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Levi’s phone pinged and he dug it out of his pocket, tapped at the notification and opened his email. It was an e-vite to Erwin’s birthday party. Hange already knew Levi was coming -  he had helped them book the hotel for the occasion just a few days prior - but he supposed this was his official invitation. He replied with a Of course I’m coming, you shitstain, then scrolled to the bottom in search of the most important information.

What the fuck to take.

He had asked Hange to list some ideas so he could attempt to get a decent present for once - he was abysmal at gift giving, tending to go for things that were boring and practical over exciting and inventive.

Levi stopped scrolling when he saw “gift ideas” and pursed his lips in disappointment when he read the message:

Bring something nice! :)

How unspecific and unhelpful.

Levi sighed and put his phone away. He had a few weeks. That was plenty of time to think of something.

Not that he did.

The party was only a couple of hours away and Levi had nothing but a rising sense of urgency to find something, anything that could pass as an acceptable gift.

Think, you idiot, think, he reprimanded himself. What did Erwin like? Too much sugar in his tea. Those super fuzzy socks with rubber on the bottom to keep you from slipping on floors. Mike’s butt.

Levi sighed. If nothing else, he supposed he could get Erwin a gift card. He hated doing that, though. It felt like the easy way out, like he hadn’t put any thought into it. Which he hadn’t really, but he wanted to make it look like he did.

Eventually he pulled into the parking lot of Barnes and Nobles. Erwin liked books. Levi just had stumble upon one he didn’t happen to have yet, so he beelined for the table of new releases as soon as he walked in, thinking his best bet would be to get something from there. He picked up the one closest to him and skimmed the back. It sounded kind of boring to Levi, but maybe Erwin would like it? He put it back and picked up the one next to it, read the summary on this one as well. Or maybe this was good? He put it back down and went to the next one.

He repeated this until he had gone through every book, only realizing what he had done once he read a summary that sounded strangely familiar and noticed that it was the first book again.

“Fuck,” he whispered. He still didn’t know which one to choose.

“Sir? Can I…help you?” a voice asked.

Levi turned his head to find an employee - judging from the tacky green apron and nametag reading “Armin” - standing a few feet from him. He had blonde hair tied into a loose bun at the top of his head and two sky blue eyes framed by a pair of round reading glasses. He was taller than Levi - rarely was there a person who wasn’t - but not by much. Levi didn’t have to crane his neck to look at him anyway. He liked this guy already.

“I need a book,” Levi answered.

Armin chuckled. “Then I’m happy to tell you that you’re in the right place.”

Levi snorted. He had Levi there.

“Do you have a specific genre you’re looking for?”

Levi shrugged. Erwin read just about anything as far as he knew.

“Hm…” Armin circled the table, fingers tapping at his chin. “Try this one,” he said, holding up a paperback with a pair of white wings surrounded by barbed wire on the cover.

“Wings and war?” Levi asked as he read the title. He didn’t remember the summary for that one.

“It’s historical fiction based on events in the Great War and the use of homing pigeons. It’s cooler than it sounds,” he added when Levi gave him a skeptical look. “Oh! Like in one of the chapters–”

And he was off, talking rapidly, hands gesturing wildly as he spoke. Levi wasn’t really following what he was saying, too busy marveling at how Armin’s face lit up, his eyes shining with excitement. It was kind of endearing. Levi found himself wishing he could go back so he actually could listen.

Armin must have noticed Levi staring because he trailed off and cleared his throat.

“Sorry. I get carried away sometimes.”

“It’s fine. You made it sound good.”


Levi hummed. Armin’s enthusiasm was all the convincing he needed. Plus, now that he thought about it, Erwin was a history buff.

“Thanks.” Levi took the book, looked at it a few moments, then looked back at Armin. “Hey.”


“Do you…want to go to a party later?”

“A party?” Armin tilted his head.

“Yeah. For a friend’s birthday. The invitation said to bring something nice. You seem nice. And cute.”

The words had come out of his mouth before he had really thought about them, and Levi felt his face turn red. Fuck.

“Sorry,” Levi blurted quickly, shoving the book at Armin. He backpedaled and turned, practically running out of the store and across the parking lot to his car. He flopped into the driver’s seat and groaned, leaning forward and smacking his forehead on the steering wheel.

“Idiot,” he grumbled. “Well, I can never go back to that bookstore again.” And he had left before buying the book, so he was back to square one with Erwin’s gift.

It was not his day.

A knock at his window made him jump and Levi looked up to find Armin standing there. Levi rolled down his window.

“You forgot this.” Armin held up the book.

“You…bought it for me?”

Armin nodded.

“You really are nice. Thank you,” he said quietly, taking it from Armin’s hands.

“Pick me up at seven?”


“That’s when my shift ends. Or is that too late? For the party?”

Levi blinked at him in surprise. “…You want to go?”

“I do. That was one of the most embarrassingly sweet ways anyone has ever asked me out. How can I say no?”

Levi felt his face heat up again and he scowled. “I take it back, you’re not nice at all.”

Armin pushed out his bottom lip in an exaggerated frown.

“Still cute, though,” Levi mumbled.

“I’ll take it. So, seven?”


“Great. I’ll see you then…?”

“Oh. Levi.”

Armin gave him a crooked smile. “I’ll see you then, Levi.”

Life is really fucking hard

But coming on here and reading all the messages you send me overwhelms, but in the very best way.

I know I have talked about my childhood/early adult life on here so some of you know that I don’t really have a support system. At all.

But y'all send me so much encouragement and love that sometimes all I can do is cry. I try my best to tell myself that I deserve it and just accept it without questioning anything.

Especially since I’ll I do is write dumb stories. I just hope that one day I can give you what you give me, even if it’s just an ounce.


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Hello there~ I discovered "I won't stop you" a few days ago and I just wanted to inform you that I've become sleep deprived because of staying awake reading this gem until 3 am when I had to wake up at 6 the next morning. My dark circles reached lenghts and shades never known before. BUT I DON'T REGRET ANYTHING. I swear this is the best fanfic I've ever had the pleasure to read (and I read lots *insert lenny face here*) Everything is brilliant, thank you for sharing your priceless talent with us

“My dark circles reached lengths and shades never known before” - if THIS ISN’T ME  oh my god xD (tip; aside from lack of sleep, dark circles are also due to a lack of vitamin K in your diet; you’re welcome c:)

Oh gosh you’re so sweet, let me hug you ;; heh ^^ not at all, thank you so much for taking the time to read it and message me, it means the world to me!

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OK, some things: one: I LOVE this blog. Not only the plot and drawings are awesome, but the way you answer asks and... Tomedd. I love it. Two: I saw a post with Portuguese in it. Where are you from? ^~^ And three, the actual ask: is Tord Hamilton? (being Tom burr, Matt the schuyler sisters (peggy tbh, because platonic)), Edd Washington and Paul and Pat being Laf and Hercules? (this is a long one X3) ~ I call myself Late anon (sorry If I'm being annoying btw)

Damn you’re so nice AAAh!!

Well I’m really glad you enjoy the blog! I’m always scared people wont like the storyline or the drawnings ,etc. so reading these types of messages makes me truly happy!

Well I’m portuguese haha! After that was posted, I got a few messages from people who spoke portuguese, I was so surpised that some of my folowers were portuguese or brazillian ahah! ((Olá para todos os que ainda estão aqui ;D)) 

And well for the last question… I dont know ahah, I have seen a Hamilton EW AU and I really liked it! Edd was Hamilton and I belive Tord was Burr, Tom was Eliza and I don’t quite remember who Matt was eh. but that did fit pretty well! 

And of course not! You ain’t being annoying pal! Ahah!

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I feel that Allison is overreacting & Remy's right bout the whole thing. Also Allison's plan to visit Ivory is absolutely not a good idea, you don't go visit the other woman or the baby mama unless you want a b*tch fight. Love the storyline & your writing 💕

Originally posted by gameraboy

Allison is being unreasonable but she’s angry and hurt and not being all that rational. As time passes and her emotions cool down, maybe she’ll make better decisions. Remy might give good advice but he’s such an assh*le it’s hard to listen to him at times lol, Allie isn’t feeling him at all right now. Allie is DEFINITELY looking for trouble seeking Ivory out, but she’s also curious about Nicole. But yeah…stay away from baby Mama drama, Allie! LOL Thank you sooo much for reading and this message! It means a lot! 

Soooo…. Vilde only reading the messages and not contributing to the conversation?

Im thinking friendship is the main theme. Im thinking Sana is f***ing things up. Im thinking why doesnt she remember how important being “bussjef” is to Vilde? Im thinking why isnt Sana aware of Nooras struggles and asking her about the “hele sannheten”. Im thinking why doesnt Sana realize why Isak is bugging her about Mikael? Im thinking Sana is too busy proving something to herself and everybody else that shes forgetting that she hates “når noen fucker over vennene sine.”


I’d like to start by everyone who’s been encouraging me to keep writing. Thank you for reading all my work and not complaining about how I never use the read more option so that I don’t fill up your entire dashboard.

Thank you to people who’ve messaged me privately just to talk or anonymously left asks or requests in my askbox. I read everyone’s messages, replies, and even reblogs, so do continue to interact with me :)

With my current BUSY schedule I’m not able to prioritise this account, but thank you for sticking around anyway.

I was texting with my friend yesterday and I said that I was feeling terrible. I was anxious and my ed is at its worst. My friend didn’t answer. I texted her today that it’s nice to know that I can’t count on her when I’m not doing well. She answered that she just recieved my message but I had seen that she had read my message yesterday. Now she’s texting me about her problems🙄🙄

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II don't like how my host is being treatdd (ie even if I treat my host "well" she still doesn't have a choice in anything) but I'm afraid to talk tp my host about voluntaryism because I might be switched to a new host soon and then the new Yeerk would know and I'm pretty sure that'd be bad uunless I were lucky. What do o do? (I'm typing with my host's eyes closed. Not sure how I'll read your message without gputting myself at risk. I'm good at typing but aspologize for any mistakes I might make)

I’m not sure how to answer this without compromising your position either. I think your choices are to do nothing until you get transferred to another, or commit to a leap now. You can probably work to keep your current host if she’s capable of performing whatever role you’re being transferred to; less host transfers mean less paperwork and less messy adaptation for the new yeerk so the Empire is usually happy to leave people in the brains they’re in if they don’t need to be moved. Make a case for that, and if it doesn’t work, be prepared to run with your current host. You have other options, the most obvious being us.

Also be prepared for the possibility that your host might want you out. This is a risk you take when you commit to allowing them the choice. If that is the case, you’ll need to come to us so that you can use our facilities and we can safely get your host out of town.

– Edrin 986

Thank you for loving me and receiving my love in return.

“I don’t have time to worry about who doesn’t like me… I’m too busy loving the people who love me.”

Hey everyone, so I don’t really know how to begin this post… So I’ll just start with I love you. All of you. Regular readers or anon, I love you. 

Lately, I haven’t time to write, but no matter what you’re still there to read my stories and supporting me. I’m stressed and tired but I don’t care because you make me smile and feel better each time I see that you read my stories, left a message or send me an ask. 

I don’t know you, I don’t know who you are and where you come from but it doesn’t matter because I love you all the same. So, this is a message for you, the person behind this screen. Thank you. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my work, thank you for taking the time to let a little kind comment. Thank you, whoever you are, for sending me love. 

I love you all. 

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I looked through our conversations when we used to be on cloud nine and in love, these were the times you told me how lucky you are to have a girl like me, how thankful you are because you never received such love I was giving to you and whatever happens, you will never let me go. The words you said mean everything to me and it stabs my heart, realizing that these words mean nothing anymore. I can’t help myself but to cry my heart out till the sun has set. The pain is too heavy to bear, the love I believed to be true and different was gone. We used to be over the moon, but the present tells the opposite. This is stupid of me to say but, I won’t deny the fact that I miss you so much. I love you, I still do. But somehow, I’ve come with the thought that I can’t do anything anymore, I need to let you go because it’s the right thing to do. I’ve decided to finally move on and this would be the last time I would cry over you because there was nothing left to hold on to and I can’t hold on to something that doesn’t want to be held.

I’m sorry. I’m sorry because I was the reason why you let things end. I’m sorry for the terrible mistake I made, I never blamed you for deciding to end this because you were hurt and I understand. I only have myself to blame. But, I was hoping you would’ve understood, that I did it for us. I always feared the day would come, the day you will finally won’t take back the words you’ve said. I’m sorry for the other things that have hurt you, for the things that made you cry, jealous and mad. 

Thank you. I’m thankful that I met you because you have given me a temporary bliss. I laughed and smiled because of you. Somehow, you made me feel loved and beautiful in a short period of time. Thank you for the good days: the days we felt unstoppable like we’re flying high, when holding your hand felt like home, leaning on your shoulders made me feel secure and hearing your voice sound like the angels are singing. It was worth it, being loved and loving you. Thank you for making me realize how capable I am to love someone. You proved forever within a number of days. You were the greatest and worst thing ever happen to me. 

Goodbye. This will be the last time that I will write you a message, I’ll accept the fact that some things are meant to end, even though I used to believe that you won’t let that happen. I did everything I could to make you stay, but I guess your life no longer includes me because, you’re happy now and I can see that clearly. You already found a love that’s all the things ours couldn’t be. I hope you find overwhelming joy by her side, I hope she won’t hurt you and make you cry. I hope for the best for the both of you. It hurts but I’ve accepted the painful truth that I am just a distant memory now. I don’t regret loving you, but what I regret is that I let myself believe that this would last.

I won’t forget you and the memories, I will always keep you alive in my heart. I’ll just get used to not having you in my life anymore. Deep within my heart knows getting over you won’t be simple. I need to stop loving you so I can start loving myself again. You were a painful blessing, but you were also a great lesson. I guess you’re just another chapter of my life needed to end. I still and will pray for your safety and happiness even though I’m in pain right now, I still believe you deserve the best. I hope you find everything in her that you couldn’t find in me. You will always be my greatest love.

—  S.L // unsent last message