read yo bible

huuumphrey-deactivated20160125  asked:

Help me to go deeper with Christ :( ...

Here are some tips that have helped me with my relationship with God:

1) READ YO BIBLE - I know that this is the first thing that everyone says, but it is so crucial in your walk with God. It is the best way to understand the character of God and how to live a christian lifestyle . It is filled with so much wisdom, hope, joy, and goodness!!

2) BE HONEST WITH GOD - Tell Him your desires, and how you want to go deeper with Him. God seriously wants nothing more than to be close with his children. Trust me, there is a party in Heaven every time someone calls out to God wanting to get closer with Him. He loves you so much and wants nothing more than to have a relationship with you. He will reveal Himself to you!

3) FIND A MENTOR - Finding someone who will walk along side you and keep you accountable is important too. Mentors are great for having bible studies with, going to with questions or to pray with! 

4) FILL YOUR MIND/LIFE WITH GODLY THINGS - Instead of deciding to watch a TV show or listen to (insert your fav band), put on some worship songs or watch a sermon online! Also get connected with a church, that way you are able to fellowship with other believers and build a community of Christian friends!

Hope this helped!!! xxx