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What are some headcannons for Hanzo, McCree, and Reaper in regards to what kind of perfumes they like their S/O to wear? Kinda obscure but why not lol

This actually took some thought, thank you.
Had a bit of trouble thinking about Reaper’s


He would prefer more of a flower scented perfume. It reminds him of gardens and other relaxing scenery, hence making him relax more around you.


A perfume with a bit of spice or smokey would be intriguing. It’s something different from the sweeter side of scents, it’s a bit more on the sexy side.


Reaper would prefer a more oriental, natural scents- like vanilla. As much of a nice scent it is he likes it because it calm him from the days stress.

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Hey I now understand the rules so can you please do a chubby reader match up with Finland. The Chubby reader has brown hair and brown eyes. They are 5'4 and they love drawing, cooking, singing and listening to music. They can be very insecure about their body. Could you please write their first meet up,confession,first date and cuddle time

{ Oh, well-!
This is the prize you won ~
It’s the first time I write this kind of thing so I hope it’s decent and it’s an experiment I wanted to do.
I would like if you leave me a feedback or a comment after you read it, so I know if it’s good enough and you are satisfy. Thanks and enjoy-! }

Chubby! Reader x Tino Vainamoinen (APH Finland)


It was a candid day of October and you had decided to take a walk in the supermarket searching for some particular ingredients. Maybe you could find something that have could inspired you since you truly loved cooking but this last period you were out of ideas. It made you so disappointed and confused since it was one of your favourite hobbies despite you did not eat so much because you were so insecure about your weight. You were considered by your friends like a sort of mum that feed all of them, and they were always so glad to taste your delicacies.
While you were walking through the corridors of the supermarket, with your eyes laid on the shelves, you noticed a particular individual in the bake area that was so focused on those particular ingredients but from the sigh that came out from his mouth, you understood he gave up and he was a little disappointed.
Without you realized, you kept looking him with your thoughtful expression so he noticed your gaze but he did not seem offended. The mysterious man smiled gently at you, and you felt a little embarrassed, it could be understood by the pink colour your cheek assumed, «Oh, sorry…», you said mortified. «Oh, don’t be worried, have a nice day~», his voice was so lovely and clarion, his tone could be defined maternal and homey like an embrace.
You did not understand why you wanted so hard to see him again, it was like you have been caught by his generous smile or something else you could not explain.


After that meeting, you have never forgotten the sweet man of the supermarket. You hoped to see him again even if you thought it was impossible since it was only a coincidence and, even if you would have met him, you did not know what to say. He could have thought you were a sort of stalker and he acted so kind with you last time.
The desire to see him again was so strong so you decided to get back at the same supermarket hoping to find him.
The moment you reached the place, everything seemed calm and there were not so many persons this particular day but you had something to buy any way so it seemed you were not here just to fill your hope. You were lost in your thoughts while a voice that came from heaven called you, «Hey, excuse me… », you turned your head and your eyes went wide open when you realized it was that guy. It seemed he had found you. You were total unprepared and you were unable to speak, so he did, «Do you know where I can find liquorice?». This was a weird question and you had no idea where this item was but it was the right occasion God –or whoever- gave you to know him.
«Oh, well… Liquorice? Yes, come on!», you smiled, acting like you were an employee of this supermarket and you guided the man somewhere you did not know. «You are the same person of yesterday, right?», he asked to you and you nodded. He kept talking with his soft voice you found paradisiac, this was the fundamental reason you were unable to speak.
In the meantime, you were walking without a destination as if you were doing a tour across the supermarket; you reached the place where the liquorice was located without realizing. «Oh, look-! Thanks for having accompanied me~». Actually, he knew you did not work here and it was all a coincidence but he wanted to find an excuse to have a conversation with you even if he was the one who was talking the most.
«Oh, do you like liquorice?», you asked the most idiot question ever and he laughed softly, «Oh, no. It’s for my little brother, he loves so much liquorice», he did a pause, rising a hand towards you, «My name is Tino, I should have presented my self before». You took his warm and soft hand that appeared so delicate and pale compared to yours, even if he did not seem sick or something. Despite his appearance, his handshake was strong and firm. You pronounced your name saying sorry for the guff of yesterday.
You and Tino kept walking through the supermarket talking about stuff, you felt so comfortable in his presence, and he was nicer than you thought.
At the end of the shopping, he invited you to take a coffee with you, he had enjoyed so much your company, and he desired seeing you again. The smile on your face became wider and your eyes glowed like two stars because it was too amazing!
Obvious, you accepted his invite and you could not wait that day to come!


The day you’ve been waiting for has arrived, the day of the date with Tino.
You were total happy and you could not realize it was true since he was such a good person and you have never been so lucky.
During your date, you discovered he was Finnish so it was the reason he was so blonde and pale and he was a great fan of Christmas. Actually, the first time you met him, he was searching for some ingredients for preparing a special cake because he could not wait December to cook Christmas desserts. He truly loved cooking even if he was not so good at it but his friend Sweden always said he was so talented but Tino knew his words were lies and Tino’s cooking was the worst (after Arthur’s, obvious).
He wanted you to taste his traditional food since it was the only he could cook right and he wanted to taste yours as well. You said that you would have been happy to taste his meals even if you were on diet and you preferred not to eat so much. Tino was confused and he could not find the reason why you took this decision. The fact that you were so soft and chubby made you so pretty and tender, he just wanted to hug you but he did not tell you because maybe it was a little impolite.
It was an argument that made you so sad since you were so insecure about your body and you were sure he found you ugly and he was too kind to confess you the truth. Then, he took your hand because he noticed your expression became darker, «Oh, sweetheart, what’s happen? Did I say something that hurt you, I am sorry…» , he seemed so worried about you, you decided to explain your situation and be honest, «You have no reason to say sorry, it’s me. It’s my problem. I have some trusting issues; this is the reason why I’m on diet even if maybe it’s useless…». He seemed more confused than before since for him your words were useless. With his sweet voice, he said, «Oh, silly thing. I don’t think you need something like that. I don’t see the problem. The only useless thing is your insecurity», you did not understand his words so you looked at him like you were waiting for a revelation, «I mean that you are perfect the way you are. You are so great. You know, the first time I saw you I felt something new, and I approached you because I truly wanted to know you», his smile was hiding his deep embarrassment and you could notice his cheeks became scarlet for the first time. It has not been love at first sight only for you, it seemed. You were so glad, you tried to stop to cry, and he caressed your hand, «Don’t cry. I did not want to be so direct but I think you don’t deserve to suffer like this because of an insecurity, you know. I am the shortest in my group of friends even if they have never said nothing to me about it, I felt like a sort of alien with them. They called me their mother hen because I acted like a mom every time, it’s quite funny. Then, I am just terrible to cook, seriously. While I am sure you are a great cook and you should teach me some of your tricks», you started smiling again and you were happy to hear those words from him. «Actually, your imperfections are the things that made you the person you are. Nothing in you is wrong, every cells of your body is just so wonderful», he was sweeter than a cake and you did not know what to say but he could keep complimenting you for hours until you were sure about it.
Yes, this date has been a revelation for you since he treated you as if you were an angel came from up above and you could not ask for something better. You felt so lucky and from that moment you and Tino kept dating and maybe by his side you would have learnt how to love yourself a little more.


Tino was a romantic and an affectionate person so he always craved for your attention and sweet gestures because he needed to feel loved.
The cuddle moments with him were always particular and so emotional since he wanted every time you passed with him to be special and memorable.
This time, he organized a special encounter in the sauna since you knew how he cared about this tradition and it was a way to stay warm and relaxed especially in a cold place like his Nation.
If you felt uncomfortable there, he would have chosen another way to stay together. Actually, he used the excuse of the cold weather to hug you even if he was used to the coldest temperatures but he pretended to be frozen so you took care of him as if he was your child. Then, even his little dog joined the party and it was the best cuddle time ever. You two seemed just like a happy family and the little dog was your son.
Then, he loved massaging you where you appeared so stressed or sad, his hands were magical and you melted under his golden touches. He adored hearing your moans of pleasure and he was glad you felt so fine and comfortable thanks to him.
His words were always full of kindness since his cuddles did not include only physical gestures but also sweet and pretty words of encouragement. He wanted you to gain some self-esteem because you were too wonderful and he could not understand the reason why some calories made you so blue. Sometimes, he started true tickle battles when you started to complain about your body or he kissed you until you became as red as a tomato. Yes, maybe he was the warmest of the Nordics, and he was ready to warm your heart with his tender love.  


Christmas with Cas and the boys in the bunker and they explain to him about mistletoe and then he keeps making it appear above himself and the reader as an excuse to kiss her and stuff?


For the first time in months, the drive home to the bunker didn’t lull you to sleep. You sat upright in your seat, and Dean narrowed his eyes at you in the rear-view mirror. 

“Aren’t you tired?” he asked, making another left turn.

“Not tonight” you said, “Dean, it’s Christmas tomorrow!” you placed your hands on Sam’s seat and pulled yourself forward. “Do you think Cas will come and celebrate with us?” you asked the brothers.

Dean chuckled and Sam raised a brow as he turned around, “So you can finally tell him how you feel?” he said and your cheeks turned bright red.

“I don’t feel anything” you retorted, crossing your arms.

“Oh Cas!” Dean began mocking you, “I’d love to go to Paris one day!” he said and you kicked his seat. 

“Sorry, must’ve been Italy…” he trailed off and you rolled his eyes. Sam elbowed his brother who just shrugged.

“I mean but it’s not like he doesn’t like you too” Sam said, and you raised your head.

“Sam, he has lived for thousands of years and done so many things, having a girlfriend? Never going to happen” you said and leaned your head against the window. The Impala was the one place Castiel stayed away from, and you always spoke to Sam and Dean there, completely in private. You could talk with them for hours about french fries, then change the topic to something emotional. Once everyone left the car, not another word was spoken - and that’s exactly how you liked it. The car rides were something to look forward too, and trust.

Halfway to the bunker, you had to pass through a small town, which immediately grabbed your attention. Looking out the window you saw house after house decorated with tiny little red and green lights, some had blow up decorations too. 

“Guys” you whispered, looking at the normal people, living their apple pie lives with beautiful decorations. “I wish the bunker wasn’t a secret…” you whispered and Sam sighed.

“We can get a tree if you want” he said and you nodded.

“I’d like that” you said, and rested your head against the window once more.

Eventually Dean rolled up to the bunker, parking the car and grabbing everyone’s duffels.

“Thanks” you said as he tossed yours onto the couch. 

“Hello” a deep voice filled the room as you heard the flutter of wings. Turning around excitedly you smiled wide at the angel.

“Hey, Cas!” you said and tossed him a cookie. “They’re supposed to be for Santa but Dean already ate most of them” you said and Dean shouted “No!” while crumbs were falling from his mouth.

“Santa?” Castiel asked and you nodded. He placed the cookie down on the table and took a seat.

“Cas, would you mind zapping a tree here, I’m beat” Dean said and Castiel raised a brow.

“I thought you weren’t the celebrating type” he said and Dean shrugged. 

Within seconds there was a tree on the other end of the library, propped up and beautiful.

“No way!” you shouted with delight, flinging your arms around Cas. 

“Will you help decorate?” you asked and he nodded. Sam had found boxes of decorations around the bunker, maybe years ago there was someone just like you who wanted to celebrate. Castiel grabbed the red string of lights and you helped him untangle them before showing him how to encircle the tree.

“There…one- more-“…” you pursed your lips in concentration as you helped Cas hang the last ornament.  “Perfect!” 

Castiel turned to you, face bright and smile wide. You kept his gaze for a second too long because quickly Dean cleared his throat. 

“Gotta wait for the mistletoe, Cas” Dean joked and your cheeks turned bright red. 

“The what?” Castiel asked and you jumped towards Dean.

“The nothing” you said and fiddled around with your fingers. 

“Tell me” Castiel pulled up a chair and was ready to learn another human thing. Sam and Dean sat explaining the concept to Castiel who nodded and paid attention while you sat behind Sam, trying your hardest not to blush every time Dean said kiss. Sam even used you in an example, “If you and Y/N are caught under it, you have to kiss her” he said and you couldn’t help but smile.

“Anyways” you cut in, “Can you come back tomorrow? We can celebrate and swap gifts” you said and Castiel nodded.

“Tomorrow” he agreed and disappeared. You turned around to both Winchester’s and gave a hard look.

“What?” they asked in unison and you rolled your eyes.

“Mistletoe? Really?” you shouted and they laughed. You sighed and continued to your room, “Wrap your gifts! I’m talking to you, Dean!” you shouted from the hallway and heard him grumble. 

Laughing you fell onto your bed, and closed your eyes.

You woke up to a smoke alarm and you jumped up, running to the kitchen with your gun raised.

“What the hell?” you shouted and Dean turned around.

“Don’t shoot the cookies!” he laugh yelled, while Sam used a towel to wave the smoke away. 

You put your gun down on the counter and looked at the oven. It was full of gingerbread cookies, burnt to a crisp. Raising one you hit it against the counter corner and it crumbled onto the stool.

You burst out laughing with them and grabbed some orange juice. 

“Merry Christmas” you raised your glass and the boys nodded, “Merry Christmas” they said. 

“Castiel!” you shouted, and he arrived in the same second.

“Why do you only come so quickly when Y/N calls?” Dean asked, mildly offended.

“Uh, I just- wasn’t busy” he said and Sam rolled his eyes.

“Yeah, that’s why” he said and made his way to the library. 

“Is that a mistletoe?” Castiel asked as he looked up.

“What? Who put that there?” you looked and furrowed your brows. 

“Not me” Dean said sarcastically, “But you know the rules Cas” he said and within seconds Cas’s lips were on yours. 

You pulled away from initial shock, and Cas looked worried.

“Did I do that wrong?”

“No, no. That was amazing” you blushed, “But I just wasn’t ready” you smiled and Castiel returned it. 

“Let’s go open presents” he suggested and you followed closely behind. Sam placed them all under the tree apparently by the smile on his face as he proudly showed it off.

“Sam first then” you said and everyone passed him his gifts. When he finally opened yours his eyes went wide, “Thank you” he whispered as he leafed through the ancient pages. A while back he was reading a book from the bunker, and the most important chapter with a summoning spell was ripped out. Ever since he has been looking for it, but a quick kick to a demon got you it. 

You gave him a hug and then Dean opened his gifts. Meanwhile Castiel looked up again.

“What?” you whispered, leaning to his ear.

“Look” he said and another mistletoe was above your heads.

“That wasn’t there two seconds ago” you said and Castiel smiled slightly.

“Oh my-“ you started but Castiel cut you off, and this time prepared you raised your hands to his head and shoulder as he dipped you down slightly. 

“Woah! Not here!” Sam shouted and Dean nodded. 

Smiling you pulled away and placed your hand in his. “Smart angel, huh?” you joked and he laughed. 

“Here’s your gift” he said and passed you a small box. Inside was a rusted gold chain, and the pendant was something you’ve never seen before.

“It’s an ancient necklace. Hundreds of years ago I went to Egypt and it caught my eye, as you would say” he said and you gawked at it. 

“It’s gorgeous” you said, and pulled it over your head. “Thank you” you smiled and pecked his lips.

“This has got to be the best Christmas ever!” you squealed and Castiel stood behind you, arms wrapped lazily around your shoulders. 

Dean poured everyone a glass of wine, and gave a short toast.

“To staying alive!” he said and everyone nodded knowingly, clinking the glasses. Eventually wine turned into beer, and soon everyone was draped over their chairs, laughing about old hunts and sharing funny holiday memories. You rested your head on Castiels shoulder as Dean tossed you another beer. 

“Merry Christmas” you said and everyone answered, “Merr’ Christmas”, both brothers slurring their words. 

“I have to find a way to see you drunk” you told Castiel and he laughed. The night passed by quickly, and before you knew it, you were awaiting New Years.