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(dis)enchanting (chapter 1)

fandom: girl meets world 
ship: riley x lucas 
word count: 2,941
summary: in which lucas friar is invisible and spills all his secrets to an online anonymous best friend, jexica. and riley matthews is the most popular girl in school who feels most comfortable talking to an online cowboy. one night, the homecoming masquerade dance is about to change everything .// or the rucas cinderella story au that no one asked for.
notes: so….i’m starting a multi chaptered fic….let’s see how this goes. i’ve had this idea for a while, so here it is. please enjoy and let me know what you think!!! 

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“Lucas! Lucas! Were you listening to a word I was saying?” Isadora Smackle’s voice is loud and disruptive and it effectively snaps Lucas from his daze, and he focuses his attention back on his best friend, who’s staring at him with a cocked eyebrow and an annoyed look on her face. He grins sheepishly, knowing that he’d been caught.

“No, sorry, Smackle. You were talking about your chemistry class though, right?” Lucas takes a sip of his water, desperately trying to keep his eyes on his friend, and now the brunette girl three tables down from them. He watches Smackle roll her eyes, seemingly knowing exactly where Lucas’ attention was, but she didn’t comment.

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Title: Before She Left Him
category: teen wolf
genre: romance, fluff, angst
overall rating: T
chapter: 2- Theories to Scientific Laws
chapter word count: 8.2k
work word count: 11.2k
summary: Stiles and Lydia embark on the journey that will bond them like never before, while tearing them apart when they get to the finish line.

Or, simplified as the equation:

stiles and lydia + forty-one hours in a car together = one hell of a cross-country road trip

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it’s scary how dnp is engraved onto my mind,, i mean when i see “im filming you” the video images and everything just appear in my mind and my lungs inflate and i clench and i wanna scream in pain and love what even am i

I’m still sad but I’m happy to be alive tonight.

hey all here are some reviews of new/new-ish/new to me makeup I’ve been trying!

maybelline’s matte + poreless foundation has been on my list to try for a while and for $6 I don’t know what I was waiting for! (I do know actually, face products + acne prone skin is always a risk). Anyway, this foundation really lives up to the hype so far. It’s nice and lightweight and it is light/medium coverage but with 2 layers it covers just as well as a full-coverage foundation and without feeling heavy or cakey. It does what it claims to do too! I’ve been wearing it for 5 hours now and I usually get oily around my nose way sooner than this and I’m still demi-matte which is two thumbs up! shade 110 porcelain is a perfect match to my ultra fair skin and is comparable to mac’s nc15 for reference. I guess my only complaint is that I had to use way more product than I would normally but like I said I don’t feel a difference and for the price I mean? go wild with it. you can literally buy 10 of them and it’s cheaper than a lot of foundations. BUT like I said I’ve only been wearing for 5 hours so I will update in case it breaks me out, it doesn’t feel like it, but this is a new formula for me so we’ll see!

becca’s shimmering skin perfector in the shade “prismatic amethyst” is just…omg. A lot of people have called it a “unicorn” highlighter and truly, it is. The color is that beautiful, holographic purple but it doesn’t pull up on the skin SO holographic that it isn’t wearable like a lot of gimmicky products out these days. It can completely be used everyday, but it is very very strong and noticeable + it is a power so if you prefer dewy/natural highlights then this probably isn’t for you. it works well on my fair skin without pulling up too purple to the point where it doesn’t actually highlight and is more of a blush but it DEFINITELY is cool-toned so if you’re not into that then I would pass. Because the color is so strong, I think it will only work with cool/neutral makeup looks. ALSO the packaging is so pretty, I love becca’s ufo shaped compacts to begin with but in this sliver/purple casing, it’s just beautiful. Anyway this is literally my 5th or 6th becca highlighter and they never disappoint literally ever.

I finally got my hands on touch in sol’s metalist liquid foil & glitter shadow duo in shade #3 “talia” and it’s really nice!!! the champagne color is beautiful and makes my dark brown eyes pop and it lasts all day. I do find that it makes my eyelids feel a bit dry though which is a new and not too great feeling? also the glitter side of the product is a bit difficult to apply (because there is no applicator??) it basically just sits on a spatula, there is no brush or sponge or anything so I used what it came with and got a lot of fall out. the good news is that unlike a lot of glitter which just STAYS ON YOUR FACE no matter how hard you scrub or use makeup removers, this glitter comes off nicely with warm water and a cotton pad. next time I think I’ll use my fingers to apply it. honestly I just see myself using the liquid foiled side more because it has that really picturesque, editorial wet look and wow.

so today I got to try out some of the testers for stila’s magnificent metals glitter & glow liquid eye shadows (I’m really liking liquid eye shadows I think?) and they’re some of the biggest hits but biggest misses out there. the shade “rose gold retro” is absolutely GORGEOUS and pigmented. I swiped it once on my hand and the color pay off was fantastic + it really does glitter AND glow. unfortunately, the two sephoras in my area (yes, I went to 2 diff locations) no longer carry stila in-stores and I’m GUTTED (they now have sections dedicated to milk makeup and beauty blender ((really a whole section dedicated to a flippin sponge))) but not stila??? bye.)  they don’t carry it in-store at macy’s either and they do carry it at ulta but the only shade they had that wasn’t sold out was “ballet baby” and it was a total flop. I mean it was completly sheer and barely even glittery, I couldn’t believe the inconsistency. Plus the black, gold, and sliver shades don’t really stand out against so many other glitters of similar shades. But like I said, the rose gold, and the champagne and satin shades are really gorgeous but jeez, good luck getting your hands on them (sold out online at sephora but they have them on stila and ulta’s website). I bought the rose gold online so we’ll see how it actually wears on my eyes rather than just my hand!

smashbox’s be legendary liquid lip is a fantastic metallic lip (gloss maybe? the consistency is very pigmented for gloss but not really a stand alone lipstick either.) I got the shade “petal metal” and it’s a very very pretty rose gold (a theme perhaps?). it works well both on its own and over a lipstick (better over I think) and i’m pleasantly surprised. I can’t attest to how long it wears because I’ve only swatched it so far. smashbox has been a flop brand to me, I’ve tried a bunch of their stuff and have liked literally and I mean literally none of it until now so maybe they’re changing at bit! they’ve always been a drugstore brand at a high-end price to me so I hope they’re improving and I’m excited to see what they make next.

On Thursday after Supernatural ended, I wrote a Destiel coda and posted it, expecting maybe ten people to see it.

The next morning, I woke up and it had 76 notes, and that number has since grown to 197 (so close to 200!). Thank you all so much. (For anyone who wants to see it click here)

So, I have been encouraged to write another, and here it is.

The Moon and Back

Destiel, 482 words

Dean walks slowly into the kitchen after waking up. With only four hours of sleep to go on, he stumbles to the coffee machine and thanks Chuck that Sam likes to get up early and make coffee. He squints as he fills up his mug, and then heads to the library to drink his coffee.

Dean sits at the table, and with eyes that can now fully function, he looks around and notices a red heart-shaped box on the table. Stuck to the box is a yellow post-it note with Dean’s name written on it in careful handwriting.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Love your blog! :) I was wondering, have you written anything about the moments between the swimming pool clip and the "hjernen er alene"-clip? If not, could you?

i saw an incredible post that did this by @skamligaisak that i really love, also the incredible one that @koninginnen just did, and honestly, i could try and write this but i would just be ripping them off……….go read those ones guys they really really do it justice……

If your anti tog could you reply to this with whether or not you plan to read the Chaol novella I’m curious. Personally I’m definitely not BUYING it because it’s just… such a blatant ableist money grab it’s disgusting. But I may get it from the library at some point in time… I know “exploring the south continent” is almost definitely code for more racism and exoticism but I also think the possibilities will haunt my nightmares otherwise.

I did a Thing today
There’s a free creative writing group at my local library and I actually… went to it… on my own… There were about 10 people with an average age of 65 (possibly 70), mostly women, and each week someone puts forward a theme and everyone has half an hour to write something related to the theme and then reads it out to everyone, and they comment on it. The theme was ‘going on a journey’, which I duly forgot about, and after about 10 minutes of staring at the paper thinking ‘oh god what am I doing here’ I finally thought of a starting sentence. I wrote about an eight y/o boy called Theo who is at the beach with his older brother and finds a stray kitten. I didn’t actually get to the kitten part. But I wrote about a page and shakily read it out (quite badly, because a great deal was messily crossed out) and they seemed quite impressed haha. Most of the other people wrote anecdotes about their train journeys… They were more fluent/confident writers than me but their writings were more like diary entries than fiction. But the people were all really nice, anyway. The organiser said I wrote well, and the lady next to me liked my descriptions. Others were very complimentary. An old seacaptain-like man with a soft Northern Irish accent sat opposite me, and told us about the time he was away in France and went to a patisserie and the lady behind the counter was so pretty he forgot all the French he had learned and stumbled back out of the shop without buying anything. There was a woman with Alice in Wonderland syndrome who has a fear of travelling on the tube on her own in case she has an episode. I remember these things because I relate to them, to some extent. In short: woo I left the house and did a really scary thing which doesn’t seem like a big deal really but reading out a story that I wrote in 20 minutes without editing it to a group of strangers is……. An Awful Lot for me
Nice Guy - drpuffles - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 8/?
Fandom: 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Jeon Jungkook/Park Jimin
Characters: Jeon Jungkook, Park Jimin (BTS), Kim Taehyung | V, Kim Namjoon | Rap Monster, Jung Hoseok | J-Hope, Kim Seokjin | Jin, Min Yoongi | Suga, Im Jaebum | JB, Kim Yugyeom
Additional Tags: Eventual Smut, Angst, Rich Jungkook, Sexual Content, references to jungkook/others, and jimin/others, international playboy jungkook, taehyung is an author, Alternate Universe - Office, Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, Romance, chaebol!kookie, basically a chaebol au, jimin is his secretary, CEO, ceo!jungkook, Secretary!Jimin, Awkward Jungkook, Implied/Referenced Drug Use, Beta Wanted

Jungkook wants answers. 

Disaster :(

This months money is already incredibly tight :( and I’ve been putting all my eggs in next months basket. I just found out my therapy funding grant has been approved but they won’t be starting it for the foreseeable future because they already have a waiting list. No one mentioned this possibility :( I suppose I won’t be having therapy often for a while…

To top it off, the money I live on currently comes from an inheritance left to me by my grandfather, I get an amount each month that covers general living. I just received word from the solicitor in charge that my very manipulative aunt who fell out with my family has now basically manoeuvred her way into asking that the money my grandfather gave as a GIFT to pay for my school fees has to be repaid to the estate. He got that money as compensation for his wife’s death caused by an incompetent driver. He said he couldn’t bear to keep the money knowing it was from that so he wanted to give it to a good cause, as a scientist he was heavily interested in education and he wanted me to go private for my last 2 years. He gave the money as a gift, and never asked for it back. My aunt never once complained about it and knew this, but now she’s been asked to give back money she took fraudulently she has said she’ll only do it if my family pay back the school fees, claiming we “stole them” from him been though he had full capacity and hadn’t even had his accident at the time.

I read this and thought maybe it had been a mistake so I called my dad and he explained it wasn’t. Not only that but my parents only agreed to her terms on the condition that it was paid out of MY inheritance not theirs… I told him there’s no way they could do that without my consent that’s nearly all my money. He reminded me that earlier in the week he had sent a text to me saying I needed to email my agreement for something to the solicitor and to do it quick because I was holding everything up. This happens all the time, it’s almost always something about things we are selling such as the house sale and also he didn’t specify what charities in his will he wanted money to go to but did specify he wanted a specific amount money to go to “good charitable causes” so often I get emails where I have to accept a charity. I never have any say in these things, I always have to say yes even if I disagree because of my family being aggressive. So when I received that text I sent an email to the solicitor saying I agreed without even reading the attachment 🙁stupid I know.

But there you have it. Thanks to bad luck and anxiety I now have an extra £100-150 a month going out and less than that coming in.

Shelle’s thingies…decided to be brave and show some of my personal space.

My room…I’ll admit I will never grow out of loving plushies <3. I also have ZERO decorating sense soooooo…..

Yes, Mikey is leaning against a poop emoji pillow and that poor manatee…that poor manatee that Raph appears to be about to have for dinner…that belongs to @pie-thinkings​ .

My turtle wall :D

My desk. Which has a small space and I like to collect things. HA..

I apologize for the the bad photo quality. My phone does a lot of really awesome things. Taking pictures is not one of them.

Crap You Didn't Need to Know

@ladydracarysao3 @galadrieljones these two really cool and beautiful and interesting ladies tagged me. Why? Who knows…
So here goes another list:

1. How tall are you? 5′5"

2. What colour and style is your hair? Almost black and wavy. I usually braid it or throw it into a messy bun everyday.

3. What colour are your eyes? Hazel

4. Do you wear glasses? Yes and contacts but mostly glasses. I’ve always been fond of glasses for some reason.

5. Do you wear braces? No. Never.

6. What is your fashion sense? Ha! I have no fashion sense. Mostly jeans or leggings and oversized t shirts or my nerdy fandom shirts. On occasion when I’m feeling stylish, I wear boho style.

7. Do you have any siblings? Yup 4 brothers

8. What kinda student were/are you? The kind everyone hates. I hardly studied but still got decent grades.

9. What is your favourite subject? Psychology or Literature (it’s a toss up)

10. Favourite TV shows? Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Lost, Buffy, Twin Peaks, Doctor Who, and Black Sails.

11. Favourite books? Wuthering Heights, Half Blood Prince, LOTR, Pride and Prejudice, The Belgariad, Picture of Dorian Gray, Snowflower and the Secret Fan, Dragon Tattoo series….this can go on and on…

12. Favourite pastime? Reading, Writing, video gaming, sitting outside and just watching squirrels and birds, crocheting

13. Any regrets? No…I’ll forever believe that without the stupid things I’ve done or that have happened, I wouldn’t have had as much character growth.

14. What is your dream job? I’m living my dream job…I get to be at home with my kids.

15. Do you want to get married? If I didn’t , it’d be a little late for that haha

16. Do you want kids? How many? Yes. I’d like maybe 6 of my own and then once school debt is completely paid off, we’d really love to adopt.

17. How many countries have you visited? Excluding my own, just two.

18. What’s the scariest dream you’ve ever had? I once had a dream I was kid napped and locked in a dungeon and raped time and time again and nobody found me for years and I couldn’t escape (it still haunts me to this day)

19. Do you have any enemies? If you count myself than yes.

20. Do you have a datemate? I don’t know what this means…but I do still date my husband..

I tag anyone who is willing to talk about themselves!!!

i wish i could read fanfiction like i used to but now it A: inspires me to write something myself B: reminds me how bad my own writing is in comparison or C: is ooc and i cant finish it