read this you scumbag

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Decent arguments but stop defending these neo nazi scumbags yo

You really wanna read what I’ve posted because I’ve said several times that I think neo-Nazis are assholes


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What examples are given in this book that you are reading of how the democratic party are also scumbags?

listen, i just finished writing an essay on that and my brain is all wrung out.

book is called listen, liberal.

it’s by thomas frank.

it’s actually appalling.

Really caustic book too.

Guy has a real bitter sense of humor. 

Imagine what it must be like to be Bernie Sanders right now.

You lose the democratic nomination because the dnc was biased against you the entire time. Then you actively campaign for your primary opponent despite her numerous flaws, just to defeat trump.

And then she fucking loses. and now you’re in a republican controlled senate, with a republican controlled house and a scumbag republican president.

Bernie, if you somehow read this, we couldn’t be more thankful for everything you’ve done. You have changed the world for the better - it humbles us to exist at the same time as you, sir.

I am HINATA. I am SELFISH. I ONLY care about Naruto and to get him to LOVE me. I am terribly PERSISTENT. I feel like I am the ONLY GIRL to DESERVE him because I easily put myself on the line brainlessly enough to think this is the way to SAVE him. I NEVER thought to STOP and THINK about what Naruto’s FATHER and Naruto himselfs’ approval of a beautiful and amazing girl named SAKURA as their girl to be….BECAUSE GUESS WHAT MINATO I’M GOING TO TAKE YOUR SON WHETHER YOU LIKE OR MET ME OR NOT! I only want MY SELFISH desire to be MET that’s it! Let me tell you some truths…I did NOT care about my cousin’s Neji’s death because I just FAKE cried a bit and then thought of how BIG Naruto’s hand is because I can’t damn FOCUS or CARE about anything else since I am so focused on DROOLING and FAINTING for a guy. I even knit a scarf so peacefully during the mission to save my little sister and only ENJOY MY time with Naruto as if I am on a damn HONEYMOON! AND to top it off I even MAKEOUT with him on the MOON instead of worrying about my little sister after the chaotic events. I am the BEST BIG SISTER ever! MARK MY WORDS! MY life was terribly easy. I only had to be there for Naruto when everyone already started to care for him like family and just interfere at some moments and ACT THE PART. Oh and also I was VERY USEFUL. MARK MY WORDS ON THAT AS WELL! I AM THE SCUMBAG, NOT NARUTO-KUN!


Pierce: Are you sure you’re ready for the world to see you as you really are?

Natasha: Are you?

I love that there are two ways of reading this scene.

  1. are you ready to be unmasked for the evil scumbag that you are?
  2. are you ready to see who I really am, you smug son of a bitch?

And with Natasha, it could be both.