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The instant she saw the letter she squinted her eyes and bent her lips in a tough tiny smile that advanced her age immeasurably. ‘Darling,’ she instructed me, 'would you reach in the drawer there and give me my purse. A girl doesn’t read this sort of thing without her lipstick.’
—  Holly Golightly in Truman Capote’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

So don’t be alarmed if he takes you by the arm
I won’t let him win, but I’m a sucker for his charm
Trouble is a friend
Yeah trouble is a friend of mine, oh oh

This gay mega block is taking over my life


anonymous asked:

Hey! If you're still doing name aesthetics, can you do one for my girlfriend Isabella? She has rose gold hair and light blue eyes, she loves dancing and rock music, shes a witch, and she's the most positive, sunshine-y person I know. If people are having a bad day, she's the one everyone goes to because she can make them smile in an instant. Her favorite colors are blue purple and pale yellow, and she loves being outdoors. She's absolutely beautiful and a total flirt. Love your blog, thanks!

Ah! She sounds like a wonder of a gal! Enjoy, sweetums. 

Isabella. She is synonymous with beauty. She is the radiant sun kissing her lover, Earth, goodnight. She is the summer’s ripest peach and red ribbon laced through worn boots. She is the clash of a cymbal and the decadent sweetness of buttercream. She is the shimmer of golden chains draped across the very body of Cleopatra. She is the winds of a desert, and their bittersweet song. She is Isabella- bringer of sunsets. 

Sugar Travels

One of the greatest perks of being a sugar baby is the fact that we get to see all of these amazing sights all over the world! So to help some ladies out who might be preparing for an upcoming trip, or hopefuls who just want to be prepared, here are some tips that I have picked up here and there when I am about to travel to a new place for a vacation.

Pre-Travel Care

  • Whether you are staying in the same room with your SD, or having one of your own self care is very needed.
    • Depending on how long your upcoming adventure is, a little trip to get a wax might be suggested. Whether it’s to tame the kitty, or just to have legs smoother than a baby’s bottom, getting a wax is one less daily hassle to worry about when looking your best.
    • Nails, and hair should be tended to also for a fully polished look. Look at the expected weather during the days of your trip so that you can plan your hair accordingly and don’t end up spending bucks on a beautiful blowout that ends up getting rained out the first night you’re there.
    • Drink plenty of water every day for at least 10 days before your trip for clearer skin.
    • MOISTURIZE! for at least  week


Checked bags

  • When spending more than two nights, I highly suggest checking a bag. This allows you to have space for gifts and goodies acquired from a shopping trip.
  • Look up the weather for the days you are expecting to be there so that you can get a feel of the clothes to pack for the trip, and cross that with your itinerary plans for the trip.
  • 2.5 Rule- 
    • Pack two and a half outfits per day, to cover any surprise spills or last minute changes. These extra pieces should be versatile shirts and bottoms that can be used with most of your other pieces.
  • Shoes
    • Have at least one pair of heels, and a casual walking shoe.
      • For longer trips add a statement shoe that will pop against any basic outfit (LBD anyone?), a pair of flats and some snazzy sandals so that all shoes can match with at least one outfit, preferably two outfits

Carry on

Personally I like having a carry on, and a backpack/purse

  • In your carry on…
    • Pack a few basics, like clean underwear, a t-shirt and a pair of bottoms. Baggage gets lost sometime, and at least if yours were to get lost, then you at least have a backup outfit to bide some time.
    • Make sure all liquids are under the relegated 3 fl oz limit to save yourself the time at TSA.
    • If you’re traveling on a flight for more than three hours, keep the flashy outfit towards the top of your carry on so that either before you land, or once you do you can quickly make your way to the bathroom to freshen up into a sexier outfit for daddy.
    • A printed copy of your boarding pass
    • Tablet/ Laptop
    • Keep things you won’t need over the trip (like house keys) kept away in a zipped pocket away from hand traffic so you don’t misplace them over the duration of the trip.
  • In your purse…
    • Keep things that are small and more than likely needed over the course of the trip… 
      • Headphones
      • Phone charger
      • Phone
      • A few small ziplock bags
      • Passport/ government ID
      • A magazine/ reading pleasure
      • Spare socks
      • Chapstick/lipstick/lip gloss
      • Empty reusable water bottle
      • And anything else small and important

Getting through security

Personally I think the hardest part about travelling is getting through security

  • Keep your outfit to something simple and comfortable. Stay away from things that a bejeweled, shoes that are hard to get out of and excessive amounts of jewelry.
    • Wear sliders or simple zip boots, and
      • Ie) My outfit of choice is always leggings, a long basic tunic, and ankle boots that slide on and off.
    • Keep your jewelry in one of the ziplock bags in your purse until after you pass TSA.
    • You’re going to be without shoes for a while, so I always have spare socks in my purse, because the thought of my feet touching the airport floor irks me to high levels.
    • Carry an empty reusable water bottle so that you are able to save yourself from getting robbed for $5 water at the airport.
      • Make sure it is empty so that you do not get pulled aside at TSA
    • Headphones with some music playing to keep you in the zone, but not too loud so you can stay updated as the lines move, and for whatever updates come from the officers are over the speakers.

Once you’ve past security it is smooth sailing from there. Check in with the important people, grab a bite to eat, if you’re above age find a bar and stay near your gate until it is time for your to board for your adventure.

Hope you enjoyed my tips! What are your sugar travel tips?

☆ Brown Sugar NY ☆

Badass Makeup Witch Tips

This is from my old blog, @scrying-with-skeletons! 

I’m a makeup and skincare lover. I’m also a witch. So I’ve went through my makeup bag and given each of my items a particular glamour enchantment, which I’m so happy to share with you all! Feel free to do the same, share your ideas, or generally do something along the same lines!

Cleanser: Wash away all negativity
Toner: Act as an active agent to scour away any evil or mischief
Moisturizer: renew me, charge me with life and beauty
Primer: Coat me in a sheet of enchantment, make me magical
Eye-shadow Primer: Help me see, and allow that which is psychic and prophetic stick to my eyes
Concealer: Cloak me and my mistakes, help me hide my blemishes
Foundation: Help me build a beautiful day and create a masterpiece. Be the beginning of a glamour spell
Contour: Sculpt my face, make me a statue of grace.
Highlight: Bring out my features and my attributes and traits.
Blush: Bring life into me, revitalize every cell of my being.
Powder: Veil me in secret, keep my thoughts well hidden.
Eyebrows: Stay my expressions, make me hard to read.
Lipstick: Make my words magical, lips desirable, and soft as can be.
Eye-shadow/Eyeliner: Enhance my sight, bring me information from my plane and others.
Mascara/Fake Eyelashes: Give my sight a radar, expand my horizons.


mayhaps im just repeating what someone else has already said and said better but [S]:Collide needed to be way smarter than it was 

like. i genuinely think hussie wrote the scene and its prior framing around the striders, terezi, vriska, and john and/or roxy, and then tossed in the rest w/o regard to what could reasonably be deemed a satisfying ending to their arcs.

here’s what could have been tighter:

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Relationship Status: Single, unfortunately 

Favorite Color(s): Gold and red

Lipstick or chapstick?: Lipstick, definitely

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