Dean held a cup of hot coffee, his fingers wrapped lazily around the white mug as he raised it to his lips and took a small sip of the dark drink. It burned for a second, but then it turned into a bittersweet taste good enough to pass through his throat. It was a calm morning, at least for now. 


Your word was elongated by a yawn, and yet it sounded as pleasant as ever to Dean. A small smirk pulled at his lips as he tore his eyes away from the cup and to you instead, watching you rub your eyes with your knuckles as you padded into the kitchen. You turned your back to him as you searched for a glass to pour orange juice in, as it was a daily routine for you. 

“Morning,” he echoed, eyes trailing your still half-asleep form try to reach the glass on one of the shelves of the kitchen. “Do you need some help with that?” 

“I’ve got it,” you smiled, carefully standing on your toes and outstretching your arm as far as you could; however, that did not seem to cooperate with you. 

“Here,” Dean chuckled lightly, coming up behind you and reaching for the glass. 

You struggled to contain a small gasp as his chest pressed against your back, a rosy blush blossoming in your cheeks with the contact. You glanced back at Dean with a nervous smile, quickly looking away as his amused eyes met yours. 

“Thank you,” you muttered quietly, grasping the cup he was still holding before scurrying towards the fridge and begging your brain to turn off the heat in your face. 

The orange juice, as always, remained on the middle of the fridge, just waiting for you to grab it. But your fingers barely touched the cool container before the oldest Winchester spoke again, effectively distracting you. 

“So, did you have a good dream last night?” he asked casually, a hint of smugness lazed in his words. 

Your eyes widened, your breathing stopping for a second as you took in his small comment. You closed the fridge without even taking out the orange juice, the beverage already forgotten as other images invaded your mind. You knew how you had woken up, and you immediately knew what he must have heard. 

“It wasn’t what you think it was,” you said drily, not meeting his eyes in fear that he would see the tears forming in your own. 

Dean, not realizing what you meant, walked calmly towards you, stopping when he was less than a foot away. You bit the inside of your cheek as he placed on hand on your hip, remembering the agonizing feeling you had felt in your nightmare when you thought he would never touch you again. 

“Really? Then what was it?” You shook your head, your eyes firmly on the ground as you heard the cockiness roll off Dean’s voice. “C’mon, Y/N, I won’t mind.”

“I saw you die.” 

The simple statement changed the air instantly, and you felt Dean’s hand leaving your hip in surprise. You finally glanced up, tears falling onto your cheeks as you looked into Dean’s light green eyes, thinking of the blankness you had illusioned just a few hours ago. 

“I-I had a nightmare, Dean,” you whispered, watching the pain that contorted his face, his smugness fading away in the blink of an eye. “A-and you—you died in it and I couldn’t do anything about it, I just couldn’t.” 

You hadn’t registered that you were shaking until Dean wrapped his arms around you, holding you firmly against his chest as you cried. Your hands gripped the material of his shirt tightly, afraid of letting him go. 

Dean felt in a trace as he took you in, never for a second considering the other possibilities to what he had heard you yell the night before. He wanted to slap himself for not realizing that he should have checked on you, just as a precaution. And now, thinking about how scared you could’ve been, all alone and denying the thought of possibly ever telling him about what had happened without him asking about it…it killed him. 

“I’m s-sorry,” you whimpered, your eyes closed tightly as the tears continued to roll on your cheeks, but Dean shook his head, instead kissing your forehead and holding you even tighter. 

“You shouldn’t be the one apologizing; I should’ve checked on you, Y/N…I-I just…I never even considered…” Dean let out a sigh, kissing you again. “I’m sorry, baby girl, I am so sorry.” 



Can you do one where the reader is having trouble sleeping and Castiel comes to see what’s wrong and he ends up cuddling with her until she falls asleep? Lots of fluff too? (:

You rolled over on your side, growing aggrivated. This was the third night in a row that you were having trouble falling asleep. You were sure that this night you would finally drift off easily, seeing as you had gotten three hours of sleep in the past three days. You couldn’t tell if it was because you were afraid to fall asleep or if your body just woudn’t let you. Nightmares had taunted you for the past few weeks, but they hadn’t bothered you, or at least you thought they hadn’t bothered you. Sometimes at inght your mind would create images of your closest friends dying at the hands of pure evil, and you couldn’t save them. You had always been able to reassure yourself that they were just nightmares, that everything was ok, but why else couldn’t you drift off? God, you were so tired. You rubbed your eyes and let out a pained whine.

"You’re upset," a familiar voice broke the silence.

"No, not quite upset, Cas, just-" you answered but you couldn’t form your words, "I’m fine." It was hard to explain sleeping to an angel, due to the fact that they, themselves, didn’t sleep.

"What’s wrong," he insisted, sitting down on your bed. You sat up to look at him.

"I’m ok, I swear. Thank you for your concern, but I’m fine," you mumbled. He wasn’t giving up.

"(Y/N), I’m not stupid, I can see what you’re feeling," he stared into your eys, "Now, I want you to tell me what’s wrong."

You sighed. ” I haven’t been sleeping much, and I just can’t fall asleep no matter how tired I am. I think it’s because of nightmares, but I don’t know, I’m sorry to bother you with my problems,” you hung your head. You always felt so guilty talking about your feelings and issues to others, especially those you cared about.

You felt a hand on your shoulder, “(Y,N), look at me,” you looked up to find the blue orbs staring intently at you, “I want you to listen to me, you are never a burden. I’m glad you told me instead of suffering. I never want you to suffer and not talk about it.” You smiled slightly, a little relieved. Cas scooted closer to you, making you realize how much you needed comfort. He wrapped his arms around you, it was the first time in weeks that you had actually felt safe. You leaned in to him, letting the angel completley surround you. You hadn’t been that relaxed in days. Your breathing finally slowed and your thoughts settled, meanwhile, Cas stayed.


You had finished decapitating the last vampire, blood running down your blade and onto your hands, when the door of the barn was suddenly thrown open. Orthrus, your hellhound, ran to your side quickly as three men entered the building, guns (and a blade) held high. You raised your eyebrows at them, adjusting the glasses and pitching the bridge of your nose as you did so. 

“And who are you, gentlemen?” you asked, curiously eyeing them and watching as the man in the middle, the one with a trench coat, almost immediately stepped in front of the other two after glancing to your side. 

“Sam, Dean, they have a hellhound,” the man spoke in a low voice, squinting his eyes. 

The men who you assumed to be Sam and Dean shifted their postures, surprise flashing in their eyes as they looked at you. Orthrus barked loudly, making the men flinch as you crossed your arms. 

“You haven’t answered my question yet; who are you?” 

“Wouldn’t you know? All your demon buddies seem to do?” One of the taller men said with spite, his gun pointing straight to your chest. You scoffed, rolling your eyes and unfolding your hands as you let your machete fall to the ground. 

“Why does every hunter seem to think that?” you mumbled to yourself, shaking your head and walking towards the men. Some addressing was still in debt.  


I recommend this book to anyone who is really interested in philosophy and existentialism, as this is an interesting perspective on faith. What attracted me specifically is numerous references to other classic literature works and the Bible, in particular the figure of Abraham who is the main subject the philosopher observes. I even found some parallels with Nietzsche, although the viewpoints of the two authors are very different. Kierkegaard, thank you 🇩🇪

No Doubts.

Fandom: The Hobbit/ Lord Of The Rings
Pairing: Kili x Reader
Warning: N/A
Writer: imaginesofeveryfandom aka thequeenofthehobbits
Summary/Request: loveismadeofdreams: Can you please make me a hobbit imagine with Kili/reader? Maybe they have been friends since they were children. She’s a short and petite “human girl” and he’s a dwarf prince. Now she loves him but he doesn’t know about it, but one night, in the middle of the company’s journey, something happens and she gets jealous and so he kisses her and they find out they’re in love with each other… Sorry for my bad English, I’m Italian btw hahaha thank you so much!!!
Notes: Turned more about a preestablished relationship, but I hope you like it :/ xxx

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