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Listen…. it’s not okay when straight people make “gay” jokes because when LGBT people joke about fitting the stereotypes and whatever it’s about empowerment because we’re standing there and saying yeah I’m gay and I love it and it’s good, but when straight people do it it dismisses us and makes it even harder for us to be taken seriously. I don’t care if you’re an ally or you “don’t mean it that way” it’s still hurtful and I’m surprised at how common it still is

You can speak Korean well but when it comes to writing there’s a lot of mistakes (BTS)

Rap Monster: -you two would be working on it. He would pick up your paper and then look at you- “you’re getting closer. But this is still off”

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Jin: -he would feel awkward as he read what you wrote down before he would look at you- “um I know you are trying but this isn’t very close to what you said”

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Suga: -he would ask the boys for help as he didn’t understand what you had been writing down. It was supposed to be a cute note but he didn’t know what it says- “guys help me. Her writing doesn’t make sense to me”

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J-Hope: -he would hear you say it but the moment you wrote it down it didn’t make sense anymore- “what are you exactly trying to write?”

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Jimin: -he would see your efforts and decide to help you out a bit with it- “how about you and I work on writing?”

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V: -he would be out with the boys when he got a text from you. You had been working hard to write properly and for the most part he understood but since he didn’t he decided to call you- “I’ll be back. I don’t know what Y/N is talking about”

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Jungkook: -he would look at your text and see what you were trying so he would pull you along with him- “lets go get something to eat”

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I butchered a prompt here. I’m sorry anon, but I was so tempted to do it… Sometimes I just feel like playing with my readers.

Summary: Sehun pointing out you basically know shit about sex.

“You do realize that it doesn’t work like that?” You jump in your seat, hand instinctively coming up to slam the laptop closed, as you turn around to face the speaker. To your mortification it’s Sehun, reading what you wrote under your arm. He even nudges your elbow out of the way.

“Go away– “ you whine weakly, but the harm has already been done, you know that. Sehun just laughs, but clearly not at your words, but at the page in front of his face. He squats next to you so it’s easier for him to read, and you’ve had enough.

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Nalu free time headcanons requested by @justshutup469 ^^

This is actually part of an au that I might write, and if you’d like me to write a little fic for it, I certainly can! <3

- Lucy likes to write while Natsu trains, and then when he comes back she reads what she wrote to him. 

- “Hold up, he said that?” “…That’s what I just said, Natsu” 

-They like to sing together on walks, and sometimes people will come up to them and ask if they’re in a band. 

-Natsu sings off-key and Lucy tries to make up for it by overcompensating.

-“Luce, let me sing!” “If you knew how to sing, I would!”

-When Lucy’s on her period Natsu likes to bring her chocolate and the things she uses, but most of the time he ends up bringing home the super maxi pads because he isn’t sure how much she bleeds. 

-”Igneel didn’t teach me about this stuff!” 

-They often get asked when they’re having children, and when people find out that they’re not even dating they walk away in shame

-Lucy sighs and looks at her stomach, hoping she doesn’t look pregnant. Natsu just pats her on the shoulder and tells her she’s beautiful, furthering their unrequited love and awkwardness in the midst of each other

-Levy and Gajeel will sometimes join them when they go to movies, and Natsu and Lucy will sit and watch the movie in horror when they hear noises from the seats next to them. Other people stare up at them and wink at Natsu and he just looks at Lucy, wiggling his eyebrows. Lucy shoves him away and they get into a yelling/tickle fight, which causes all four of them to get kicked out because of noise

-”I was really enjoying that!” “If you wouldn’t have started tickling me, I would have enjoyed it too!” 

-They often watch How To Train Your Dragon with Lucy curled up on the couch outlining her next chapter of her story and Natsu eating every single bag of popcorn that they have

-Cana sometimes joins them and gives Natsu a beer, which makes him a little more hungry and a lot more sad

-”But Luuuucy, his foot!!!” 

-Natsu has been planning to ask Lucy out for the past several years and isn’t exactly sure how to to do so. He tries in several somewhat subtle ways, trying to be sneaky, but Lucy is either distracted at the time or she kind of just laughs it off as him being himself. 

-They finally start dating when the whole guild practically yells at Lucy that she should date him, and she realizes her feelings within the next couple of days.

There you go, dear! I hope you liked! <3

There’s making the fandom fourth wall transparent and then there’s the author literally posting cut scenes to AO3 and I’m really not sure how I feel about this as a next step in creator-fandom interaction. 

(Also, doesn’t AO3 technically forbid original work?) 

anonymous said: “Forget I even asked” with Nurseydex for the prompt thing?

Thank you for the prompt!

Nursey wrote as if his life depended on it. By some miracle of God he could still read his handwriting after looking back on what he wrote, and he was always proud of everything that came from his thoughts. He created art, and it made him feel necessary for once.

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Ive been hearing about EMA and especially Eren getting hate and people (some Erwin/Eruri fans) celebrating and Im just like lmao

I dont give a shit if you people hate EMA and especially Eren, You can dislike a character all you want but you know when Erwin died, you people were all up in arms yelling about RESPECT!!  FOR THE GREAT COMMANDER!!!! WHO HATH DONE NOTHING WRONG!! BUT WAS ONLY WRONGED BY THE TEENAGE SAVAGES!! WHO DID NOT APPRECIATE HIM!!

And now you go around posting hate on other characters? I get it, youre biased, you missed entirely what Isayama was saying when he wrote that chapter and instead you just read what you wanted to read where Erwin is a flawless angel and Eren all but wrestles the serum out of Levi’s hands, jams Armin with it and then takes a dump on Erwins corpse (going by what youve been writing, that seems to be exactly what you think actually happened, I swear).. Keep it out of general tags at least cause damn all of you are bitter as fuck and not all of fandom wants to see that. We had to put up with that for months before and then when Erwin died.

Ive been neutral on Erwin but by the God, you people made me happy he died, ding dong, the witch is dead, 8/13 years is better than none, we will be enjoying the rest of the manga with our characters alive and not rotting on some bed, abandoned to the maggots.

(yes Im petty)


three things i’ve learned today:

1.) phil’s favorite fall out boy song is “my songs know what you did in the dark”
2.) dan’s favorite panic! at the disco song is “nine in the afternoon”
3.) dan’s handwriting is literally the most horrible & confusing thing in the entire fucking universe it took me twenty minutes + the help of two girls to read what he wrote

my 11 year old writes sonic the hedgehog, sponge bob, and star wars fan fiction. sometimes he combines them all together

james' vows
  • james: passive aggressively talks about how the marauders never believed it would happen while shooting glances at them
  • james: talks about her hair and eyes for 20 minutes
  • james: talks about how brilliant she is for another 20 minutes
  • james: says 'wow' in disbelief when he looks at her and remembers he's really marrying Lily Evans about 50 times and forgets what he was saying
  • james: reads a horrible poem he wrote
  • james: so anyway.... yeah... Lily Evans is the love of my life I am getting married to her and you're all seeing it there's witnesses I love her she loves me let's kiss
The Critic (Sebastian Stan x Reader)

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Prompt: okay, as we know Seb’s trying to write something (he even goes/went to writing courses) so what about him reading his stories to his kid? like he wrote a fairytale and sort of uses his child as critic. and it’s going to be pretty awesome if kid gonna say something like “daddy, it’s the worst plot twist ever!” and Seb’s a little bit upset, but still happy ‘cause kid’s telling a truth and trying to improve his writings???? well, in my head it sounds much better :D

A/N: This is such a wonderful prompt. I love it so much. Everyone loves Sebastian as a parent, especially me. Thank you to the lovely @jeylockley for the adorable prompt!

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so i just randomly decided to check out the comments on the jho mv and oh my fucking god, antis are going OFF about how people should stop making this song about larry because it's about jay. like can they even read?

except for the part where he wrote it before what happened to jay and i mean sure it can apply to her it can apply to a number of things but you’ve gotta ask yourself why he wrote that song when he was supposedly having the greatest years of his life with his son and girlfriend about getting through hard times


@rhythmofherdrum wrote: “I got carry away with the design (finished 7 hours deep ahaha) but I hope you really like it! ♡  Arsenik must be hella jealous with the attention Viktor’s getting

In case you have trouble reading Viktor’s handwriting, this is what he wrote:

“Dear Miss rhythmofherdrum,

I write to thank you for the gift you presented me on Valentine’s Day. To say that I was shocked would be a grand understatement! Rarely do I have the pleasure of being the subject of a lady’s work.

You honor me deeply by showering me with this much attention. I would very much like to be better acquainted with you. I have enclosed a necklace that I crafted for you. You seemed to like hearts - or, rather, you included quite a few of them in your drawing. I hope you like my choice of design and my handiwork.

If not, then I’ll be happy to make you another.

Happy White Day (if that is indeed the correct way to wish someone that),
Viktor of the Hulder”

Now, I do have somewhere to be soon, but I’ll be back later tonight with much more White Day replies! Hope you look forward to them and that you’re having a great day.

A Writer's Inspiration

A/N: Even though this is a request, I want to dedicate this story to ntshrtbtfunsize . I love you and your comments, lol. Hope you don’t mind me throwing your name out there…

Group: BTS

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Genre: Smut

‘Having a seat in the back of the plane had its advantages. Having a boyfriend like Jimin also had its advantages.

First, Jimin was very experimental sexually and there always seemed to be open seats in the back of a plane. 

Second, Jimin was amazing in terms of sex and when nighttime hit on a plane, it was amazingly dark.’

You were typing away at your computer, starting on your latest smut. Being on a dark plane had given you a mountain of inspiration and the words came to you easily. Jimin leaned his head on your shoulder and started reading what you wrote. He was always fascinated about fanfics so he didn’t see a problem with you writing them. "You’re writing a sex story about me?“ he asked, amusement evident in his voice.

"Nope. Your name is just a placeholder” you said, your fingers flying over the keyboard. Jimin frowned but you were too busy getting your thoughts down to notice. “Why do you need my name there?” he asked.

“Because the fantasy in my head is of you. After I’m finished, I’ll just change the name” you said. Jimin’s eyebrows pulled upward at your words and he looked up at your face. You erased a few words and just stared at the screen, rereading what you had so far. 

'His hand grabbed the inside of your thigh and you gasped looking around for any possible witnesses. He pulled your head to him, his lips fluidly moving with yours, as his other hand worked your inner thigh.’

His eyes scanned over your words and he blinked. 

'Jimin could feel himself growing hard as he introduced his tongue to your mouth. His hand rose higher, moving your skirt upward and cupping your mound over your newly exposed panties. His fingers slid over your clothed slit, adding pressure to your most sensitive part. Your breathing hitched and your teeth dug into your cheek as you tried to choke back your moans.’

Jimin found himself getting turned on as he read your inner thoughts. Likewise, your panties were growing wet as you imagined Jimin really touching you. Jimin’s penis was fully erect along his thigh and he put his hand over it. From the corner of your eye, you saw him move to cover his erection and you licked your drying lips. 

'As Jimin rubbed your slit up and down, he could feel a wet circle forming. Your chest rose and fell heavily as you sunk into the airplane seat.’

He looked down at your legs and closed his eyes, noticing that you had a skirt on just like in your story. It was hard not to imagine your fantasy in his head when he was practically living it. You were both turned on. You were in the back of a mostly empty and dark plane. He was hard and you were getting wet with every word that you typed.

'You opened your legs wider, not thinking of the potential watchers any more. All you could focus on were the slow circles that he was drawing with his fingers. Your breaths were shaky as they exited your mouth in a hurry. Jimin sucked your earlobe into his mouth before blowing his cool breath on your ear. The action gave you goosebumps, your ear going cold while the rest of your body was in flames. “You are-

”-so wet?“ Jimin said beside you. Your fingers froze over the keyboard and you looked at him. Jimin placed a finger under your chin and you swallowed hard, your writing world crashing into your real life. "Aren’t you?” he asked. You nodded and he pulled you to him, kissing your lips. You closed the laptop and moved it to the side, your lips never leaving his. He flipped the small armrest up from in between you. 

Without a second thought, Jimin roughly grabbed onto your thigh. His hand slid forward until his fingers reached your drenched panties. He moaned against your lips, seeing that you were just as wet as you were in your story. Rather than rubbing you over your panties, Jimin slipped his hand under them. His fingers traced over your slit and you sunk your teeth into his bottom lip. He pressed his finger down over your clit and you fell back against your seat, releasing his lip in the process. 

Jimin smiled, caught up in the euphoria of pleasing you in such a confined public space. At any point, someone could notice what you were doing. There was no blanket covering you and your body was slightly illuminated by the small television screen. Those thoughts pushed Jimin into his sexual mindset. He didn’t care about keeping you quiet. He didn’t care if anyone was watching. In fact, he would welcome people to come and watch your face twist as you reached that point. Nothing else mattered except making you cum.

He quickly rubbed fast, small circles over your clit, watching as your hands squeezed your breasts. He could see that you were biting into your cheek and he wished to make you scream out his name. He could feel a slight dampness in his pants as his precum leaked from his member. Your hips bucked into the air and you couldn’t help but to let out a little squeak as you came.

Jimin removed his hand and looked around before pulling you to your feet. He pulled you in the direction of the airplane bathroom in a hurry. You quickly looked around and you made eye contact with a woman. She just smiled knowingly and looked away. Thankfully, she was probably the only person awake.

Jimin pulled you into the bathroom and locked the door. The space was cramped but neither of you cared. Jimin unzipped his pants and placed you on the small counter space. He pulled his pants and underwear down and your eyes widened at how engorged his penis was. He knelt down and used both of his hands to tear a large hole in your panties. “Jimin, those are the only-”

He licked his tongue to your opening and you stopped talking. His nose bumped against your clit as he shoved his tongue into your opening, tasting your excitement from earlier. Your hands locked onto his head and you looked down, watching him work your pussy with his tongue. He pulled his tongue out and flattened it over your lips, slowly delivering a long lick. The tip of his tongue flickered over your clit and you moaned, briefly forgetting yourself. At the sound of you, Jimin felt his penis twitch and he stood up. 

He’d had enough of the temptation. He grabbed his penis in his hand and you watched with anticipation. He pressed the head into you and you grabbed a handful of his hair, pulling his head back. Jimin watched as you clenched your teeth, trying not to make a sound. His eyebrow jumped, amazed that you could still be quiet, and without warning, he pressed his full length into you. 

“Ah, Jimin-” you started to scream out. He pressed his lips to yours, quickly silencing you with a smile. He slid out of you and you let out a breath against his lips. Again, he pressed his full length into you and pressed his lips almost painfully into yours to keep your moans muffled. He picked up a rhythm, his hips doing all of the work. You buried your mouth into his neck letting him rock his hard dick into you. 

Jimin felt your walls tighten around him and he could feel the end coming for him. Within 3 strokes, he was coming into you, sparking your own orgasm. You sat up and sloppily kissed him. 

Jimin pulled his lips from yours and looked at you. “You go out first” he said. You nodded and kissed his lips again before getting down. You unlocked the door and walked out, hearing the door close behind you. The girl from earlier shook her head with that same smile from earlier but you ignored it, walking back to your seat. 

You picked up your laptop and opened it, preparing to finish your smut. You now had more than enough inspiration.

Be with me forever

Bishamon smiled as she looked through the community diary she and her regalia kept. She always loved reading what her regalia, who were as close as family, wrote for her. She laughed as she read that Kuraha was mildly irked by the younger regalia buying a scratching post for him. In small lettering he had also written he was getting good use out of it.

Flipping the page, she saw Kazuma’s neat writing. She read it carefully. She was always especially curious when it came to Kazuma’s feelings, without knowing why. She pegged it down to caring about her exemplar. Her eyes widened as she read what he wrote, smile dropping.

I cannot be your regalia anymore. I’m afraid I must resign. Please release me at your earliest convenience.

Bishamon stood, pushing her chair back forcefully. She strode swiftly out of her office, heading for Kazuma’s room.

“Oh, Bishamon! Where are you going in such a hurry?” Aiha asked, pausing in the middle of the hallway.

“To see Kazuma,” she answered.

“Oh… Is something wrong?” Aiha’s brows raised in concern.

“Don’t worry about it. Everyone is fine. I just have some business to discuss with him,” Bishamon smiled. Aiha nodded and Bishamon resumed walking. 

Arriving at Kazuma’s door, she gave a sharp knock.

“Come in!” Kazuma called from inside. Bishamon opened the door, taking in the room. It was neat as always. Kazuma sat at his desk, writing something. He put his pen down as he saw Bishamon. “Oh, Veena…”

“Kazuma,” she said curtly, closing the door behind her, “what is the meaning of this?” She held up the diary entry. Kazuma blushed and looked away.

“I… I wish to be released,” he stammered.

“Why?” Bishamon couldn’t grasp why her exemplar would suddenly want to quit.

“I can not continue serving you.”

“If you really wish to be released, I will do so, but you should at least tell me why,” she said sternly. Kazuma’s cheeks turned an even brighter shade of red.

“It is inappropriate for me to serve you like this,” he answered vaguely.

“Like what?” Bishamon demanded, walking forward until she stood beside him.

“Veena, I… I love you. As your exemplar, or even your shiki, I should not feel that way towards you. It would interfere with my ability to serve you. So, I ask that you release me,” he muttered, refusing to meet her gaze. Bishamon froze, staring at him. She felt heat rise to her cheeks. Of all the reasons for Kazuma to suddenly stop wanting to serve her, she hadn’t thought that would be one of them.

“I…” she started, but trailed off. What could she possibly say to that? How was she supposed to feel about that? She cleared her throat and tried again. “I love you, too.”

Kazuma nearly fell over in his chair. His eyes flew wide behind his glasses and he finally met Bishamon’s gaze. “Veena-”

He was cut off as Bishamon’s lips pressed harshly against his. She loved him. That’s why she always took a special interest in his diary entries. That’s why she found herself more at peace with him around. That’s why her eyes always found him.

“Veena…” Kazuma pulled away, staring up at her.

“Be with me forever, Kazuma,” she said. “Just like you’ve always done.”

Kazuma blinked, looking startled for a moment.

“Okay,” he said at last. He nodded, the corners of his mouth turning up slightly. “Okay.”