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Do you like the Vampire Academy series? I read the first two books and they were okay but I was expecting them to be much better considering the hype on booktube. Does the series get better after the second book?


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yo! i have an about me page on my blog and my face is my url/tagged/myface (wow so creative) and okay I've been reading this book called the heir (its the 4th in the selection series) and omg so many feels. theres this dork named kile in it and yeah its awesome. and I've finally watched every single supernatural episode on netflix and I'm dying because I NEED MORE! (lol idk what else to talk about:) but yeeeeah

Oohh, are the books really good? Maybe i’ll check them out, but honestly I have SO many books I need to read haha. I’ve never watched supernatural, but it’s on my series list that I need to check out! So many series so little time! Same with the books haha. 5sositoff

AND OMG I live in Florida as well!

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Want this?

The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay is one of those books that is very near and dear to my heart, so here’s A WIP depicting the Golem and the Escapist, two legendary beings brought to life from imagination and inanimate matter: one from clay, the other from ink on paper. Read the novel guys. You will not regret it.

okay so i  discovered while texting my Canadian friend that Barnes & Noble is not universal (because he had no idea what i was talking about), and though I am not sure where all it is, let me explain if you do not know:

Barnes and Noble is a heavenly bookstore. Evidence:

so if you didn’t know what it was, this is it. 

We have this really cute muslim kid at the daycare and he’s pakistani so one of the girls i work with was like “oh yeah his mom is arabic” and i’m like ??? Arabic is a language, i’m pretty sure he’s pakistani and she goes “no but his mom was telling me they go to the mosque every friday so i’m definitely sure he’s arabic”


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To thank all my lovely followers for getting me to 3k I thought I’d give back and do a totally cute give away!!!

Anyway down to the exciting stuff…. .


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Get reblogging QT’s I’m rly excited for this!!!!

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I'm 20 years old. How many books should I have read in my life by now? I never feel like I read enough.

even if you haven’t read any books by 20, that’s perfectly okay. so is having read a few hundred, maybe even more. reading should be enjoyable. there are no other rules.