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My favorite scene from “With Good Intentions” by @anirrahn PLEASE go read and give many kudos and comments on it! :))

(Sorry if its hard to see some of the panels, there is NO way I’d post each one individually lol)

Things that fucked me up in The Foxhole Court series (warning: spoilers):

  • Every single time Andrew did something just because Neil asked
  • “He pressed Andrew’s palm to the ugly scarring across Neil’s abdomen” 
  • Dan’s entire existence as the biggest boss in the galaxy
  • “You are a pipe dream.”
  • “I am not a pipe dream.  I’m not going anywhere.”
  • Renee saving Jean
  • Renee doing literally anything
  • Wymack hating that Neil flinches away from him and doing everything he can to prove he’s the good male role model Neil deserves???
  • “You hate me, remember?” “Every inch of you,” Andrew said.  “That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t blow you.” ANDREW LMAO
  • SHOWER BLOW JOB/CODDLING/ANDREW FINALLY LETTING GO ENOUGH TO LET NEIL SEE HIM FEEL PLEASURE (partly because he can’t bear to leave Neil’s side to take care of it alone FUCK)
  • “Yes or no?”
  • VIGOROUS CONSENT and Andreil knowing each other well enough to tell when the other isn’t in a good enough place to consent even when they think they are??
  • Neil calling Andrew a “drama queen” behind his back
  • Nicky getting the happiness he deserves in Erik
  • “Who’s humanizing who in that relationship, anyway?” NICKY OMFG
  • Andrew needing to map every single scar/wound on Neil’s body and Neil letting him
  • Andrew saying “I told you not to look at me like that” after Neil stares at him with fucking giant anime heart eyes when the sunlight hits his hair
  • Matt and his spikey hair (/everything)
  • Casual 3 hour bus chats where Andreil loses track of time smh
  • How fucking short Andreil is???  5 foot **nothing*** is right
  • Neil saying he wants a vacation and Andrew almost cutting Kevin’s dick off when he tries to get in the way of it
  • Honestly that whole woodland retreat with team bonding took me the fuck out
  • “The only one I’m interested in is you.”  Demi!Neil is watering every crop in my field??
  • “Thank you.  You were amazing.”  (aka me @ Nora Sakavic)

Alright, it’s the last season of Voltron. The ratings have changed from PG to PG-13. The war is over, the Galra have settled, and everything is okay enough for them to go home for a bit. They all want to see their families, but agree to go to the garrison first and explain where they’ve been the last few years. They land just outside, making jokes about coming in peace and things like that—they’re all just glad to be in their own atmosphere. They have a meeting with the people in the garrison, explaining what happened and about the war. It’s kind of hard to take in for a few, but they landed a castle ship and five mechanical lions outside the window so it’s hard not to believe. They’re all pretty much persuaded until Iverson pipes up.

               He talks about how they can’t trust two aliens and five failed students just because they flew in giant space lions and claimed they’d won a war. “They could’ve lead the aliens right to us!” and all that. Everyone in the room internally groans, because of course he was gonna say something about it.

               Then Coran steps forward. Everyone looks to him; even Iverson has shut up, because he’s stayed silent through the whole trip. He twists his mustache, giving a knowing look at everyone in the room and says very clearly, “Fuck you, Iverson.”

               Everyone starts crying. Your ships are making out while everyone around the room claps. Allura looks proud as the paladins high five Coran. Iverson is dead. Everything is right in the world.