They were old, and perhaps a bit too much reliant on descriptions of oozing fluids, and he rolled his eyes every time he came to the end of a chapter with some tasteless, pronounced cliffhanger - seriously, half of them were punctuated with actual exclamation points - but overall they were amusing, at worst.  His true reasoning for his current interest in them, however, was obviously not due to the subpar writing; there were two separate explanations.  The first being that, in the chaos of Bat-chasing, planning, running away, and short-lived incarceration, he often forgot the importance of having fun with his craft.  The research was ever important, of course, but as Edward would have - and had - advised, was it really worth doing if there wasn’t any fun to be had? He would never admit it to the insufferable brat, of course, but he was right.  Sometimes there needed to be cause to remind him why he’d started all of this.  Besides the obvious bent of revenge, anyway.  The second reason being that, in his professional capacity to do so, it was fitting that he attempt to give the stories the interpretation they deserved. He had looked into the screen adaptations and was even more disappointed with them than the original writings themselves.

He thumbed idly through the book a last time before putting it down with the stack of its brethren, found in a box of library discards tossed carelessly behind a dumpster.  He couldn’t rescue all of the books left behind, unfortunately, not that he had anywhere to put even these, but sometimes concessions needed to be made.  If he hadn’t had such respect for libraries, havens as they’d been in his unfortunate youth, he would have given them a piece of his mind for throwing them away.

“All right then,” he said to his very captive audience.  "I believe I’ve gotten all of the major points covered here. With a few… minor enhancements of my own, which goes without saying.  You see, this book professes, ‘reader beware, you’re in for a scare,’ but quite frankly I wasn’t scared at all.  Very disappointed, certainly, but not scared.“

The subject of this little experiment certainly was, and they hadn’t even begun yet. Interesting.  This was little different from, for example, a stage play, and already the anticipation of playing his part had terrified him without anything even having happened!  What an intriguing result.  He smiled to himself, though he knew all the subject could see was the glint of his glasses. He’d lit the scene that way intentionally.  He stepped forward.  

“I discussed this little setup with some acquaintances of mine… one is quite proficient in deathtraps and the other… she likes to encourage me to try new things.  We decided ‘The Scarecrow Walks at Midnight’ was a suitable place to start.  It’s not midnight as yet, so I’m afraid you’ll have to wait a little longer.”  He smiled to himself and pulled the mask over his face.

Perhaps he would start the experiment a little early…

Author’s note

I know this went in a direction you were not expecting but hopefully it still lived up to expectations.    

anonymous asked:

What are your thoughts on the episode statistical probabilities? You don't have to answer if you don't want to, I was just curious about your opinion

soooo I received this ask when I was at work like a week ago and resolved to answer it when I got home… and then promptly forgot about it. so. sorry, anon. 

anyway: I do not care for statistical probabilities but not with the visceral hatred I feel for its sequel, chrysalis. (jesus christ I hate chrysalis so fucking much oh my god but don’t get me started. or do. I’m always willing to yell about chrysalis). statistical probabilities had a lot of potential, but it fell rather disappointingly short of achieving it. 

prior to DS9, the federation had generally been portrayed as utopia – with all basic needs met and all prejudices thoroughly overcome, mankind is free to explore the stars for no other reason than the existential betterment of the species. which is fine for what it is and what it allowed tos to say in the 60s and tng to say in the 80s and 90s, but then ds9 came along and said, “well, wait a minute. maybe eradicating hunger and poverty and inequality isn’t enough. maybe a utopia created by people, with their myriad flaws, isn’t quite as perfect as the federation and starfleet would like to think.” so you get more shades of grey, things like section 31 and starfleet as a military institution (which it of course is somewhat in tos and tng, but not nearly to the same degree as in ds9.)

and you also get things like statistical probabilities. saying “infinite diversity in infinite combinations” is one thing, but the reason why quark saying of the federation“they’re worse than the borg” is so striking is because, from a certain point of view, he’s not wrong. the federation has a specific culture that follows from its economy, and member worlds tend to assimilate that culture. to do otherwise would be to chafe at the very nature of what the federation is – and that doesn’t really lend itself to peaceful cooperation. the klingons, for example, could never join the federation. their cultures are too fundamentally different.

so what does that have to do with statistical probabilities? well, the “federation as utopia” has the unfortunate implication of erasing those things that make us different, and that includes people with disabilities and neurodivergences (geordi and his blindness is a whole different post tbh and I’d have to rewatch tng before I could really get into it). ds9 takes rather an opposite tack in this regard by saying “yes, people like you exist in this universe.”

I have said before how much I love that ds9 portrays the federation as imperfect, and this is no exception. the federation may see itself as the epitome of equality, but statistical probabilities is the federation saying “people like you may exist, but they have no place in our society”. I mean, the jack pack is institutionalized for christ’s sake.

there are so many excellent moments in statistical probabilities that just slay me

Jack: Here it comes. The ‘we can still contribute’ speech. No, no, no, no, no. I will not forget what was done to me. I will not be part of a society that put me away for being too smart.

I love that Julian starts out believing what the federation has told him – that he should be ashamed of what he is, that he should pretend to be “normal”. I mean, what neurodivergent person can’t relate to that kind of kneejerk self hatred? and I love the conversation julian has with miles about “the common people”. pretending to be neurotypical is exhausting, so of course julian should revel in the company of people like him. 

so the episode has a lot of really great potential on the heels of dr. bashir I presume: what an opportunity for a scathing critique of how disability and neurodivergence are treated in today’s society, how we’re forced into neat, socially acceptable boxes, regardless of the cost to our soul. How differences are cast out, especially if those differences are inconvenient. and then instead of following through, instead of saying “you are valuable for more than what you accomplish and how well you pretend”, the episode goes back on its word and says “the federation was right about you all along, you are dangerous, you should be fixed or hidden away.”

and I absolutely hate the focus on contribution. “It’s my fault, not theirs,” julian says to miles at the end. “I should never had let things go so far. If I hadn’t been so bent on trying to prove to the world that they had something to contribute.” and of course julian should feel that way – the federation has told him, explicitly, that the only reason his presence in society is acceptable is because of what he contributes as a doctor. but then miles says, “They did contribute.” and the narrative agrees with him! the jack pack is seen as valuable – to miles, to the federation, to the galaxy – because of their contribution. and I hate that. you are not what you contribute to the world. you are inherently valuable because of who you are, not because of what you do. you do not deserve mistreatment because you’re not productive. in a post-scarcity economy, production should be the last marker of worth. you deserve food and shelter and happiness regardless of what you’re capable of, and the federation has the means to provide that. and that all logically follows from the flaws that ds9 portrays in the show, but the narrative doesn’t critique it

julian, our pov character for this episode, lets the jack pack get shipped back to the institution where the federation says they belong and doesn’t say a word against it. julian spent the first half of the episode unlearning what the federation has been whispering in his ear his whole life, but he winds up exactly where he started. and obviously it’s not his responsibility to effect change (being nd himself), but he’s the narrative opinion proxy and thus bears responsibility for what the show is trying to say. right up until the end when it becomes abruptly clear that no, julian isn’t the narrative opinion proxy, miles is. the audience isn’t supposed to identify with julian and the jack pack – we’re supposed to look at them with pity and fear and discomfort until they start pretending they’re “normal” again.

except I’m not miles. I’m julian and sarina and patrick and jack and lauren; I’m different, and statistical probabilities tells me that’s scary, something to be fixed or hidden away.

I am not broken.

thesunnyones  asked:

Rilaya duh

·         shops for groceries

They do it together. 

Maya walks around calmly with the stroller, grabbing her favorite soda and cereal in between getting all the important stuff while Riley jumps all around, grabbing a hold of anything that contains sugar.

One time one of the workers found the two of them making out in the cheese aisle but they agreed to never speak of that day…

·         kills the spiders

They both kind of just stay in bed until they forget it’s there…

One time, Maya was sitting in their living room, playing a video game, while Riley was in their room, reading a book. Okay but then Maya saw a spider on the coffee table and she ran to their bedroom and told Riley that there was a spider out there so they were both kinda arguing over who should go kill it so eventually Maya was like “Fine!” And then instead of walking out, she pushed Riley out of the room and leaned back against the door saying, “You can’t come in until you kill it!” So Riley sighed and grabbed a slipper and went to go kill it but by the time she got back to the living room, the spider wasn’t on the table, so she started freaking out and tried to run back to her room, but the spider was on the door, okay? So Riley screamed really loudly, resulting in Maya swinging the door open just as Riley threw her slipper at the spider and long story short, Riley threw a slipper right at Maya’s face. Yeah, Maya went to the hospital because of a bloody nose and the spider now rules over their apartment….

·         comes home drunk at 3am

Riley does.

She lazily stumbled through the door, holding her heels in her hand, hiccuping repeatedly and her make up is smeared over her face and she always expects Maya to be asleep by then, but Maya knows Riley and so she always waits for her to get home so she can get her some aspirin and water and tuck her in and tell her that she’s still beautiful no matter how terrifying she may look in that moment.

·          makes breakfast

Maya does.

Riley can’t cook, she can get the spaghetti out of the fridge, but she can’t use the stove or she’ll burn down their home. However, Maya always wakes up really late so they eat breakfast at noon. Maya makes a mean pancake though!

·         remembers to feed the fish


Maya once overfed them and so they died (EXPLODED) and Riley never truly forgave her. Plus, ever since Goldie number-(well, who really knows how many Goldie’s there were?) Riley told promised herself she wouldn’t ever let another fish die. 

·         decorates the apartment

They do it together.

Maya is an artist after all, she’s got an eye for these things, and Riley has always been good at planning and designing and making everything look presentable.

·         initiates duets


She adores Maya’s voice but the blonde is always hesitant to sing and so Riley always starts them off and pushes Maya to join her.

·         falls asleep first


And then after she does, Maya just kind of looks at her and smiles and wonders how she ever go so lucky.

The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay is one of those books that is very near and dear to my heart, so here’s A WIP depicting the Golem and the Escapist, two legendary beings brought to life from imagination and inanimate matter: one from clay, the other from ink on paper. Read the novel guys. You will not regret it.

anonymous asked:

For the book thing: Avielle of Rhia

haven’t heard of it | will check it out | will not read it | haven’t read it yet |didn’t like it | it was okay | enjoyed it | a must read | this book is my life | LIFERUINER 

Okay, so I requested a review copy of this book and it finally came and I am so astounded by how GORGEOUS this cover is that I cannot contain my excitement! Just look at those colors.. that design… and it’s Ancient Greek related.. I’m in heaven.

For those curious: The book is called Ithaca and from what I’ve gathered it’s a form of a retelling of The Odyssey in which Telemachus, Odysseus’ son, goes out to find out what happened to his father. I’m just super excited because I’m a total classics geek and it’s just such an exciting idea and I can’t wait to start it! Have any of you heard of it/read it?

Okay I read book which remind me of Stony. I’ll write a oneshot about that but adapt it a little ‘cause it’s friendship story and I’ll change it into love story and few other things. Btw this is pre serum Steve.

Warning: heartbreaking

Ships: Stony, Pepperony, SharonxSteve, SharonxTony

Tony has fiancée Pepper. She wants to know where is Tony going every sunday afternoon. She asked a lot of times but he tried to escape it. But it was time, she has to know if they are planning future together.

One sunday he take her in little town where he grew up. They skip his house and went to local cemetery. There was one grave different than others. It was nice, if you could tell it for the place like that. It was full of fresh flowers.


4th July 1982 - 18th May 2002

I’m sorry, Tony.

They sit there and Tony started talking about his history he wasn’t proud of. He needs a lot of courage for this.

Howard and Maria, Tony’s parents, tried for so long to get a child and finally it happened. He come to world. They were overprotecting him. Maria was protecting him in good and bad acts. Howard would punish him if he do something wrong but it was rarely because he was never home.

Tony was very smart kid and he doesn’t need much to learn. He was very popular in school. He knew how to use it. He use his friends for everything he needed.

One summer day, boy named Steve comes to that little town. That was when everything changed.

He was two years younger than Tony but he looks even more younger because of his appearence. His mother was sick and he take care of her. Howard help them a lot which made Tony more jealous. He wanted the two of them to become friends and Tony couldn’t even think of that.

But the real reason why he didn’t like Steve was Howard who sometimes seem to love Steve even more than Tony. He always laud him.

He use every chance to make jokes and laugh at him in front of all his friends.

Steve never told anything that Tony do to him to his mother or Tony’s parents. That made Tony prank him more frequently.

Steve’s mother died when they finished school and Howard take care of Steve and both of them enter same high school.

In high school everything was the same. Steve was smart usually called nerd and Tony was famous.

At the end of high school. Steve taught of his feelings, he wanted to forget Tony. He fall in love with girl, Sharon. When Tony saw that he get idea.

Tony made Sharon fall in love with him and they go out secretly. He told her to go on prom with Steve, what she did and then Tony propose to her, when Steve taught something’s finally going fine to him, it was all Tony’s plan. He was broken.

From that moment Steve didn’t come home, he didn’t call. After some time he started sending letters to Howard, he said he joined army and that he is in war.

Tony went to college. He didn’t feel good for what he done to Steve, he had nightmares and he wanted to apologize. He changed. He couldn’t stop thinking of Steve and what he did to him.

At weekend he went home and wanted to find Steve and apologize to him. He read letters from Steve and then he get the last one. Last one was for him. For Tony.

In letter he said he love him and he forgive him everything. Tony started crying. Remorse which he felt now was indescribable moreover because he felt the same about Steve and what he done to him was because he taught it was wrong.

Tony felt that he must find Steve. He must apologize to him personaly.

The day Steve was supposed to come back Tony went to wait for him but he didn’t come. Tony find out that Steve died for friend whose name was Tony.

Tony’s heart break into pieces. He asked for Steve’s body he wanted to bury him. Nobly because he was hero.

Tony couldn’t forgive himself. He made him the most beautiful monument and visit him every sunday bringing him fresh flowers and tell him that he still loves him.

“Pepper I want you to know this. I would never love you like I love him.” Tony said.

Pepper was shocked. She disappear. One year she didn’t saw Tony. Then one sunday she went to Steve’s grave because she knew that she can find him there.

She have four months old baby in her arms.

“Pepper…” Tony said.

“Tony, meet your son.” she said and he look at baby. He realize she was pregnant. He take him in his arms.

“What is his name?” Tony asked looking at baby.

“I was actually thinking, if you agree… Steve.” she said.

His heart stopped for few seconds. He hug baby and kiss his forehead.


Have you ever seen one of your childhood book OTPs on the screen together for the first time and literally started crying? BECAUSE I AM RIGHT NOW.

slightgods  asked:

hey, do you think you can recommend some of your fav books?

oh my gosh, yeah totally! I don’t know if you have the same taste as me, but I will try my best! c:

that’s a lot of books and honestly I probably forgot a bunch of them, but these are some of my all time faves! I also linked them all to their goodreads page just in case you wanted to see what they are about (since I’m really bad at summarizing!) those that are part of a series are linked to the first book!

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aristotle and dante discover the secrets of the universe (if you're still doing the book thing)

haven’t heard of it | will check it out | will not read it | haven’t read it yet |didn’t like it | it was okay | enjoyed it | a must read | this book is my life | LIFERUINER 

like you don’t understand i’ve written a full length screenplay based on this book

10 books I love (book tag)

If you were tagged, that means I want to know what 10 of your favorite books are! Let’s go.

Rules: List ten books that have stayed with you in some way. Don’t think too hard or for more than a few minutes. Tag ten people, including me, so I’ll see your list! 

Thanks @thestorychaser for tagging me! 


1. A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness I read this one in the wake of my uncle’s death, and immediately had my sister and mother read it as well. We all enjoyed it, which may be the first time in the history of the universe that all three Brancaccio women were in full agreement about something. It’s wonderfully written and the haunting illustrations are at once creepy and strangely comforting. 

2. The Book Thief by @zusakbooks Even years after my first reading, I think about Book Thief quite often- which I suppose is the definition of ‘a book that stays with you’. The themes of innocence (and loss thereof) and humanity are what draw me to this book again and again. And now that I think about it- it’s just about time for my yearly re-read of this masterpiece. 

3. Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz I remember at age 13 being forced to read this one for a school reading competition. I initially didn’t want to (I wasn’t much of an action fan at the time) but by the end of the school year, I’d reread it at least five times. Alex Rider and I had a lot in common- we both did martial arts, we both liked to snowboard, we both were misunderstood by our friends and family (him because he was secretly a superspy, me because I spent all my time with my nose in a book about teen superspies). Stormbreaker is responsible for introducing me to the wonderful world of action, a genre I still love, as well as the world of ‘fandom’; there used to be a messageboard on the Anthony Horowitz website (It has long since disappeared) and I whiled away many a Sunday afternoon chatting with strangers about my favorite book.

4. Me and Earl and the Dying Girl by @jesseandrews I stumbled across Earl a few months ago, and it’s one of the funniest books I’ve ever read. Andrews encapsulates perfectly the moody, underwhelming reality of being a 21st century teen with this one. The movie is EXCELLENT (even my dad, the biggest movie critic I know, agrees with me) and did not receive nearly the amount of attention it should have. I think it’s on HBOGo, check it out.

5. The Story of English in 100 Words by David Crystal. If you’re a word nerd like me- that is, if you like etymology and learning the history behind your favorite words- The Story of English is nothing short of a DELIGHT. It’s funny and engaging and educational- seriously, I love this book. I’ve read it twice. 

6. Okay for Now by Gary Schmidt This book was unexpectedly hilarious and touching. I loved the main character and got a real feel for what life was like in the Vietnam war era. 

(Schmidt’s book Orbiting Jupiter has actually stayed with me longer, but it’s so heart wrenchingly sad that I still don’t know if I liked it. I’m literally tearing up just thinking about Orbiting. Maybe it’s because I work with foster kids so this book hit a little too close to home; but, yeah, read at your own risk.)

7. World War Z by Max Brooks I love the writing style of this one. I’m not a huge zombie fan, but I love how many smart writers out there (the TV writers of The Walking Dead come to mind) have used the trope of a zombie apocalypse to explore deeper themes of love and humanity. I’m also a geo-political nerd (I was an International Studies minor in college), so my favorite thing about the book was the different “what if” scenarios the played out between different countries in the face of a worldwide catastrophe. 

8. Siddhartha by Herman Hesse Apparently this is one of those books your high school English teacher generally foists upon you, but for me, it was a birthday present from a high school friend. So maybe the fact that I wasn’t forced to read Hesse’s novel meant that I had a deeper appreciation for it. I loved the main character’s spiritual journey and there was a lot to unpack beyond the simple plot. I had similar feelings upon reading The Alchemist and Life of Pi, so if you like either of these you’ll probably like Siddhartha.

9. Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Saenz I read this one only last week and, wow. Gorgeous writing, wonderful character exploration. I particularly loved Ari’s relationship with his parents, who are presented as real, flawed human beings who love their son. 

10. Harry Potter. Anyone who knows me knows this series is, like, the reason for my being. I have a Harry Potter tattoo, for crying out loud.

11. I’m adding a number eleven because 1. I’m a rebel who 2. doesn’t follow the rules. Fight me. My current literary obsession is The Raven Cycle by @maggie-stiefvater. This series is atmospheric and wonderfully written; my favorite thing about it was how much Stiefvater makes you work for all the details. Things are not always spelled out explicitly, and as a result I had to read the series twice to catch all the subtleties and nuances. It’s a quality I want to emulate in my own writing.


As someone who largely lurks on tumblr without being much of an active participant (besides the occasional reblog), I don’t know many people on the platform. So if I tag you- even if we’ve never met/spoken- it just means I’m a fan of your blog and am interested in hearing what you have to say. 

Happy reading!

The folks I’m tagging are: @ambywerewolf @intricatelysimple @beckyjerams @maggie-stiefvater @linmanuel @markruffalo @panempropaganda @gracehelbig @yulinkuang @zusakbooks @whimsicalsense @carleysolether @thisdoesnotsuck @flimflamm @elisabethlightly @my-own-superman 

📚 Update 20/7/16

Hello!! How’re y'all doing?? Here’s todays’ book update made by @cubistemoji !! Thank you for these books!! I haven’t read some of em but they sound super interesting!! Check em out guys :)) ☺️

  1. The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay by Michael Chabon
  2. Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman
  3. Everything is Illuminated by Jonathan Safran Foer
  4. Anya’s Ghost by Vera Brosgol
  5. Ester and Ruzya by Masha Gessen
  6. Adam by Ariel Shrag
  7. The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger (#1 & #2)
  8. The man who was Thursday by G.K Chesterton
  9. The Murder of Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie

Hope y'all have a wonderful day! 🌸 Do send me an ask/message if you have any suggestions/questions! :”) Let us know how you found these books to be ^.^

shitshipping  asked:

okay but i never read the books and i don't intend to because i hate cc but do alec and magnus end up together because listen they're literally the only reason i even started watching like theyre my air like theyre my children they give me hope like

Okay my buddy,,, my pal,,,, listen,,,, if you haven’t read the books you don’t know how truly blessed we are with show Malec and let me tell you why:

If I remember correctly, in the books:

  • Alec only agrees to go out with Magnus because he’s the only man showing interest in him and he only later develops genuine feelings for him
  • Upon finding out that Magnus is bisexual, Alec reacts extremely biphobic to the point where it made bisexual book fans uncomfortable
  • Apparently CC used Magnus’ bisexuality as some kind of ‘shock factor’ because everyone assumed he was gay but then oh no!!!!! A greedy Bisexual™!!!!!
  • They briefly break up because Camille reminds Alec of Magnus’ immortality and Alec is scared that Magnus will find someone else to love once he has died (as opposed to the show, where Alec is scared because him dying would hurt Magnus)
  • They do eventually get married and adopt two sons though but they never find a solution to their immortalitiy problem (but CC found a way to ‘cure’ Simon from being a Downworlder so that the straight couple could have a happy ending lmao!!!!!)

So honestly show Malec has been so good to us so far Alec obviously immediately felt drawn to Magnus and Magnus respected him still being closeted and honestly they are so so good

hilariouslygrounded  asked:

Artemis Fowl the Last Guardian ;)

haven’t heard of it | will check it out | will not read it | haven’t read it yet |didn’t like it | it was okay | enjoyed it | a must read | this book is my life | LIFERUINER

Okay but it’s a life ruiner in the sense of “you’ve endured this asshole of a character for the previous seven books only to see him blooming in what is one of the best character arcs I’ve ever seen”. I mean, I wasn’t that much into AF after the fifth book (especially bc I couldn’t find the next ones anywhere and it was hell) so when I finally found the last one I was a little like “nah, this one won’t give me so many feels, it’s been so long since I was a twelve-year-old translating every single symbol on the end of the pages and giggling to myself as I read the coded messages”. And then…


Artemis designing something to his psychiatrist as a thank-you gift on his last session. Artemis going through therapy, which proved that he did need it to get his mind back on track after all the time travels, atlantis complex and other shennanigans. I’d never say that was the same Artemis from Book 1 or 2. And he wasn’t. Because that cynic boy was, at long last, changed.

Butler. Still strong as hell and fierce and stoic, but kinder. Softer. Wishing for a calmer life, without all the fairy troubles. Protective and paternal as usual, and enduring the worst by the end of the book - but we’ll get there.

Foaly. Foaly is still their deus ex machina as usual. Always with an ace up his sleeve, always full of tricks. Compassionate and loyal, using his underestimated nerdy abilities to save the day from above the ground. Gotta love that centaur.

Mulch, who long ago gave up on pretending he doesn’t love this messy group of friends of his that spends most of their time trying to arrest him instead of giving him his well-deserved praise.

Holly. I find it so amazing how my admiration for her never wavered in any of the books. She may be perceived as too tough, maybe even rude, but if you look at her you’ll see how kind and gentle she is. She praises life and every living creature, and she loves her friends and her community above all else. Her kindness and compassion saved her life (and Artemis’) more than once. She’s inherently good, and at the same time she can whoop anybody’s ass. What a goddess. What a friend.

Opal. When I saw Opal back at it again, I wasn’t feeling “aw not this damn pixie again”. Instead, I felt “shit is going down, bc this is the last book and she must have something terrible planned”. Unhinged, dellirious, completely insane and still failing to grasp easy concepts, trying so hard to prove something nobody asked her to prove to begin with. This is the Opal that scares me the most, and the evil goddess that she almost became.

Back to Artemis again because I’ll never say it enough: charcter arc. What a character arc. And it’s so wonderful to see him blooming at last, complete, beautiful, compassionate, humorous even, a loyal friend, selfless - god, how I yarned to witness a selfless Artemis that wasn’t OOC, and Colfer managed to do it. And it was beautiful.

And so painful too to have this boy, a young man now, finally after all this painful development process, to throw himself in the flames, shining more beautifully than ever because he was through. He was a broken boy, but Holly fixed him. He was through, he finished his journey, and now all he held dear was on stake, so “thank you Holly. Without you I wouldn’t be the person I am now”.

This moment of realization and sacrifice kills me because he was there! He was done! And he was so brave and he didn’t have to prove anything to anyone anymore, but he still did.

this book is amazing but what makes it so special is knowing book one Artemis and crying a river to book eight Artemis. So, to summarize, and I’m so sorry for this long post: Artemis Fowl - the Last Guardian is a life ruiner, but especially because of Artemis’ development. I’m so proud of my boy I’m teary-eyed.