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Ethics lawyers are suing Donald Trump for violating the Constitution

  • On Monday, Trump will be hit with a lawsuit that alleges he’s in violation of the Constitution’s Emoluments Clause, which prohibits politicians from receiving payments from foreign governments.
  • The lawsuit alleges Trump’s business empire violates this clause, as foreign leaders and governments spend money to stay in Trump hotels and live and rent space in his various other real estate holdings, 
  • The lawsuit will be filed in New York by a group of legal powerhouses that includes former White House ethics lawyers from both sides of the aisle, Supreme Court litigators and well-known constitutional scholars.
  • Trump’s team, for its part, is dismissive of the lawsuit, claiming he’s not in violation of the Constitution. Read more

Okay let’s talk about this painting. It’s called “Signing of the Constitution” by Howard Chandler Christy.

Let’s start with good old George Washington.

He’s staring dramatically into the distance with this heavenly glow thing going on.

William Blount is just looking longingly at Washington, like he’s desperate to confess his love.

Then Gunning Bedford, Jr. is down here on the floor like a weirdo.

George Read looks like he shit his pants and doesn’t know what to do.

Gouverneur Morris looks pissed. Also, it’s important that you know that Gouverneur was his first name, not his title.

William Jackson is obviously just asking for another drink. He can’t be bothered to pay attention to this historic event.

Roger Sherman is giving William Samuel Johnson some serious side-eye. Throwing some shade ‘bout some shit.

And my personal favorite: Ben Franklin looking directly at the camera like he’s Jim from The Office.

Probably because fucking Alexander Hamilton is all up in his personal space.

I think that one thing to remember with Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch, is that fundamentally, little changes from how it was with Scalia. The two are very similar ideologically, in that they are quite conservative and tend to read the constitution very strictly. If he is confirmed, the court will once again have 4 conservative justices, 4 liberal justices, and a moderate justice somewhere in the middle. 

It’s bad, but it’s not as bad as it could be. This is not an automatic death knell for civil rights, it just makes the fight harder than it could have been if Obama’s justice had been confirmed. The big thing now is to hope that Ginsburg, Sotomayer, Breyer, and Kagan all stay safe and on the Supreme Court. They are the liberal side of the Court and keep things in balance. Kennedy is also one to hope stays as well, as while he leans more Republican, he has often been the swing vote in major cases and has regularly sided with the more liberal rulings the past few years. 

We just need these people to hang in another four years, max. Maybe another 2 if we can swing the Senate and House in 2018, who could then block a hardline conservative pick from Trump. 

*note: This is not a dismissal of fears nor is it me saying Trump’s pick is acceptable. This is simply meant as a reminder not to panic and exhaust yourself. We are in for a long fight and the opposition wants us to get worn out quickly. If we work together and keep each other informed, we can continue to fight indefinitely.

4.11.2016 1.40 p.m. - Legal English homework and reading the constitutional law books! Trying this new thing where I write the most important words of the text on a post-it and stick it on the back of the paper so it’s easy and quick to study for the exam :)
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This evening, I read the U.S. Constitution for fun and also read the Confederate constitution.

The only real differences between the two documents (at the time of the Confederate constitution’s writing) are that the Confederate constitution includes the bill of rights as part of it (not as amendments), and there are repeated references in the Confederate constitution to the government never infringing on the “right” to have slaves.

So don’t let anyone tell you that the American Civil War wasn’t about slavery, it’s right fucking there in the fucking Confederate constitution.

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The Muslim father of a slain soldier just challenged Trump, “Have you even read the United States Constitution?”

In one of the most thrilling moments of the convention so far, he offered to lend the Presidential candidate his own copy, challenging him to look for a few crucial clauses he seems to have missed. And watch how Chelsea spoke of her hopes for her mother’s Presidency.

Gifs: ABC15 Arizona

Now that Trump is president can all the people sobbing and fearing for their lives finally admit that protections from the government and limits on it’s power to enforce its will is a good thing? Can you finally start reading the constitution and remember why all those pesky inalienable rights you spent the last few years protesting against are important?

1) ‘Butt-Hurt’ isn’t sufficient charge

2) A Progressive talking Constitutional crisis lol 

3) Have you read the Constitution? This is like playing cards with a six-year-old. “Time out! Rule change! I Win!”

4) Just needed to come up with a bridge to number five

5) Let it go, dude