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Trying to find wildlife
in the bathroom wallpaper
of forest waterfall mountains & old blue sky.
Do the others know
when I excuse myself to the Ladies
I’m not only fixing my sweaterpin
but staring at myself in the mirror
silently screaming?

Excerpt from Jon Dambacher’s latest book, lead by Terilla Bradshaw, a woman in her 70′s who longs for a home that no longer exists.
Jon Dambacher (brown) Jon Dambacher (brown) - Jon Dambacher's 5th book, a collage of Objectivist poetry in the shade of brown.

Jon Dambacher, on his latest book, “I love its motels, its gasstation attendants’ hats, the enormous guy at the bowling alley, its Lucky’s grocery store, its video rental store, the roadkill, the Chrysler Landau.  Of a Super Bowl that never was, of wallpaper & unpersonalized cake frosting.  Its a nostalgic story for a home that no longer exists.


Among my upcoming announcements is a series of recordings.  Here’s a taste…  Big Thanks to my man Zach Habart for engineering these.

This “Us” is an excerpt from an upcoming book of poems “eraser crumbs.”