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Hi, I'm trying to bring a little positivity in the wake of disappointment with the lack of lance in s2. I know many of us were expecting the "I'm just a boy from Cuba" line, but in hindsight I realised Jeremy mention that at nycc in October and he says he found out reading a recent script. But by nycc season 2 was definitely mostly done seeing as they showed an episode. So the script was most likely for season 3, meaning there'll be loads of Lance development!!!!!

thats true, and it makes me all the more excited!! ive also come to another realization about the direction of this entire season, which im probably gonna compile into a separate post after another rewatch to hopefully spread more positivity about the direction of the next season, and to view s2 in a better light.

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hi! i know a lot of people are disappointed that we didn't get the "i'm just a boy from cuba" line but i think it's worth remembering that jeremy never actually said that was in s2? in fact, he first mentioned it at nycc in october and he said he found out reading a /recent/ script. but s2 was mostly completed by then (what with them showing an episode) so it's unlikely he was reading a script for s2. which means we can probably expect it (and lots of lance focus) in s3. yay!!!!!!

i’m telling you guys… season 3’s got our backs. it’s gonna treat us well. it’s gonna give lance and hunk the proper character development they deserve. i Feel it. i Know it. everything that Did Not happen in season 2? will happen


“For me making films always feels challenging because I am so shy. I’m always scared before shooting – sometimes even during shooting! I’ll read the script and think, ‘How on earth am I going to play this?’ The anticipation makes you anxious. You have to actually do the thing in order not to be scared. And that feeling of being scared, or not being safe, can be helpful for the part, depending on the character.”

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This is relating to the JaxCon ask.

The fan who asked this put Jensen in a no-win situation. If he says something positive about Destiel then the fandom will think that it’s cannon, which it isn’t. But if Jensen says something negative, half of our fandom hates on him, calling him homophobic and saying he doesn’t know Dean.

This makes me so sad that our fandom is hating on the man who has helped all of us get through our Depression and Anxiety. The fandom that has a ugly response to this needs to be reminded that Jensen knows if Destiel is cannon or not, he talks to the writers and producers and reads a script.

I’m not hating on Destiel shippers, I honestly don’t care if people ship it or not. But Jensen obviously doesn’t agree with it, that does not make him homophobic. He supported his aunts and the people in Orlando.

The fans can’t put the boys in these no-win situations. It makes me sad that half fandom is hating on Jensen just because he doesn’t agree with it. This fandom was made to be kind and loving to each other, not be a bunch of asses.

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so the "i'm just a boy from cuba" line jeremy mentioned, was that cut or is it s3 do you think? because jeremy revealed that lance is cuban at nycc which was in october, and he said he'd found out recently from reading a script. so if s1 and s2 were made at the same time maybe it's from s3 and that makes me think that s3 is going to go a lot more into him missing home and his insecurities which is exciting. also, maybe we'll get to find out how long he and hunk have known each other.

yeah, i have a pretty strong feeling it’s from s3. they had a bunch of stuff done by then (all of ep2 and the trailer showed clips from blade of malmora – although i can’t remember when that trailer came out exactly haha) so i think they were working on s2 pretty early which might explain why it seemed rushed.

so, yeah, i do have hope for a bunch of lance in s3, and hopefully hunk too :)

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Do all autistic people use "scripting" as described in the Ask an Autistic video series? I'm trying to understand this aspect of autism but it just doesn't "click" with me. I definitely have a hard time with verbal communication, and I will often recite phrases from fake conversations that I've practised in my head, or repeat things that I've written in my journal, or straight-up read from a prepared script for particularly difficult conversations... but it seems like that's a different thing?

Not all autistics script, however what you’ve described does sound like scripting.

Scripting is using words that are not spontaneous. It can be quoting books or movies, but it can also be constructing everything you want to say in your head before being able to say it out loud or using words you’ve used before, or quoting your own writing.


Hallyu Pia February 2017 Issue - Minho interview cut

Q: How was your first impression when you guys first met? Please give comment to the person on your right.
Do Jihan: I already knew about Choi Minho (one-sidedly). So I’ve thought of what kind of person he is like, but after I met him in person he was a handsome man with bright and frank personality.
Minho: Hahaha thank you. My impression of Hyungsik is… Although I’ve watched his projects before, this is the first time I’m in the same project as him. During script reading, I feel that, “Ah he’s a reliable person”. I think he suits Sam Maek Jong role well.

Q: When was the most difficult moment during filming? You’ve had to put on body armor in a very hot weather right?
Minho: There are impressive action scenes on every episode, and I think the filming was presses by time. When I filmed fencing battle scene with Do Jihan, I swung the sowrd by mistake that it hit Do Jihan’s forehead. However, what makes me think that Do Jihan is a real pro is that he didn’t show any sign of hurting when it actually looked really hurt until the end of filming. He said he was fine. I was touched.
Hyungsik: Did you cool it with ice in the car?
Do Jihan: I cooled it during lunch time.
Minho: I was really sorry.
Do Jihan: That (t/n: he referred to the accident) would happen sometime.
Minho: Since then I feel that Do Jihan’s action scenes with me became strong. Like when he should grab my clothes lightly, he would intentionally grab my clothes by the collar. (Laughs)
Do Jihan: I have a lot os scenes with Minho. This year’s summer was very hot and everyone went through it hard, but Minho wasn’t exhausted at all. When I’m in the situation where I want to take a rest, Minho said “I’m okay”. I feel that I basked in Minho’s brimming power. I think our scenes came out well.
Hyungsik: I think he has a charger!! With spare battery included.

Q: How was the atmosphere at filming site?
We enjoyed the filming. Although the weather was hot, we leaned towards each other and overcame the heat. We were able to withstood overnight filming by talking to each other about a lot of things and gave strength to each other.

Japanese - Korean translation: geminids_night
English translation: sagyehan

i just remembered that dude on youtube who claimed that he got to read the script for tfp and that the i love you scene was about mycroft making fun of a crush that sherlock had on some girl as a child or sth i don’t even remember what it was exactly but

i just… don’t… understand why people do sth like that. there were actually people who believed him because he didn’t seem hostile and was like ‘well i just feel so sorry for you guys i just mean well you see’

and i find that even more disgusting than antis who are just straight up hateful? trying to lull people into believing you by pretending to be on their side. why would you ever do that. and there are anons out there again with the apple tree yard thing. I don’t believe that we’re gonna get anything tonight but why in the world would anyone go out and pretend like they work at wherever and put their conjecture in people’s ask boxes disguised as fact. does it make them feel special? does it make them feel important? it’s not helping anyone. even if someone actually knew, what would they achieve by crushing people’s hopes like.. 2 hours early?

maybe someone’s an expert on human psychology and can explain this behaviour to me i genuinely want to understand.

rave posted about this but said not to rb it so I snagged their screenshot just to say @someuphillbattle uhhhhh can I ask you what possessed you to write that HOW on earth do you know or could inference any of that???? is it basically rpf fan fiction projected onto the creators bc that’s what it seems like and it’s super ridiculous unless you uh you know actually know rebecca sugar or someone else on the crewniverse and simply neglected to share????? like “Rebecca has no backbone” and “she needs ian to put his foot down for her bc she’s so weak” and “she didn’t want lapidot but can’t say no to pushy lauren” as if she didn’t read the episode scripts and storyboards and clearly sign off on wherever it was going like WHERE are you getting this from….. this makes no sense like there’s some good stuff in the su critical tag but most of it is weird shit like this and people seriously getting worked up about character models for some reason


Remember when they said that they asked the cast to read the script backwards so that it’ll make sense?

If we watch the 3 episodes backwards, does it make sense?

It doesn’t. Of course, it doesn’t. It’s bc there’s a 4th episode.

They say that it’s groundbreaking, but tfp isn’t really groundbreaking. It’s actually full of cliches. LOL

But if they pull off a special unannounced episode, it will be groundbreaking.

I’m not sure about the date though… I think they might put it on the 29th, but I’m still hoping that it’s on the 22nd cause I can’t take it anymore.

P.S. If we happen to be wrong, I might just cry myself throughout the year 😭😂😭

And the award for my favorite part of YOI episode 5 goes to:


This blatant misspelling of the name of the country where this entire show was made:


the script of this comic is not mine, but actually from the EVER so talented @franklyfilthyfantasies who captures both characters i n c r e d i b l y !! PLEASE go read their wonderful story behind this comic starting with part 1 here and part 2 here  !! ♡♡ Thank u again @franklyfilthyfantasies this was the bEST

  • What she say: I'm fine.
  • What she means: I am actually freaking out because in under 100 hours a series that only airs once in a blue moon is airing the first episode of a new series which made the actors cry when they read the script and in the trailer the main character says 'I love you' to someone but I have no idea who and I am praying that it's his flatmate because they are both gay for each other but then in the synopsis of the second episode it says that the flatmates are drawn apart and I cannot understand under what circumstances this could've happened and I think the baby is going to die but I don't know and no one will listen to me freak out because they think its just a stupid show with famous actors when its actually so much more than that and all I honestly can do is wait.

bellamy & clarke; from script to screen (x) ;; aka that time when the writers underlined and capitalized the word ‘they’ in the script to show that, even if clarke might believe it, bellamy refuses to accept that she no longer belongs with him and their people 

I was able to make the 14th day of Genoary Challenge: -Geno at UVS studio- What does Geno do while he waits for his part to come in Underverse?

Maybe he’s reading the script, also this is my first attempt making a traditional animation, this is almost a practise because I’m thinking on make a traditional animated scene when Geno appears, as a tribute to the original comic Aftertale.
This Is not as the perfect and unique CQ’s style, but I have time at least for improving the animation :)

Geno by @loverofpiggies
Genoary Challenge by @shinydiamondblog

As an actor, what I really want to say is that I’m looking forward to the future. It’s almost a hand to mouth kind of job. You don’t know when you go audition or read a script. I’m always looking for good stories and projects to be a part of and bring to life. But after this, for now, I’m enjoying life and crossing my fingers for season two. I like really good juicy stories. That’s my jam.