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OK OK  I read @faith-xx-love ‘s fic and I drew one of the scenes that was my absolute fave part! omg go and read THIS FIC HERE!!! YOU WILL REGRET NOTHING

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it really bothers me a lot when some people make fun of kylo’s tantrums.

tumblr loves mental illnesses and their symptoms only when they can romanticize them, only when they’re pretty. that’s not okay. a lot of us could actually relate to him losing control and lashing out. it’s not a butt joke.

different characters speak to different people.

you don’t like kylo ren? congratulations. maybe spend some time loving and appreciating those characters that spoke to you instead of bitching about us. 


i saw @academla write her post about natural beauty (!!!) on my dash, and i completely forgot that i was tagged in her 6 selfies post! and, so in honor of chinese new year(???) and my forever on-going battle to learn to love myself more, here are a couple of random selfies within the last year or so?? dis me with no makeup (bc how to do makeup someone teach me pls) (but for real though i feel like i should learn how to makeup……) and no filters, with the exception of the haircut one (i couldn’t find one w/o a filter) and the last one

they go in order actually from when they were taken hehe from january of last year to when i got my hair cut sometime in march, the #deerinheadlights look, my triumphant bathroom selfie from being able to successfully drive to the grocery store on a busy sunday afternoon HAH and finally the last one is just literally because why the fuck not LOL #yesfilter #tysnapchatforbeautification

honestly i’m still far from being comfortable with how i look (in pretty much all aspects), and selflove2k15 was far from a success, so idk if anyone has any tips i am all for that !!!!

i tag the following people because i want to see ur cute faces (sorry if i left out your url and we talk normally i’m just really scatter-brained right now because cramming in hw before CNY prep officially begins) (and aLSo, sorry if you’ve already been tagged oof) (but u can do it again e u e) (or reblog it if you already did it!! o u o) as well as anyone who sees/likes/does anything with this post. like honestly and if you do post it please tag me so i can reblog ur v cute ~*visages*~ yum

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RWBY OC Trash Ship Minicomic

  So I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, but I finally managed to finish up a short Dear Rabbit comic based on this minific by @taura-arts - just in time for @itsthegoldenlover‘s Birthday! - (Enjoy the trash ship friend)

  (A surprising amount of you guys seemed to like the ship as well, so hopefully this’ll be - idk, something XD)

(Comic under the cut)

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Stupid dumb babies in love 

(sort of requested by @nilo2207)

A little bird told me that today is your birthday!

I absolutely adore every single one of your stories and since I am terrible at expressing my feeling with words, this is my way of saying “Thank you” and “Happy Birthday” to you, @disneygeekwriter!

Here is Chef Kristoff from your fic “Unbreak you

Also, welcome to the club, life gets even better at 30 ;)

Punch Back (CS X-Games AU, 1/probably 3)

Being the best snowboarder in your hometown is one thing. Being the little fish in the huge pond that is the X Games is another. Emma’s finding out exactly how critical the sports world can be on her first visit to Aspen. Lucky for her, there’s a snowboarder competing for Great Britain who knows a kindred soul when he sees one.

(Read on AO3 if you want. Fair warning, I am by no means a snowboarder!)

Emma can’t see particularly well over the huddle of the other men and women on her team, but if the crowd’s excitement means anything, it’s that this guy has talent out the ass. She has to shove Ruby and Anna out of her way as she moves forward, fresh air and screams of elation hitting her in the face, just to see Killian Jones begin his jump.

She knows who he is — his face is plastered on a few of the posters in front of her hotel, and they kept replaying his pre-run interview on the hotel lobby television — but she’s never seen him snowboard before. People have been out on the slopes all day, but there’s a buzz around this time slot because of him, and rather than being smart and icing her aching muscles she’s chosen to watch him perform.

She’s refusing to watch the big screen’s version of his performance on principle, despite how much harder it is to see from the athlete’s seating, because she wants to see him move. She wants to know what all the fuss is about, besides that eloquent answer he gave ESPN’s on-site reporter. People wouldn’t be this excited about him if he couldn’t perform as well as he spoke.

It’s easy to understand, once she sees him in action. Emma makes a point of watching the way he bends low on his way down the sleek curve of the slope, how he shifts his weight forward just before hitting the air. He twists around, spitting snow in all directions off his board, and she’s sure he’s smiling when he finally lands on the ground, even though she can’t see that well from here. He continues on down the slope, cutting wide curves into the snow to build his momentum, and slides to a stop without so much as wavering on his board.

He has the kind of finesse she only dreams about, and rather than feeling impressed or jealous, Emma’s just annoyed. She’s still thinking about it hours later when her shoulder slams into his on her hasty exit out of the elevator and he stops her from tripping on the hotel rug.

“Easy there, love.”

Emma lets him steady her, but scowls the second their eyes meet. Reading Twitter and walking had never been her strong suit, but he didn’t need to know that.

“Do you call every stranger you meet love, or am I special?”

“Only the ones that run me down on my way upstairs,” he countered, not at all phased by her attitude. All she wanted was to run down to the dining hall and shove a couple of those bear claws from breakfast in her pockets, but fate clearly has other plans. “You’re Emma Swan, aren’t you?”

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And what you need to know is that NOTHING that you’ve ever done - nothing that anyone could ever say to you, or whatever career you’ve had - can EVER DIMINISH YOUR WORTH as a human being.
—  Terry Crews, Reddit’s AMA


They were ancient. Older than old, wiser than wise. They had seen eras rise and fall. But the Miraculouses continued with what they were determined to do. Fight for what was right, battle evil, and cleanse those who were tainted by its black heart.

But unfortunately, they had flaws themselves.

They always chose a human they thought was worthy. And they were never wrong. Tikki could still remember them. For instance, one was an aristocratic lady, daughter of one of the dukes that lived in the town. The Miraculous could still remember her laugh lines, her amazed look when she saw the outfit on her for the first time.

“Why, I rather think I look nothing like a crime fighter! Tell me, Tikki, what on earth could these curious set of cloths be for?” She’d asked, looking down at herself in awe.

Tikki had giggled, looking over the human. She wore long breeches and a blouse, both red and covered with black dots, ending with black, leather boots. Her long, soft hair was held back in two low pigtails, tied up with red ribbons.

“You cannot be a crimefighter in something so strangling as a corset.” Tikki explained, smiling when the human nodded and grinned, understanding quickly. Yes, a corset was nothing useful for a fighter her human would become.

When Tikki thought back to her, she always laughed. She and Marinette were so different. And yet, perhaps they were not so different at all. At least not in terms of partners.

Plagg’s memory was like a mass of foam. They were there, but piled up on each other in a mess that was hard to tell which memory happened. They stuck together, a chaotic mess mashed together. But sometimes, when Adrien was silently sleeping in bed, the only noise being his breathing and the occasional car outside, Plagg would remember. He would remember his humans well.

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anonymous asked:

for that anon who proposed clarke and lexa as persephone and hades, respectively, there's actually a book written in a sort of retelling of these two but with hades as a goddess. it's called The Dark Wife by Sarah Diemer. in case anyone is interested hatchingphoenix(.)com/podcasts/TDW-Free(.)pdf


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HELLO! so l'm now reading half light for like the fourth time (FAB FAB FAB) and was wondering if you ever considered writing oneshots in Levi's POV? I am curious to know his thoughts in certain parts of the fic, particularly when he has his arguments with Eren and when they don't communicate, it'd be interesting to see how Levi's mind works in comparison to Eren's. I totally get it if you don't have time though. Thanks for the great fic!

dhsdifh HI AND THANK YOU!!! reading ‘half light’ FOUR TIMES?? i i i can’t imagine such a thing (STRANGLED SOUNDS)

honestly i have given thought to writing some small oneshots in levi’s POV. i considered it while the fic was still ongoing actually, but eventually decided against it… i think it would have sort of cheapened the experiences eren was going through.

that said, idk if i would write those sorts of oneshots now. after the little epilogue thing i am feeling pretty at peace with ‘half light’. there are some extra things that i never got to mention, like for one when eren left levi’s apartment in chapter 13, levi was looking out through his window watching him go, but he couldn’t bring himself to follow. and also for the ending, it was important for me not to just have levi blurt out ‘I LOVE YOU!’, but to express the depth of his feelings for eren in his own words, his own way.

ANYWAY IDK WHERE I’M GOING WITH THIS ahahaha i guess it just felt like a good opportunity to mention some things. i don’t know if i ever will write any levi POV oneshots, but it’s awesome that you would be interested enough in such a thing dhfdhFD. THANK YOU for being so great!!!

Oh my god, apparently Komaru/Fukawa is a “problematic” ship now? Like okay, I get why people wouldn’t cotton to despaircest (I still think spamming a tag is about as mature as writing your likes and dislikes on the bathroom wall in your own feces, but), and if you’re going around harassing someone who ships Fukawa with Togami knock that shit off (seriously, don’t harass people over ships guys, Jesus), but I’m looking at these posts people are making and their reasoning is flat out WRONG.

Don’t want to reblog the post I was shown to comment because I don’t want to bother the poster since they said they’ll keep their ship hate out of the tags, and you can hate any ship you want on your own blog (*furiously grates every Naegi/girl ship into a fine powder to be tossed into the four winds*), but like, someone needs to address this accusatory shit, Christ.

tl;dr version: If you don’t like a ship you’re perfectly free to do so, and you should be allowed to ship whatever you want without people bothering you about it. That said, if you don’t like a particular ship, just say you don’t like it instead of inventing all of these “problematic” issues and trying to act like you’re morally superior to anyone who ships something else.

Cut for long rambling, screenshots and scans, and me repeatedly going それは違うよ in a tired, irritated voice.

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