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The park twin’s are very different in personality with each other compares to their looks. One is 5 minutes older who is best friends with Kim Taehyung and are known to be trouble makers in the school. The younger twin is quiet and likes to read, he is best friend with Jeon Jungkook who is famous for his bad boy attitude. But are the twin’s best friends more than just a friends? or is it something more complicated? What would happen if Kim Taehyung fall for the younger brother and Jeon Jungkook knows. Will his innocent crush destroyed their friendships and all four teenagers lives or would it restore what was broken in their lives. What if it bring the answer to what they all are looking for through all their youth.

Feelers Be Like

When watching a sad movie:

*cries hysterically*

When fangirling:

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When reading an awesome book:

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OMG OMG OMG WHY?!?!?!!1?1

When you laugh waaaay too hard:

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Or tell a horrible joke

And people go all

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But at the end of the day, it’s still EPIC to be a feeler

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Now where’s that book I cried about yesterday?

webothwentmad1389  asked:

1-50 sorry mate lol

1. have you ever been in love? Yeah

2. what are your favourite colours and why? i don’t know, depends on mood I guess. Black, Blue and Green. 

3. who was the last person you held hands with? don’t remember ;( 

4. what is your zodiac sign? Taurus 

5. how many times have you read your favourite book? omg, far too many times. 

6. what are your favourite films? a weird mix of Harry potter, super hero flicks and animated movies. 

7. what kind of weather do you like? summer! 

8. do you prefer sunrises or sunsets? sunset

9. what kind of weather represents who you are as a person? to be honest, unpredictable weather. An excited hydrogen atom represents me more accurately! 

10. what’s your favourite animal? cat

11. what is your favourite song right now? Eden’s wake up. 

12. what is your favourite song of all time? All too well and Treacherous

13. do you like sunny days or rainy days better? rainy days 

14. have you ever been heartbroken? Yep! 

15. what does the perfect kiss feel like? coming home after being lost for ages. 

16. what is your favourite poem?  When I have fears, John keats

17. who are you most inspired by? People who keep going when everything goes against them.

18. are you spiritual? Meh

19. what is your favourite plant? It is this specific Lily plant that survived a fire accident with me, and is still thriving today. 

20. what is your favourite feeling? That feeling you have when an idea strikes you like a lightening bolt and you just have to sit down and write. 

21. what is your favourite word? treacherous, right now.

22. are you an artist? Depends on your definition But not a good one, most probably

23. what is your favourite flower? Lily. Not really a fan of flowers

24. are you happy? Meh. I don’t know

25. what are you thinking about right now? My stupid test, and how I can avoid it. 

26. what emotion do you feel most often?  These days, frustrated! 

27. what is your favourite season? summer

28. are you in a relationship? ;)

29. are you an introvert or extrovert? Introvert. 

30. do you prefer the moon or the stars? Moon. 

31. what is your favourite scent? have you ever smelled a freshly opened book  Chanel 

32. where do you feel most at home? With the person I love 

33. what scares you the most? that people i care about most will someday forget me. 

34. do you believe in soulmates? yeah! 

35. what is your favourite thing about yourself? That am fiercely loyal and that I read like flash.

36. what is the nicest compliment you’ve received? that am sweet and kind? i don’t know

37. who is your favourite music artist? Taylor swift

38. what was your first kiss like? Unexpected. 

39. are you a sensitive person? Yep. 

40. when was the last time you cried?  Last night. 

41. do you believe that love can last forever? If you’re patient and passionate enough. 

42. what do you think happens to us when we die? our consciousness is preserved and the mechanical functions cease to exist? 

43. have you ever broken someone’s heart? I usually get mine broken.

44. what do you think about when you can’t fall asleep at night? about why I can’t fall asleep like a normal person.

45. do you believe in aliens? Not in the way we imagine them, but there is a probability that there’s life somewhere out there in the universe. At Least on the planet I came from 

46. what is the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for you? 

47. do you find it hard to trust? I trust a lot. 

48. are you secretive? until you get to know me properly.

49. what colour are your eyes? Brown. 

50. do you have a nickname? A lot too many. Most of them embarrassing

you know you’re queer as hell when you’re equally attracted to isabelle and alec lightwood like goddamn both of you are so super hot help meeeee literally the only reason im watching shadowhunters

youngpi  asked:

11 and 37 :-)

  • favorite social media account?
    • definitely tumbLR lmao
  • do you read a lot? whats your favorite book?
    • yes yes i do read a lot
    • i have way too many favorite books omg but i really like
    • throne of glass series / anything sarah j maas touches
    • everything written by wh auden tbh
    • i really like heart of darkness tbh? it’s a really heavy and boring book at first glance but when u analyze it you realize that conrad is actually a genius smh

thanks for asking, lovely!

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