“Is there any other way, for you to forget him? For you to avert your feelings and lend it to someone who loves you too?” he asked.

She looked at him and said nothing. But then he waited. He waited until she stared down and slowly turned her back against him. He waited because he’s still hoping that she will look back and say something.

—  ma.c.a // One Word, Please

hello!! don’t know if this means a lot but this part was used in the bg a couple times and the quote reads

“Ta-Nehisi Coates: ‘It was as if I’d spent all my years jiggling the key in the wrong lock.’”

it’s from the book “We Were 8 Years In Power” which talks about racism and politics in america. x

oh interesting!!! this video is so complex, every little bit means something huge

Poems are nearer to prayers than to stories, but in poetry there is no one behind the language being prayed to. It is the language itself which has to hear and acknowledge. For the religious poet, the Word is the first attribute of God. In all poetry words are a presence before they are a means of communication.
—  John Berger, My Heart, Brief as Photos

anonymous asked:

I just read your recent response about queer spaces tending to not actually valorize masculinity in women and gnc people and agree so much. I was thinking, for me it feels like people take the problems that gay male spaces have with masculinity and femininity, which imo do tend to favour masculine presentation, and project those onto queer community in general. which totally feels like misogyny + an inability to center women's experience with gender as something importantly different from men's.

OH FRIEND this is exactly what it is, thank you! Which tbh I guess brings back one of the problems with “queer space” in general, hold on let me find a quote I read awhile ago thats relevant – “Terry Castle attributes its recent popularity to the way in which ‘it makes it easy to enfold female homosexuality back “into” male homosexuality and disembody the lesbian once again.”  (x

Tarot Tip

One great way to help get a real connection with tarot is to explore your personal connections to the ideas shown in the deck. It’s one thing to have a great memory for what the cards mean by the book, but you can end up reading kind of … cold that way. Or worse - if you inherently hold a different belief than the meaning you are quoting, your reading could feel dishonest. It’s not coming from the heart. But you can get more personal with your understanding of tarot simply by looking into how the concepts shown in the tarot affect you on a day-to-day basis - not the tarot card meaning, but just the real concept.

I’ll give a personal example, using Justice. Out of the tarot world, I can’t say that I actually have a healthy relationship with Justice. I’m a Native American woman from up North. Dozens of other women from my area have disappeared along the highway out of my hometown and when it comes to finding out what happened to them, who did it and getting Justice for them … the ball has really been dropped. And looking at the world today, that feels like just the example that hits closest to home for me. I think a lot of people feel let down by the justice system in a lot of ways. And then, going pop culture route - Justice League is coming out and I end up thinking about Wonder Woman, and how in the end she chooses to not act out of what it seems like humanity deserves, but to act from a place of love instead. She brings compassion back into the the idea of Justice for me, instead of jaded disillusionment.

To bring this back into tarot … I don’t look at this card and just see “A fair decision will be made,” “The universe will give you what you deserve” or anything broad like that - that has always rung false anyway. I see Lady Justice overseeing an unjust world. I see her often blindfolded and in flowing white - intellectual impartiality, yet open hearted. She carries a sword and knows how to use it, but never through anger, or retaliation. Balance won’t be achieved through putting more hatred into the mixture. I’m not going to find Justice by waiting for the universe to punish those who’ve done wrong, nor by lashing out at them in response. Inaction won’t get anywhere either - but heart-led action will.

And the depth of that realization gives me a MUCH more personally empowering message from the card than any resource ever could.

Try it for yourself and see.

they say he stole her,
as if Persephone were only something to be coveted
and not a goddess in her own right,
as if she were not as feared in their realm as he.

they say that he corrupted her,
that Hades’s flower wilted under the stench of his death
but they forget that Spring is rebirth,
that if anyone could be touched by the underworld and flourish,
that it would be her.

they say that he tricked her,
that she did not want to stay.
but they forget how the winter drags on,
how each year it creeps in sooner,
leaving bones aching for a hint of her warmth,
and it is not because he will not let her leave
it is because
she does not want to go.

—  C.B. 

Jack: Reads theories, furiously takes notes - “Oh that sounds cool lol let’s just put that in a video with Anti and see what they do with it, we have no plot yet, Robin go!" 

 Mark: Reads fanfictions, fan theories, furiously disagrees "I can make this even better!” WRITES WHO KILLED MARKIPLIER AND LAUGHS LIKE A FUCKIN MANIAC “IM GONNA MAKE THEM CRY AH YES THIS IS-” SMACKS LIPS