his hands in shame. How foolish he was back then. He took a deep breath before continuing on. “One night I decided to visit a place that was dear to me. I opened the book out of curiosity and boredom. I realised what it was almost immediately and I nearly tore it in half tired of her constant taunting. But I didn’t. Instead I did what the inscription on the spine told me to do and I found myself in Paris.” He stopped abruptly and you stood together, your head resting on his shoulder. 

“Did you go to a ball?” You questioned, your imagination running rampant. “Did no one see you is that how you know?"  

He shook his head solemnly. 

"No. I went to a Chateau on the outskirts of the city." 

You were shocked, unsure why the man you first met would want to go to such a place when there were far more impressive places to go. 

"I used to go there when I was a child. It was my holiday home that I’d visit with my mother. My father never came there as we always went when he was away on business. It was small, compared to the castle, and quaint. It was just me my mother and a few maids.” He explained, his voice wavering and thick with emotion. “It was our escape. Me and maman would read together, play in the grass, garden cook. All the things my father refused to let me do when I was at the castle. I was happy.” He paused before he looked at you. “I brought my best friend with me most times, not for long because y… her father would worry.” He paused, concerned that he nearly revealed your past together. “She’d join me and maman with the activities. My maman loved her too and she was more than happy to play with her too along with me. I loved it there, away from my father and his… rules. Once maman died, I never came back. Maman made it special and without her, it was just another house we owned.” The last sentence was no more than a whisper. You gripped his arm and gave it a hug as his body was too far away to hug properly. The silence went on for longer than you expected before you enquired. 

“But how do you know that people can’t see you?" 

He shut his eyes briefly as if to rid them of quickly forming tears. 

"When I used the book, I appeared at the Chateau, as it stood then not as before. The maids we employed still lived there, despite the fact that no one visited anymore. I was wandering round the garden when I saw a light on in the Chateau. I stood outside the kitchen and could hear the voices of the maids as they ate their supper. They were discussing maman, saying how it was a shame she never visited anymore. They didn’t mention me at all. I thought that they just didn’t like me as I had a reputation but then I heard one of the maids say, ‘it’s a shame she died before she became a mother. By the way she tended the gardens she’d have been an excellent one.’” You gasped at his confession. 

“It struck me to the core. I wasn’t hated, I didn’t exist, a gift from the enchantress, making my curse so much harder to break. I was so mad that I burst into the kitchen and started shouting about how maman did have a child. The maids didn’t notice. They simply commented on how the door needed to be fixed.” He stopped talking and once again stared out over to the view. Your heart went out to him. You could see the tears he was keeping hidden behind his blank expression and you couldn’t bear it. You pulled him into a tight hug which his muscles stiffened at but you didn’t care. 

“I’m so sorry.” You whispered to him over and over until you felt his arms come around you too. You stood in each other’s embrace for many minutes until he pulled away from you. You felt incomplete without his touch but his expression was visibly warmer, so you felt slightly better. 

You both stared out at the view once again and after the Beast’s confession about his mother, your thoughts drifted absentmindedly to your own. 

“My maman would have loved this.” You said to him. He looked at you with curious eyes, but you kept on looking at the waves on the distant lake. “Romeo and Juliet was her favourite play. She’d read it to me every night before I went to sleep. She always dreamed of visiting Verona to see if it was as she imagined. Now I guess I’m doing it for her.” The Beast looked at you and could see that this was a very special place to you. You’d never really spoken of your mother to him before, not even in your childhood. He listened intently. “She died when I was four. I’ll never forget her though. She taught me how to read, from her favourite books. She’d act the words out to make it easier for me to understand. I remember I used to giggle at her ridiculous gestures but now that I think of it, I’m glad she did otherwise I wouldn’t be here with you.” The Beast turned to you abruptly at your words but you still continued to stare forward. “It’s strange that I had so few years with her yet she still influences me now.” The Beast shook his head in disagreement. 

“No. My maman still influences me now. I don’t think she’ll ever stop." 

"It’s even stranger that although I had less time with her, I remember her more than my papa. The only things I remember about him is his name, his love for maman and me, and that he’s an artist who is working away from me.” The Beast fought hard to not tell you the truth about your father being a paintbrush but he restrained himself as Y/F/N hadn’t revealed it to you yet. 

“I’m sure your father is out there somewhere.” He reassured you. A few tears fell down your cheeks. “And wherever both your parents are, you should know that they are very proud of you." 

You let out a large chuckle of pure happiness as you wiped away the tears from your eyes. 

"Thank you.” You whispered as you pulled him into a hug again. “And I’m sure your maman would be very proud of you too." 

He gripped you tightly and you held each other before you twisted round so that your head was resting on his arm as you both stood there staring at the scene before you. You stared at the different buildings, trying to picture what building would be what in 'Romeo and Juliet’ whilst your heart thumped happily in your chest at your contact. 

"Adam.” The Beast whispered to you after at least ten minutes. 

“What?” You asked looking up at him while the rest of your body leaned into him. 

“My name is Adam.” He said again. It was a nice name and if suited him. You were thankful that you didn’t have to ask but were still internally groaning at how it had taken you at least two months to gain this piece of information. Not only that but in your mind you felt a nagging sensation, as if you had heard the name before, but you were certain that you hadn’t met an Adam before. There were so many things going on in your head but you pushed them aside and let your galloping heart speak for you. You were content in Adam’s embrace and slowly you looked back at the view before looking contently at him again. 

“Well Adam,” you whispered, “Let’s go home." 

He smiled at you, causing both of your hearts to speed up and he took your hand in his once again and you closed your eyes, ready to return to your true home. In a simple poof you vanished from the balcony but the feeling of blossoming love lingered for much longer.

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Beautiful Boy (Bucky Barnes)

Summary: A little boy runs into (y/n) and she needs to help him find his dad.

A/N: I don’t know if the permanent tags wanted to be in others besides my peter Parker soo…

Pairing: Dad!Bucky Barnes x Reader!

Warnings: Uh noooo

// Masterlist //

 (Y/n) was walking down the street clad in gym clothes, giant headphones on while singing out loud, she’d failed to notice the little body speeding her way. Something hard ran into her, nearly knocking (y/n) over in the process. Catching herself, she gazed down to find a roughly six-year-old boy with big blue eyes and floppy brown curly hair, looking up at her in wonder. Taking her headphones off (y/n) glanced around and couldn’t see anybody racing to their son.

“Hello, I’m Jake!” The little boy randomly blurted out. (Y/n) hesitated before dumping her shoulder bag on the floor and crouched down to his eye-level. “Hello Jake, I’m (y/n). Are you lost? Where are your parents?”

“I only have a dad! My mom died when I was born.” Slightly saddened, (y/n) put her hand on his shoulder. “I’m sorry about that. Do you know where your dad is?”

He didn’t need to answer, a very worried voice boomed over the crowd. “Jacob!” The little boy didn’t seem to notice the voice, but (y/n) sure as hell did. “Do you want to come with me? I know where your dad is.”

The little boy shook his head, “I’m not supposed to go with strangers.” Smiling at Jake (or Jacob), glad the boy had some smarts, she asked. “What’s your dad’s name?” There was a slight pause as if the boy was contemplating his own dads name. “His names Bucky, or James. I’m not sure, people in the tower call him different things. Aunty Nat calls him ass-” (y/n)’s eyes widened. “Okay, okay” she laughed nervously.

Standing to her full height, (y/n) calls over the crowd, one hand on Jake’s shoulder. “James! JAMES!” She had to call a couple times over the noise. Glancing down to ice blue eyes, she finds Jake smiling up at her. (Y/n) couldn’t help but let out a silent ‘aw’. Breaking the moment, she looked up only to find identical eyes to the boy looking back at her.

The man came closer, somewhat suspiciously until he saw Jake and his whole demeanour changed. Rushing forward and embracing his son, James begins to look over Jake for any damage. “Why the hell did you run off bud?” The man, James, said sternly but with a light smile on his face. “I saw this really pretty girl-” Jake points at (y/n), “and I wanted to talk to her!”

James/Bucky glanced up at (y/n), before looking back at Jake and laughed. “You’re like your old man, trying to charm every beautiful dame you see, huh?” (Y/n) scoffed with light humor, crossing her arms. James finally looked up at (Y/n) and gave her a dazzling smile before standing to his full height.

Now looking down at her, he offered her his flesh hand. “I’m James Barnes, thanks for finding my son.” Still smiling at (y/n), she started to smile back, “(Y/N) (Y/L/N). It was no problem seeing as he found me first.” They both laughed lightly. “Can I offer to buy to coffee, as thanks?” (Y/N) contemplated the offer but looking down at Jakes big blue puppy eyes, she was convinced. “Yeah, that would be great.”

Entering the café, they re-took the booth James and his son had been occupying before he randomly ran off. Deciding to sit opposite of Jake, (y/n) smiled lightly at the handsome man now ordering her coffee.  Slowly turning her head, (y/n) found the young boy staring at her and a charming smile, like his fathers, resting on his lips. “Can you ask my dad out on a date?”

Choking on air slightly, (Y/n) smiled softly. Actually turning the idea of a date with the quite attractive man in her head, she answered.“Maybe when we know each other better.” Jake smiled even bigger, if possible. James returned to the table carrying two coffees and a small milkshake for Jake, who decided to strike up random conversation. The boy was very enthusiastic on school and spent twenty minutes talking about their science class while (y/n) listened attentively and asked questions at the right times. During so, both adults were stealing glances at each other without the other noticing. Jake, however, seemed to notice and decide to turn the conversation around.

“Hey dad?“ 

"Yes, Jacob?” (Y/n) wasn’t really listening in, too busy admiring the adoring relationship between the father and son. She could see the pure devotion and love James had for his son and a thought slipped through her mind. He must have loved Jake’s mom very much, (y/n) hoped someone could give her that same affection.

 Suddenly hearing her name spoken, she zoned back in. “Oh, sorry! What did you say?”

“You want to play pinball with me?” Jake said excitedly. Looking to where he was pointing, (y/n) could see a small pinball machine and a small driving machine. “Uh-” “you go ahead, Jake. (Y/n)’s okay here.” James answered for her as his son darted off the machines.

Watching him go, (y/n) couldn’t wait until she got to have kids with the person she loved. “You have a beautiful boy…” (y/n) let slip, looking to see Bucky admiring his son.

“Yeah, I mean he really takes after me. Shame.” (Y/n) let out a loud attractive (not) snort and laugh. “Yeah, it’s a real crying shame. Those baby blue eyes and curls are just so disappointing” causing James to laugh. The silence drifted around them, but it wasn’t uncomfortable.

“So, about that date?”

“Did you… did you use your son to talk to me?!”

“Definitely not.” Bucky said while tipping up his coffee to drink and (y/n) saw the large smile growing on his pink lips.


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pleasemakeitgayer  asked:

Could you please do a live action Belle x female reader where the reader frequently visits the library and Belle has a crush on the reader and one day gives her a book and on the inside is a note asking to go on a date.

Pairing: Belle x Fem!Reader
Fandom: Disney ; BatB (2017)
Warnings: /

A/N: hope this is what you had in mind, darling <33


“Good morning, Belle,” you smiled at the only other person in the library and placed the three books on the counter, that you’ve read these past two weeks.

“Oh, good morning, (Y/N). You’re up early.”

“So are you, apparently,” you turned around to face her and almost stopped breathing for a second. How was it possible to look that good, at that time of the day? She really deserved tha name ‘Beauty’. You quickly cleared your throat and looked around. “So.. any new books? Or do we have to reread everything again?” you picked up one of the books that you must have read about ten times, at this point.

Belle tightened the grip around the book she was holding and stared at you for a long, long time, until you caught her doing so and she started blushing.

You smiled a bit and pushed a strand of your hair behind your ear.

“There is this one. I’m not sure what you’ll think of it, but.. I’d give it a chance, if I were you.”

Slowly and carefully, she extended her arms to give you the book.

You accepted it and carefully stroked over the cover of it. It looked a little worn-out, but in your experience, those were the best books.

“I’m sure, I’ll love it. Thank you, Belle!”

She nodded and grabbed her bag.

“I should be off. Father needs a few things from the market. I hope I’ll see you soon,” she quickly scurried out the door, without taking another look back and all you could do was look confused, because of her sudden departure.

What got into her, so suddenly?

You left the library a few minutes later, the only book you had taken, was the one that Belle gave you.

And since you didn’t have anything to do anyways, you decided to sit outside your house on abench and start reading it.

But before you got to the first line of the book, a small note dropped out of it, carefully folded. 

You picked it up from the floor and stared at the piece of paper for some time, turning it around over and over again, trying to figure out if this note was for you, or if you should just leave it be, before you set the book aside and opened it. 

And when you read what it said, a huge smile spread on your face. Oh, it was definitely for you.

‘Dearest (Y/N), I hope you will like the book as much as I have. My father will be out of town next week, since he has some business to attend to. If you want to, you could come over and we could discuss it? I’ll cook. I’d be delighted if you could make it. But if you can’t or are not interested, I will understand that, too. Please don’t feel like you’re obliged to come. With love, Belle.’

You bit your lip, excitement starting to build up in you.

You had hoped that she had felt this connection between you two as well and now, that it seemed like she did, the butterflies in your belly flew around like there was no tomorrow.

And exactly one week later, you knocked on her door, book under your arm and a bottle of wine in your other hand.

Belle opened the door with a hopeful glint in her eyes and when she saw that you had indeed come bover, she relaxed and beamed with happiness.

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I want to thank you for writing Lucky Us and your Winter Sonata!AU. Your writing is so captivating and you succeed so well at tearing our hearts out. And your first published short story was also such an amazing experience. Maybe you continue to torture your readers with beautiful narratives for eternity

Thank you so much! ^ ^

*folds up this ask and sHOVES IT IN MY BRAIN’S MOUTH* WRITE, DARN YOU—!

between the devil & the deep blue sea (m)


Words: 28,455. (rip)

Genre: Pirate Jimin au + smut, fluff, angst.

Pairing: Jimin x Reader.

Summary: “No matter the endeavour you were on, no matter the storms you encountered on rocky seas, or the possible threat of encountering blood-thirsty pirates, no one intrigued you or intimidated you more than the thought of him, of Park Jimin, the most notorious of pirates, the most brutal of men, the devil incarnate.”

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  • Me, imagining a scene in my head: beautiful poetic prose that gracefully and artfully describes the scene in vivid detail, giving the reader concise imagery and beautiful wordplay to ruminate on.
  • Me, actually writing: The angry man throwed his chair through the window angrily and bigly. "I'm angry and pissed off." He said because he was mad.

my bisexual ass still cannot fully comprehend how beautiful and incredible the murphy siblings are

i mean you get a fluffly jazz band sunshine ball of cuteness named zoe and a 420 long-haired secretly sensitive giraffe named connor

how do they not make you s w o o n

Prince Adam Headcanons.

I’m so in love DON’T TOUCH ME. Here are a few more headcanons because I have no self control.

  • Prince Adam physically kills me like just imagine this cinnamon roll, who’s so starved for affection from the person he loves because he spent so long as The Beast, that he literally shudders whenever you touch him. 
    • A good sort of shudder as it reminds him that he earned your love and has gained your trust in the best ways possible.
  • The feeling of bare fingertips trailing on his skin. A sort of intimate affection he hadn’t actually gotten since his mother passed away. 
    • Your hands brushing through his hair. It’s silky between your fingertips and leaves you feeling warm. Adam shuts his eyes and enjoys the feeling. 
      • Imagine putting flowers in your hair and he absolutely lets you. Adam actually enjoys this a lot more than you thought. 
      • You always choose colors that’ll make his eyes pop even more.
  • The gentlest and pure sort of love. Holding hands with one another and just generally enjoying one another’s company. Bonus points if one of you is reading to the other. You love to hear him read. He’s got a lovely voice.
    • If the two of you aren’t holding hands, he’ll wrap his pinkie finger around yours and pull your hand into an embrace.
      • Probably a bit protective too. Say, you’re out at an event together and he has the underlying feeling that someone he doesn’t like seems fixated on you, he’ll wrap his arm around your waist and keep you close to him. 
        • Presses his lips to your hairline constantly through the night whenever he catches eyes with them to assure that they know you’re there with him.
  • Adam trying to give you a kiss to the cheek after eating and he happens to have soup on his face from not using a spoon. He tries, but ultimately fails when you throw napkins at him from across the table.
  • Even sitting next to one another, and with a small smile, he bumps his knee against yours and convinces you with a rather sincere grin to lean against him.
  • Those exceedingly late nights where he finds himself unable to sleep and curls into a small ball, coaxing you to hold him because that’s all he needs right now. The assurance that you and your love are not going to leave him. Usually happens after a nightmare.
    • Even those nights where the two of you can’t sleep and you end up reading by the fireplace, snuggled next to each other. 
      • Sort of funny though, he’ll seem more invested in your book than in his sometimes.
  • The small smile he gives you before he leaves you with a wisp of a kiss on your lips. Barely a touch, and his lips are still curled into a smile as he pulls away. Adam’s fingers trace under your eye, above your cheek. A tender stroke.
    • Even when he kisses the back of your hand, you can feel all of the emotion he pours into it.
    • Uhm, don’t get me started on forehead kisses okay. But, just imagine him cupping both sides of your face, looking at you with those beautiful blue eyes and craning his head down and kissing the middle of your forehead. His lips linger. Things are all right now and are only going to get better.

Y’all, I hoped you like these! Thank you for reading, and as always, Reblogs and likes are really appreciated! Thank you!!! -Em.

My Future Wife, LeFou!

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Title: My Future Wife, LeFou!
Words: 2,456 
Pairing: GastonxReader
Warnings: Little Bit of Swearing
A/N: Oh dear god I can’t find any Gaston stories I like so I guess I’ll just write my fucking own I guess that’s the only way I’ll ever be happy so enjoy my Luke Evans thirst

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