Witches Of Moonlight Falls (Season 5): Part 10}

- Oh! Susanna -

Edgar: “Darling, I’m not sure we should go through with this…”

Susanna: “I want to use my gifts to bring you inspiration, my love. And it may even be fun!”

Edgar: “Or dangerous [gulp].”

Susanna: “Danger can be fun.”

 As she said this, the wind howled outside could that be a warning… Too late;

Susanna {spell}“Spirits of the afterlife, join us! Spiritus revelate veniate anmai-”

24th and Final Chapter of Filleann an Feall by dead-dog-blues 

The air cracked as the Raven King seethed. He lashed out without warning, fist flying in a flurry of feathers as it sailed towards Crom’s face. Crom simply raised an eyebrow, blinked, and was gone. The Raven King stumbled, as Crom flickered back into being at the side of the cliff.

Body shaming isn't okay

I went on a week long trip, with a friend of mine, to go and stay with some friends in Winnipeg, Canada. During the trip, the first few days were going by amazingly. I hadn’t gotten in any fights, been depressed as often as usual and I actually felt comfortable.

However, it was the night when my friend’s dad came up two days before we left that everything started going downhill.

We were at a Vietnamese restaurant and my friend’s dad was trying to teach me how to use chopsticks. And he looks at me and says, “if we you were to take a month trip to China, you’d starve.” I started to chuckle and was about to agree. He THEN looks under the table, looks back up at me and says, “maybe that’s something you should consider.”

After that comment, I looked at him then down at my food–honey barbecue chicken with rice–before I pushed my food away. I couldn’t even eat it. I felt like an elephant and a hippo all rolled into one. Needless to say, I didn’t eat that night.

However, on the way back from dinner, I had had a few strawberry daiquiris and wasn’t feeling anything. So, I mentioned it and my friend’s dad looks at me and goes, “well, since you’re a *clears throat* bigger person it will take a lot more for you to feel anything.”

I didn’t speak. I simply sat in the passenger seat of his truck and just stared out the window. I had gotten taken down in one day, when I had such a good week. The fact that ONE person who told only cruel jokes to me, finally got to me because he found my self destruct button.

I want EVERYONE to know that BODY SHAMING ISN’T OKAY. People are people. They can seem confident, but be more brittle than a butterflies wing. Even if they don’t seem that confident, KEEP YOUR JOKES TO YOURSELF. They’ve obviously dealt without ridicule for how they look, without having another comment to make them feel worse about themselves. RESPECT OTHERS AND HOW THEY LOOK.

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My dad is commissioning me for a poster for his school when it starts up again and it involves a bunch of superheroes, which is neat, but it’s so bittersweet because one one hand, I’m very glad my dad recognizes that he has to pay me for work even though I’m his daughter and I also love drawing superheroes, but on the other hand, I live with him, so there’s a constant “Heeeeeey are you working on my poster?” and also he wants me to mix Marvel and DC which makes me cringe a teensy bit.


Secrets, Bruised and Broken - Part 3

Epilogue / Part 1 : Three Years, A House and Surprises…

Dan and I were rounding up on our three year anniversary, which you could say, I was excited for. Sure we had our fights, the petty kind, where I yelled at him for not putting his dirty dishes in the dishwasher or him being 20 minutes late for a date. Stupid stuff like that, but nothing ever led to a breakup or anything ( Thank God ). Dan and I were still living separately, but like before, Dan was always over at my place or I was over at his.  Nothing had changed between Dan and Phil, they were still best friends, they were still together all the time. The only difference now was, Phil and I were so much closer than before. Every time I stayed over at their place, I would always sneak away from Dan just to play video games with Phil. Dan didn’t mind though, he was happy Phil and I got along so well. Alice and Alec had their third child, who happened to be another little boy, that they names Jack. He was just as sweet as his his two older brothers, Liam and Lyle adored their little brother. It was just so sweet to be around. Even Scottie met an extremely down to earth girl named Britt, then after knowing her for a few weeks ( 5 in fact ), he finally asked her out ( Yes, he works slowly ). That was over a year ago and now, she’s one of my great friends, she’s just so quiet and sweet. All the same people worked in the cafe and I was still friends with them all, yeah not much had actually changed.


“ So, your’s and Dan’s third anniversary is coming up soon, how many days? ” Alice questioned as she stood across from me at the cafe, I was behind the counter trying to work. “ 8 days ” I stated quickly, she smiled “ I’m not surprised though, I know you’re going to be together forever! ”. I rolled my eyes as I chuckled “ I know, you and Alec always tell me…. Alice, not to be rude, but are you going to order anything? Cause if not, I need to get back to work ”, she sighed slightly and nodded “ All right, but we need to have a girls day soon. You, I and Britt, okay? ”, I smiled widely “ Cool, I need some new clothing items ”, she chuckled giving me a quick hug over the counter “ I’ll text you, to figure out when your free ”. I nodded once more as I watched her walk away from me, there was only an hour left of my shift and I was ready to leave. “ So, what are you and little Daniel doing tonight? ” Joe questioned mockingly, I shrugged “ I’m taking him and Phil dinner tonight, but then I’ll probably just go home after word ”. He chuckled while nodding “ You two have turned into that boring / lovey dovey couple, haven’t you? ”, I sighed running a hand through my hair “ We’re not all that lovey dovey, but yeah we might as well  be that couple ”. “ Aren’t you ever gonna move in with him? ” Caspar questioned as he walked up to us, I shrugged once more “ It’s not up to me guys, It’s Dan’s decision, I’m not going to force him into anything ”. They both nodded, “ I think it’ll happen, I know he wants to live with you… I can just tell ” Caspar stated with a large smile. I rolled my eyes trying to wave them away, but they just wouldn’t take the hint. “ Have you talked to him about it? ” Joe questioned with a smirk,  I only shook my head no. “ Well, you need to get on with it! ” Kyle exclaimed from the back, I rolled my eyes “ It’s not a big deal, I’m in no hurry… So, can we just drop it guys ”. They sighed deeply, but nodded. 

After work, I walked over to Dan and Phil’s place, carrying food for those two nerds. I unlocked their flat door, instantly hearing shouts and banter from the both of them. I  chuckled quietly to myself as I walked over to the room I knew they were in, I took in a deep breath and opened the door. “ Hey guys, I brought you dinner ” I stated with a smile, their eyes never left the screen they were focused on. “ Thanks babe… Crap!!! ” Dan shouted at the television, causing Phil and I to chuckle at him.  He set his controller down and frowned     “ Don’t laugh at me, I just lost on the game I chose!! ”, I rolled my eyes from the doorway “ Well, now. I bet you deserved to lose, you were probably being all cocky, about how good you were, right ”. Phil nodded with a large smile,             “ You’re my girlfriend Elle, you’re supposed to be on my side! ” Dan stated still pouting. I rolled my eyes “ Debatable… Now, I’ll be in the kitchen if you two want to eat the food I brought you ”,  I didn’t even wait for a response. I just walked into the kitchen, placing the two containers of food on the counter. I quickly pulled out my phone, ordering a pizza from Domino’s ( since I was planning on going home ). Dan and Phil walked into the room with smiles on their faces,       “ Aren’t you eating? ” Dan asked staring at me questionable. I shook my head while smiling “ No, I’ve gotta get home to Bern’s and I’ve already ordered myself a pizza…. I also figured you two could have some best friend time ”, they both stared at me for a few seconds. “ You know you don’t have to leave though ” Dan sighed sitting next to me, “ Yeah, I love having you around ” Phil smiled widely. I chuckled quietly “ I know I don’t have to go, but I need some alone time and so do you….. I just wanted to bring you both dinner ”, Dan nodded and sighed deeply. “ Thanks again Elle ” Phil smiled while giving me a quick hug, after word Dan engulfed me in a tight hug. “ I’ll close my eyes, if you guys wanna kiss ” Phil stated with a cheeky smirk, I rolled my eyes as I looked up and pecked Dan on the lips. “ I’ll see you both later okay, I love you ” I sighed slowly, Dan nodded quietly. “ Aw, I love you too sweet cheeks ” Phil giggled,      " Ugh, shut up Phil! “ Dan groaned glaring at his best friend. I chuckled giving Dan another quick kiss ” Bye guys, have a good night “, both of them smiled as I walked out the door.

Hours later, I was sitting on the sofa, wrapped in a blanket, empty pizza box next to me. All the lights were off and I was stupidly watching Sinister, by myself. I’d seen it before, but every time I watched it, it freaked me out. I was hiding my eyes at a certain point in the film, when I started hearing quiet / freaky noises coming from the corridor. Logical explanation would be that it was just Bernie, but he was asleep down by my feet. I paused the movie to listen, I heard my flat door open quietly and then close quietly. I was confused and a bit scared, I wasn’t expecting anyone. I wasn’t sure what to do, so I just sat there…. ” Elle… Are you awake? “ Dan whispered as he entered the lounge, ” Oh My God! You scared the shit outta me… Jerk… “ I exclaimed rather loudly. He chuckled while switching on the light, ” That’s what you get for watching scary movies in the dark “ he stated with a smirk. ” Well, I didn’t think anyone was coming over. I thought you were a demon thing! “ I sighed with a small frown, he chuckled while laying down next to me ” I’m sorry… “. I smiled silently ” It’s okay. I thought you were having a best friend night with Phil “, he smirked ” I was, but I missed you “. I chuckled softly as I cuddled into him ” Clingy much? “, he nodded confidently ” Yeah “, Part of me believed he was actually proud of being all clingy, which only caused me to smile wide. Sometime after that we both ended up falling asleep, which was typical.


[ 8 Days Later ]

I quickly opened my eyes and sat up, because I was woken up by the fire alarm going off in the kitchen. I groaned to myself and threw off the duvet, I already knew what was going on. ” Shh… Shhh… Oh my God! “ Dan exclaimed quietly, I smirked to myself as I walked into the kitchen. ” Haven’t you learned yet? This always happens when you try to cook for me “ I stated crossing my arms over my chest and smiling at him, he let out a deep sigh ” There’s something wrong with your oven, This is Not my fault “. ” Oh, of course not “ I stated as I opened a few windows, to let some of the smoke out. ” I should’ve thought to do that “ he groaned slightly, I smiled while giving him a hug. ” I was just trying to do something nice for you… Since it’s our anniversary… I just feel bad that we can’t do anything big tonight “ Dan mumbled quietly, I smiled ” Dan, I don’t care about doing anything big today… It’s not your fault that our anniversary fell on a Sunday, the day of yours and Phil’s radio show “. He smiled hugging me tightly ” I know… I swear we’ll do something special tomorrow “, I nodded ” Okay, but you owe me a cuddle when you get back “. He chuckled quietly ” You’re on… Now, let’s go get breakfast at the cafe, I nodded once more “ Sounds great ”.

[ Later that Night ]

The clock read 6:00 pm, I had an hour to get stuff done, before the boys radio-show. So, I cleaned up around my flat, took a shower, fed Bernie ( Normal things ). By 7 pm, I collapsed on the sofa with my laptop on my lap. I let out a deep sigh as the two of them popped up on the screen. The same old banter went on between them, some dancing and a lot of laughs. 20 minutes into the radio show, Phil smiled slyly at the camera. “ So Dan, I heard today is a very special day for you, right? ” Phil questioned Dan, who grinned widely. “ Yeah, today is my three year anniversary with my lovely and Amazing girlfriend ”  Dan stated with a large smile. I let out a deep sigh while shaking my head in embarrassment, what were these two doing?. “ Do you have anything planned? Like a special surprise ”  Phil asked, Dan shrugged slightly while smirking “ I actually have a little surprise planned ”. “ Oh really? Well, do you think she has any idea you’ve been planning this little surprise for almost a year now?… Oh No, what if she’s watching?! ” Phil questioned sounding shocked and concerned, but I knew it was fake, they were joking.  They must’ve had this planned for a while, they knew I’d be watching, so it wouldn’t come to a surprise to them. “  If she is watching, then she knows now ” Dan stated back as he tried to hide his smile, “ So, is there anything you wanna tell her, that is if she’s watching? ”  Phil smirked toward the camera. I rolled my eyes while patting Bernie on the head, who had been sitting next to me the entire time. “ What the hell could he have planned? What’s going on Bern’s? ” I paused for a slight second, before smiling widely “ What if he bought me another little kitty, Bernie do you want a brother of sister? ” ( Yeah, I still haven’t let that go ). I focused back on the radio show just as Dan smiled at the camera, “ Elle, I know you’re watching. So, I just wanted to say Happy anniversary and I love you…. And if you take a look in your bedside drawer, hidden under your mess of papers, you’ll find a little something from me ” he stated confidently, “ I’m sure she’ll be surprised ” Phil stated with another little smirk. They then went on to say a few more things and play a few songs ( It was just that easy for them to change the subject ). I sat there frozen, before pushing my laptop off of my lap ( Making sure it didn’t fall to the floor  and break ). I sprinted into my bedroom, still hearing the radio show continue in the lounge. I walked over to the bedside table quickly opening it and throwing the mess of papers in it, around. Sitting there, in the bottom of the drawer, was a little black box. I stared at it for the longest time, confused to what was going on. I picked it up slowly, while taking in a deep breath. When I opened it, I was surprised, sat there was a single silver key.        " What? “ I asked myself. I really didn’t know what what to think, I already had a key to his place. So then, what the hell was this key for?. I closed the small box and carried it into the lounge, now all I had to do was wait until he came back tonight, that’s when I’d get my answers.

[ 2 Hours Later ] 

Dan walked through my flat door, only to find me half asleep on the sofa. ” Hi! “ I exclaimed with my eyes still shut, but I knew it was him. He quickly laid down next to me, cuddling me into his side. ” Are you still up to cuddle? “ he questioned, I nodded with a small smile. ” Did you find your surprise? “ he asked quietly, I opened my eyes and sighed ” Yeah, but what’s it for? “. He smiled widely ” I was just wondering if you wanted to move in with me? “, I stared at him confused for a second ” What?… with like, you and Phil? “. He chuckled softly and shook his head ” No, with just Me… Do you think you could handle that? “, ” Can I bring Bernie? “ I asked stupidly. ” Of course you can, weirdo! “ he chuckled, I smiled ” Okay, I think we could make that happen… So, are you moving in here? “. He groaned slightly ” No Elle, why would I give you a key to your own flat?… I’ve been secretly looking for a place for us. It’s between my old place and the cafe, so it’s perfect. Phil can come over as much as he wants and if we need some space from each other for a few hours, I can go over there for a while “, I sighed quietly ” Is it a bigger flat? “. ” No “ he stated with a smirk ( I know he was laughing at my stupidity ), I raised an eyebrow        ” You bought a house! Are you Joking! “. He sighed deeply ” No Elle, I’m not Joking. I bought the perfect house for us “, ” Why? “ I asked stupidly again ( I was still half asleep though, don’t blame me ). He smiled ” Because I Love You and I wanna live with you “, I pecked him on the lips ” Okay, what’s it like? How many rooms does it have? Did you already buy furniture? “. He chuckled while shaking his head ” Don’t worry, you’ll love it and you can see it tomorrow, okay “, I nodded with a large grin on my face ” Cool “. That was the last thing I said, before falling into a deep sleep. Three Weeks Later. I’d now been living with Dan for a total of 21 days and so far, everything was running smoothly. The house was two story’s, 5 rooms ( Which was more than enough for two people ). There was a large lounge, which connected to a small dinning area, There was a decent sized kitchen and also three bathrooms, because people did need those in houses.  It was perfect, just like Dan had said.  Our bedroom was the biggest,  the room next to ours was transformed into a gaming area, which Dan and Phil spent a lot of time in there. One of the smaller rooms was used for a quest room, in case any of our friends wanted to come stay over for the night. I honestly never thought any of this would happen, not with the small wave of depression I went through after the loss of Penelope ( I’d grown to accept it, I still didn’t like it, but there wasn’t much I could do about it now, except live for our little lost baby ) and to think, there were a few times in my life, I didn’t want to be alive any longer. I was so Happy and I could never imagine life any other way, Dan saved me more than once. Cause before him,  I never thought there were good guys in the world,  I mean my father beat the shit outta me for no reason, Jeremy was just a sick individual. What else could I have thought, when you were never around good people at a young age. I’ve changed a lot since those days though, I’m stronger and I’m in Love, I don’t think Life could get any better.


[ A Year Later ] 

I let out a deep sigh as I stood staring at myself in the mirror, I was at work, locked in the bathroom. Nothing was really wrong, I was just feeling extremely sick. ” Elle? Are you okay? “ Faye’s kind voice asked me from the other side of the door, I let out a small sigh ” Yeah, I’m alright… I just think I’m getting the flu… “. ” Okay, just take as much time as you need… When you’re finished, I do need to speak with you and Alec, okay “ she stated seriously ( Oh Geez, Am I in trouble? ), ” Alright…“ I mumbled quietly. I stood there for a few seconds, before rushing back to the toilet and puking once more. I’ve been feeling shitty like this for the last few days, which was very inconvenient for me, since tomorrow was Date night with Dan, I knew I wouldn’t be feeling good Enough to go. 20 Minutes Later. I walked into Faye’s office, where Alec was already sitting. ” How are you feeling Elle? “ Alec questioned with a sympathetic smile, I nodded slowly as I sat down next to him ” I just feel really ill “. He nodded with a sigh, as Faye joined us in her office. ” So, I wanted to talk to you guys today, about your jobs.  Now I honestly think the both of you are the best workers I have here, just don’t tell anyone I said that, because I will deny I ever said it.. “ Faye started to say, but paused to chuckle quietly ” Now this isn’t going to happen for a few years, I just wanted to run the idea by you two now… I’m getting older, we all know that. One day I’ll want to retire, but I want to leave this place to someone that will care about it as much as I do, I want someone to take good care of it and run it properly. I was just wondering if the two of you would be interested in being co - owners, you’ll be partners in owning this place “. Large smiles appeared on Alec and I’s faces, as we nodded happily. ” I’d be honored Faye “ Alec stated seriously, I just continued to smile like an idiot, but really I was just to afraid to open my mouth ( I knew if I said something, I’d probably just throw up again ). ” We’ll talk about it a lot more later on, I just wanted to ask….. So, you’re okay with it? “ Faye smiled, Alec and I nodded rapidly. ” Great! Well, that’s all I wanted to talk about…. Ellie, you can take the rest of the day off if you need to “ Faye smiled widely at me ( She was always so nice ), I furrowed my eyebrows and shook my head ” No, It’s okay, I’m fine “. ” Elle, you’re obviously not. Maybe you need to just go home and rest “ Alec stated as he patted me on the back,   ” But, I have a day off tomorrow and I don’t wanna miss that much work “ I muttered with my head down slightly, feeling another wave of nausea come back around. Faye chuckled ” Elle, you know you don’t have to worry about it. You need to get yourself checked out, because if you do have the flu, we can’t have you around other peoples food “, ( Good point ) I thought as I looked at them. ” Okay, I guess you’re right… But, I’ll be back the day after tomorrow, unless I have the flu.. “ I stated sternly, too bad it came out like a whisper. Alec and Faye nodded, both with large smiles, showing me it was okay to take a few days off to make sure everything was fine with my health. I stood up and slowly walked to the back of the cafe ( Like the staff only room ), I collected my things and left.

I barely made it home without having to pull over and throw up, it was hard though. When I reached the house, I quickly walked in, threw my bag across the room and sprinted to the bathroom. I didn’t even know if Dan was home, I was in to much of a hurry to check. ” Elle, is that you? “ I heard a voice ask, but my head was spinning far to much for me to know who it was ( But I’m pretty sure it was Dan ). Once I finished, I sat down on the floor and put my head in my hands. Dan walked through the door and knelt down in front of me and sighed deeply ” Elle, what’s wrong “, I shrugged slightly ” I feel bad… really bad, I came home early because I couldn’t stop puking at work… Dan, I don’t think I’ll be able to go out tomorrow, I just have a feeling, I’ll still be sick “. He chuckled slightly while rubbing my back ” It’s fine, we’ll just stay in tomorrow… Have a nice cuddle on the sofa with Bernie, we can have a Netflix date night, alright “, I only nodded slightly with a small smile. ” Come on, I’ll help you get to bed… I’ll take care of you “ Dan stated as he helped me up, ” Thank You…. “ I muttered softly. Man, I just ruin everything? Don’t I?


The next day came by quickly and though I felt better, Dan and I just decided to stay in anyway.  I had basically spent the entire day on the sofa, as Dan had other things to do. But now, we were sitting on the sofa together, pizza on our laps and the movie Dan had chosen playing on the TV. It was fucking boring.    ” I’m glad you feel good enough to eat, I was worried about you last night “ Dan stated with a cheeky grin, I sighed deeply ” Yeah… I still feel a bit queasy, but so far so good… Now, I’m just starving “. He chuckled quietly ” You really didn’t eat anything yesterday, so I’m not surprised “, I nodded letting out another deep sigh ” Can we change this, I’m Bored Dan! “. He chuckled as draped an arm over my shoulder ” Okay, what do you wanna watch?…. Let me guess, Once Upon a Time or American Horror Story “, I frowned ” What’s wrong with that? “.   ” Elle, that’s all you literally ever watch “ he stated with a mocking tone in his voice, ” I can’t help that I love them… Come on “ I said as I looked at him with puppy dog eyes. ” Fine… What are we watching? “ he groaned while rolling his eyes, ” American Horror Story, season 1… I could use a little bit of Tate Langdon in my life, right about now “ I smiled widely. He nodded with a smile and turned on the show.

We sat on the sofa for hours, watching different shows and movies. We were cuddled up together, with Bernie right by our side. The time was 8:40 pm, I could tell Dan was nervous for some reason, he just wouldn’t sit still. ” Dan, what’s wrong? “ I questioned with a sigh, he shot me a quick smile ” I’m fine… “. I rolled my eyes “ You’re lying. Now Tell me what’s wrong? ”, he sighed deeply   “ Don’t worry Elle, I’m okay ”. I sighed slightly, but nodded. I was trying to just forget about all the squirming he was doing, but I just couldn’t let this go. I paused the movie we were watching and looked at him seriously “ Dan, what’s going on? You’re worrying me ”, he rubbed the back of his neck nervously “ I just had something planned for tonight and I still want to do it, I just don’t know how to go through with it ”. I stared at him confused. “ You wanna do it?? ” I questioned like the idiot I was, “ Oh God, are you breaking up with me??… Oh God, if you are, I get to keep Bernie! ”. He groaned loudly “ Elle, calm the fuck down. I’m not breaking up with you and Bernie was yours before we moved in together, why would I take him away from you? ”, I shrugged slightly. “ So, you wanna do it? ” I couldn’t stop myself from giggling at the question I just asked,   “ Maybe later… ” he muttered quietly. I let out an annoyed sigh “ Then if you’re not breaking up with me, then what do you wanna do?  Dan, you can tell me anything. I swear, I’ll always be there for you ”, he nodded, smiling widely at me. “ I know… ” he started to say, “ I never thought I’d ever be doing this, because I never thought I’d meet someone that I just Love with all my heart. I never wanted to make a big deal about this, I mean it is a big deal, I just never wanted to make a huge spectacle about it….. ”. “ Dan, you’re stalling ” I groaned slightly, he chuckled “ Sorry… What I’m trying to say is, ever since I saw you working in the cafe, I knew  I wanted to know you. Once you opened up and let me know the real you, I knew I loved you. We’ve had our problems and I’ve made my mistakes, a lot of them, but somehow we’ve gotten through them all… I don’t want anyone else, If I couldn’t have you, I’d rather be alone. And this is extremely sappy, cliche and cringe worthy, but Elle, you’re worth it ”. I took in a deep breath, now I was the nervous one. He dug around in his pocket for something and when he took a ring out, I felt faint. “ I was wondering if you’d marry me? ” he asked with a smile, I stared at him for a few short seconds ( Even though they seemed so long ). “ Really? ” I whispered slowly, he nodded with a nervous smile. “ Yes, I’d love too…. I’m gonna be sick though… ” I stated as I stood up and rushed to the bathroom, ( Just my luck ). I’m not entirely sure what happened after that, I just remember waking up on the sofa next to Dan. I had a wash clothe on my forehead and the ring on my finger, “ What time is it?… And what happened? ” I muttered. Dan looked at me and smiled “ It’s 1:10 am and you were continuously throwing up, so after an hour and a half, I checked on you. Only to find you sitting next to the toilet, with your back against the wall. You had fallen asleep in there, so I carried you back in here…. I also made you a doctors appointment for you tomorrow, 10:00 am ”. I let out a deep sigh as I continued to stare at the ring on my finger, “ I’m happy you answered before throwing up and falling asleep ” Dan chuckled happily. I smiled at him     “ Yeah… You know I didn’t get sick from you asking me right? ”, he nodded        " Yeah, I know you haven’t been feeling good “. I smiled at him again ” How long have you had this?… “, he shrugged slightly ” Far too long…. Elle, you should get some rest. How about you go up to bed, I’ll be right behind you. We can celebrate when you’re feeling better “. I nodded with a smile and stood up, giving him a kiss, that lasted for a good couple of minutes. Then I walked up to our bedroom, with Bernie right behind me. I climbed into bed, glancing again at my ring ( Wow, my ring… My engagement ring… Wow ). What an eventful day… I definitely wasn’t expecting that….


[ 11:10 Am, The Next Day ]

I drove home with a load of thoughts running through my head, I was on my way home after my doctors appointment. I had to go alone, since everyone else had other plans, including Dan ( Who had a few meetings ). Some unexpected results had popped up, resulting in me crying in my car, for about an hour. I was a bit nervous as to how Dan would take the news, I wasn’t even sure how I was taking it. I arrived safely at home and let out a deep sigh before walking into the house, Dan was sitting on the sofa, probably waiting for me to return home. Once he saw me in the state I was in, he quickly stood up with a worried look upon his face. ” So, what happened, Elle. What’s going on? “ he asked me seriously, I dropped my bag on the floor and wrapped my arms around him and buried my face in his neck. That’s when the tears started again and once they start, it’s hard to stop them. ” Elle, you’re scaring me. What’s wrong? “ he asked as he rubbed my back, I let out a small sob ” I’m pregnant Dan… Pregnant…. “. Wow, unexpected. But what could possibly happen now?….


Hey Guys!!! So this is the First Part of the Epilogue, there’s two more parts to the Epilogue. I Really Hope You’ll Enjoy them. This was almost 5,000 Words which is the longest Part I’ve Written… I Really Hope You Enjoyed and Thank You so much For Reading <3<3


[ʟᴏᴢ] who made us this way?

  • why people think jk rowling considered killing ron off:he was the most useless of the trio and jo hated him and she wanted hermione to be with harry
  • why jk rowling actually considered killing ron off:she was at a really bad place in her life when she thought of it as an option because she knew that ron's death would have the most impact as he was extremely important and if anything was going to break harry beyond repair it would be him thinking that he led this best friend (aka the person who meant the most to him) to his death

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Are Ravnica tabloids abuzz about the dinner between the brooding mysterious Guildpact and his beautiful but dangerous woman companion, only to have this probate rendezvous broken up by a hunky Boros busting in to the dinner by force, starting an argument and leading the mysterious woman to storm off and the now spurned Guldpact to lead the Boros back to his private Sanctum? Seems like the sort of scandal the tabloids would eat up.

‘It’s Nothing, Forget About It,’ Insists Guildpact

Trouble in the Sanctum, Sources Say

You Won’t Believe #7 – Details Inside!

We might not have gotten our letter to Hogwarts
We might not be born Shadowhunters
We might not be chosen for Good or Evil
We might not have godly parents and go on quests

But we got something more. We got more than one amazing world these characters got to live in. We got all of them.
We went to Hogwarts, together with Harry, Ron and Hermione. We learned the Shadowhunter ways along with Clary.

Reading introduced us to all these amazing realms and worlds and for that, i’ll be forever grateful. We didn’t get to experience one magical world, we got to see them all