Reasons Taeyong is THE Cutest Human

-WILL throw down his life for food

-took care of his winwin while the bby struggled with communicating 

-completely whipped for winwin

-”booming system uh uh ty tract ty track”
-apologized and cried multiple times for something a false rumor

-“helloooo johnnyyy 👋🏻👋🏻”

-literally was ready to tell staff to fuck off and call 911 over doyoung pretending to be sick 

-is SOOOOO excited over elephants

-literally loves the minis like his kids “dont lift him(jisung) too high the bby gets scared”
-yuta: i think he just wants to be loved im crying
-”what goes around comes around”
-“friendship vs love” taeyong: friendship! johnny: love! taeyong: 😒😒😒 
-can actually freakn cook and is basically the only functioning human in nct aka the only person that cleans
-soooo excited over cameras in the car in nct life lmao
-looks rlly intense but then he giggles and that idea flies out tha door
-”i keep the house keep(with a pic of him n his noona) so im always ready to go home” here come tears
-king of the blurry selfie
-”im catching pokemon hehehe”
-hes so clumsy tho lmao
-without a second thought gave winwin some rice when bby win fcked his up 
-yixing likes bby tae and if xing likes someone that all the proof i need to know theyre a good person tbh
-literally has, carries, reads, and recommended a book about how precious life is and how you can be happy and you are a precious person. a book that gives messages to motivate and recharge your self-esteem and makes you realize you deserve to be happy im crying again

Listen here everybody. I am fucking sobbing right now and I need every single person that reads this to know that I care so much about each and every one of you.

No matter what anyone says. No matter what you say to yourself. You are fucking amazing and wonderful and I love every single person with my entire body, heart and soul.

You all deserve the entire fucking universe and more love than I can ever give, more love than every human’s in the world’s love combined. You deserve more than that. So much more love.

I love all of you. Every single person who reads this has my love. All of it and so much fucking more.


Yesterday: Reylo is The Balance!! “Darkness and The Light” in the trailer was specifically about Reylo! The poster is about reylo!! Kylo’s tight pants allude to Rey’s sexual awakening in TLJ! The story won’t make sense if it doesn’t revolve around romantic Reylo! Reylo Reylo Reylo canon canon canon nobody knows how to interpret things but reylos lmao

Rian Johnson:  In our story, [romance] is not a centerpiece.

Today: LMAO nobody thought Reylo was going to be CENTRAL to the story, literally no one, we never taunted other Star Wars fans over the trailer confirming Reylo is The Balance aka the central part of the story, haha, you can’t read, ha ha anyway he said it won’t be 100% exactly like Hanleia so basically he confirmed reylo canon jokes on u reylo liiiiives….

Alright, he doesn’t have that big of a nose, just laugh damn it! ;D

So I have to give a little bit of credit to @memeberd  for giving me this idea. After reading his/her Spongebob Squarepants/Captain Underpants short comic I had an idea of my own. Based on a joke from one of my favorite Spongebob episodes. The one with the magic conch shell or something like that.

Bonus pic:

He doesn’t like to be reminded that he is bald and has a big nose.

PS: Anyone know how I can enlarge the images in case someone has trouble reading. I probably should have posted it as a photo post and not a text :/


Thurs 25th of May.
It’s my 4 year anniversary with Bryan today.

Bryan: what do you want as an anniversary present today?
Me: how many years has it been?
B: 4
M: I want 400 dollars then

I didn’t get my $400 (this is a joke btw, pls don’t misinterpret), but I did get new reading glasses and 4 books from him. 3 of them were on my Goodreads To Read list (The Winner’s Crime, Rebel of the Sands and Reign of Shadows), and the other one (the John Green one) is a personal book he chose himself for me. I’ve actually never read Green, but he has. (I’m laughing because this is so random to me, also Bryan and I find gift giving to be a massive way to show how much we appreciate and love each other, so this is why it’s like sort of important to us I guess?)

(you get a selfie and book haul pic today)

I was going to write something really sappy and romantic and whatever but I’m second guessing myself you guys. I just don’t know where to start. I’ve never met anyone who is as patient, loyal and generous as he is and I’m so glad our paths have crossed.

Song of the day: Power Trip by J. Cole ft. Miguel
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Lena, Veronica AND Lucy went to boarding school together. 

When Lois describes Lucy in Smallville we know that Lois got towed around the country as an army brat and Lucy was shipped off to bordering school (prep school in Europe) on a scholarship. 

I think that our Lucy Lane of Supergirl pulled her life together since seeing her at 16(?) in Smallville when she was trying to scam money out of people to our current Lucy Lane. She went from this

to this

(I’m so proud of her)

The three of them went to school together, knew of each other but were never close, never friends.  Lucy has heard rumblings that Lena had taken over her brother’s company. She watches the news and has read Kara’s articles in the CatCo magazine, so she knows that Lena Luthor is living in National City. But she never imagined she would see her. 

When she had called Alex and Kara to let them know she would be in town they had immediately made plans with the group to go to the bar. Kara had mentioned she was going to ask someone to come along but Lucy never expected that someone to be Lena. Alex never mentioned that Kara and Lena had become friends. Not that she had a reason to, she didn’t know that Lucy and Lena had gone to school together in Europe. Why would she, Lucy never talked about it and its not like they were friends. 

Boarding school hadn’t been Lucy’s worst experience but it definitely was not the best either. She simply had not prepared herself for four years of memories to come walking through the bar in a pencil skirt and stilettos. Lucy had not expected to be faced with memories of their unspoken academic rivalry. She had not expected to remember the one time Lena and Lucy had ever actually talked to each other. If that’s what you could even call it. Lena had walked into the bathroom to find a crying Lucy. Instead of ignoring her, Lena had sat down on the floor next to her and made sure she was alright, then helped her fix her make up, helped carry her books back to her locker, and disappeared. They nodded to each other in the hallway after that but never talked again. It was Lucy’s only public break down she had had there. Their fight for top of the class continued, even though Lena always maintained her spot at number one. 

Lena stood at the end of the table, the two of them staring at each other as Kara got out of the booth to let Lena slide in. They both changed a lot since boarding school, no longer covered in bright pink and solid black. Their staring contest lasting so long it brings the table to an awkward silence as Kara stands to the side for Lena to sit, being the first one to speak up. 

“Do you two know each other?”

anonymous asked:

I just stayed up till 3am to finish this comic and it's so amazing I couldn't stop! I cried so hard during the anxiety attack scene it was so real and not sugar coated, your art is amazing! I really didn't expect this comic to be so relevant to my life but I feel like reading this comic has made me realise a lot of things about my life and I just wanted to say thank you so much :) this comic is wonderful and sweet I'm so happy I found it

Thank you so much for reading! 💕 I’m glad that it could help you in that way…I just told another anon too how I find working on it therapeutic, and it actually helped me accept things about myself, so I just think it’s cool that others can relate to that same feeling that I get while writing it.

Thank you so much again!! 😊💖

And Just Like That... Everything Changed Part 4

Thankyou guys for your patience with this! I plan to make this quite a long fic with many parts to get us through the break. I have so many ideas but feel free to let me know any suggestions you have for the plot! Thankyou to everyone who has been reading, commenting and supporting! Your response has warmed my heart! xx

Part 1-

Part 2-

Part 3-

Slowly afternoon trickled into evening and then evening transitioned into night; black, bleak and filled with questions and fear. Betty mourned at the irony of it. Just last night she had been confronted with what she then thought to be an immense source of uncertainty- the jacket.

Yet, Jughead had been there to quell the gnawing sensations of worry, listening to her fears and dissolving them for the most part with his words of conviction, strong arms and passionate kiss. She wasn’t naïve enough to believe him joining a gang wasn’t dangerous- she knew it was- but she also knew he needed a family, needed people in his corner, especially now that he was on the Southside and she couldn’t always be there. But with his touch he had dispelled her primary fear of losing him.

But now here she was, reminded that her concern last night had been ill placed.

Because it wasn’t the Southside that was pulling him away from her- It was the North. She was convinced after the display of unity she had witnessed last night that the Serpent’s would not shoot one of their own. It was the North that had him fighting for his life before her eyes with her helpless in a chair by his side. It was the North that had her facing the long and daunting night of questions and heart wrenching possibilities alone without the haven of her boyfriend’s touch, scent, words and embrace to climb into and hold her together while it all fell apart.

People had alternated, fazing in and out of the room throughout the afternoon and evening. Each offered a sentiment of hope, an affirmation of strength or a prayer. They regarded Jughead with an expression of shock horror and sadness and then Betty with sympathy and pity. Veronica had sat with her for an hour, merely offering support in her presence and not saying a word. Polly had brought balloons clearly sharing Alice’s earlier idea of brightening the room. Hal had brought her a sandwich from the crappy hospital cafeteria forcing her to eat half, before switching places with Kevin who offered updates about his dad’s investigation.

It was all redundant though.

All the talk went through one ear and out the other if it reached her ears at all. Most of it was white noise, drowned out by the pit growing in her stomach, the boulder weighing on her chest and the constrictor around her lungs.

Nurses came by at regular intervals, checking tubes and machines and scribbling on charts and commenting on the “good signs”. But none of it consoled her and Betty was sure she would not be appeased until she was able to look into his clear blue eyes and hear his full lips tell her he loved her again. It was funny how quickly the phrase had become so essential to her survival. 24 hours ago she had never heard the honest sound orated by his mouth directed at her. Yet, now she felt as though those three words were oxygen and she was suffocating without breathing them in.

The congregation of support in the waiting room eventually cleared for the evening.  Leaving the Coopers and the Andrew’s to ruminate with the horrific events of the day. Betty refused to move from her position bedside, convicting that she wouldn’t leave him until she was unequivocally sure he would be okay.

Her father and Polly bade goodnight eventually, giving the still unconscious Jughead apprehensive looks from the doorway, before turning to Betty with the last of their encouraging, and pitying smiles for the night. Her mother held out longer, but eventually Betty and Fred convinced her too to go home and rest. Betty gathering the last of her coherent thoughts to assure her mother she would call her if she needed anything and that it was best for her to be there for a very pregnant Polly. Fred insisted he would stay to further placate the apprehensive Alice, unable to leave the boy he thought of like a son, and unfazed by the discomfort of the waiting room.

So that left Betty and Archie in the small hospital room again.

They sat in silence for a long time. Each a prisoner to their thoughts and fears.

Around 9pm the doctor removed the tube down Jughead’s throat, deeming him stable enough and capable enough of breathing on his own. The action bred a new wave of strength through Betty’s torn and fragile soul, hope filtering into her heart and making her shoulders lose some of the tension.

The doctor offered them each an encouraging smile, reminding them that each hour he made it through, was a positive sign, and things were looking up.

The door closed behind the white coat and Archie looked toward Betty. Her eyes were on Jughead, the edges soft and watery as they took in his face. The colour was more pigmented now and he seemed less corpse like; the thought allowed the red head to take his next breath with a greater sense of ease.

“He looks peaceful… I don’t know like he could be sleeping,” he offered, grasping at any words that could right the smile on her face, or mend the cracks in her image. The Betty Cooper before Archie Andrews at that second was a stranger, a semblance of a person he knew but couldn’t quite reach. This Betty Cooper was vulnerable in a way he had never seen, yet infinitely strong at the same time. She seemed so lost and so sure of where she needed to be at the same time. She wasn’t the Betty Cooper he was familiar with, pink lace, pastel blue, tight pony tails and reassuring smiles. It was disconcerting and threw him way off balance.

Betty didn’t look away from Jughead’s face, instead reaching out a small hand to brush his hair back again. He did achieve a smile from her, but not the kind he had been hoping for. This smile was miniscule and ghosting, as if reminiscent.

He was right too. As Betty’s hand brushed through his thick locks and her tender gaze fell to his face Archie’s words echoed in her head. Peaceful. Her brain stirred with images of dark hair contrasted against pastel pink linen, sheets pooled around his waist and muscles bared to her eyes. She saw clearly the little crease in his brows and the slight frown he would sometimes develop in his sleep. She would trace her fingers over it, soothing his skin. She thought of the feel of his chest under her fingers when she would wake first and trace idle patterns. She thought of the morning and the same expression of peace that had adorned his face as he fell asleep, her falling into slumber shortly after content. It was a sick contrast to seeing that look on his face now. The same yet somehow entirely different. It felt like this morning and right now were worlds apart.  

Her chest constricted with the emotions running through her veins. Abruptly she realised how close she had been- and maybe still was- to not waking up with him again. Her heart gave an erratic jump at the concept, and the need to be close to him, to feel his skin beneath her hands, his heart beat beneath her touch, see his eyes locked to hers and his grip on her own body- her hands, her face, her waist- became overwhelming. Her eyes burned at the helplessness she felt and the frustration at her greatest comfort and solace being unable to console her as he was the cause of her grief. Her hand drifted from his hair to his cheek, stroking gently, before her chapped lips moved down to press a gentle, lingering kiss to the same spot. She closed her eyes, focussing on the faint Jughead scent that lingered, rather than the sterile smell of disinfectant that burned her senses.

It was however, that chemical burn that reminded the blonde of her surroundings. Her eyes opened and she moved back to a sitting position, running a hand through her hair as the dull hospital walls and clinical atmosphere fought its way back through her haze. She blinked and moved her eyes across the room trying to refocus the weary muscles. Her gaze then fell on Archie who seemed to be studying her intently. He startled a little when their eyes met, moving his gaze awkwardly to the floor.

“What?” Her throaty voice cut through the air. She cringed at the sound, too stark in the tense state of the room.

“Nothing,” Archie mumbled shaking his head and sighing. Betty’s eyes narrowed.

She was too exhausted to pry, but she felt frustration bubble under her skin none the less. She was grateful for Archie’s presence, she was. They needed to support each other right now, and Jughead was his best friend he had every right to be here, plus she admired his loyalty right now, a step toward atoning for previous misgivings. But she also couldn’t shake the gnawing feeling that he was cataloguing her actions. She wanted to press him, demand he tell her what he was thinking, or stop looking at her with the “poor Betty” gaze and whatever undertone was mixed in with that look. But she didn’t have the will. She was tired and emotionally expended. She also didn’t have the motivation or see the levity in filtering her behaviour toward her boyfriend in that moment. Any other day, under any other circumstance she may have been embarrassed by her blatant shows of devotion, but right now it didn’t matter. She didn’t care if he felt uncomfortable.

After a prolonged moment, Betty’s body slumped back in her chair, the tension and frustration leaving her. She couldn’t keep it up. She stretched her arms above her head and sighed. Her hands then reclaimed their position over one of Jughead’s and she rested her head down atop them. The weight of her eyelids became harder to fight and her eyes drifted shut. She resigned to listening to the constant beeping of the machines attached to her near comatose boyfriend, letting each one lull her further into a state of unconscious filled with dreams of his smirk, and his hands and his words.

On the verge of a sleep she didn’t want to fall into but was impossible to resist in her excessive state of fatigue, Betty heard the scrape of a chair on the linoleum floor. Then she felt the warmth of Archie’s body close to hers, only a small space between them. His hand, reassuring yet far from the one she wanted to feel at that moment, found perch on her shoulder, squeezing.

“He’ll be okay Betty. I promise.” Archie whispered, seeming to think she had already passed out. The last thought she had before falling into a restless sleep. Was a bitter “Oh Archie, don’t make promises you can’t keep,” tinged with the wings of hope, because he had to be right.


So, word around the block is, some of you wanted more. TADA!!! You guys, seriously, it means so much you like my writing. I read every little comment even if I don’t reply. My face has been read the entire night. Thank you so much! As always, spelling and grammar mistakes are my own.

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me: [sees someone i follow has read one of my less popular fics]
me: [trips over myself even though this is literally the internet and nothing here is tangible, screams internally into the void bc ive forgotten people read my writing]
me: i have been blessed on this good day

so. what about an au where alfred hamilton realised that mcgraw was flint and thought ‘…..hey, this could be useful’ and instead of having peter ashe tell james and miranda that thomas was dead, sent a letter himself informing james that he would have thomas removed from bethlem and kept somewhere far kinder, if james followed his orders. attacked the ships alfred told him to. that thomas would surely die if left in bethlem much longer. that alfred himself would make sure of it, if james were to refuse his request. 

the only thing i’m ashamed of… is that i didn’t do something to save him.

what wouldn’t james do for thomas hamilton? nothing 


Happy Birthday, @shihoran  !!!

For a very talented and cute friend if felt proper to make a very cute au.

RikoKev Au Where:

They are normal college kids. Kevin is interning at a museum and riko is undecided trying to figure out what he likes, besides Kevin. 

Riko makes breakfast every morning because Kevin hates being up early but he will if riko is up and there is coffee and a nice sunrise.

 They’re living together because rikos last roommate was a nightmare and Kevin had to come pick riko and his stuff up off of the lawn at the end of last term.

 Kevin maybe kind of wants a pet but they are on probation raising a cactus named Poe. Riko works at a cat Cafe, mostly for the cats but also for the free coffee which is where he met Kevin who spent a solid week in there before finals the year before. He spends his breaks reading books Kevin has suggested and texting Kevin his reactions.

Riko was thrown out of the house at 16 and Kevins mom died when he was in highschool so its mostly just them & poe but they both finally feel like they have a home when the other is around so its ok. 

They do end up adopting a cat and a dog. Riko takes psychology and acting classes and ends up at a community center for at risk youth. Kevin proposes to Riko in the Romantic authors exbhit on a tuesday when Riko is looking particulary ruffled and pretty. Riko say’s yes .   

anonymous asked:

Is there a limit of made up names that you should have? Someone said to have a balance, but then there are some fantasy books out there that have lots of created names (like Game of Thrones), so...

Name rules are kind of hard because there are always going to be some writers who ignore them and some readers who are more bothered by names than others. For some readers, made up names are simply a no-go and they won’t read anything that has too many. That’s not going to change, but that’s just their personal taste.

Yes, ideally it’s nice to have a few that people can recognize, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to have books where they are all made up- yeah, like Game of Thrones. Wildly popular, and I still can only name like, three characters, max. And don’t ask me to spell them.

The thing that really bugs readers about made up names is mostly just pronunciation. For example, think of Hermione. Before the movies came out, no one really knew who to say that. (And it’s not even “made up.”) Everyone said it differently, and it just kinda read like mindless buzzing until she finally included Hermione teaching Viktor Krum to say it in like, book four. Now imagine how annoying that would be if every single character was a “Hermione.” However, some made up names, like Tirion or Legolas, are fairly phonetic. And that’s all good! Have as many of those as you want!

Short answer, nah. Get creative. But keep in mind your readers and try to be courteous. Keep the Mfiananfdkajhfjkas to a minimum. 


Writer of the Day #1 25/05/17

I thought I should honor some of my fave writers in this fandom by introducing them to you :) I’ll try to do one per day!

Let’s start this off with the dear LAURA

She is simply amazing. She owns the words and her stories come to life when you read them. She has so many incredible stories going on, it’s so hard to pick. I admire her for her dedication and how she juggles family, job, fandom and writing.

Please leave a review or two on her fics in case you haven’t done so yet.

Tumblr: @lala-kate


Ships: Writes mainly Outlaw Queen & for Downton Abbey but has also written DQ and CS

Favorite completed fic: This One (A widow and her son cross paths with a wounded Confederate soldier. Civil War AU )

Favorite WIP: From End To Beginning ( A summer romance tucked away in the past has repercussions that make themselves felt twenty-one years later. In fulfillment of a prompt received on tumblr: OQ teen pregnancy )

Favorite OS: Not really a one shot kind of woman, so I am going to name this wonderful fic: Until That Day ( Post Civil War AU: When a widower in Missouri posts an ad for a wife, a young mother in Pennsylvania with no prospects impulsively answers his request.)

anonymous asked:

what are some blogs that have similar content to yours? i would like to follow some more soft blogs <33

ah! :-) ♡ i love a ton of blogs hehe - here’s a few soft ones that i fancy:

- sapphowearsprada
- ditsybird
- angel-hues
- acuriousidea
- vindra
- softestswan
- bclletshoes
- dreaming-among-roses
- swansmonet
- glossberry
- asoftpinkangel
- thesweetestsilk
- mint-chipfairy
- astriferous-star

anyone who may read this and has a soft blog, feel free to reply to this post! 💕🌟 ~