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Hah, you guys I finally finished!  Hope it’s worth the wait. 




I miss this so much I used to look so bloody bad ass!


Hi potato head, so I’m like 12 to 13 weeks, depends on when you read this okay? and it’s almost father’s day here… So happy father’s day, I guess.

I went to my first ultra-sound without you, took Toby and she is a very supportive person I think she shall adopt your unborn child. Moving on I have bad news, we are having a plum, but there was a strong chance it would be a fruit since, you know. More news, it looks like a human now, sort of like and if I press my bump it probably kicks back, but I really can’t feel anything. My belly is starting to show and the doctor started to search for an heart beat and Adam you should have listened to it, weak but I swear it felt like I finally knew we are going to be parents and I swear that if you were here you would have cried.  Anyways, we can start telling people it’s safe now, you should start by all the females in your camp you know? And also tell them we are going to get married and we are having triplets just for fun okay?

I thought on writing and not really skyping this because it seems more romantic and I want something for our grand kids to sell one day and make people on the store believe we are some sort of very romantic cheesy couple, who had no choice but to talk this way due to bad internet connection, it shall be a story people will never stop talking about. I also sent this because you can’t really send a picture through a computer right? and hang it on a wall I think that’s what you guys do there? And if you can’t listen to a heartbeat at least, I got to give you a father’s day gift?  Bubbles and Pan send you a lick on the face, different sides because they are jealous. We seriously miss you and everything you brought home except the vegetables, nobody misses that. I also have been sending you letters since day one but you never said a dang about them on Skype so you better talk about the baby next time!

Love you like potatoes, keep safe, Apple Jerkins.


Witches Of Moonlight Falls (Season 4): Part 29}

- Bewitched Resurrection  - 

Dark demonic energy pulsed through Doreen’s death pale skin, her veins had risen as she was in a bewitched state and her long red hair was flowing with magic. Her anger was above a witches scorn, not only had the charmed ones left her to burn the the depths of hell but they’ve managed to escape her through a portal to another reality… It explains why the manor is empty and the whole town is stuck in gloomy shade and a strange silence. 

Doreen came across a dead body and she decided… Why not bring them back from the dead? Resurrect this mysterious woman? Heal her wounds with black magic! Doreen still had her inner witch, the sisters couldn’t steal her powers away all that time ago. Doreen looks over the body of the woman. 

The woman wears a black mask, a tight leather outfit and a belt of knives, she was definitely an assassin of some kind and judging by her long platinum blonde wig and gothic lipstick she had a reputation? 

What if Doreen brought her back from the dead and brainwashed her so she’d have a new recruit to help her kill the charmed ones. If she’s an assassin then she may have the skills.

 Doreen holds her hand over the woman’s body, she then mutters a few Latin rhymes and her magic responded. The hand she held over the assassin glowed in a bright yellow light, shining over her wounds her blood retracted and slowly healed the woman. Eventually the woman opened her eyes. Revived at last.

Doreen: “Alive and kicking I see?”

Black Canary: “Ugh… What happened? I feel like I’ve just come back from the dead!” she stood up, her vision blurred.

 Doreen: "You have darling!”

Black Canary: “WHAT! Wait who the hell are you!” She saw her red eyes and black veins and went for her belt dagger.

Doreen: “Calm down! And please don’t say hell, I’ve recently left the place.” 

Black Canary: “Your a witch!? I kill witches! I’m a witch hunter.” 

 Doreen: “ah ah! I wouldn’t do that if I were you, I can snap your neck with a blink of an eye you fool. I brought you back to life for a reason. Tell me who you are!” 

 Black Canary: “I’m an assassin and I go by the name of the BLACK CANARY! Many fear me, especially witches. I had a partner… The Black Widow… I’m am unsure of her location… Wait why am I telling you this? Why did you bring me back from the dead?” 

 Doreen: "I believe we share the same enemy my dear."Doreen has made an alliance with the Black Canary and will have to recruit the Black Widow next. First she’ll have to reopen the portal.

Hey pixelberry you should really add accessories. *cough cough* glasses

itstrickstersugar asked:

Do mirrors freak you out at night too? Cause if so, I feel you. Which is why I'm easily scared at night. Usually gotta have a light on somewhere. o-e

YES. It must be lame but yes seeing mirror in the middle of night scare me orz that mirror I used for taking selfie is positioned in the main room of my house, and whenever I need to go to bath room in the night I must pass on it and I always try my best to not glance at it ;__; I also scared of darkness and can’t sleep if the light off so… yeah orz

Wife I feel you so much T_T

anonymous asked:

Surely you have an opinion on how women are treated in the colonies (or everywhere else in that time period)

“It is an insult — not only to them, but to the earth as well.
They are treated with no respect,  as if they  are children;
they  are  not  given  half   what  they  deserve.  I  cannot
imagine what has  possessed this society  to act the way
that it does towards them.”