read this it's funny oh my god

Let’s start it off with the one and only, the canon pairing of a sad sk8er boi and his tiny baker: Jack Zimmerman/Eric “Bitty” Bittle!

Ice Crew Please!

THE FIC THAT CHANGED E V E R Y T H I N G u don’t even KNOW oh my god

u read this and u r like: “ice crew au…?? wut” but U GUYS. READ IT.

I AM. BEGGING U. its so fucking funny but also so fucking meaningful and abt CREATING A Fa mILY !!!! and LoVe!!!! and frieNDShIP!!!

p.s i don’t want to spoil it but if u read it message me and ill talk to u abt the part that made me cry like actual tears bc thank god for friendships and acknowledging that shit is hard

the messes of men

this was… in it’s own way.. a hard fic to read (which makes it the best fic to read! pain! i love it! help me!) it’s very very very beautifully written and i hold it very close to my heart….how it portrays jack by himself and how hard it must’ve been…it also manages to weave in how mental illness plays its own role, even once you get together with the person you’re pretty sure is it for you. somewhat painful but cathartic and achingly tender.

until it got the best of you

umm bitty has a big dick. that’s it.

BUT then there’s feelings! and angst! and misunderstanding! (the best type too! u know when one is like so crazily in love with the other and thinks its shockingly obvious but surprise, it’s not!) it’s just fantastic!

i never saw the signs

imagine a world where jack jumping over the snowbank, bringing bitty coffee, going on long walks classifies (in jack’s mind) as dating. so when bitty gets asked out, jack cannot believe the b e t r ay a l! we’re dating bitty! just read this and be happy :)

left the city, my family, my precinct

oh my goodness this fic.

jack accidentally sends bittle a dick pick.

:0  ;)  <3 ___ <3 = summary of the fic

mixing it up

this is just….so cute?!??!?! and funny?!??! and 1!!!!!

bitty is contestant at a baking tournament for the falconers where jack and tater are the judges. at least, thats where it starts off.

tater is fucking hILARIOUS this fic in general made me laugh a lot.


if u about that dom/sub life well…….just know that eric pins jacks hands to the bed and there’s v intense blushing that boi turns red like a tomato and i live 4 it.

eric is a tad too southern for me but it’s the only thing this fic doesn’t do perfectly :))))

something like this

considering how popular this fic is it actually sat open in a tab for a looong loooooong time just bc…well… it’s 285,748 words. im an all or nothing girl as in i once read the entire maze runner trilogy in one night so i had to find the right time

first of all: angst. second of all: angst. third of all: ….. u guessed it… angst. BUT don’t worry, for every drop of angst there’s a metro-fucking-ton of smut and sweetness :)))) ;))) what this fic does brilliantly is create an OMC that is at the forefront of the story and do it seamlessly. this is a pretty iconic fic and tbh im definitely not one for fics longer than 100k but this was a fuckin’ beaut man

rake the springtime across your sheets

oh god this was P A I N F U L but in a very beautiful way??? (that’s how u know the writing was siCK) ambiguously happy ending but tbh in the end this fic is really just abt the unspoken quiet truth of being in love, of loving, of being human just lke Fffffffuck me up

Phone, Please!

listen. i’m not a fluff person. idk i get bored. BUT. BUUUUUT. BUT. this fic.

AMAZING. this fic is all about the details and the little moments that make Bitty and Jack  ~*BittyandJack*~

Bonus favorite line: “Thank god there are pancakes to serve. Pancakes are also very nice, and something he can actually have.”

Winter Clothes

Chowder POV so this is both hiLARIOUS and surprisingly touching. Jack and Bitty help Chowder buy clothes for New England winter. As a person living in New England, I approve this message.

WIPS: *Hate That I Love You plays in the background*

medic, please!

so if u ever played world of warcraft u r gonna love it and if you’ve never played world of warcraft u r gonna love it

this fic is just SO CREATIVE?!?!! like the format of it is B O M B. its just. so good. oh ym god.

(also the name is “medic please!” get it? cuz eric’s a medic in the game.? and check..PLEASE! ugh I’m a nerd 4 this pic

Fainting Psychics and Pessimistic Demonologists

ghostbusters au except not bc copyright

at first i was like…ghost hunters au?? rlly? but now I’m like GHOST HUNTERS AU? B R I L L I A N T.

characters are on point, its funny (an actual line of the fic “Jack sat down at his computer, pulled open a tab, and googled “How to encourage a teammate”. lmao what a mess)

but also theres some mystery and intrigue and suspense and in general this is a Good.

baking is punk as fuck

this is another AU that i was like…punk band u ….rlly? but then i was like PUNK BAND AU FUCK YEAH im a sucker for asshole Jack. i’m not even into punk?? but im into this fic U ___ U

This Don’t Even Feel Like Falling

filed under “praise kink mmmm”

honestly? porn..? “Bitty is the one to tie Jack’s hands for Hazeapalooza; afterward, he ties Jack’s hands for their own private enjoyment. “ like?? I’m not sorry.

but also not established relationship more like fwb but u know and i know and ngozi knows that ain’t the game we’re playing here

around the green and blue

not usually a big fan of soulmate aus but what i love about this fic is the pacing and even tho soulmate aus where seeing your soulmate = seeing color for the first time isn’t totally new this felt super fresh and original!

shine for you

aw MAN this gave me the feeeeeels. established relationship but jack is not out, it’s a bit angsty but the jack perspective is just so gooood

EXTRA: It all started with a big Russian hockey player calling a small cat-loving hockey player a rat. You either h8 it or u luv it. In my case, I Love it, capital L, so enjoy: Alexei “Tater” Mashkov/Kent Parson

careful the tale you tell

Kent has been telling himself a story, ever since the Q. It’s the epic story of Parse and Zimms, and he’s in love with it. // this fic is specifically meant for patater newbies and this fic does an amazing job of showing why kent and alexei just make sense. its honestly a Blessing.

kick on the starter

lmao im gonna be 90 years old and still reccing Febricant’s fics…for real when i saw they wrote patater i was like… dreaMing…or im dead? is . is heaven?? rlly unique approach to how she gets them together and gr8 build up :)))) Bless Febricant

i need to wake up, i need me some love…

honestly? shameless fluff. established relationship (they’re ENGAGED FOR GOD’S SAKE) short but Good

oh my fucking god

so i’m reading this harry potter fic

and every now and then there are words like “arseented” and “marseaging” and “arseistance” and i was trying to figure out what the hell is going on

finally i got to the word “parse” and figured it out

they’re american so after they wrote it they did a find and replace to change every “ass” to “arse”

i can’t stop laughing omg

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At some point I gotta wonder why half the (e/c), (h/c) stuff gets put in imagines and fanfic because... it's easier to just say "your eyes, your hair"? It's less immersion-breaking to just go general with it? I don't read something and go "ahh yes, e/c. What was that again? Oh green. He looked into my green eyes and bit my nipple off" or whatever. Just look into my eyes and bite it off bro, doesn't matter what color they are when you're doing it.

oh my god 💀

  • Me: *sees a 80k word fic with 42 chapters*
  • Me: *slowly moves mouse towards it*
  • Me: Nope..Nope nope no! Don't click it!
  • Me: *clicks it*
  • Me: Oh my god look what you've done.
a letter in neil's kevin binder
  • Andrew: Did you write a love letter to Kevin Day?
  • Neil: In a lot of ways, yes, I do love him, but that is not a love letter in the way that you're thinking of! Okay? There's nothing sexual or...
  • Andrew: Okay, sounds good. I'm going to read it.
  • Neil: Yeah! Read it!
  • Andrew: "Dear Kevin," Oh, shit! There's stickers! My God...
  • Neil: Yeah, you gotta jazz it up.
  • Andrew: You sure do. Okay, "Dear Kevin, I feel like I can call you Kevin because you and me are so much alike. I'd like to meet you one day, it would be great to have a match. I know I can't shoot as good as you, but I think you'd be impressed with my speed. I love your hair, you run fast. Did you have a good relationship with your father? me neither. These are all things we can talk about and more. I know you have not been getting my letters because I know you would write back if you did. I hope you write back this time, and we can become good friends. I am sure our relationship would be a real home run!"
  • Neil: Yup!

I just got around to reading Sword of Summer. And I just. This popped into my mind.

Annabeth: This is my cousin, Magnus. He’s the son of the Norse god, Frey. Because apparently that’s a thing.

Magnus: *in all his blond, summery glory* Hi. 

Nico: *oh no he’s hot*

Will: …You’re staring. 

Percy: Now I get what Nico’s type is. 

Baby Cakes 2.0 only improved.

Ya you read the title and yes its exactly what you think only this time I think this episode should of been the entire introduction to flurry heart. Ok so it plays in the same notes as the episode with Pinkie Pie only this time I feel its a much better version. Twilight and Flurry relationship grows here and the best part, Flurry has a personality! Ya its not much but oh my god i can tell she is feeling threw out at least in some scenes. It also lead to really funny moments here and there and that is a good improvment over baby cakes one joke gag. The best part is the lesson and how the climax is handle. This is honestly the best lesson I have see that twilight has to learn. Also Spike is pretty much on fire of being the voice of reason and not as a joke. So ya I enjoy this more and I think this might be in my favorites list so far. We’ll have to wait and see. Also I just…I just….HNNNNNG! 

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Do you ever doubt your dream will never come true?

honestly i made that sappy compilation of dream clips as a joke and it was the first thing i ever posted on this blog and i played piano in the background to make it extra sappy so that my friend whom i made it for would laugh, and it makes me want to die that it has like 16k notes ESPECIALLY BC THIS CLIP IN PARTICULAR THAT UR REFERENCIN G is so funny in that dan looks at phil after phil says “do you ever doubt your dream will never come true” BC ITS THE LINE FROM FUCKING ‘BET ON IT’ the song from hsm 2 and dan is laughing at phil for reading the lyrics out of the chat and getting them slightly wrong oh my god

anyway i violently regret the fact that i ever posted that video and people took it so legitimately srsly hahahaha

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hi! new reader here, just wanted to tell you that im totally loving lust and errors and really hope you continue writing it. i stopped reading fanfics a while ago but i just got back to reading them starting with yours, so i was wondering if you know any good het bts fanfics,jungkook ones in particular? keep up the good work!!

Oh my god! Thank you so much (I’ll definitely be continuing it) and welcome back to the fanfic world! LOL. 

I’m just going to list all of my favorite scenarios for you, okay? That I really really love! It’ll be under the cut because it’s really long becuz I read way too much fanfic (and most everything beneath the cut is smut) but do I look like I give a fuck?  ◕‿◕ (the answer is no)

Keep reading


Alright so guys I went to the com as you could see with my past updates and I will tell you what happened to me, Alright so let’s begin shall we?

First I bought 2 meets with Eliza, 2 photos and one autograph, alright so tomorrow I still have one meet left and the autograph, and today I took the two photos and one meet.

First at the meet: 

SHE WAS SO FUCKING SWEET OMFG AND on the first minute of the meet, someone asked her : which accent do you like to do more?

and she aswered: “Oh american accent is fun.” and so I just said out loud: “was it hard to do?” and I didnt except her to look at me and give me a little giggle and answer me looking right into my eyes, we had a chat about accents , and then we said she couldn’t say withdraw in the american accent and she laughed. alright so that was the first time we talked, and it took like 3 minutes OF ELIZA FUCKING TAYLOR STARING AND TALKING TO ME.

So I raised my hand and said: “ Eliza first I want to thank you for everything, it really helped a lot , I  have a really bad time with my mom and dad, specially my mom. “ AND THEN SHE SAID BEFORE I COULD EVEN ASK MY FIRST QUESTION. “ awww im really sorry to hear that , im sorry babe” AND I WAS LIKE OHSAUHEOUSHESOUAHEUSAHEUOASHUESUAEHSA KILL ME…. So I gasped and I couln’t even continue my question, and she saw that and giggle and I tried to keep up, and I said: “ Sorry Eliza I’m really nervous…. “ AND SHE SAID: *giggles* “Don’t worry Im nervous as well hahaha, its fine really.”  HER GIGGLE IN PERSON OH MY GOD. Anyways, I laughed and said: “ Thanks to this fandom I could meet my Girlfriend , she’s from California and…” AND SHE SPOKE AGAIN “ AWWWWWW gongratulations! Im really happy for you!!! That’s amazing!” And I was like UEHSAOEUHSAEHSOAUEHOSAUHEUSHA I CANT OMFG I CANT DO THIS. So I tried to recompose myself “ Thanks hahha so Id like to thank you for that , for your acting as well you are so good! But anyways my question is : do you recall any deleted clexa scene that we didn’t see on the show?”  And she said : “ Oh, no I think you’ve seen it all,  I mean there were sometimes that we had to reshoot some scenes but yeah” And I said : “ Oh and what about bloopers? we dont really have any Bloopers with Alycia.” And she laughed and said: “ Well there weren’t a lot of bloopers hahaha, but we had some but I guess they didn’t put it because they didn’t find it funny enough” And I said: Ohh hahaha alright and she said : “ But my favorite bloopers is from season 1 , but I CANT FIND IT ANYWHERE!!!” and so me and two other girls said: “its on the dvd Eliza hahahaha” and she looked at us “ It is? o.o oh my god! “ and I said: “ Yea it is, and also you should check youtube, it’s also on youtube.” and then she said: “ Alright I will thanks!!” 

So after I HAD TO SAY SOMETHING ABOUT FANFIC HAHAHAHA BECAUSE I JUST HAD TO. so I said:“ So Eliza did you ever read any fanfics? “ and she laughed and said: “ No not really , but should I read them? I mean there are sex scenes in there right?” And I said: “ Well there are some fics with sex scenes but there are a lot that doesn’t, and they are really good too.” and she said : “ Oh realy? alright will you send me some after please?” AND I WAS ONCE AGAIN LIKE OAEHSIEHSAUHESAEA OMG and I laughed and said: “ SURE”  

So she was trying to say somethings in portuguese, and she looked at me when she tried to say: “ Churrasco” and I helped her and she tried again and I nodded she did that thing with her arm like: YES ACHIEVIMENT UNLOCKED while SHE WAS LOOKING AT ME SO FUCKING CUTE OMFG IM SO GAY I CANT–

Anyways . HAHAHAH so she tried to say “Eu te amo” which is I love you in portuguese, and she looked at me again hahahah, man omfg Im so…. and she said it IJSAIJEA *dead*

ANYWAYS. We talked about a lot of things, we talked about Clexacon, and she was always looking at me, and I’d always say something to her complementing things and she’d always chat back with me. IM STILL LIKE SEAIEHSAUHES SO I WILL ASK MY FRIEND WHAT WERE MY OTHER QUESTIONS BECAUSE RIGHT NOW I CATN REMEMBER SORRY GUYS. 

Anyways when we went to take the photo I WAS LIKE REALLY CLOSE TO HER , and she was trying to stay with one foot on the ground and the other on the stairs, and she was like off balance for a second and I said : “ Are you ok Eliza? “ and she looked into my eyes, and she was like 5 inches away from my face, “ Yes im ok hahaha thanks “ OH GOD IM SO DONE EISAHSUHUSEAAHUSE

Anyways so I had the two pics with her: I was holding this shirt that you are going to see on the photo, and I drew that and it was a gift for her. So I had two photos to take with her, so I came closer and said: Heeeeey she said : “HEEEEY” , OMFG SHES SO CUTE hahahahhaha and I asked if I could hug her, and she said: “ YES OF COURSE” and opened her arms really wide , I hugged her and GOD HER HAIR, THE SMELL HOESAHEOHAEHSA DYING, AND HER HUG ESHAOUSA, alright so I handed the shirt to her and said: “its a gift for you hahahaha I drew that” and she read it and said: “ Oh my god Clexakru captain YEEEEEI * while shaking the shirt* IM YOUR CAPTAIN “ AND I FUCKING CHEERED WITH HER : YESSSSSS OUR CAPTAIN! anyways she asked if I wanted her to hold the shirt on the photo and I said YES. SO GUYS HERE COMES THE BEST PART….. SHE HELD THE SHIRT AND TOLD ME TO HUG HER FROM BEHIND AND SO I DID, MY FRIENDS THAT WERE WAITING TO TAKE A PHOTO WITH HER, SAID WE LOOKED LIKE A COUPLE GOD I CATN WAIT TO SEE THAT PHOTO OMFG OSOEAHESUHUSEAHUSEA BECAUSE IM TALLER THAN HER SO FUCK I HAD AND HELD ELIZA FUCKING TAYLOR IN MY ARMS SEIJASIJISJAISJPAPSJAPIJSAPIJESPIJESAIJESAIJPESAIEJASEIJSAESIJAESJAIESJEAIJESAIJ WE TOOK THE PHOTO AND SHE SAID THANKS, AND ASKED WHAT I WANTED ON THE SECOND PHOTO BUT SERIOUSLY I WAS SO HIGH WITH THAT SAOHIESAHUSA THAT I JUST SAID: “ LETS JUST HUG OURSELVES” and she saw that I was still like OMFG and she giggled and said alright, so she hugged me tight hahahaha SO CUTE . so before I left she gave me two more hugs, SO 5 FUCKING HUGS, ELIZA FUCKING TAYLOR HUGGED ME 5 TIMES. and said thanks about the shirt OUSEAHUESOUAEHSA IMI SO… ANYWAYS I HOPE TOMORROW I HAVE MORE EXCITING THINGS TO TELL YOU IM SO UHSAHOSEAHUESA 


sakuura-mochii  asked:

sorry if this is too forward of me but you seem like a really awesome person and i'd love to be your friend! i love theatre and especially smaller theatre groups, and after discovering you via geekenders i've just been thinking "man, jd is so sweet and funny and clever oh my god." and its taken me a long time to work up the courage to send you an ask! (im super awkward so sorry if this was weird) anyway have a great day/night/whenever you're reading this! bye!!!

Well, thank you @sakuura-mochii! (This wasn’t particularly weird.) I hope you likewise have a good day/night/whenever!

I just want to say that Dirty Laundry  was one of the best fanfic I have ever read in my life

and if you havent read it, I super recommend. It’s funny, cute, and its just perfect. The autor’s writing skills is really good. I don’t even ship klance, but this story oh god….J U S T   S O    D A M M    G O O D!!!

(sorry for my bad english)

And for those who send hate ask to the autor

overmydevbody  asked:

Listen Sex, I like you. I like your blog, I like your style. We're mutuals. I think you're witty and funny and if we didn't live on separate continents, I would like to be your friend in real life. HOWEVER. IF YOU PULL SOME SHIT LIKE THAT NIALL HUGGING HARRY AFTER LARRY DENIAL/NIALL HUGGING LIAM AFTER ZAYN LEFT POST AGAIN I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN AND CRY IN YOUR GOD DAMN FACE. I'm so upset. Oh god. My Larry/Ziam heart is broken and it's all your fault.

I honestly only saw the all caps before I read this and was like ‘Oh shit…I’ve really angered someone now…’ And yeah, I’ve probably upset you, but…you still love me as much as this gif of Niall with a puppy right?

Thought so.

Thank you for your message, though. And sorry to mess with your feels xx

20 questions tag

i was tagged by @littlemissnellie <3 and i tag @lxcysims @annaisntcreative and @sweetiessims sorry if anyone has already done it x

Name - Maya

Nickname - i dont have one

sign - virgooo

height - ummm like 5′1 or something idk

orientation - straight

ethnicity - english

favourite fruit - probably watermelon or raspberry

favourite season - summer

favourite book - lol i dont read much but my fave tv show is greys anatomy (its not even funny im kind of obsessed @lxcysims )

favourite flowers - daisyyy 

favourite scent - hand sanitizer (especially that aloe vera one) 

average ours of sleep - like 10

dogs or cats - cats all the way

number of blankets i sleep with - 2

favourite fictional character - oh god : jackson avery (bae) christina yang(me af), george o malley (rip 007) 

ideal trip - somewhere tropical af 

when was this blog created - sometime in august

birthmarks - does the vitiligo on my leg count

number of followers - 196 (almost 200 yaaayyy)

something embarrassing? -umm my life

Yuta as a Doctor
  • Yuta is a dentist
  • a handsome dentist
  • who’s well known
  • and very good with his work
  • and he smiles A LOT
  • and you hated dentists
  • but your wisdom teeth were coming in
  • and they hurt a lot
  • your gums were swollen and you couldn’t eat without whining
  • so your mom took you to dr. nakamoto yuta
  • and at first you thought he would be a senile old man in a big chair waiting to pluck your teeth out 
  • but when you entered his room your world shattered
  • there was a young guy in a lab coat smiling 
  • “konichiwa” he was smiling and welcoming you and your mom inside
  • “we’re here to see dr. nakamoto yuta” you told because you couldn’t believe that this handsome man right in front of you would have to look inside your mouth and remove your teeth
  • “i am nakamoto yuta, miss Y/N”
  • your eyes widened at the way he said your name
  • you were nervous
  • you had looked up wisdom tooth stories on the internet and you knew it was going to be painful
  • so Dr. yuta lead you to the DENTAL CHAIR in the OPERATORY
  • and there where drills in there
  • “LOL BYE IM OUTTA HERE” you saw the equipment and started to walk away in fear
  • “lol no bish there’s no way out” and then you could see a nurse locking the door
  • and then you saw dr yuta putting on a mask and gloves he looked like a serial killer wtf
  • his eyes looked so piercing and dangerous
  • but then he removed his mask for a moment when he saw you sweating because you were terrified
  • and thEN HE SMILED
  • “what’s wrong sweetheart?” :))))
  • and then the sun came up
  • and flowers started growing
  • world poverty ended
  • and a rainbow came
  • until
  • the nurse told you sit in the dental chair
  • and dr. yuta put the mask back on
  • “okay so i’m going to inject some local anesthesia in your gums”
  • you shook your head in denial and you almost started crying
  • “open your mouth, sweatheart” :))))
  • and then your mouth opened so wide elephants could find shelter there
  • he injected the thing and then he picked up a weapon
  • “i’m going to make an incision in your gum”
  • you: what?
  • him: lol i’m gonna make a paper cut in your gum and its gonna hurt
  • and then he said it
  • sweetheart :))))
  • and then the nurse inserted something in your mouth to keep it open and then you blacked out 
  • he removed the bone that blocks access to your tooth
  • and then he finally removed the tooth
  • and did all the stitching up and all that magic
  • and when you woke up your mouth was numb and your mom was next to you and yuta was towering over you and he was smiLING :))))
  • “recovery is gonna hurt…
  • sweetheart” :))))
  • and the next few days it did hurt but you could tolerate it
  • and you almost chewed on the gauze thinking it was food once lol
  • you missed food
  • but yuta gave you ice cream when you came after 3 days
  • “you’re doing well sweETHEART” :))))

okay so i know this isnt as funny as JOHNNY THE GYNACOLOGIST idk how u spell it wtf i had to read loads of stuff about wisdom tootth extraction oh my GOD its terrifying lol DOYOUNG THE VET will be next up :D pls read johnny the gynacologist pls pls pls

Relax, Don’t Do It

by yoongidontdoit

pairing jikook, side taegi and namjin

info college au | rated E | 4 chapters | 24,078 words | finished

summary Jeongguk likes to party. Jeongguk likes to party hard. When he wakes up half naked in a Denny’s parking lot, for the third time, he decides to commit to something for once and swear to be completely straight-edge for a full 90 days. That includes no partying, no late nights, and absolutely no sex. Easy until Jimin decides to crash land, literally, into his life.

review i really love the plot of this one, oh my god. aside from that it’s just really well written, its cute and funny and hot and really its just everything i want from a fic. the taekook banter is amazing. honestly, just go read it, cause me rambling about it isnt gonna do it any justice.

read it

Wicked Grace ~ Merrill

“Oh, goodness. Oh, Garrett.” She clutches her chest. “You’re so tall. I forgot how tall you are! I feel like a turnip next to you!”

“An adorable turnip,” I say.

So uh… I decided to read some lines Merrill says in Wicked Grace.
Oh god I hope I did an okay job, I love this fic.