read over 20 times

The Houses as Bookworms
  • Gryffindor: absolutely adores books but still wishes they read more, takes really aesthetic book photos, doesn’t waste their time on a book they know they won’t like, pretty critical about book to movie adaptations, considers other people’s reviews before picking up a book, reads their books in class even when they probably shouldn’t, loves borrowing books from others
  • Hufflepuff: will plow through book after book and then not read for an entire month, attempts to organize books alphabetically or by colour but in the end just tries to squeeze them in anywhere, probably re-reads more old books than they read new books, only presents they want are books, may not finish books super quickly but loves them nonetheless
  • Ravenclaw: reads books at an alarming rate, can and will read on any form of transportation, wears glasses, instead of listening to music they’re actually listening to audio books, starts reading a good book but then gets distracted by another and completely forgets about the old one, usually critical of the protagonist.
  • Slytherin: attempts to read over 20 books at the same time, ships everything, loves it when they’re friends read a book that they recommend,they have to finish the whole series no matter what, gets defensive when someone doesn’t recognize them as a reader, wants to read all the books their friends have read so they can contribute their own opinions to discussions

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Your a big fan of aizawa. Know any good aizawa fanfics? Bonus if maizawa!!!!!

Stitches by ADreamingSongbird 
(My all time favorite Maizawa story. It deals with the aftermath of the Noumu attack. I’ve probably read it over 20 times at this point.)

You & Me by taiwonton
(The first fanfic that arguably got me into the Maizawa pairing. It’s a compilation of one-shots, mostly fluff.)

For all of the sparks that I’ve stomped out by tiramisun
(A traitor!Mic story that had an angsty ending that broke my heart.)

Adventures in Babysitting by Priestlyislove
(Aizawa gets hit by an age regression quirk and Mic has to take care of him. It’s an extremely sweet and funny story.)

Out of Character by PitViperOfDoom
(A general story showcasing Dad!Zawa protecting Todoroki from his asshole of  a father.)

Shadow Tag by snap_nova
(My favorite story submitted for the Maizawa Christmas exchange. Mic develops a crush on the hero Eraserhead without knowing that it’s actually Aizawa.)

The Night Hizashi Yamada Almost Died by specifiedtrash
(A really short one-shot that gives you a a domestic look into Aizawa and Mic’s life. Also Mic gives you extreme secondhand embarrassment so you know…. a short, perfect read. This writer is my favorite when it comes to how Mic is characterized. I’d recommend all of their stories.)

The Heroes of Tomorrow by Silver_Sterling
(A cute Maizawa friendship one-shot.)

You Left Your Heart Here by donniedont
(A Maizawa story where the two end up dating after the end of a school trip.)

A Spoonful of Sugar by ArcaneStardust
(Another Maizawa story. Mic gets sick and Aizawa has to take care of him. It’s smut so if that’s not your cup of tea then you should probably avoid it. I’d recommend all of this writer’s stories if you’re looking for steamy stories though. LOL)

Doctor Yamada by sailorvbabe
(Maizawa smut. Mic also gives me secondhand embarrassment so that’s a plus.)

The Orange Tin by justanotherreader
(Warning: This deals with self-harm so be careful if that’s not something you’d like to touch on. It’s a story about teenage Aizawa trying to cope with depression and abuse.)


we sat around laughing 
and watched the last one die

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Ugh, as an EA I just love how you rep SE Asians sooo much. I used to go to school in a really white area (transferred to a more diverse school, but still not many Asians), and I'm adopted, so until recently, I've been a super ignorant POC. I used to think Viets were really well repped because growing up, the only Asians at my school were Viet and kind of held their Asianness over mine, like I wasn't legit because I was adopted. [1/2]

[2/2] And I’ve become so much more aware of power dynamics and why SE Asiam visibility is important to support as an EA who gets more visibility, despite it being often super stereotypical and generalized. I love how you encourage people to love, if that makes any sense, lol. I have really mixed feelings about Korea becoming increasingly popular, because as a Korean, the generalizations non-Asians make are so uncomfortable, but it helps to be acknowledged and I hope SE Asians get that support.

god i must’ve read this over like 20 times by now, thank u so so much for sending this to me. i love reading abt non-se asians recognizing and supporting us bc it honestly gives me a lot more hope 💖💖💖💖💖

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I will literally suck your dick if you do this I've been asking every tcc blog but no one has done it can u do an imagine where you're Brooks little sister and he throws a party and his best friend eric is there and he has a crush on you and makes a move?

Hope you’re ready to start suckin bb ALSO I NEVER GET IMAGINE REQUESTS SO AHHHHHHHH

It was a typical Thursday night, you and your brother were in his room watching some bullshit movie that he liked that you didn’t really care for. Even though your brother Brooks was only a year older than you, he was super protective of you, but still treated you like one of the guys. 

“(Y/n), Brooks?” Your mom knocked on the door, opening it slightly and poking her head out, “Can I come in?”

“Yeah sure mom, whats up?” You said, Brooks was too zoned out into the movie to notice your mom was there.

“Well, your father and I have been talking…And since we both trust you guys, we were going to so to a concert out of town, so we’ll be gone this weekend, can I trust you guys?”

Brooks immediately tuned in as soon as he heard “we’ll be gone”. You two looked at each other, thinking the same thing; party

Yeah mom, we can totally handle it,” Your brother said, trying to give off a responsible big brother vibe

Your mother sighed in relief, “Thank God I have you two,” she said, pinching your cheek.

“Well I’m going to start packing, we’ll be leaving after you two go to school-”

As your mom kept talking, you and Brooks were focused on each other, basically reading each others minds until your mom closed the door and went to pack.

“Duuudeee, y/n, you know what this means right?”

“Well no shit Brooks, you think people are gonna come? This is a little sudden.” You tried to play it off cool, but in reality you were scared shitless, you’ve never thrown- or even been to a high school party, the only “party” you’ve been to wasn’t your style and ended up bailing.

“Don’t be a pussy, go email your friend, I’mma email the dudes, especially Reb.” Brooks nudged your shoulder, knowing how big of a crush you had on him. At first he flipped out, after all you’re his baby sister, and no matter how much he’d tormented you, he only wants the best for you. But he knew Eric, he knew Eric would treat you the way you should, and Eric knew Brooks would kick his ass if he ever hurt you.

“Okay, let’s do it!” You ran into your room, eager to get the message out.

Logging into your email, you began typing frantically;

Party @ my place Friday night 

(Your address)

9pm, be there ;)

You read over the email almost 20 times, and clicked send to all contacts

“You sure you’ll be okay? You have the hotel’s number, my number, poison control, da-”

“Yes mom,” Brooks laughed “We’ll be fine.”

Your mother looked at you, and then kissed both of you on your cheeks.

“Okay, well, don’t be late for school, I love you!”

Your mom closed the door, and your heart began beating fast. 

“What time did you tell your friends to come over?” You asked your brother, jumping up to sit on the table, beginning to peel open a banana. “I told them 8 or so, Reb said he’d help us set up so he’s coming over early.” He said, winking at you. “Stop it!” you laughed, trying to hide your blushing face.

5 more minutes you thought, it was the last class you had, with only 5-make that 4 more minutes until schools out for the weekend. Since Brooks drove you to school, you didn’t have your car to drive home, so you were gonna meet up with him at the smokers pit, hopefully seeing Eric along the way. 


The moment the bell rang you got up and went straight for the door, stopping every few seconds to reply to the “hi y/n!” in the hallways. As you reached the smokers pit, you saw Brooks wave his hand, signaling you to come here, he was standing talking to Nate and Dylan, you knew them pretty well, Nate has always been hitting on you, which oddly enough grosses you out, but Dylan on the other hand was always kind to you, giving you a ride home on occasions, listening when you need to vent after a long day, he was like another big brother. 

“Hey guys!” You gave Dylan a hug, and shoved Brooks, which he returned the favor. “What’s up loser,” Brooks said, taking your baseball cap off your head and placing it onto his “We’re just waiting for Eric, then we’ll bounce.”

Your began smiling as the boys exclaimed their “oooos” at you, and you began hit each guy on the shoulder. “Shut up guys!”

You saw Eric in the distance and began waving at him, as soon as he noticed you, he smiled and sped walked to you.

“Hey y/n” he said, giving you a bear hug “Hey Reb”

“Alright love birds,” snickered Brooks, “let’s get going, y/n my cars full so why don’t you ride with Reb.”

Although you knew that was complete and total bullshit; knowing only Nate and Dylan were the only ones riding with him, but you smiled and accepted to offer.

Eric opened up the passenger door for you, and then got in and began to follow your brothers car to the local grocery store. Since Brooks had a fake ID, it wouldn’t be hard for you guys to buy alcohol. Eric turned on the radio, blasting some KMFDM.

“Ohmygod Eric, I love this song!” You turned up the volume and began singing along to Stray Bullet, “Wow y/n, I didn’t know you liked this shit,” he yelled over the radio. You looked over and smiled at him, he’s just so perfect. 

After about 10 minutes of singing along and bullshiting with Eric, you guys pulled in along side Brooks’ car at a grocery store, and walked, immediately being stared at by elderly men thinking you need Jesus.

“Just get a shit load of vodka bro.” Said Dylan, who was pushing the cart.

“Y/n why don’t you and Eric go get some chasers and food, we’ll meet you here in about 10 minutes.” And again, your big brother made you blush.

“Sounds good with me,” Eric said, as he picked you up and placed you in the cart, laughing his ass off as he pushed you to the chips isle. 

“Ew no, don’t get that Reb! Okay get some Dr. Pepper, and Slim Jims!”

After 10 minutes of goofing around with this boy you met your brother and the guys and began to check out. You noticed the cashier was a young teen boy, who was fairly attractive. He looked at you and smiled, you didn’t think much of it, but Eric was about to destroy him just for checking you out.

You and Nate put all the bags into Brooks’ truck, while all the other guys smoked and talked about how wasted they were about to get. “So y/n, you thinking about hooking up with any guys at the party?” Nate asked, getting oddly close to your body. You turned around to the cart to get more bags “No, not really,” as you turned back around Nate was inches from your face. “Well, you should come find me at the party then, we can chill, if ya want.” You pushed passed him and put in the last of the bags into your brother’s car, ignoring Nate’s offer. Sure, he was attractive, but you liked Eric, you liked him a lot.

“Alright, just put the bottles on the counter and put the chips in some bowls, this is gonna be epic!” Exclaimed Brooks, you looked over at him and laughed, as you and Eric brought in alcohol bottles and set them neatly on the counter. You weren’t paying attention to all the commands your brother was making, you were just thinking about Eric, you looked nice already, a black crop top and skinny jeans, so you didn’t feel the need to change. Dylan came into the kitchen holding a screwdriver, being already slightly buzzed 3 hours before the party has started.

It was 8:43 p.m. and no one was here yet, just you, Brooks, Nate, Dylan, and Eric. you all sat on the couch, drinks in your hands, and began to worry.

“Brooks are you sure people are gonna come?” questioned Nate. “People are gonna fucking come dude,” sassed Brooks, “Y/N invited all her friends and I told everyone I know, even random people in the hallways.” 

“No jocks though, right?” Asked Eric, beginning to tense up.

You heard cars coming up to your drive way, loud tire screeches and loud music being turned off, and talking coming closer as there was a knock on your door.

Brooks gave a toothy grin, “Turn on the music! Lets get this party started!”

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Hello~ do you have any angst Aizawa fanfic recommendations, I freaking live for angst. (┛◉Д◉)┛

ME TOO. But there aren’t very many Aizawa angst fics and I’ve recommended a majority of them in other asks that wanted Aizawa recs. So I’m sorry if the list repeats most of the ones I’ve already mentioned in my other posts.

Stitches by ADreamingSongbird
(YOU GUESSED IT OF COURSE THIS IS GOING TO BE AT THE TOP OF MY LIST. My all time favorite Maizawa story. It deals with the aftermath of the Noumu attack. I’ve probably read it over 20 times at this point.)

You & Me by taiwonton
(The first fanfic that arguably got me into the Maizawa pairing. It’s a compilation of one-shots, mostly fluff. The angsty one is the 7th chapter. I just reread it again today and man…. it still gets me every time.)

For all of the sparks that I’ve stomped out by tiramisun
(A traitor!Mic story that had an angsty ending that broke my heart.)

The Next Time That I Caught My Own Reflection It Was On It’s Way to Meet You by Priestlyislove
(Wow that is a long title LOL. Another traitor!Mic story.)

The Orange Tin by justanotherreader
(Warning: This deals with self-harm so be careful if that’s not something you’d like to touch on. It’s a story about teenage Aizawa trying to cope with depression and abuse.)

Don’t Try To Be My Hero by justanotherreader
(Warning: Another self-harm story. Toshinori finds out about Aizawa’s scars and tries to help him.)

Question by Mezzoash
(Hizashi is afraid that his quirk is hurting Aizawa. Also, bless this person for writing so much Maizawa back when there was absolutely nothing on AO3. LOL)

Blind, Not Broken by impaler
(After the Noumu attack, Aizawa loses his vision.)

To smile again by liri2012
(Aizawa tries to move on after Toshinori’s death.)

I Know I’m Wrong, But I Can’t Help Believing by kpark
(This is more of a Hizashi centric fic. Hizashi was raised to infiltrate UA for the villains and he struggles to maintain that identity.)

Can’t Help Falling In Love by drunkenCharm
(A short Maizawa one-shot with a tad of angst. Aizawa has some insecurity issues about his relationship with Hizashi.)

Purple Bruises by kakashifan9
(Warning: Mentions of child abuse. I mean… I’m allowed to recommend my own story, right? Lol, I was trying to find another story I had in mind, but it seems to be lost forever so I’ll put mine here in its stead.)

@hero-trashcademia wrote some amazing stories about Aizawa growing up. I have fond memories of reading them last year during my summer course. LOL

Last Minute Leaving Cert Advice

It’s been three years since I sat the leaving, and I’ve learned a few things along my way in college that might help anyone currently panicking and trying to cram.

✎ Don’t just sleep enough, sleep early. The night before an exam, and on the nights leading up to Wednesday, go to bed early. If you stay up late cramming, you’ll have no time in the morning to look at anything. Get to bed early, and if you feel you need to look over things, wake up earlier instead of staying up late. The information will also be fresher in your mind.

✎ Study/cram in intervals. If you’re trying to learn something off, or if you’re just at the stage where you feel like rote learning is your only hope, don’t marathon it. Read over the material for 20 minutes at a time, and then take a 10 minute break and do something, anything unrelated to your study material. Play on your DS (Animal Crossing is great for this!) or phone or even go on tumblr or something. Cool your brain down, and then do another 20 minutes after your break. 

✎ Eat well. I know this is an obvious one, but make sure you’re eating breakfast before every study day and every exam. Don’t eat anything too heavy, like a fry, as nerves could make you queasy, or the fat content of the food could make you sleepy. Have toast, cereal, even cereal bars or breakfast biscuits are better than eating nothing. 

✎ Don’t play with points calculators at this stage. Take it from me, these will drive your anxiety through the roof and make any pressure you’re feeling even worse.

✎ Don’t spend all your evenings messing with the CAO. The Change of Mind period is until the 1st of July this year, so you’ll have time after exams to spend a few days thinking about it without the weight of study on you. 

✎ Avoid caffeine like the plague. I know some people can’t function without it, and if you really can’t, then ignore this, but don’t start drinking energy drinks of coffee if you don’t normally. If you’re stressed, it will make you more jittery than anything if you’re not used to it. Limit tea intake as well, I know it hurts, but I replaced tea with a drink of honey and lemon while I was studying and felt a lot better for it.

Best of luck out there!

My Failed Attempt at SnK Chapter 74 Thoughts 

I am trying to write my thoughts about chapter 74

but I keep getting totally distracted because


And I know there’s serious stuff going down, but by the end of the chapter I’m just like:

kyungbi  asked:

REALLY? Oh my gosh I've always wanted to ask but never got the chance to! You guys are seriously amazing in all that you do. Okay so um, can you tell me your all time favorite fics? Any genre is fine. I feel like I've read all of them, but I really haven't.

Thank you baby! Here we go:

Admin L: HAVE I TOLD YOU GUYS ABOUT In The Territory of the Dragon King ?? (I can’t shut up about it lmfao) (btw there are more let me just collect them ^^) 

Admin J’s holy trinity (pls quote the fave parts @ my funeral then bury me with the printed out copies):

Admin Y: there are many fics that i love so so so much but i will only put down two and then sit on my hands so i can’t list more

  • Kaisoo: And The Rose Said To Me - drama, mystery // this is a masterpiece i literally never shut up about this fic
  • Other (Xiuhan): Supernova - celebrity!au, slice of life // i laughed and i cried and then i DIED but i was resurrected so everything is okay ;___;

Admin S: urgh. how to choose how how how howwoeoww. well, there are a couple of fics that i always find myself reading over and over.. 

  • Iris - all time fav. i’ve read this about 20 times. i’m not even kidding.
  • The Guardian - hold me. 
  • Alpha Male - alpha!soo, dominant!soo, wolf!au, mate!jongin? YAAASS.

Admin K: my list is longer than chanyeol’s legs but we gon make some sacrifices fam

Admin H: rip my list is endless but i’ll try, some of the fics listed above are my favs as well hoho, i love angst btw

  • Gicleur (ultimate fave, the ending left me empty for days like a post depression u have after reading an amazing book)
  • Once Upon A Withered Rose (ex playboy jongin and a slightly weird ksoo, this did not end the way we all wanted to)
  • And We’ll Sail for Ithaca (just read it and you’ll be blown away)

Classic Admin Q being late: most of mine have already been listed otl damn you australian timezone !! )-;

  • Our Way Home - this one makes me so happy yet so sad bc poor jongin at the beginning qqqq 
  • Sweetheart, It’s Our Secret! - typical dorky!jognog + cold city man!soo but the plot and the writing style is jusT MMMHMMMmmM 
  • In Bloom - i LIVE for precious smol bean jognog omhhhhhh <3

I might make a part two of this bc I like it a lottt c:

➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸

“(Y/N)! Sebastian! Time for breakfast!” Your mom called from downstairs you and Sebastian ran down the stairs to find your mom putting hot food on the table. “Pancakes?” Sebastian asked, sitting in the chair next to you. “And French Toast.” Your mom said, sitting a plate in front of you. “And please don’t race to see who can eat the fastest, I don’t want to take care of vomiting kids.” She complained, you laughed before taking a bite out of your Pancakes.

“By the way I totally won that.” Sebastian said, hitting you in the arm. You scoffed, “You weren’t even 3 pancakes in and you were gagging.” You said, a smile grew on your mom’s face. “You two are the cutest.” She said, sitting across from you both. “(Y/N) isn’t cute.” Sebastian teased. “I’m adorable.” You said, smiling in his face.

He let out a ‘pfft’, rolling his eyes as he went back to his plate of breakfast. You heard trotting down the stairs and out came your father and your Newfoundland ‘pup’, Jamie, already the size of a small child. “Morning my favorite people.” He said, sitting down next to your mom. “Hey Hun, I was just telling these two how cute they are together.” She said as he pecked her cheek.

“First, ew. Second, I don’t even like Sebastian, he has cooties.” You said. Your father chuckled, “Well, first,” he began before kissing your mom, emerging a string of 'ew’s from both Sebastian and you. “Second, cooties isn’t real, what are you, 8?” Your dad asked sarcastically. “Yes!” You said, making Sebastian laugh. You fed your dog a piece of Pancake that strayed from the rest. “We are cute, one more than the other but I mean.” Sebastian teased, earning a slap on the arm from you.

That was 16 years ago, you were 24 now, you were currently at your home, flipping through photo albums full of young memories. “Time passes by quickly huh?” Your mom asked. You were currently at her house for a visit which you rarely got to do due to your busy schedule. You turned to her, smiling, “Yeah, and he’s a star now, just like I predicted.” You said softly grazing over the picture of you and Sebastian - post ice cream fight.

You smiled to yourself, “He’s got a new movie coming out right?” Your mom asked, handing you a cup of tea. “Yeah, Captain America 3, he’s got a couple more deals with Marvel as well.” You explained. She nodded, “He’s doing well for himself.” She said proudly. You nodded, “Do you still talk to his mom?” You asked her. She shrugged, “Somewhat, she only knows Romanian, it’s somewhat hard to keep a conversation going, but she’s a nice woman.” She said, making you giggle.

“I miss him.” You said quietly. Your mom placed a hand on your shoulder, “Aw, Hun. We all do, he’ll be in touch soon.” She said. Your dad entered the room, mail in hand, “Guess who’s finally sent a letter?” He asked with a smile before flashing the envelope. You furrowed your brows, leaning forward, “New York? …Oh my God!” You exclaimed, nearly spilling your tea as you stood, grabbing the letter in excitement. Ironically, it was Sebastian.

Your dad sat by your side, both him and your mom watched as you opened it up, finding an invitation to a premiere, along with a letter,

Hey (Y/N)! Long time no talk I know, please forgive me ScuddleButt ;) I MISS YOU. Anyway, there’s an invitation to the premiere of Captain America: Civil War and I reallyyy want you there! I haven’t seen you in years and I want one of the people who’s been there for me since I even got to America to be supporting me ❤️ I know, very cheesy I’m sorry, but hey, you’ll even get to meet Chris Evans if I can use that as a bribe. I can’t stress how much I want to see you (Y/N). Oh, and I got this sent to your parents’ house, I don’t know where you live anymore (obviously) so tell your mom and dad I said hi! I miss them too, especially your mom’s cooking.. I really miss that. - Sebastian

“And to this day he still calls you ScuddleButt.” Your mom teased. You were smiling ear to ear, “Premiere’s tonight, I need to get ready.” You said excitedly, running to get your shoes and keys. “I’ll tell you how it was when I get home bye!” You shouted before leaving their house.


After getting dressed and reading over the invite’s address nearly 20 times, you were ready. You drove downtown, avoiding traffic and finding your way to the building the premiere was held at. Parking was easy, seeing as you were an identified guest. After getting out of your car and getting the VIP treatment you found your way inside, looking around for Sebastian’s familiar face. You looked at the posters, seeing his character Bucky, you smiled to yourself, overwhelmed with the proudest feeling for him.

“My mom still thinks the hair is too much.” A voice said from behind you, you turned to see an obviously older, nearly completely different, Sebastian Stan. You gawked, tears filling your eyes, “Don’t you dare cry (Y/N).” He said with a weak smile, pulling you into his arms. You couldn’t help the sobs that left your mouth, you heard him sniffling and you tightened your grip on him. “God I just got my makeup done too.” You whined, wiping carefully at your eyes. He chuckled, pulling away as he helped clear your face of tears.

“I missed you so much.” You said. “I missed you more ScuddleButt.” He teased, kissing your cheek.


Q: Now that you’re famous, how are you going to use your fame to inspire other people?


My 20th Anniversary tribute piece for Mike Mignola’s Hellboy

Here’s the rest of my piece for those interested in checking it out. Unfortunately, it was deemed non-participatory for the tribute show due to Disney’s name & logo being on the actual piece. Oh Disney…

First image: This was my faux VHS Clamshell cover layout.
The fine print at the bottom of the back cover reads: “This is an alternate world-timeline videocassette in which Disney acquired Dark Horse Comics instead of Marvel. May or may not play in this timeline properly. Purchase at your own risk.”

But in reality, it is an actual vhs copy of the first Atlantis film I scored off of Ebay.

I chose to put Hellboy in that world because Mike Mignola played a huge hand in the character designs and overall design and look of the film.

Plus I think it’s funny he worked with Disney, and I’m sure other animation fans will get the joke. :)

Back Cover: The text reads-
“From the creative team who brought you The Lion King and The Little Mermaid comes another exciting quest of adventure and the occult. Be a part of the paranormal expedetion and search below the sea for one of the greatest sea monsters of all time… The Mighty Cthulhu.
Join historian Milo Thatch and Hellboy, World’s Greatest Paranormal Investigator, as they board the incredible 1,000 foot submarine Ulysses (again) as they head deep into the heart of the mysterious sea. Things take an unexpected turn when the team discovers that Atlantis has transformed into a barren underwater post-apocalyptic wasteland.
Filled with stunning effects, this captivating story is loaded with laughs, gore, and messages of friendship and teamwork. Dive into Atlantis 3: Fire Under Water- it’s an adventure your family will enjoy taking over and over again.
For the 3rd time.”

It also reads “Congrats on 20 Years of Hellboy” & “Thank You Mike Mignola” in the Barcode area.

“this seems like something they would do with the old school cartoons. had me fooled for a minute!”- someone on tumblr

already up to 200+ notes! Thanks to everyone who has liked this, reblogged it, commented, etc. It means alot.

Trying not to be too bummed about being uninvited to the show. :\

-Jeaux Janovsky

anonymous asked:

So as an asexual, I find it really hard to get into popular media these days because there always tends to be a romance or sex shoehorned in and it just...well, makes me really uncomfortable. As a result I haven't really been able to find a movie or book I enjoy that doesn't have romance, or at least has a well developed one/one with no sex. Do you guys happen to have any recommendations for books or movies that star asexual characters or doesn't feature sex as a main point? Thanks so much!


I strongly recommend the Old Kingdom series, by Garth Nix. There is a dabble of romance and the most realistic talk about sex I have ever seen on the printed page in Sabriel, but Lirael and Abhorsen are pretty much completely free of romance and sex. Also, lots and lots of amazing women being awesome. These books have the most gender equality and disregard for gender roles I’ve ever seen in a book series. I have read these books well over 20 times in the past 10 years and I get something new out of them every single time. The prequel Clariel (which just came out recently), but the protagonist is aro ace and she is awesome so you should totally read these four books. I’d also recommend The Seventh Tower series, also by Garth Nix - it’s been a while since I read them, but I recall zero sex and zero romance. 

Another great series is the Bartimaeus Trilogy, by Jonathan Stroud - zero romance, zero sex. The primary protagonist is only 12 in the first book, and the other protagonist is a djinni so… all magic and fun, no icky romance or sex. 

I unfortunately can’t think of any good movies off the top of my head… if you have Netflix, though, I’d get into the TV show Leverage. It’s 5 seasons, and it’s been cancelled (sob), but one of the main characters can easily be interpreted as asexual and, depending on how you interpret her actions, demiromantic. Romance and sex are players in some episodes, but not all of them. The show is about five criminals who work together to help innocent people get leverage against the powerful people who have done bad things to them.

Followers! Reblog or leave a reply with your book, movie, and TV recommendations!


the signs when they come up with ideas/decisions/plans

♈️aries: Ideas come out of the blue after a short mental consideration. not really explaining much, talking really fast and smiling really big. moving around a lot. expects everyone else to catch up with their train of thought. probably hasn’t thought much out, expects everyone to get excited with them. won’t take criticism until it doesn’t work out, will probably tell you to shut up a lot when it doesn’t. If it does work out its on passion and instinct alone, which Aries are excellent at. Often ends up working out to everyone’s amazement, although not often how it was originally meant to.
♉️taurus: very vague, usually goes about it alone if they think you’ll convince them not to do it. fills you in afterwards like it’s no big deal even thought it was probably huge for them. will mention big plans to you in passing but almost never go through with them.
♊️gemini: thinks every idea is the best idea they’ve ever come up with and will try to persuade you to take part but easily influenced to believe another idea is the best idea they’ve ever come up with. if it doesn’t work out will get very emotional but will be over it and onto the next one soon. same if it does.
♋️cancer: would probably be really insecure about it and talk about it a lot going between excited and doubtful but wouldn’t act unless encouraged a lot by someone whose opinion has weight with them. will question the decision to do it for years whether it worked out or not.
♌️leo: will act like they have come up with the most genius plan in the world and go about it with endless enthusiasm as such. won’t question themselves very much and won’t let anything get in their way. Very positive. will want to share in it with as many people as possible as long as they are still the leader. will revel in it after if it was a win and blame any loss on outside circumstances. Will probably secretly be very insecure if it was a loss.
♍️virgo: probably has mapped out a 90 step plan but always finds more problems with it. Has probably changed step 37 back and forth 17 times and will ask for confirmation 80 more. If you tell them yes they will accuse you of not analyzing it hard enough and make you read it 20 times over. If it’s successful will most likely deny that fact even though they know it was. If it fails will probably fall into a mass panic and plot another 90 step plan to fix it. By the time they’re done it’s worked itself out
♎️libra: very anti-confrontation, will be as diplomatic as possible and confirm they are not hurting anyone or causing any drama before they do anything, not one for bold moves
♏️scorpio: tells you no details but will hint and not shut up about it until you ask about it. will probably make you think it’s a good idea whether it is or not and make you want to be a part of it purely on their passion and your curiosity. gets very defensive to criticism. uses their charm and determination to make things happen and puts their all into it but says they thought it was stupid anyway if it fails.
♐️sagittarius: Probably says a giant life-changing idea like it’s no big deal. Never plots but goes about it straightforwardly without hurting anyone. If it backfires they use it to have a good outcome anyway. Most likely to move to Canada because they wanted to start an ice fishing hobby.
♑️capricorn: plans out everything meticulously to have the best possible outcome for them. Probably has analyzed every possible result of every possible option with charts. Almost always works out but when it doesn’t there’s a backup plan. Pisses everyone off with the way they never make a dumb mistake.
♒️aquarius: makes an extreme change on a whim without thinking of possible outcomes. Will consider it if you try to tell them how it will turn out, but will do the same thing they were planning on anyway. Starts thinking of a very intelligent plan after they fuck it up and regret it, but will still be slightly defensive. Probably doesn’t dwell on the issue too much and has moved on within a week. Will probably go about it the same way next time out of trouble admitting they were wrong.
♓️pisces: probably has 1000 ideas in their head but will act nonchalant when they tell you them. If they catch the slightest negativity will immediately change the subject. Won’t deal with the issue until they have to but when they do they have surprising strength and tact.

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