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  • Snape: Mr. Potter, why don't you read first?
  • Harry: Alright, Chapter 1; Surviving your fascist Potions Professor who needs to put kids down to feel big.
  • Harry: Oh wow! This is useful guys, we should read on!
To stars and beyond,
To love that went on.
To the times that passed,
To the longings that still last.
I wonder what appears
of my deadly devil fears.
Whatsoever it may be,
I shall make sure its existence ceases.
For I have to find my heart
buried deep inside the darth.
Swallow all doubts and now
set my sails for the far abouts.
Here I come.
Oh! here I come.
—  KS
Habit is a vain and treacherous goddess. She lets nothing disrupt her rule. She smothers one desire after another: the desire to travel, the desire for a better job or a new love. She stops us from living as we would like, because habit prevents us from asking ourselves whether we continue to enjoy doing what we do.
—  The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George

I really appreciate the high quality snark in The Tenant of Wildfell Hall:

Go back to your fields and your cattle, you lubberly fellow; you’re not fit to associate with ladies and gentlemen like us, that have nothing to do but to run snooking about to our neighbours’ houses, peeping into their private corners, and scenting out their secrets, and picking holes in their coats, when we don’t find them ready made to our hands—you don’t understand such refined sources of enjoyment.

Subtle but savage put-downs:

‘Beauty is that quality which, next to money, is generally the most attractive to the worst kinds of men; and, therefore, it is likely to entail a great deal of trouble on the possessor.’

‘Have you been troubled in that way, aunt?’

‘No, Helen,’ said she, with reproachful gravity.

And shade-throwing:

‘Is it that they think it a duty to be continually talking,’ pursued she: ‘and so never pause to think, but fill up with aimless trifles and vain repetitions when subjects of real interest fail to present themselves, or do they really take a pleasure in such discourse?’

‘Very likely they do,’ said I; ‘their shallow minds can hold no great ideas, and their light heads are carried away by trivialities that would not move a better-furnished skull; and their only alternative to such discourse is to plunge over head and ears into the slough of scandal—which is their chief delight.’

“It’s probably true that the last couple of races Mercedes was a bit stronger but the real game changer is qualifying. They are able to turn up the engine so that they are gaining between three and six tenths to us on the straights. In Baku it was seven tenths, in Austria it was half a second. That’s something we can’t do. We are working on it, but it doesn’t happen overnight. There is no reason to panic or to worry, but we need to be aware. They are very quick, they have a couple of advantages that we need to work on, and then it could be a different picture.
There are plenty of positives. For sure, you look after every race where you are. This race was not good for us. Full stop. We did not get the result we wanted or that we probably deserved, but that is how it is. We cope with that and we move on. It’s a no-brainer if you have the cars in front for the first lap, the first corner, the race looks different.”

“There is a new race coming in two weeks’ time, but it is normal. You are judged by the day. If things go differently we come out as the winner, and when you come out on top everything looks peachy, but if you don’t, like today, people talk of a huge disappointment and a disaster.
“But I am not here to lose. I don’t like losing, and I hate it. So we want to make sure we turn it around for next time.”

“Last year we were very far away, and this year we have been matched with Mercedes for the majority of the year. We must not forget where we came from, we have done the biggest step out of all the teams. Red Bull has been vocal in the winter how good they would be this year, so far they haven’t been there." 
"Everybody is pushing hard, and we are trying to work hard on that advantage that [Mercedes] currently have in qualifying. We know where to tackle but it’s not that easy.
The car is great, it has been fantastic again in the race here, arguably not quick enough, but still quicker than what we got in terms of result. ”

—  Sebastian Vettel on Mercedes advantage 
Those of us who understand life couldn’t care less about numbers! I should have liked to begin this story like a fairy tale. I should have liked to say: ‘Once upon a time there lived a little prince who lived on a planet hardly any bigger than he was, and who needed a friend…’ For those who understand life, that would sound much truer.
—  Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince
Heartbeat syncs with the pace of my thoughts,
Yet blood’s too tired to rush through me.
Brain burdened with endless plots,
Of what could or could not be,
And my lungs miss the touch of air.
My fingers miss the feel of touch.
Everytime I think it’s a lot to bear,
Life proves to me I could bear too much.
It’s the longest road to tread,
Yet everytime I trip and fall,
Everytime I think that hope is dead,
And there’s no thread to hold onto at all,
Everytime I tried to swim and drowned,
Everytime my face kissed the ground,
Everytime I hit the concrete,
Something pulls me up to my feet:
A helping hand and a smile of gold.
A peaceful aura and a hand for me to hold,
Hypnotic eyes like no fairytale ever told,
And words that cure aches in a world so cold.
—  “Lifeline” by @ambiguitiesromanticized
I will get mad.” he said while looking directly at her eyes. “Sometimes I will run out of words and be silent for a minute or two. I will get cold when there’s something wrong with my day. I will get tired and feel lousy because of the stress that surrounds me. You see, sometimes I will be a storm to your sunny life. A disturbing wave to your calm tides.” he paused and slowly grabbed her hands. He placed it in his chest and continued, “But you will always have the courage, for you can turn me into something I thought I could never be—in the nicest way possible. Because you can soften everything that hardens my heart. You can break all the walls I’ve built around me. You can always make me happy and I promise that I will do my best to do more than just the same to you.
—  ma.c.a // Light and Darkness