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Stiles stared at the floor plans spread across the table in Derek’s loft. He’d already marked X’s over areas that were impossible to penetrate, and he chewed on the top to the sharpie as he went over all the information he’d researched while looking at the remaining areas.

“Well?” Derek asked. He was hovering at Stiles’ elbow, arms crossed over his chest, and scowling.

“Can you give me, I don’t know, three seconds to look at the plans?” Stiles snapped.

“You’ve been studying them all week,” Derek replied, annoyed. “You were supposed to have this figured out already!”

“That was before Chris told us they had surrounded the whole place with mountain ash and electrified the other part!”

Derek huffed heavily through his nose, and Stiles could feel it on his neck. He ignored the shiver that ran through him and tapped a section of a warehouse. “That may work,” he muttered to himself, bending over and mentally tracking movements. He was disturbed, however, by a large body pressing into him from behind. “Do you mind?” Derek growled in Stiles’ ear, a low, quiet sound. “Are you kidding me? Really?”

Derek stood back up, and Stiles went over the plan in his mind. He took the sharpie and circled the warehouse. “This. This is the way you get in.”

Derek turned and called for Boyd, Isaac, Erica, and Scott. After Derek explained what they were going to do, he started walking towards the winding staircase. Stiles lunged after him, grabbing his arm. “Whoa there, big guy. You forgot one important part.”

Derek turned around, rolling his head in frustration. “And what would that be, Stiles?”

“Ugh, hello?” Stiles waved his arms around, then slapped his chest. “Me. What am I going to be doing?”


“Oh, hell no. I am not - ”

Derek had started walking and Stiles followed until Derek suddenly stopped and Stiles bumped into his back. “We don’t need you for this part, Stiles. These guys are not your usual hunters. You heard what Argent said and - ”

“I am not letting you guys go in without me while I sit behind and twiddle my thumbs!”

Derek’s eyes flashed red. “You won’t be coming with us. And that’s final.”

“Alpha eyes? Really?” Stiles exclaimed. “I hate you so much.”

Derek jogged up the stairs, and Stiles turned around to the betas, watching the scene with amusement. “I hate him so much. And all of you, too.”


Like all their plans, this one went spectacularly to shit. And well, Stiles wasn’t a wolf, so Alpha eyes meant nothing to him, which was why Stiles was waiting outside the warehouse in his Jeep when the plan went to hell.

“I’m cutting the power,” Stiles yelled into the com as the Jeep skidded to a halt beside the warehouse.

“Stiles,” Derek’s voice sounded into the crackling earpiece, “what in the hell are you doing here? I thought I told you to stay at the loft.”

“You did,” Stiles huffed as he ran around the building looking for the electrical box. “And I ignored that.”

“If you two are finished,” Isaac’s voice cuts in, “I don’t know if cutting the power will be enough.”

“What? Why?” Stiles exclaimed as he smashed the electrical box to pieces with his bat. The entire warehouse went dark and silent.

“There’s mountain ash everywhere,” Isaac replied.

“Meet me at the door on the south side,” Stiles said. “I’ll break the line.”

“Stiles, no,” Derek yelled. “Get out of here. We can handle this. Argent is just around the - ”

“And by the time he gets here,” Stiles yelled as he ran to the large loading bay doors, “you’ll all be shot to death or blown to death. So, shut up.”

“Stiles, I’m serious.”

“God, I hate you so much,” Stiles muttered as he lifted the bay doors just as Isaac and Boyd came limping toward him, Erica right behind them. He glanced at them and yelled, “Where are Scott and Derek?” They shrugged, and Stiles frowned, trying to settle the nerves in his stomach.

There was no visible line of mountain ash on the ground, and when Stiles tried just sweeping his hand across the doorway, the Betas couldn’t break through. “Shit,” Stiles said, running his hands through his hair.

He closed his eyes and channeled his energy, trying to ignite his spark. He felt it then, the gentle thrum of magic in front of him. He extended his hand and ran it just over the ground until he found the line the hunters had put into place.

“Can you break it?” Erica asked.

“Yeah, just give me a second.” Stiles tried to bring up what Deaton had taught him. All he needed was a little burst of energy while channeling his spark through his palms. He placed both palms on the concrete, just over the line. With everything he had, he pushed outwards, imagining a wave of energy bursting from him.

When the line broke, Stiles went flying backwards, landing hard on the concrete. The breath was knocked out of him, and he may have blacked out for a moment.

“Stiles?” He blinked up, Derek’s worried and angry face filling his vision. “Can you hear me?”

“Well, you are shouting,” Stiles muttered, trying to push himself up. Derek reached out and helped pull him up, along with someone behind him he couldn’t see. He glanced to the side, his head swimming when he did so, to see Scott staring at him with concern.

“I told you to stay at home,” Derek snapped. “Now you have a concussion.”

“No thank you?” Stiles asked as he let Derek and Scott help him to his feet. “I’m pretty sure I just saved your furry asses.”

“Speak for yourself,” Erica said. “My ass is not furry.” She grinned at him, and Stiles laughed. Which hurt.


“Give me your keys,” Derek said as he tossed the keys to the Camaro to Boyd. “You’re not driving like this.”

Stiles wanted to argue, but his head hurt too much. He just leaned his weight into Derek and didn’t come up with a quip when Derek dug his hand into the pocket of Stiles’ khakis to fish out his keys.


“I’m fine,” Stiles told Deaton for the hundredth time. Deaton was shining a light into his eyes, checking him over with Derek anxiously standing behind him. “I told Derek just to take me home.”

“You had a pretty nasty bump on the head,” Deaton said. “And expelling that kind of magical energy takes a toll. However,” Deaton said, standing up and looking at Stiles. “I do believe you are fine. If you notice any signs of concussion, call me.”

As Derek drove the Jeep towards Stiles’ house, he said, “I told you not to come.”

“And I ignored that.”

“You do realize I gave you a direct order. As the Alpha.”

“Yep,” Stiles replied, punctuating it with a pop.

“You do consider yourself part of this Pack, right?”

“Yes,” Stiles said, “Despite the fact that I don’t listen to you.” He turned to Derek and grinned. “Perk of being the human member.”

Derek rolled his eyes. “You could have been seriously hurt.” Stiles noticed the way Derek’s fingers flexed around the steering wheel. “I don’t like that you were hurt at all.”

“The Pack is safe, and Chris ended up getting what we needed to take down the hunters. Win-win.”

Derek didn’t respond, and he didn’t look happy.

When they were inside Stiles’ bedroom, Derek waited while Stiles took off his shoes, almost falling when he lost his balance. Derek reached out and grabbed Stiles with both hands to steady him. When Stiles looked at him, Derek suddenly pulled Stiles against him, wrapping his arms around him tightly. Stiles sighed and relaxed into Derek’s embrace, wrapping his arms around Derek’s waist.

“Why don’t you ever listen to me?” Derek whispered against Stiles’ hair. “I don’t like it when you’re in danger.”

“I know,” Stiles said. “But you can’t just leave me out of all the plans. It’s kind of an asshole move.”

Derek turned his head and kissed Stiles’ temple, then touched his fingertips gingerly against the bump on Stiles’ skull. “I don’t like it. You should listen to me.”

“When have I ever listened to you?” Stiles asked, leaning against Derek as the pain drained from him. “I love your wolfy powers,” Stiles said, feeling light-headed and giddy the way he always did when the wolves took his pain.

“Come on, let’s get you in bed.”

Stiles refused to let go of Derek, so Derek stretched out on Stiles’ bed with Stiles’ head resting on his chest. Derek had his arms securely around Stiles, hand rubbing soothing circles on Stiles’ back, and Stiles was starting to get drowsy. “I still hate you, you know.”

“Go to sleep, Stiles.” Derek kissed his head, and Stiles blindly upturned his face and waited. A moment later, Derek’s lips covered his in a soft kiss. “I love you.”

“Love you, too.” Stiles snuggled closer to Derek and drifted off to sleep.


cuddling is my fave I just finished reading the whole bokuroo ao3 tag

People being gross on Tumblr

Apparently I’m going to have to start kink shaming people commenting on Odin’s photo sets! I don’t care if you have a kink but please don’t comment on Odin’s pictures about your kink or imply that my lizard is apart of your kink!😖

trying hard not to fall (on the way home)

[a lil bit of @unicyclehippo‘s radio au bc she is great & she let me in on this hap lil universe. anya x raven & some bb lex bc she is Smol & cute.]


trying hard not to fall (on the way home)


running on the music & night highs / but when the light’s out it’s me & you now / you’re driving me wild

—troye sivan, ‘wild’


you know you’re not drunk—tipsy, sure, but you’re not a lightweight at all—but it’s all just kind of, well, magic. not that you would ever say such a thing aloud, because that’s embarrassing, but it’s spring and warm and there are little spots of light coming through the blossoms on the trees on the side of the hill, and one of your residents is playing what turned out to be really lovely ambient stuff in the amphitheater in the park, and you’re sitting next to a girl that you think you really like.

love, maybe, even.

you had kind of risked this date, because you had no idea if this was going to be a great or terrible concert—‘it’ll either be the sickest or worst thing we’ve heard,’ you’d said, and raven had laughed and shrugged and said, ‘it’ll be memorable either way, right?’—but everything is just.


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"You're Not Going"

You never thought I would,
But I’ve hit the road
With only one place in mind.
I’ve got a bag packed and
I’m clear of commitments.
Free to flee, I do.
Maybe I’ll send you a picture
Of me in front of the welcome sign.
Maybe I’ll just send a postcard.
Or maybe I won’t have to think of you.
Maybe I won’t have to do anything at all.


the entire english class had to cram nto a computer lab and look up analysis of Waiting for Godot today and someone beside me said “fuck it i’m just gonna google ‘who is Godot’” 

and i warned them “no, don’t, you’ll get an ace attorney character” but it was too late

“who is this cyborg man. is this anime”

do not think about the fact that boba fett never had a mom and that his dad was the only person he had in the world and then he saw him murdered in front of him as a small child. do not think about the fact that the clones never had any parents and were sent out to fight when they were probably teenagers or preteens. do not


Harry Potter & Ginny Weasley

“And he knew that at that moment, they understood each other perfectly, and when he told her what he was going to do now, she would not say ‘be careful’ or ‘don’t do it’, but she would accept his decision because she would not have expected anything less of him.”

@actualwizardbillykaplan happy birthday, Kim!

one of my coworkers is really into make-up so i constantly see her posting her new mac lipstick or contour kits on facebook and snapchat and i mean i respect her and i wish i had the make-up skills she has but like……. mac tests on animals???? and this is a well known fact that’s super easy to find out about????? and i actually told her at some point and she seemed really shocked and then the next day she got another one of their lipsticks and…… idk i love how people are so into make-up nowadays and how it’s really become something you can do to make you feel prettier or more confident rather than trying to conceal yourself or look better to others? but it’s upsetting that people apparently don’t want to know the truth about many make-up brands and continue to use them even though there are animal friendly options out there that work just as well as for example mac and are probably less expensive!
(in sum: please stop buying mac make-up or meet me in the pit) ~

I’m Back!~

I’m so sorry for my sudden and unexplained absence >.<, I had a random bout of mock exam stress that freaked me out enough to need a little break

BUT, my mocks are over now and I’ll start posting again normally today :D

           –  Sandra Cisneros, Loose Woman

Beatrice Tremlett.
37. Muggleborn. Neutral Opportunistic. Werewolf Mum.

adjectives: elegant, precise, jealous, ambitious, callous, pragmatic, possessive, stoic, shamelessly machiavellian, “selectively” protective (& it really only concerns her pack). house: slytherin. wand: 12 ½" yew, boomslang venom core, unyielding. patronus: none; incapable. vice: luxury~, cigarettes, the rush of adrenaline that accompanies getting what she wants. virtue: she protects what’s hers. allegiance: the her wolf pack. objective: power, status, recognition, alpha. nemesis: purebloods & (low key) fenrir greyback. boggart: weakness, inadequacy, insignificance, losing what little she truly cares for. amortentia: red wine, vanilla, mint leaves, warm blood, woody/leather scented cologne. strength: transfiguration, hexes, duelling, potions (poisons). weakness: arrogance, wrath, envy, insecurity about her blood purity, lol none she’s a queen.

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