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(please bear with me) Okay, so, I'm a 15 year old freshman in highschool, and I've wanting to create some sort of series, whether it be a comic, or something else for a few years. I haven't too serious about it, but after one my of my friends showed me your video, for some reason, i was especially inspired. Now, I already have one character... but that's all i got. How did you come up with the things in your film? And did you ever experience "writer's block"? and if so, how did you deal with it?

No worries dude!  So okay, I’m gonna’ be honest, when I read this, I was hit with such a weird mix of, like, “god this is literally impossible to answer”, and “man I remember feeling that way when I was 15″.  So I guess the best thing I could do is elaborate.


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Hi! I recently read ur callout post about white dude fantasy and honestly I couldn't agree more!! I reblogged about this but may I suggest you try Scott Lynchs "Gentlemen Bastards" trilogy, it's a Mediterranean based fantasy series and it's so inclusive and amazing and funny, if you haven't already please consider giving it a shot, I think you'd really enjoy it 😊 Thank you so much 😊

Aw thank you. And thanks for the suggestion, I actuallt started reading Scott Lynch a long time ago and made good friends through that fandom. He was a fun read when I was younger, but unfortunately his latest work hasnt really been doing it for me, so I likely wont be buying his next one. I’ve got too many new author friends books to be hyped about and saving up for instead :)

Though I will say if you like well represented women in fantasy, it’s hard to go wrong with reading literally any Pratchett novel.

The Witches series was formative to my early years in understanding that sexism also included the micro aggressions women face (ie the comparisons he makes between the supposed validity of female magic vs male magic) on a daily basis, which to my mind we dont see a lot of in fantasy fiction.

We see the grand sweeping gestures of sexism portrayed and taken down (usually through showing that women are just as strong and capable of fighting/violence as men), but we dont often see fathers and brothers–our protagonists–called out on the “small” things they do which are not in fact all that small and contribute largely to the systemic nature of continued sexism and misogyny in our culture(s). We certainly don’t often see those cultures Change as a result of being challenged.

And while yes, it was nice to read writers like Scott and be told that you too are worthy to pick up a sword, what was infinitely more validating for me at least was Terry Pratchett pointing out the things within our own society, framed through the premise of dragons and fallen gods, drawing breath between clenched teeth and going, “oooh, I dunno about that” and Changing The Society. Slowly but surely, sometimes through grand sweeping gestures, but usually not.

Usually through the small ways, by treating people with kindness they probably didn’t deserve but doing it anyway. By doing no harm but also taking no shit and standing up for what is right even though you’re not brave, youre not strong and you cannot fight but because you have to. You have to take a stand because if not you, then who?

Thats more my cup of tea when it comes to fiction these days. I’m glad for the Whedoneqsue media that validated my ability to throw a punch as a girl, but I’m infinitely more grateful for the media that said I didnt have to and could change the world through other ways.

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Hello! You've probably been asked this before, but what are some book recommendations? I finally have time to read this summer and want to absorb as much good literature as I can, but I don't wanna just go straight to the classics or "Top 50 books of all time" kinda lists. I've found my taste is similar to yours, so if you could give me any place to start, I'd very much appreciate it. Thank you!

I don’t read a ton of books to be honest. :P But I have some favs.

Good Omens is my go-to, favorite book of all time, so start there if you haven’t already. I also really loved The Golem and the Jinni, The Goblin Emperor and The Discworld Series. Or for something a bit weightier/darker you could try Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell or House of Leaves. :) Hopefully one of those intrigues you.

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Just wondering, do you plan on ever continuing your "Ask us" series?

ahah yeah, I’m not planning to continue that series. It’s just a silly little thing i did last year whenever I wasn’t busy studying for exams. Have a quick drawing of Frisk here as a small apology! <3

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So I've been sort of on and off reading your take on the anime and manga and I gotta seem to generally dislike Mamoru, and I can very much see why, but what makes his anime iteration more tolerable? I'm sorry I haven't read through all of your stuff yet so you might have answered this already...

What I dislike particularly about Mamoru in the manga isn’t so much Mamoru himself as it is Takeuchi’s fixation on Mamoru. Obviously it’s her story and her characters and she can do whatever the hell she wants with them. But, as the reader, it frustrates the fuck out of me that in a rare series filled with amazing, interesting (at least outside the manga) ladies, the central figure and focus 85% of the time is the lone dude love interest. Some times even at the expense of Usagi herself.

In every arc so far, near every character beat revolves around Miracle Romance. And when that’s not in play, it’s basically just a mass exposition dump as the plot gets shoveled along. It’s pretty clear she doesn’t have the interest in much else. And again, fully acknowledging it’s her story, but that doesn’t mean I have to enjoy it.

Mamoru’s character, taken in and of itself, really doesn’t interest me at all. I’ve worked to find some enjoyment of him in the anime, and have succeeded to a point with a whole lot of effort and not a little bit of headcanoning. I think a significant flaw in Mamoru’s development, made even worse in the manga, is his isolation from most characters who aren’t Usagi and Chibi-Usa. It pins Mamoru to a single set of characteristics and roles, and leaves him mostly one-dimensional. The anime tries to broaden him with relationships with Rei and Ami, a consistent friendship with Motoki, even the occasional moment of camaraderie with Artemis. It also makes him an enthusiastic cheerleader for the Senshi and their friendships, WHICH BASICALLY MAKES HIM ME HALF THE TIME. More, it undeniably puts front and center the elements of the characters and story that I, personally, am here for.

tl;dr: The anime not only expands Mamoru’s character by allowing him to interact with people other than Usagi and Chibi-Usa, it also has him primarily in a supporting role as a vocal supporter of the girls and their friendships, keeping those characters and relationships at the forefront of the series, making the overall story not only more interesting to me personally but considerably more progressive in my view.

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If you haven't already, you should start reading the Dom/sub series called 'String Theory' by NadiaHart on AO3. It's full of some really amazing, quality stuff and I'm constantly checking to see when she'll upload the next part even though I'm subscribed. It's some of the best D/s fics I've read in a while.

Nonnie I have not but I definitely am going to! Thank you so much, honeybee!  ❤︎

i’m i the only one that has a hard time starting new books because you know they will never top those books you loved so you spend half the time rereading those books and the other half wishing you could read them all over again for the first time

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Because everyone should read her amazing writing, everything by kollectionn. But specifically her amazing Other World Chronicles AU. Start with "Charred" (Chanyeol), then "Struck" (Jongdae), and finally her current ongoing fic in the series "Roots" (Baekhyun). I will (and do) always recommend her stories. Additionally, if you haven't read "The Boxer" (Yixing) by Soobadnoonecanstopher and you're looking for some good angst, check in out. Both writers command their worlds fantastically!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh thank you for this love!!! I’ve gone through almost all of @soobadnoonecanstopher ’s masterlist already (she comes highly recommended by my bff @kpopfanfictrash ) and I agree that she is amazing!!! I have yet to read that particular fic yet so I’m excited . Thank you again ❣️❣️❣️

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I haven't read the "new" versions of my favorite series, but I was wondering if you (and the young wizards) were going to address 9/11 at all? Being in NY, there's no way they wouldn't have been affected. Or are you not even going to touch on the subject for fear of... tainting it?

Not at all.

We’ve already dealt with the subject – albeit a bit subtly, as I didn’t want to beat people over the head with it – in the Harcourt editions, in Wizard’s Holiday:

The living room was empty, but from the dining room she heard a voice, Tom’s voice. Nita froze only a few steps from the stairs.

“It’s something we just have to deal with,” Tom was saying. “Sometimes you hit— When we speak of them in English, we call them ‘cardinal events,’ which is a vague equivalent to a word in the Speech that’s derived from the Speech’s root word for ‘hinge.’ There are moments in the lives of people, of nations, of cultures, of worlds, on which everything to come afterward hangs, or turns—like the hinge of a door. If intervention comes at one moment, the door swings one way. If it comes a moment early, a moment late, the hinge swings another. And sometimes no intervention, regardless of its size, is enough to change the way the door swings.”

There was a long pause. “There are some changes,” Tom said, “that simply have so much impetus behind them, driven by the force of earlier events—the way in which other ‘hinges’ have swung—that there’s no stopping them, no matter what you do. As a result, a life changes, or ends… or a thousand lives do, or three thousand… and whole avalanches of change come tumbling down through the opening left by the way that door swung. All a wizard can do, in the face of one of these avalanches of chance and change, is pick a spot to intervene in the consequences and try to clean up afterward.” And Tom sighed. “No matter what we do,” he said, “entropy is still running.”

There was a long silence. “I’m so sorry,” Nita heard her dad say.

“Not half as sorry as we were,” Tom said, “that we couldn’t stop it.” Another painful breath. “But day by day, in the aftermath, we do what we can, and try to be ready for the next ‘hinge’… try to recognize it when it comes. It’s all we can do. And we have to keep reminding ourselves, because we know it’s true, that what comes of what we do will eventually make a difference; and the Powers That Be will find a way through even our species’ worst cruelties to something better, if we just don’t give up.”

There was a silence. “The way you look,” her dad said, “you haven’t been getting a lot of rest lately.”

“No,” Tom said. For a moment or so there was silence. “There’s trouble coming.”

“Worse than what we’ve had in the last decade or so?”

“Unless we can stop it,” Tom said, “much, much worse. But we’ve got a head start: a fighting chance. Actually, a lot better than just a chance. We can’t do anything now but see how it goes.”

A chill ran down Nita’s back. “Let me know if I can help,” her dad said.

“This is help,” Tom said after a moment. “And I appreciate it.”

Unnerved, Nita turned and softly went back up the stairs. I’ll come see Daddy tomorrow. This isn’t the time.

…The only other noteworthy change to reflect this issue happens in the NMEs in So You Want To Be A Wizard, where the first long-distance view of Manhattan has been changed so that the new One World Trade Center building is there instead of the original Twin Towers of the first edition.


some jily fics for your pleasure (assuming you haven't already read them)

anyway, here’s wonderwall by highandlonelydestiny

– a marauders!boyband au. wip, but definitely enjoyable.

aesthetic: trash boys by Emaly

– modern au, everyone is queer and it’s amazing, mostly wolfstar (aka remus/sirius) but jily is very much around, wip but totally worth it

in another world by itwasprongs

– series of various AUs

in a hundred lifetimes by winterfool

– series of various AUs

never wanted our paths to cross by Jubilee44

– modern AU, neighbors AU

seven days of james and lily by chie

– series of drabbles, various AUs, completed for jily week

the road to 100 by jewishwondergirl

– takes place during Hogwarts, wip, idk i just really like the writing style of it

…and that’s all I’ve got for ao3 recs

This is amazing thank you!
Reason(s) You Need to Read the Harry Potter Series if You Haven't Already Done So:

There only needs to be one reason: because it is excellent.
(And if you don’t, I will Neville be your friend. I will seeker you out, chaser you down, beater you up, and leave you in a quidditch. Keeper that in mind.
And then I will find your family and smite them with a firebolt of lightning, or tell them bad riddles-
Tom, in case that wasn’t obvious.)

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helloo, i was just wondering if you could recommend me any books? I've already read all the books i wanted too this year and now idk what to read :( I love books with a strong female lead, and I love it when I just can't put it down but sadly I haven't read anything that has had me addicted in a while, any recommendations that come to your head? Much appreciated!! :) x

I’m not sure what genre you want, but there are a few which come to my head.

  • The Other Typist by Suzanne Rindell (historical fiction - adult)
  • His Fair Assassin series by Robin LaFevers (historical fantasy)
  • Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein (historical fiction)
  • Rose Under Fire by Elizabeth Wein (historical fiction)
  • Black Dove White Raven by Elizabeth Wein (historical fiction)
  • Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly (contemporary/historical fiction)
  • The Diviners by Libba Bray (historical fiction)
  • Lies We Tell Ourselves by Robin Talley (historical fiction)
  • The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender by Leslye Walton (historical fiction)
  • Dangerous Girls and Dangerous Boys by Abigail Haas (contemporary)
  • The Good Sister by Jamie Kain (contemporary)
  • All the Rage by Courtney Summers (contemporary)
  • Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson  (contemporary)
  • Lies Like Love by Louisa Reid (contemporary)
  • Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta (contemporary)
  • Vanishing Girls by Lauren Oliver (contemporary)
  • None of the Above by I.W Gregorio (contemporary)
  • The Distance Between Lost and Found by Kathryn Holmes (contemporary)
  • Solitaire by Alice Oseman (contemporary)
  • Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas (high fantasy)
  • The Grisha by Leigh Bardugo (high fantasy)
  • Graceling by Kristin Cashore (high fantasy)
  • Poison Study by Maria V Snyder (high fantasy)
  • Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard (high fantasy)
  • Snow Like Ashes by Sarah Raasch (high fantasy)
  • The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutkoski (high fantasy)
  • The Walls Around Us by Nova Ren Suma (Paranormal)
  • Of Metal and Wishes by Sarah Fine (paranormal)
  • Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor (urban fantasy)
  • Angelfall by Susan Ee (Post-Apocalyptic)
  • The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon (dystopia)
  • Legend by Marie Lu (dystopia)
  • The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer (dystopia/sci-fi)

Have I just gone overboard? haha! You can have a look through our book recs tag if you want as well :)