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Hi, 7goodangel. I am here to ask you about PaperJam as a shy, smol and innocent being (mainly thegreatrouge made him be). There has been some conflicts regarding his trait. Some said his canonical personality is a jerk, like what you wrote in his bio / info and some said that is severely wrong and being shy, (which made him shipped with Fresh), is his canonical personality. What are your thoughts about this? I mean, it is your character and people are taking control of it. Don't you disagree?

Well… I have talked to people and seen public conversations and this has happened several times to me over months. I guess I’ve gotten a little numb to it now… or maybe it’s due to school that I haven’t given it the attention that it deserves. Probably due to school. 

I just can’t update constantly like others - even though some others in school were and are able to update constantly. I can’t keep going around and holding up my bio of PJ and police people. It’s exhausting to me… it really takes up the small bit of free time I have. 

I think after I get a solid job that I’ll be able to go around better… but anyway - back to your question. 

While I love seeing interpretations and do not want people to be limited by something and have their imaginations go forth… it’s proving that a huge con comes with that mentality - which you have pointed out. A lot of people swear that PJ is the cute, innocent interpretation that really, did get PJ popular in the first place. While I did have him as a jerk from the beginning - I kinda kept that info to my RP blog - so you could say it is my fault this is all happening and I do think that. I could of done something to make it not as bad as it is now… 

It’s just like the NSFW stuff… people just assume the first thing and run with it. And it really does make me feel like I really am not needed for my own character at points. 

It’s a struggle - I don’t want to have people stop interpreting PJ within AUs… but I also don’t want people to just see him as an innocent child to ship with Fresh. 

And I’m still trying to find the best solution to it. 

But… I feel like the damage is already done. It’s too late for me to talk to all of these people going around swearing on their life that PJ is canoncally like Rouge’s interpretation/AUs. It feels like an hopeless battle to me. 

And I guess I needed someone to ask me this question so then I can fully say my thoughts on this. 

So in short, while I love creativity and don’t want to snuff it out (considering some people would probably think I’m doing that already with saying “No Sin”), I still don’t like it. It irritates me, irks me, frustrates me, and I feel like even as the person who thought of PJ in the first place, my voice isn’t enough. Communities seem like they don’t care about artists unless they reach a ‘certain goal of popularity’ or seem like they have a more professional style of art. I know I do not reach either of those titles. 

People misspell my username all the time - I actually claimed ‘7goodangle’ on tumblr for that reason.

People still say “I’m too lazy to find who made PJ” when they clearly mentioned they looked at the bio on the wiki. 

People still go around arguing others on the canon ship of OmniPJ and swearing that FreshPaper is the true canon ship, when all people are pointing out is that they need to keep the canon ship in mind when going around with information.

Even just basic personality traits… and these things are happening on sites that I do not nor want an account for. 

I still want others to have fun - to be happy; but I don’t know… I guess I’m cutting out my own happiness to get everyone else happy? I want to eventually write a version of PJ within his own universe and story… and he is more like the version I created within the UT verse. Not exact - but close. Though who knows… I might shove PJ to the side and replace his role with another character. I’m still weighing options.

Cause PJ was the first character I ever put this much time and thought into… my first character that was balanced, well rounded…

And what happens?


You said it Anon. 

They took it - changed it (initially as an AU but now people think it’s canon) - and I can’t do much about it. Due to school and not much free-time… due to how many don’t know the true creator… and just back talking anyone who is just mentioning it to people who swear by it. 

As an artist and a character designer…

It makes me not want to show designs, characters, and stories ever again online.

Considering if this is how I was treated on the first one… why even take a chance at a second one? If it has brought me so much stress, frustration, and time… why even try it again?

I said I was only going to do fanart so if anyone stole it, it didn’t really matter. 
I think I should have stuck with that thought process. 

In conclusion, there are some major things to take away here. First – that yes, I do not like how it has skewed this far to the point of arguing over a fandom version with the canon. Canon is canon and I get the different AUs – this is too far. Way too far. I am emotionally drained from this – from this whole mess that I have been defending throughout majority of PJ’s lifespan. I will state this – Paper Jam is my character. He is my original character that I created more than a year ago. And the UT AU fandom took my character and warped him to something he is not and all of his original meaning is lost. I do not like to hurt others or make other sad – but I must put my foot fully down. This miscommunication needs to stop. I am tired of repeating things over and over and I have past my breaking point time and time again. I just want people to see PJ how he really is… and I wish that people could be focusing more on the reality of him instead of the alternate that they all claim as truth.

Final words: I still like Undertale – I still like creating characters and having fun – but the Undertale AU fandom is ridiculous now. The Amino UT community is insanity in an app, and there is a lot of stuff that has made many artists and creators to their breaking point and leaving the fandom entirely. Everyone in this fandom needs to take ten steps back and look at what they are doing. Go back to the game. Play it again – watch your favorite let’s player’s videos of it again. 

And just… food for thought… please don’t jump the gun on someone else’s OC’s personality and actions. 

I do not want anyone to experience what I had.

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I just read proposal yesterday and thought it was so sweet! I was wondering if you have any fics you could recommend? Jimin is my bias but I'm pretty open to any members with the reader. Thanks and keep up the good work! Kep jarng! 😁

Aghh thank you so much, sweetheart! I’m so glad you enjoyed Proposals and I’m really flattered that you’re asking me for recommendations! :D Okay, here’s a list of my fave fics that you should check out if you haven’t already. So you aren’t confused, the stuff in italics is the synopsis/description the writer provided and the indented bit is me being incoherent and lame as always.

Sin City (Jimin x reader) by @btssmutgaloreAfter a run of bad luck, you can go back home and admit defeat or step out of your comfort zone and look for a job at Sin City.  

Hands down the best stripper au I’ve ever read. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this fic because you never know where stripper AUs are going to go, but holy moly am I glad I gave this a chance. You will be addicted to this fic. Jimin’s character has so much depth, but he’s such an enigma at the same time and I’m dying to know what the heck he’s thinking/what his background is. The tension is so drawn out and the sessy scenes are all so different, which is really refreshing to read and you don’t know what’s going to come next. ALSO, I feel like there’s a lot of empowerment and respect in this fic, which makes me so happy. Love love love this fic with my entire being. 

Monster (Jeongguk x reader) by @btssmutgalore: You sleep with an obnoxious fratboy who used to be your friend.

This fic is perfection. It doesn’t have a complicated plot, but it’s still so interesting to read and the smut is A++++. Jeongguk’s character has so many facets and though he has a lot of issues to sort through, I’m rooting for him and the OC so much. 

Purple Jewels (Jimin/Jeongguk x reader) by @jiminniemouse: When you fall in love with Jungkook and he isn’t there to catch you, a sudden surprise shows up to give you a little bit of help.

GENIE!JIMIN. AKLSDJFKLAASKDJFLK (I really tried not to keyboard smash but fuck I lose my shit because of how much I love this fic). Oh man, where do I even begin with this?? It’s my absolute favourite Jimin x reader fic and one of my absolute fave fics in general because it’s written so well, it’s creative, the characters are interesting, AND THE TENSIONNNN. I come so close to combusting with each part and I’m dying for more. Also Jimin’s character is so sweet and I love him so much (where can I find myself a genie Jimin???). Please please please read this!

Hiraeth (Jeongguk/Taehyung x reader) by @jungkxookA world full of dwindling hope and lost loves and yet you and Jungkook are all the other needs to feel at home. 

This is the first member x reader fic I ever read and IT IS THE BEST THING EVER. EVER. It’s a zombie apocalypse au and it’s so angsty and sometimes it feels like my heart has been punched out of my chest and it’s such a wonderful feeling even though it hurts like hell. The world is constructed so believably and there are so many well thought out details to it, so when you’re reading it feels REAL. All the characters are different and you never know what’s going to happen next. I can’t recommend reading this enough, it is freaking incredible (and the love triangle is fucking me up so bad).

Philophobia (Jimin/Jeongguk x reader) by @minsvgasex has its consequences, always; whether for better or for worse, sex always has its consequences. and the drunken rendezvous you have with your best friend is not an exception.

This is discontinued but it’s still worth reading because it’s so freaking hot and I love the plot and just??? I don’t usually read fuckboy fics because fuckboys are the bane of human existence, but this fic is amazing and the smut is awesome. Also be prepared to not know who you’re rooting for. One second I would want Jimin to win the OC’s heart and the next I wanted Jeongguk to end up with her, so brace yourself for conflicting feelings.

Company (Namjoon x reader) by @fireheart-namjoon​: Sometimes all you want is a bit of company.

OKAY before I scream about the sessy stuff in this fic, I really want to say that I fucking loved Namjoon’s characterization in this and it’s so nice to read an OC who is strong and independent. The writing style is absolutely fantastic and the thigh riding was 100000/10.

Retrograde (Jeongguk x reader) by @remembeofantasy!au

When I read this I feel the way I do on rainy, dark days when I’m reading a book and just slip away into the world on the page. The details and the way this is written are so mesmerizing and I want to know more. You’re so swept away by everything that you completely forget about the reality for a little while.

A Roadtrip (Jeongguk x reader) by @taeinmycupJungkook makes your planned roadtrip to Busan a bit messy.

Road trip fics never get old and neither does the childhood-friends-to-lovers plot either. This was a wonderful fic to indulge in and um the frick frack is pretty damn nice. Just saying.

Sutures and Stitches (Jeongguk x reader) by @hayjeon​: hitman!jeongguk and medstudent!Y/N bestfriends!au; Jeongguk always shows up to your place or hospital whenever he gets hurt because you guys are best friends and you patch him up, but he has no idea that every time you stitch up his wounds, it tears open new wounds in your own heart.

I recently read this and I am OBSESSED. I refresh the OP’s page daily just to make sure I didn’t miss an update. The writing is so detailed and Jeongguk’s character is so interesting, I just want to know what the heck happens next + how Jeongguk ended up with this kind of life.

Chrysalism (Jimin x reader) by @workofteaguk: Bookstores have always lured you in with the promise of the quiet, the serene, and, most recently, him.

THIS IS THE SWEETEST FREAKING THING AND I WISH IT WERE LONGER. It made my entire day when I read it and I was smiling the entire time. Where do I have to go to find a cute boy like this???

It’s All Fun & Games (Jeongguk x reader) by @workofteagukIn which you and Jungkook attempt to fake a relationship for revenge and end up with a lot more than either of you expected.

When will fake relationship AUs not be the best thing in existence? The answer to that is never. I don’t care how many times people write this concept, it will always be so fun to read because of the angsty feels. So if you’re as trash for this as I am, then absolutely read this.

Sounds of You (Jimin/Jeongguk x reader) by @vivacioustae​: As a young girl you dreamt of hearing the bells, the ones that signaled you had found your soulmate, the missing piece everyone was so desperate to find. After falling in love with Jimin you abandoned the search, hoping you would come to never hear the bells, preferring to continue your life with him uninterrupted. You’d soon come to learn the harshness of fate, and that it doesn’t care about your hopes, feelings, or you.

Listen, from the very first sentence of this fic, I was completely hooked. From the get go you know that it’s going to mess with your emotions, but it’s worth it. I love this concept so much and my heart is aching reading this. After reading the first part, this fic is all I could think about and my heart ached because I wanted to know what was coming next, but also wasn’t prepared for it. Love love love this.

Teamwork (Taehyung x Seokjin x reader) by @sugajpgPeculiar events occur when the two best volleyball players of your college decide to take competitiveness out of the courts.

Best threesome fic I’ve read so far. I’m just. :’’’’’)) I’m still screaming. Fml this is too good and I feel the flames of hell licking my feet but screw it. Where do I sign up for this?

Like Crazy (Jimin x reader) by @war-of-hormoan: This story is based off the film by the same name.

Because I don’t care about my well-being in any way, I started this fic and I love it so much so far. The film Like Crazy is incredible, but it feels like you’ve been punched in the gut twenty times by the end, and it made me sob… like crazy. So this fic will probably end up doing that too and as nervous as I am for that, it’s so worth it. Everything is written so vividly and the relationship between Jimin and the OC is so sweet to read. I’m really excited to see how this progresses.

Grey Area (Yoongi x reader) by @blushoseoksAnd just like that, your fate was sealed - because Min Yoongi was absolutely going to destroy you. But hell, if you weren’t going to let him, or bask happily in the flames as he did so. And sadly, at the time, you didn’t think that your thoughts would become so literal.

THIS IS SO WELL WRITTEN. SO. WELL. WRITTEN. Ohmygod, I’m in love with this writing style and THE CONCEPT IS AMAZING. The ending of part one left me feeling like I’d been kicked in the gut or something and you’re all ???? wtf is going on??? and you’re completely hooked so you binge read the rest. This fic is perfection.

Until Next Time (Jimin x reader) by @taeverieWho would have guessed that a stranger you met through an online game would quickly escalate into a cyber fuck buddy?

OK OK OK UM LET ME GATHER MY THOUGHTS HERE. First off, how can I be the OC?? Second off, HOW CAN I BE THE OC???? I wouldn’t have the balls to actually be this forward in real life but still, this just kept escalating and they didn’t even really do the hanky panky but it was still hot as fuck and 10/10 would recommend.

Not So Honest (Jeongguk x reader) by @wonhopesJungkook has got a pretty big problem, and he desperately asks you for your help. 

Hi hello yes be prepared to explode ok this was TOO good oml. I’m also a slut for sub!jeongguk because that sinful man deserves to be tortured the way he tortures us so this was a glorious find (though the roles do reverse in the end but whatever THIS WAS GREAT).

Obey (Jimin x reader) by @sugasgrowl

sub!jimin. Must I say more? I spontaneously combusted like ten times while reading this and would gladly undergo that again because it’s so nice to read fics where the roles reversed and I would give up a limb to see Jimin in such a debauched state.

All To Myself (Jimin/Yoongi x reader) by @mint-tape: “It’s hard to be a vlogger when half your subscribers care more about your hot friends than you.”
- Y/N, from her April 23, 2016 vlog titled ‘Jimin shows his stupid abs 8 times (not clickbait)’

THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST CREATIVE FICS I HAVE EVER READ IN MY LIFE. All the ‘videos’ and the ‘comments’ and just everything about this is absolute perfection. The characters are all diverse and the OC is really likeable. Just. I’m glad I found this fic, it’s so unique and all these extra goodies make the read even more fun.

The Blue Notebooks (Jimin x reader) by @inktae: time travel au

Honestly, I don’t even know what to write about this because I’m still speechless. No words can capture how beautiful the writing is (all her work is beautiful) and how well emotion is captured in this. Everything is so thought out and all these little details come together to form the bigger picture. Do yourself a favour and read this as well as all the rest of the OP’s writing. She is so freaking talented and we are all blessed to be able to read her work.

…Sorry, that got ridiculously long. @_@ For member x reader fics I tend to read Jimin/Jeongguk focused stuff, if it’s not incredibly obvious… Oops. Am I Jimin biased or jiguk biased? Anyway. I hope this list helped and I’m sorry it took so long for me to respond, I just wanted to get through some of the fics I had saved in case I wanted to recommend them. Enjoy!

I think one of my favorite aspects of the Six of Crows duology is the fact that Kaz and Inej do not end up together.

And that’s not because I don’t ship them.

It’s because Inej, unlike so many YA heroines, isn’t what “heals” Kaz. Her love doesn’t magically fix him or make him a better person. He wants to change for her– he wants to get over his phobia of human touch. He wants her to love him. But it isn’t some overnight happening. He doesn’t suddenly overcome his affliction because of his love for her.

In the end, Kaz is still morally ambiguous, sometimes outright corrupt, and still has severe PTSD trauma.

And while Inej might love Kaz despite those things, she is not willing to lower her worth to accept them in a relationship. “I will have you without your armor, Kaz Brekker. Or I will not have you at all.”

That was one of the most powerful YA heroine lines to her love interest that I’ve ever read. So many fictional girls (and real girls, for that matter) stay in the hopes of fixing a man, of healing his brokenness. Inej wants to heal him, but she understands that she cannot. Only Kaz can heal himself. Only he can want it enough to change. And it won’t be some overnight affair. Wanting to change and actually changing are two entirely different things. Kaz will have to go through agonizing changes if he ever wants to grow.

So far, he has accepted that he is the “demon of the barrel”. He still wants to burn the world down. He is still angry and hurting. He talks about wondering why over the years, with every violent turn his life takes, why his phobia has only gotten worse. It’s because he’s let himself rot in it. He’s stripped any and all goodness in the world down to the barest threads.

That’s why he is not ready for Inej. Inej, who might have her own issues and flaws, but who still has hope for a better world. Who is still willing to fight for it.

It’s not Kaz’s inability to touch her that she wants him to work on. It’s his mindset. His finality in the evil in his heart and his acceptance of it. He will never get over his phobia until he can understand goodness, the goodness of touch, the goodness of man.

And Inej will not accept him while he still holds on to that armor of hatred. And I think that is beautiful. It is healthy. It shows a level of self-respect that is often sadly absent from our fiction today.

Haikyuu!! Fic Recs

No one asked for this, but I’ve been slouching for a while and wanted to be forgiven by actually doing a little bit of haikyuu-related work. So I scrolled through my ao3 history and picked some of my favourites fics of all times. Peachy. This is not all of my favourites, just a few really. I’ll probably post more of these posts, cause I read a shittons of fanfics, and some are really worth sharing. Hope you enjoy it! ~

Admin Kaye

Part 1 - Part 2

Murder Time by kirsch-tein - 16k words, rated M, Completed, pairings: almost iwaoi, kagehina, daisuga, tsukkiyama, tsukkinoya, asanoya, ennotana, semitendou, ukatake

It’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever read. Had me laughing for days, really! Basically, in a college au, it’s a bloody murder night and no one’s safe.

Against All Odds by SharkbaitSekki - 93k words, rated T, Completed, pairings: iwaoi, daisuga

I periodically go back reading this cause it’s so perfect! A Single Dad Au in which Kuroo, Bokuto, Daichi and Oikawa have to deals with all the joys and problems (lots of problems really!) that comes with a single-parenthood.

What Are the Chances? by jellyfish_kuchen -60k words, rated E, Completed, pairings: iwaoi, daisuga, bokuaka, kuroken

Top best ingredients here! Figure skater Akaashi, deals with some family drama, an obnoxious and buff hockey player Bokuto, babysit his adorable nephew Shouyou and other things I don’t want to spoil. ~ One of my favourites, definitely. And I don’t know if it could be triggering to you, but better safe than sorry, there’s some homophobia here from some characters. And some well written smut. Also,it’s part of a series, and that’s always a plus to me!

Of Monsters and Men by shions_heart -220k words, rated M, Completed, pairings: iwaoi, kuroken, bokuaka, and lots of other side pairings, which includes some queerplatonic bokuakakuroken (SCREAMING HERE)

Settled in a Demons/Magic/Faeries Au, Oikawa, an half-demon goes to Aoba Johsai’s School for Hunters with his best friend Iwa-chan. Shit happens here and there, and suddenly the world is on the verge of falling in the hands of the Demon King himself. A really good fic with drama, lots of blood, magic, and great setting. I really thrive on some quality AUs. trigger warnings: temporary character death, some smut.

We call her Harley Queen by Smokey310 - 8k words, rated T, Completed, pairings: kurotsukki, side kagehina, yamayachi, and bokuaka

When I read this fic I started wheezing on the bus cause I was laughing too much. This whole series had me laughing for days,really. It’s one of the best thing I’ve ever read! It has everything I could ask for: lots of jokes, embarrassing situations, dorks being dorks, and a bird mating call that is “shit shit shit shit”. Also,part of a series, so kudos!

Daredevil on a slope by Smokey 310- 124k words, rated M, Completed, pairings: kurotsukki, bokuaka, BOKUKUROAKATSUKKI

Winter chalet, shenanigans on snow, Akiteru and Saeko being the best, and most of all BOKUKUROAKATSUKKI This fic had my polyships sense tingling. And also wheezed again on the bus from laughing. Part of the same series as “We call her Harley Queen”.

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Hey do you have any tips for someone starting out as a fan fiction writer?

I don’t know if those will be relevant or helpful at all, but here we go:

  • Write for yourself.

This will always be my number one advice.

When you write, you put a piece of yourself out there. And yourself cannot please everyone. There’s a reason why I say I write because I can’t afford a therapist and it’s right there. You write for yourself first and foremost, because you enjoy it, because it allows you to escape, or to express something. Writing is incredibly personal, so don’t let others influence you too much.

Don’t write for the hits, the kudos or the comments. Write for yourself.

  • Learn how to write a summary.

Ok. That’s highly hypocritical of me because writing a summary is my ultimate weakness. I’m terrible at them. What I usually do is pick out a few sentences that are enough to pique the reader’s interest without revealing too much of the intrigue.

Don’t write “I’m terrible at summaries, the story is better” or something like that. Don’t ask for kudos and comments in your summary. It puts people off.

  • Check, double-check and triple-check.

There is no best way to make me click on the back button than a story full of grammatical mistakes. English is a rich enough language that you can try to play with it and bound the rules a little, but knowing the difference between “you’re” and “your” is a must, even for the most unconventional writers.

Same for the tense: it’s either past tense or present tense, not both.

Dialogue must be clear. Two rules: your reader needs to know who said what to whom and only one speaker by paragraph.

If you’re not sure about something, don’t be afraid to ask and if you can’t ask, Google is your friend. And use a spell checker.

If you can get yourself a beta, it’s even better!

Your writing will never be 100% mistake-proof but there are some mistakes more easily forgivable than others.

  • Respect the original characters.

In fanfiction, you are working with characters who already exist beyond yourself. They already have existent traits that make them who they are and that are a big part of why people love them so much. Of course, you can play with them, you can add a few of your own, but try to stay true to the original character.

People read fanfiction because of the original work, rarely because they stumbled onto it hazardously. They are here for the characters. They will stick around if you write them respectfully.

And please, do not change canon queer characters’ sexuality. 

  • Tag properly.

If there’s a major character death, tag Major Character Death. If there’s anything whatsoever that could trigger someone, fucking tag it.

Otherwise, you are very free in your choice of tags (my tags are all over the place, let’s be real) but try to at least use some that would catch a potential reader’s attention.

Don’t spoil your story in the tags, though.

  • Have a plot.

Have at least a few scenes and the main intrigue outlined before you start writing.

It’s always better to begin with the end in mind. It makes for a more compelling and coherent plot.

  • Choose a point of view and stick to it.

There is nothing more confusing than a scene written with two, or more, different points of view.

If you choose to go with one character’s POV, stick to it until the end of the scene and don’t switch randomly unless your new point of view brings something to the plot, a new perspective or an insight into a character’s mindset. Even then, do not change back. Finish the scene with that character, not the first one.

  • Do your research.

For the love of Magnus Babe, if you’re writing about a sensitive subject or something you know nothing about, if you’re writing smut (especially gay sex) for the first time, if your character gets badly injured and you’re not a damn doctor yourself, even if you’re writing about a country you’ve never been to: do your research.

  • If writer’s block hits, take a break.

It will happen. It’s frustrating and we all hate it, but it will happen.

Don’t try to force yourself to write then. Take a break. Go for a walk. Listen to some music. Re-read something else you’ve written or something by someone else that you really loved. Write something random, about your day, about something entirely different from the story you’re working on. Eat something you love. Just keep your mind off of it for a while.

If inspiration doesn’t come back, skip that paragraph and go back to it later.

  • Interact with your readers.

Reply to comments, DMs, asks on tumblr, etc. Whether you have 2, 20, 200 or 17000, acknowledge your readers. They’re the reason why we do what we do, and we owe them a lot.

  • Try to update regularly.

This is a complicated one, and I’m the first one to forget about that rule.

The chance that I have is that I now have an audience that follows me from story to story and that is willing to bare with my fucked-up updating schedule. 

You won’t have that chance when you’re just starting, so a good way to secure an audience and keep them interested in your story is to update regularly. It’s hard, but if you’ve got a few chapters written in advance before you start posting, it’s manageable.

  • Just start writing

Don’t overthink it.

Don’t try to come up with the most complicated plot. Just write what you want to write. If you’re willing to write it, there’s a high chance someone will be willing to read it.

What people find compelling and interesting doesn’t necessarily mean new and 100% original. We all love some good old prompts even though we’ve read different versions of it a hundred times before.

Just write whatever you want to write, and see where it goes from there.

Writing is hard. It takes practice and patience. There is something incredibly rewarding about writing fanfiction, though. The interaction with your readers is immediate and receiving a positive comment makes all the hard work worth it.

So, practice. Have patience. Hold on in there, and most importantly: have fun!

I hope this was helpful :).

Not my dollar Valentine | Zach Dempsey

Hi everyone! 

First of all I want to thank you for the great response on my Jeff imagine, I really appreciate it ♥

I’m currently writing down some ideas for part 2, which hopefully, will be posted at the end of this week. 

I’m also working on a Tyler imagine that will be ready before part 2 of “Insecure” so I’m looking forward to post that one as well. 

I’m not sure how to feel about this imagine but I hope you enjoy it. 

Take care and stay tuned for future updates :)

Summary: Y/N gets asked out on a date by a mysterious someone, even though her name is not on his dollar Valentine list. 

Warnings: a bit of swearing.   

“Hey! I know you had a tough week and I’m hoping you’re okay. I know you’re a strong girl but please, don’t forget to take care of yourself.”

Y/N gave a tiny smile to the little note in her hands and carefully held it against her chest along with the white daisy attached to it. This was just what she needed after all that happened the past few days.

After a long week of just hearing: “Are you ok?” “You look sick.” and “You should probably get some rest.” it was very nice to read something that showed genuine concern for a change.  

She had to deal with a lot of things the previous days, that definitely took a toll on her physical appearance. She was sporting dark under eye circles and puffy eyes paired up with unhealthy looking pale skin.

She had been staying up until early hours in the morning to make sure she got an A on her biology test. On top of that, she had to write some history reports and all her english assignments due for that week.

She admitted that she shouldn’t have procrastinated that much, but at least she managed to finish everything on time. Now that everything was handed in, she was going to take all weekend to catch up on her sleep and get rid of her sick look.

Y/N checked her brown paper bag for the remaining notes but she knew none of them would make her feel as good as the one between her fingers.

She had been finding this cute little notes that somedays are accompanied by a daisy in her paper bag, ever since Mrs. Bradley started with the “compliment bag project”.

It all started with a simple “Congrats on your 95% in chemistry!” and after that message a whole bunch of notes followed.

She desperately wanted to know who left them, even though the purpose behind the bags was to leave compliments anonymously.

She even went as far as waiting half an hour after the class ended just to see if she could catch the mysterious someone who left the notes. Needless to say, her plan failed.

Y/N hoped that whoever left the notes would muster up the courage to talk to her because at the end of the day, Communications class wouldn’t last forever.


There were a couple of days left before Valentine’s Day. Everyone was going crazy with all the merchandise that was going to be given out around school, their possible dates and, of course, the oh so famous “dollar Valentine”.

She honestly thought it was a waste of time and money. There was no way that something as methodical as an algorithm could tell something so subjective and random like your perfect match.

Y/N stood up and went straight to her bag after Communications class ended. She was surrounded by loud chatter of excited girls who already had a date for Valentine’s day and guys who were planning on asking a girl out.

She ignored them all as she made her way to the opposite side of the classroom. Her hand reached for one of the few pieces of paper inside it and was satisfied when she recognized the neat handwriting.

“You look beautiful today.”

She smiled realizing it was probably written earlier that day, lifting up her mood.  

Sadly, it didn’t last long.

“Aww, look at her!” Pratters exclaimed making her turn around. “looking so pathetic checking her stupid bag.” Y/N flinched feeling the anger and poison behind his words. She lowered her head and awkwardly played with her hands.

It wasn’t something new though. She was used to Pratters being mean to pretty much everyone outside his social circle.

He was surrounded by some of his friends and they were all laughing, except for one. Zach Dempsey.

Y/N knew he was a bit self centered, and sometimes, even stupid but it was the regular behavior that came along with being a jock in Liberty High.

Despite all of this, he wasn’t a bad guy. He also had a kind, honest side that wasn’t as evident as his usual self.

Y/N liked to think he was a nice guy hanging out with the wrong people, trying to fit in their world.

That being said, she wasn’t surprised when Zach decide to step in.

“Stop being an ass! It’s not her fault no one likes you enough to compliment you.”

Y/N bit her lip in order to stop herself from smiling while Zach’s friends laughed obnoxiously loud.

“Fuck off Dempsey!” Pratters scowled and swung his backpack over his shoulder before he made his way to the exit.

Y/N peeked behind her lashes and caught Zach sending her an apologizing smile. She looked down in embarrassment and waited until they were gone before she decided to leave.


The hallway was filled with excited teenagers flaunting red sheets of paper that contained their so called perfect matches.  Some of them were debating on calling someone on their list and others were already making plans for the evening.

Y/N shook her head as she heard a group of girls criticizing each others lists. There was no way that she could stand a whole day of people talking about the same thing. She was desperate to go home and spend the rest of her day reading a good book.

However all her plans flew out the window as soon as she stepped in Communications class.

This time when the class ended, she waited until the last student left, before she decided to check her paper bag. She wasn’t in the mood of being teased this time.

Her breath got caught in her throat the moment she saw a tiny bunch of daisies sticking out of her bag. She wondered why no one seemed to notice and if they did, they decided to not say anything about it.  

She approached the bag with slow steps and with uncertainty filling her heart.

She carefully took the flowers and this time there wasn’t a little note attached. Instead there was a red folded piece of paper.

Y/N took her time unfolding the paper. She could feel a knot forming in her stomach and it increased it’s size the moment she began to read the small letter.


I think you’re right about the dollar Valentine survey. It’s stupid and I wasted one dollar thinking it was worth a shot.

I filled in mine hoping to get your number. Sadly, you weren’t part of the top 5 on my list…but I don’t care. I want you to be my Valentine.

Meet me at Rosie’s after school. I promise you won’t regret it.”

She felt her heart beating furiously against her chest as the weight of those words fell upon her shoulders.

The mysterious someone wanted to meet her.

However the doubt was making its way through her mind as she thought that it could all be a joke.

What if someone left the notes just to get her hopes up and later on, make fun of her? What if Pratters was the one who wrote the notes? What if all the jocks were waiting for her at Rosie’s to laugh at her expense?

She shook her head.

No, that wasn’t possible. It couldn’t be a joke since it took months of little notes and flowers and she was sure no one would go through all the trouble just for a simple prank, especially Pratters. Plus, he never got near the paper bags.

Maybe, just maybe this was for real.

She didn’t have anything to lose anyways. She could go to Rosie’s, wait for a bit while she sipped on a milkshake and if no one appeared, she would just head home. There was no harm in giving it a chance.  


She was fidgety for the rest of her classes, counting the minutes left before meeting the mysterious person.

Million thoughts raced through her mind taking her attention away from her teachers and from taking notes but she couldn’t help it.

When the bell rang signaling the end of the day, she jumped from her seat and went straight to the restroom. She fixed her hair with her fingers and made sure her make up wasn’t smudged. Taking a deep breath, she walked out school and started walking to the old diner.

The place was packed with teenagers. Some of them were hanging out with their group of friends and the rest, were couples having dates being cute to each other.

Y/N looked around for an empty table and took a sit by the window. She ordered a chocolate milkshake and played with the straw while she waited. It was the only thing left to do.

She had been sitting for not more than 10 minutes when a guy approached her table. She raised her head and was surprised to find no other than Zach Dempsey standing in front of her.

“Hey Zach!” she greeted him with a smile but he didn’t smile back. To be honest, he was not acting as his usual confident self. He was rocking on his feet with both of his hands inside the pockets of his varsity jacket. His cheeks held a pink tint and his eyes looked around  the place, unable to look at her face.

“Hey.” he finally said. He seemed troubled and after a brief inner debate with himself, he looked at her nervously. “Do you mind if I sit?”

She was shocked at his request since they had only spoken a couple of times before and it was always about homework.

“Well, I don’t mean to be rude or anything but I’m waiting for someone.” she felt a bit embarrassed and expected to find disappointment on his face, but the only thing that she found, was that his blush had increased.

“I know.” once again she was taken aback by his response.

Maybe he knew who left the notes.

“You do?”

“Yeah” he rubbed the back of his head before looking at her. “I wanted to go out with you even though your name wasn’t on my list.”

Y/N felt the color drain from her face and she almost choked on her spit as the realization hit her.

“Y-you’re the one who left me all those notes and daisies?” Zach chuckled a bit and took a sit in front of her.

“Are you disappointed?” Y/N immediately reacted.

“No, no!” she quickly responded “I’m not disappointed. I’m surprised, that’s all.”

“Why? Is it that weird that I want to go out with you?” she shook her head.

“It’s just that you never talk to me in school.” she admitted ashamed feeling her face getting hot.  

“Because I thought you hated me.” he replied honestly. She could see that he was being sincere and wondered what made him think that she hated him.

“Why would you assume such thing?” she barely spoke to people at school and when she did, she tried to be as polite as possible to avoid any kind of trouble.

“You always avoid me! And when I smile at you in Communications you never smile back.” he seemed sad and she felt her heart clench.

“Well yeah, maybe I do, but it isn’t because of you.” she looked him in the eye trying to make him see that she wasn’t lying. “You’re always surrounded by your friends, including Pratters and he isn’t exactly nice to me.” she shrugged. He still didn’t look convinced. “To be completely honest with you, I think you’re a sweet guy.”

Zach smiled brightly at her comment and immediately his mood was lifted.

“Really?” he beamed with happiness.

“Yeah. Out of all the people who could’ve come today, I’m happy it was you.” Y/N blushed fiercely at her sudden boldness but felt a bit better when she looked at Zach’s face and saw that he mirrored her flushed cheeks.


Y/N walked through the school hallways, thinking about the previous day.

She had so much fun with Zach, she wished she had talked to him sooner. He really was a nice guy out of his self centered facade and he was kind to her at all times.

He made sure she felt comfortable around him and he even paid for the milkshake and drove her home later in the evening.

He promised she wouldn’t regret it if she went to the diner and he kept his promise, because she didn’t.

She entered the Communications classroom and went straight to her usual seat. Before she took a seat, she caught a glimpse of Zach smiling at her. Y/N smiled and waved at him shortly since Pratters was scowling at her.

Turning around, she sat down trying to ignore Pratters gaze burning holes at the back of her head.

She heard steps approaching and thinking it was Pratters ready to make some nasty comment, she held her breath bracing herself to take whatever he threw her way.

“Zach, what are you doing man?” she felt someone take the seat next to hers and, slowly, she raised her head expecting to see Pratters. She was relieved to find  Zach instead.

Y/N turned around confused and noticed that the group of jocks were just as surprised as her.

“Zach, what are you doing?” she repeated the question his friends asked a couple of moments ago.

“Well…since you already know my identity, I figured I can now sit next to you and tell you how beautiful you are personally.”

She bit her lip trying to hold in a shy smile but he saw it anyway.

Zach chuckled as he held her hand with his and tenderly kissed her knuckles.

“I like it better this way. Now I can see you whenever you blush.” she playfully slapped his arm in response before laughing along with him.

However, she wouldn’t admit to him that she also liked it better this way.  

anonymous asked:

Is okay to RFA do something that make MC blush really hard and she is shy and cannot speak. MC want to melt because embarrassed! Also I love how you answer the problem. You talent have a lot! At time I translate to read. But worth time. I learn a lot english. Thank you!

Awww, thank you! I’m glad my hcs make you feel like learning a whole different language, basically.

So, I hope I got this right, also hope you all like this! ^^

Flustering your MC challenge


  • At the beginning of your relationship, he didn’t really like how the media would go after you as much as they go after him.
  • But time passed, you became his manager, and he learned how to appreciate sharing the spotlight with you.
  • You two were giving an interview in a popular radio show about fame, relationships and jealous.
  •  “So, you see your man having the most intimate scenes with some of the most beautiful women in the country and you fell nothing?”
  • “Nope” you say firmly, earning some chuckles from the interviewer and from your boyfriend.
  • “I mean, I have the most intimate moments with the most beautiful woman off camera, so… there’s no real reason for her to feel jealous. Right, babe?”
  • Both of them wait for some witty response, but you’re unable to give it, you’re blushing hard and chuckles nervously just so the listeners don’t think you passed out or something.
  • Zen thinks is adorable. You usually handle things like this like a pro, but he’s  glad to see that the cute girl he fell for is still around.
  • And you… are glad this is a radio show and people are not seeing your flushed face.


  • You’re always making him blush.
  • Sometimes you’re not even teasing him on purpose, you’re just trying to tell him he’s cute or that he did a good job on the kitchen, and there he is getting red and avoiding your gaze.
  • But most of time, you do on purpose, just so you can tell him he’s cute. It’s a full circle, actually.
  • And you were just waiting for the right moment when you were helping him study in the library.
  • “You’ve answered them all right, Yoosung! Such a great student! Such a good boy!” you say, moving your hand to pat his hair.
  • “So what kind of prize a good boy can get?” he asks, grabbing your hand and holding it, without taking his eyes out of the book.
  • So he didn’t see your face flaming up at his sudden boldness. “MC?” he calls since you didn’t really answer.
  • And looking at you right now is like looking at a mirror, somehow. But nah, you’re cuter. And as he tells you that, you blush even more. Well… not exactly the prize he was expecting, but still very rewarding.


  • She blushes when you compliment her, especially if it is something about her looks.
  • She doesn’t really care for teasing, though, so she’s not one to tease you a lot.But today, you’re really asking for it. You two are at the movies, and you keep leaning your head on her shoulder, trying to get some popcorn in the same moment she does too just so your hands will touch, stuff like that.
  • And you keep looking at the screen, pretending you’re not doing on purpose, oh… do you really think she’s that innocent not to notice?
  • So she leans closer to you, reaching for your ear. “Hey, MC?”
  • “Yeah?” you answer, still looking at the screen. Hum… it didn’t work! “Hey, MC?”
  • “Yes, Jaehee?” still not looking, ugh… oh, she knows what to do! “Jaehee? What happened to Baehee?”
  • “W-what?” you finally look at her, and she steals a little peck in your lips. And… it’s kinda dark in the room, she’s not sure if you’re really blushing.
  • But you’re definitely a little flustered, as you didn’t try any of your teases for the rest of the movie.
  • That, you admitted later, couldn’t really pay attention to due to your embarrassment.


  • He  doesn’t really blush, but he gets flustered at his own flirting sometimes.
  • Like, he knows he’s getting very carried away as you play along and tease him.
  • So he clears his throat and sometimes apologizes for getting ahead of himself, which is… very cute.
  •  And you’re trying to activate this cute mode flirting shamelessly with him at this business party.
  • But he keeps himself stoic, since a lot of acquaintances are here and he needs to keep it professional.
  • “I see you two are still on the honeymoon phase, huh?” his dad throws this comment passing by the two of you.
  • “Yes, I believe we’re following the conventional order, here. Wedding, honeymoon, and moving to the next step, which would be… children. Correct, MC?
  • Both men look at you as you choke on your champagne, getting immediately red. Oh… how can he say something like this in front of his father?
  • Jumin is confused, he was just answering a question, it’s not like he was trying to tease you or anything… well, at least not at that moment.
  • “Are you okay, MC?” his dad asks “Yes, I’m fine. It’s just the champagne, I…” “Ah yes, maybe you shouldn’t be drinking if you two are really planning on children.” Cue you getting even redder, and Jumin chuckling softly. You never fail to amuse him…


  • He gets flustered pretty easily.
  • Especially if you start getting very affectionate with him in front of other RFA members or worse… Vanderwood.
  • Because he will always remark how a taser gun could never keep this boy on the straight and narrow, but your kisses and pampers do.
  • And then you giggle and go back to pampering him. And Vanderwood just judges silently.
  • And though you’re cute, he knows you’re doing it on purpose, so he’ll get you for that, mark his words!
  • So here are you, him, Saeran and Vanderwood having your usual weekly dinner together.
  • “Hope you saved some room for dessert, gentlemen. “ you say “Saeyoung was in charge of the sweet treats this time.”
  • “Oh, really? What you prepared for us?” Vanderwood asks, and Saeyoung smirks, wrapping his arm around your shoulder. “Well, I don’t know about you, guys, but I have my dessert right here.”
  • You widen your eyes and look at him, feeling the crimson tainting your cheeks. “S-Saeyoung!” he quickly looks at Vanderwood, and he is pretty embarrassed too. And though Saeyoung was trying to get a little of payback on you, he can’t really resist your charming flustered face.
  • Yep, thankfully he saved lots of room for dessert as he basically drags you out of the kitchen, both of you giggling. “So wait, there’s really no dessert? Ugh…” Saeran mutters and gets out of there stomping. Vanderwood is still trying to understand what’s wrong with all these people.

You can see Saeran and V here ~

anonymous asked:

Hey do you have any really funny fic you could suggest? I just read 'A week is only seven days' and I was crying it was so funny. I want more!

Hi Nonny!! OH GOD this has been in my drafts for MONTHS and I’m sorry for the delay. I’m guessing you found that fic on my “Go-To Johnlock Fic Rec List”, and it’s totally worth a read since it’s like, one of my all-time fave fics!! I don’t have many fics with the same type of humour, but I hope that a few of these will appease you! They’re more fluffy than anything else, but if I had a chuckle in them, then they will be here :)

  • High and Tight, Soft and Loose by cwb (E, Ao3) (7,429 w.) - John is stupidly obsessed with Sherlock, Sherlock is adorably clueless, and they’re both dumb idiots. Jealous John and silly misunderstandings.
  • Well Begun Is Half Done by Avice (E, Ao3) (3,897 w.) - Sherlock conveniently finds reasons to try to touch John’s junk. John’s tired of waiting.
  • The Case of the Vanishing Pants by SwissMiss (E, Ao3) (44,025 w.) - Five times John and Sherlock lost their pants for a case. There are some angsty bits in this, but I did giggle at a few scenes.
  • Life and Death by patemalah21 (K+, ff) (6K+) - Sherlock and John get mugged and injured. The first chapter is angsty, but the second and third chapters, Sherlock has to deal with his worst nemesis yet – a nurse intent on him getting better. *SLIGHT* Sher1011ie in the third chapter, but it feels more BFF’s.
  • You’re a Doctor, Fix me by edken (G, Ao3) (8,342 w.) - Sherlock gets sick and stroppy, John grins and bears it to fix him, and a fluffy happy ending.
  • How to Court Your Blogger by PipMer (K+, ff) (3,124 w.) - Sherlock Tries to court John on significant days in their life. Too bad John is a little bit slow on the draw.
  • Sibling Rivalry Or Fighting Over John Watson by Jessa7 (K+, ffnet) (8,085w.) - Mycroft is suddenly taking an interest in John and Sherlock is not happy. John just goes with it – he’s getting a lot of nice things out of this deal. (*NOT JOHNCROFT, just Mycroft being a meddler).
  • The Devil You Know by PipMer (T, ff) (9K+ w.) - Mycroft flirts with John. Sherlock gets jealous. John’s just along for the ride. Yeah, I also REALLY like Mycroft purposely riling up Sherlock to force him to confess his feelings for John. Another “meddling Mycroft” fic… I seriously love this trope.
  • Cigarettes and Shampoo by laura0506 (K+, ff) (783 w) - John and Sherlock get kicked out of a grocery store. Sherlock has a big mouth.
  • Cabbies by OldBesinaStuff (K, ff) (572 w) - Sherlock expounds and illuminates upon the subject of their current cabbies.
  • The Care and Keeping of Your Mad Genius by Janieshi (T, ff) (4K+ w.) - Lestrade and John tease Sherlock after the pool incident.
  • Just Admit It by LoyalNerdWP (K+, ff) (2K+) - Sherlock goes home for Christmas and is missing John. One of my faves, it’s more sweet than funny.
  • The Newlywed Game: Johnlock Edition by patternofdefiance (E, Ao3) (9,020 w.) - Sherlock and John pretend they’re a couple “for a case”. They’re shocked to discover how much they know about each other. One of my faves.
  • Happy Birthday John by Starlight05 (K+, ff) (1K+ w.) - Sherlock goes shopping for a present for John. 
  • Not Rocket Science by Nitrospira (K+, ff) (2K+ w.) - The boys are handcuffed to a bed while investigating a double homicide on the International Space Station. It’s been awhile since I read this but I remember liking it :D
  • Out on da pull by I-O-U-a-picture (T, ff) (1K+w.) - John can never pull a date, especially with a flatmate like Sherlock.
  • I’m Pretty Sure This Changes Shit by cwb (E, Ao3) (7,672 w.) - This one is really ridiculously silly. Sherlock keeps injuring himself so John will fix him up. John catches on, and it changes shit.
  • Because Blah Blah Blah Happy by cwb  (E, Ao3) (4,578 w.) - Sherlock sets out to make John happy. Happy happy happy.
  • Carry On by Mazarin221b (M, Ao3) (4,647 w.) - Five times John didn’t want to be carried, and one time he did.
  • Equine Arse Anonymity by Kayjaykayme (E, Ao3) (3,834 w.) - Sherlock needs to speak with suspects at a fancy dress ball. He chooses a couple’s costume for himself and John. It is logical, practical and well thought out. John doesn’t agree and exacts sweet revenge.
  • An Acquired Taste by kinklock (E, Ao3) (31,059 w.) - Sherlock is a bat. No other explanation needed.
  • and yes I said yes I will Yes by Mithen (T, Ao3) (1,662 w.) - Sherlock has deduced that John is going to propose to him, and he’s ready to accept. If only John would actually get around to it…
  • The Trouble With Being Subtle. by VictoryCandescence  (NR, Ao3) (5,429 w.) - In which Sherlock experiments, John misinterprets, and everyone else stands back and waits for the light to turn on.
  • The Detective and the Pin-Up by XistentialAngst (T, Ao3) (15,683 w.) - Sally Donovan discovers an old secret John Watson considered long buried - a ten-year old “Men of the Armed Forces” calendar, which has John as a very enticing pin-up for August. The image of John might just change the way everyone sees the unassuming sidekick, even Sherlock Holmes.
  • John’s Drawers by JezebelGoldstone (T, Ao3) (2,646 w.) - Sherlock snoops through John’s drawers and finds something… unexpected.
  • In Which John is a BAMFy MoFo, OMG! by Kantayra (T, Ao3) (1,835 w.) - John’s BAMFness and Sherlock’s damsel-in-distress act are caught forever on camera. So Scotland Yard can mock. A lot.
  • Corpus Hominis by mycapeisplaid (E, Ao3) (47,709 w.) - John knows the human body intimately. He’s had plenty of opportunity for study as a doctor, soldier, and lover. There’s one particular body, however, he knows very little about. When Sherlock launches himself head-first into a new obsession and they get sent on a case in an unlikely location, the pair discovers each other’s bodies with confusing yet delightful (and sometimes hilarious) results. {{NOTE: Because I always forget: ‘The One With the Shampoo, Steph.’}}
  • Goodness Gives Extras by mydwynter (E, Ao3) (39,629 w.) - Christmas time. ‘Tis the season to settle down with a drink, some food and a present or two, and to enjoy the quiet relaxation of the holiday. Instead, there’s a case that drags them all over, missing presents, disappointed kids, angry parents, and a freak snowfall. On top of that John has to deal with Sherlock, who is being even more of a prat than usual. He really shouldn’t have expected anything different.
  • You Can Imagine the Christmas Dinners by ardenteurophile (T, Ao3) (23,584 w.) - Sherlock takes John along for Christmas dinner with Mycroft and Mummy (And “Anthea”, too). Over the course of the evening, John realises that everyone in the room - apart from him - seems to think that he and Sherlock are a couple.
  • You Can Imagine The Christmas Dinners by johnsarmylady (T, ff)(1K+ w.) - Set the morning after a Study in Pink, John sits and contemplates Mycroft’s words. John’s imagination sometimes goes a little wild.
  • Abhorring the Dull Routine of Existence by ardenteurophile (T, ff) (7K+ w.) - Or, a Week Spent on Artificial Stimulants. Sherlock overdoses on Red Bull, much to John’s dismay. Spin-off fic set before the events of “You Can Imagine the Christmas Dinners”.
  • The Real Meaning of Idioms by feverishsea (T, Ao3) (21,691 w.) - After two weeks away, John finally texts Sherlock. He doesn’t expect Sherlock to respond. He doesn’t expect Sherlock to keep texting him. And he really doesn’t expect things to spiral out of control so rapidly.
  • To Sleep, Perchance to Smother Your Flatmate with a Pillow by Linpatootie (G, Ao3) (5,308 w.) - Sherlock wants to conduct a sleep study of sorts. John contemplates smothering him with a pillow. Part 1 of Two Coffees One Black One with Sugar Please (this whole series is amazing, and I love it so much).
  • The Second Law of Thermodynamics by entanglednow (T, Ao3) (3,614) - In which there’s no heating and there’s a dead owl in Sherlock’s bed. Part 1 of Thermodynamics (this whole series is really great, I love it!)
  • Vaporized by Catslynw (K, ff) (1K+ w.) - This little number is set soon after A Study in Pink. John has just moved into 221b and is getting to know his flatmate, and his flatmate’s amazing abilities, a little better.
  • Denial Isn’t Just a River in Egypt by satanatemycat (T, ff) (2K+ w.) - In which John makes a bet with a co-worker. If he wins, she shuts up about him and Sherlock being a couple. If he loses… well, that doesn’t matter, because he won’t lose. Because he and Sherlock ARE NOT a couple. Right?
  • The Video Footage by bitchinblackframedglasses (K, ff) (1K+ w.) - What exactly DID Lestrade film Sherlock doing in A Scandal in Belgravia? Sherlock wants to know, and John tells him. Fluff.
  • At Least Make It Interesting by amythedork (K, ff) (2K+ w.) - "You’ve reached Sherlock Holmes. For the love of God, if you’re going to leave a message, at least make it an interesting one. If this is Mycroft, then piss off.“ / A series of voicemails John left Sherlock throughout their time together. 
  • Manipulation by sixbynine (K, ff) (2+K w.) - John Watson is not as unobservant as Sherlock thinks, nor is he above using what he knows. Even if it is just to make sure Sherlock eats and sleeps.
  • Bored Games by SparksMayFly (K, ff) (3K+ w.) - Sherlock asks if he can take Reverend Green in for interrogation. John explains that’s not how the game works. 
  • Bored Games by patster223 (K+, ff) (2k+ w.) - Sherlock is bored and John decides that they should play Cluedo. In retrospect, it was a truly awful decision.
  • Three Ways Sherlock Conformed to His Stereotype by Jennistar1 (K+, ff) (1K+ w.) - "It’s a hat.” / Urge to roll eyes, quashed. “Yes. I can see that.” / “It’s called a deerstalker.”
  • Tipsy by katkin (K+, ff) (2K+ w.)  “I love everyone in this room,” he announced proudly.“I know you do, buddy,” John replied “Which is why you’re going to clean this carpet in the morning. Because you’re a good friend.” “I am a good friend!” Sherlock agreed.
  • Cards by Caighlee (K+, ff) (1K+ w.) - Sherlock has been without a case for a few days and Molly’s suggested experiment - something with a pig head (ew) - is losing it’s appeal. Can John come up with something that’ll distract Sherlock for a bit longer? And how did John pull off that card trick? Sherlock’ll never know because a magician never tells a secret. Except maybe when faced with a smiling Consulting Detective.
  • Never Have I Ever by Hannelore-Grace (T, ff) (2K+) - In which the Yarders, Sherlock, and John play the time-honored drinking game.
  • Surety by hudders (G, Ao3) (2,477 w.) - Sherlock is pissed because it seems that four pints of larger, two shots of tequila and a glass of wine has resulted in Lestrade becoming a little bit too friendly with everyone. And by everyone, Sherlock really means John.
  • Never Have I Ever by hudders-and-hiddles (E, Ao3) (10,655 w.) - John and Sherlock tag along for the Met’s weekly night out, where the evening’s chosen drinking game is Never Have I Ever. Sherlock is reluctant to join in until he realizes he can learn all kinds of new things about John, but he forgets that John might learn a thing or two about him as well.
  • Cabin Fever by A Wandering Minstrel (K+, ff) (6K+ w.) - A massive storm keeps John trapped in Baker Street with a half-blind (for science!), very bored Sherlock Holmes.
  • Spilt Milk by Erin Giles (K+, ff) (2K+ w.) - John comes back from a trip to the supermarket only to take a trip up the stairs. Both shopping and blood are spilled leaving Sherlock to play the role of Doctor.
  • God Save The Queen by Alice Day (K+, ff) (1K+ w.) - Sherlock has a new case. John is petrified. The Queen is amused.
  • Tidying Up by mattsloved1 (K+, ff) (951w.) – John comes home to a thoroughly cleaned flat. Or so it seems.

Feel free to add your own ficlets and self promos!! I love all the funny fics!

Fujimaki Tadatoshi’s Interview in Entermix May 2017

Ahhhhh. Everyone was like “READ THIS INTERVIEW” so I went ahead and read this above anything else and it was so worth it because it gave me hope as a fan in despair. 

This is just a rough translation :D I just wanted to put it so people who would like to read can read it too :D

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Sexual Tension - Bucky x Reader Pt. 2

Summary: (Y/N) transfers to a new university only to find out her new teacher is a hot jackass. Heated words are tossed back and forth but it ends up making them gravitate even closer.

Pairing: Professor!Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word count: 2.8k

Warning: Language & Self-Doubt. This chapter actually gets really sad but I promise it’ll have a happy ending.

A/N: THANK YOU ALL!!! I didn’t think my very first story would get so many supporters and it means the lot to me. I remember waking up at 6am and just reading the comments and I would laugh to myself because it just made me so happy ! I hope I don’t let you down with this series!
Also the tag list is open (; if you want (; (; (;

Chapter 1

It’s been a few weeks since you’ve started your classes. You’ve slowly grown used to waking up early and getting ready. You realize that you have started to look forward to getting to class 30 minutes usual everyday and as much as you hated to admit it, it was because of your goddamn teacher. You’ve both grown close in a way and you couldn’t even explain why or how happened. It all started with you smart mouthing him and him getting off on it.

You quickly throw on some jeans and a sweater looking messy as usual. It’s not your fault; you hate Mondays. Every Monday you woke up with a horrible headache and it took time to calm down. You usually would drive to a café owned by a friend of yours and grab a cup of coffee or your favorite smoothie hoping it would help your head from the pounding sensation within.

You quickly grabbed your bag and a pair of sunglasses sliding them on before leaving the apartment complex to the parking lot. It was freezing outside yet the sun still managed to shine bright. You quickly went to your car and hopped in. Starting the engine and drove to your favorite café.

You pulled up reading the huge letters on the front of the building, ‘The Grind’. You smiled to yourself knowing that your good friend would be working. Walking in you see red hair poking out from behind the counter. She quickly rose at the noise of the bell on the door.

“Welcome to The Grind. How may I-” she turned around noticing who came in. Her lips curved up as she leaned against the counter.

“Well, well, well. It’s the infamous (y/n)! Honestly, what did I expect? You come in here every Monday morning.” You could practically hear her mentally slapping herself.

“Hey Nat. I’m just here getting the usual. Make it the smoothie this time though, no coffee.” Simply putting it as is while she gave you a stern look.

“Man you look horrible. Couldn’t sleep?” She grabbed a medium sized cup and began putting in some ingredients before heading over to the other side of the counter where the blender is.

“Why even ask? Monday’s aren’t my thing.” You prop your elbow up on the counter and watch her mix up your drink.

“Honey, I see you every Monday. This is different from the usual. Did something happen? Nightmares again?” The moment she mentioned the nightmares you dropped your face giving her the answer she needed.

“I’m sorry (Y/N). Are they getting better or worse? You should really go see if some one can prescribe you something?” She finished mixing up your smoothie and set it down in front of you.

You fish out a few bucks from your bag and set it on the counter. She didn’t grab it; she continued to look at you.

“Come on (Y/N). I know I may be annoying but I’m really trying to help. You know I hate seeing you like this.” She took the money and stuck it into the register, handing you a recipe and a few extra coins.

“I know Nat.” You looked at her then looked down to grab your smoothie. “If I promise you I’ll see someone about them soon will you stop giving me that look?”

She smiled and reached other the counter to pat you on the shoulder. You gave her a small smile back before taking a sip of your smoothing.

“I’ll see you later?” Nat set her elbows on the counter.

“Ye-Yeah, Yeah! I promise. I’ll come by after class today!” You waved quickly and turned around walking out of the building. When you got in your car you sat there staring at the wheel, taking a deep breath.

You knew the nightmares would come back. You just knew it. Dealing with them when they aren’t happening are worse than when they are. Taking a deep breath you check the time and start the car. The time read 7:20 AM. You smiled knowing you were just on time. You may have drove to school in silence but your head was screaming, overthinking the things you shouldn’t think twice about.

As you pulled in you quickly got out of your car and walked into the school taking the fastest route to your class. Turning the door knob you walked in seeing your handsome teacher sitting at his desk, hand in his hair and face full of distress. You’ve never seen him in such a stressed out situation before; you didn’t know how to approach him but it would be shitty of you not to at least try. Face it, you may be a smart sarcastic bastard but you still wanted the best for everyone.

You set your bag down on the table by the door and walked up to his desk, smoothie in hand.

“Hey Barnes.” You said confidently and bubbly hoping your emotions could rub off on him. Even though you weren’t in such a good mood yourself, if you had to fake being happy to make someone else stop feeling down… then it’s worth it. Especially when it’s someone who you have a unspoken connection with.

He quickly looked up and shut the file he was reading. “Oh hey (Y/N). For a second I forgot you came so early. What’s up?” You smiled even though you felt insulted, you always came to class early and he knew that. Did he really forget? Are you that irrelevant?

Once again you were over-thinking everything, you quickly shook the feeling off and replaced it with a smile.

“I rather be an hour early than a minute late.” Giving a small chuckle following by his own you took another sip of your drink. He chewed on the back of his pen clearly in deep thought.

“Hey look, I know I’m your student and all but are you ok? You look like you just found out your wife is your long-lost sister.”

He leaned back in his chair and gave his signature smile. Squinting his eyes and giving a small laugh. His smile always rubbed off on you because soon enough you felt yourself laughing with him.

“Tough day. I know it’s only, what, 7:40 am? But tough day. I’m glad your here though. You, my friend, are a comedian. Always making everyone laugh.” He set down his pen on his desk, formally chewing on it. Crossing his arms and staring at you.

“I mean, if you want to talk about it, I don’t mind.” Your fingers intertwined with each other, feeling the regret and awkwardness fill your body.

“Its fine, I’ll manage.” He shook his head looking at the table in front of him.

“I understand if you don’t want to tell me.”

“No, (Y/N). It’s not that it’s you, it’s just-” he hesitated before pausing.

“Just what? I’m your student?” You narrowed your eyes at him.

“I don’t care if you’re my student, we’re practically the same age.”

“No I understand but it’s just- it was just me trying to help that’s all.” You crossed your arms, looking down at him.

“God (Y/N). Don’t do that, now i feel bad and feel obligated to tell you.” You watched as he ran his right hand through his hair.

“Come on barnes, I’m not trying to force you into telling me, I get it. But I do suggest you speak about it to someone you trust. That always helps me.”

“Are you implying I don’t trust you?”

Why was he twisting your words? You just wanted to help but you felt like you were stressing him out more. You realize he’s in a tough predicament but it infuriates you that he’s taking his anger out on you when you were just simply trying to make him feel better.

“I’ve been your student for a little over a month, even if I may be the one who speaks to you more often than others, would you trust me?” You angrily respond, letting your feelings get the best of you.

“I trust you!” He shouted loudly. He sighed before placed his head in his hands and rubbing his eyes.

“Then what’s the problem?” You whispered, looking down at the man. You’ve known him for a short time but you never would have thought of seeing him in this situation.

You stood there in silence eyeing him down. You knew you sounded pushy but you couldn’t help yourself. You cared for the sarcastic man who always seemed to lift your day.

“I’m sorry, it’s none of my business. I shouldn’t have pushed you to say anything.” A hint of sympathy was in your voice as you turned your heels to go sit in your seat in silence for the rest of the class. You both knew you just wanted to help but you felt like you crossed the line. You regretted it and there was no way to turn back.

Before you could even reach the first step you heard him set his hands down on the desk.

“My family.”

You turned to face your teacher as he stared down at the file in front of him.

“My family is well put. Every single barnes is known for succeeding and to have the perfect life, the perfect wife, the perfect family and the perfect job. We all grow up to do good things, to teach, to help others learn. My family all have done the same and we are expected to do what is best to have a successful life.”

His head hung down, eyes shut in anguish. You slowly made your way back to his desk and stopping right where you were standing moments before.

“My parents expect me to marry a woman of fame. A woman of money and beauty. It doesn’t matter if I can emotionally connect with her. She has to be perfect. They already have their eyes set on this girl. I’ve met with her and talked to her and she’s an amazing, beautiful woman but I just could never see myself with her. But I have to. It’s practically a family tradition but I could never look at her the way I look at…”

His right hand quickly covered his eyes in a tight squeeze. You didn’t know what to do, you wanted to make him feel at ease but you’ve never been in a position like this. You never really hung out with people, all your problems were concealed and easy to deal with because it only involved yourself and your mind. He couldn’t fix this without somehow disappointing his entire family. You wouldn’t know what to do if you were in his position.

“You’re expected to marry someone but you already have your eyes set onto someone else.” You didn’t care at the fact that your heart throbbed. You knew deep down in your heart that you had this connection with him but you knew he’d never feel the same way back.

He loved someone else and even if it hurt you, you didn’t care. You wanted him happy.

“Exactly.” Was all he could mutter out. You slowly take your free hand and rest it on his hand that was laying on the table. Giving his hand a small squeeze; he turned it over to hold your hand back.

“Do what makes you happy. Why do you want to live a life that satisfies everyone but yourself?” He squeezed your hand after you said that. He removed the hand from his eyes and looked up at you.

Before he could say anything the door busted open with a full force. You snatch your hand away from his and fake a few steps back. The beautiful red hair and 3 inch heels walk into the room. She was all smiles making her way up to your teacher.

“Hey Bucky! I decided to come a bit early to talk to you about the family dinner we’re having later! I talked to your parents about it and they agreed it would be best. They even talked about our future.”

Your eyes widen in realization. Dolores giggles at literally nothing and completely ignored the fact that her teacher was not having the best day of his life. They both looked at you at the same time. He gave you a look that you once again couldn’t describe. It was a mixture of sadness, anger and confusion.

“Oh hey (Y/N)! Why are you here early talking to Bucky?”

When you first initially met Dolores you thought she was a beautiful, smart, generous woman. You soon realized she was only beautiful and smart. She wasn’t kind or understanding at all. She never started anything with you but she always made comments on people who she believed were below her. You’ve heard her make comments on the quiet kids in class, the kids that aren’t as fast as others at learning and you’ve often heard her make comments on your friends Sam and Steve.

Mr.Barnes was aware of this, after mornings and mornings of useless conversations he knew who you liked in the class and who you despised.

“Oh, I was just asking for help on the lesson. I was having troubles with it.” Blatantly lying to her face you gave her a quick smile.

“Makes sense, you aren’t exactly the smartest in the class anyways. I mean, your friends are dumb and dumber right?” The moments those words left her mouth you stopped all movement. Did she just say what you thought she said?

“You know what Dolores? Fuck. You.” The look in your eyes was pure rage. You didn’t like her and she just insulted not only you but your friends.

“The last thing I would want to do is fuck you, (Y/N). Besides, I’ve got myself a man to fulfill those needs for me.” She smiled at you and walked next to the silent mans seat and rubbed her arm across his upper back. “Don’t act like I’m not there when you flirt with him during class. Don’t worry though, you can stop trying now that he’s officially mine.”

“What?” You gave them both a look of confusion “The last thing I could care about is a teacher student relationship. You really think I care about that?” You raised your head laughing at her stupidity before focusing your gaze back at her.

“Just because you’re from a family of money does not mean you’re smarter or better than anyone else. I bet you haven’t even spoken a word to half the people you make fun of in this class. You’re just another rich young white girl who gets through life by her daddy’s money. Everyone else? We got here by hard work and determination. We all don’t have the privileges you do. If anyone here is superior to everyone else, it would never be you.”

You felt your cheeks becoming red along with your clenching teeth. Your head grew hot reminding you of the once minor headache you had. You looked down at the man, eyeing the hand still resting on his back. He gave you a sorrowful look basically implying he wasn’t going to do anything about it.

You could tell that the pitiful woman in front of you didn’t care. She saw the look you received from Barnes and knew he wouldn’t fight against her.

You scoffed; he was going to defend a woman he doesn’t like - a woman he doesn’t like over a friend that has done nothing wrong to him.

Students started to fill up the class and the 5 minute bell rung shortly after.

Laughing to yourself in disbelief you toss your drink into the trash and grab your bag.

“I hope you make your family proud, Mr.Barnes.”

Walking towards the door to leave you bump and shove past two familiar faces.

“(Y/N)? Are you okay?” The dark haired man stopped and followed you out into the hallway grabbing your shoulders.

You looked toward him seeing Steve right over his shoulder looking at you with a concerned look. Running your hands through your hair in frustration you sighed and figured it would be for the best to leave them out of it. Even if it made you angry it wasn’t your decision to tell others Mr.Barnes problems.

“Yeah, I’m just not in the mood. I’m sorry guys. I’m just going to skip out on today’s class.”

“Does Barnes know?” Steve walked up next to you and gave you a side huge for reassurance.

“He does, that’s what I was speaking to him about.”

“You know, the only thing that keeps me throughout his class is you and your hilarious comments. Without those, I won’t be able to make it. Why don’t we all just skip today and go out for pizza or something?” Sam put his hands to his sides looking for an answer.

“You know, that’s not such a bad idea.”

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Tending an Injury: Surprise Tangled!Au

So like… nobody asked for this. I didn’t even ask for this. But somehow I just got… really involved in the Tangled!Au. I did some sketches of it, but I also really wanted to recreate the healing scene. So hope you enjoy! <3 The fanfic is just below the read more!

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Dean stepped over the threshold into your room, scanning your desk for a specific book but his eyes were drawn instead to a single sheet of paper on the floor beside your desk. The ragged edges showed it had been torn from a journal. 

As he picked it up, his eyes caught a few words on the page, scrawled in your distinctive handwriting.

–hard to watch how he doesn’t see the value and worth in himself. I feel like I am so close, but so far away from what I want it’s almost unbearable. My mind whirls around and around and as soon as he is close everything quiets. That means something, right? It has to. But I waffle between forging on with things as they are and teetering on the edge of the possibility of something more…”

Dean realized quickly that this was something very personal of yours that he had stumbled on and stopped himself from reading more. But who were you writing about? There was a soaring hope in his chest but he quickly convinced himself it wasn’t possible and it was replaced with a heavy sinking feeling, and a stone in his stomach. 

Dean hastily placed the page back on your desk and left, the book he had been searching for completely forgotten as he too now waffled between hope and jealousy.


I’m in a reading slump so regularly, it feels like I hardly read anything at all. They’re honestly one of the reasons why I’m a slow reader and why I don’t read that many books in a year.

Weeks go by where I don’t pick up a book and it’s sad that I don’t want to do something I love. Soon as I’m in a slump, I’m in no mood to read, I’m not tackling my overflowing TBR and things are spiraling out of control!

I feel like I’m being over dramatic but I can see the pile of ARCs and review books I need to read…
People ask how I manage all the ARCs that need reviewing and the truth is, I don’t. I just have to take my time and read whenever I feel like it.

I’ve noticed a lot things can easily put me in a slump and affects how much I read or if I want to read. But I have some tricks I try when I feel like that. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t but I thought I’d make a post about them - it might help if you’re prone to reading slumps like me.

Here goes!

1. Sample A Chapter

If there’s a book you’ve been meaning to pick up for a while, or there’s a few books on your TBR that have been there for ages - pick it up and read the first chapter.

I have this strange habit or reading the first few pages whenever I get a new book, just to get a taste of what it’s like. And usually, those few pages make me want to keep reading.

Just sample the first couple pages to see if it hooks you right away. If it does and you find yourself wanting to read more, that’s great! But if it doesn’t, just put down and read the first chapter of another book.

This isn’t starting and DNFing a book
just after one chapter so, don’t think of it as that. Because in future, you’ll pick it up again and possibly enjoy it a lot more than you would have in a slump. 

So, if that chapter isn’t working for you, don’t keep reading it or forcing yourself. You’ll dislike the book just because of your slump and it’ll ruin what potentially could have been an amazing book if you’d read it any other time. 

Just reading a first chapter has helped me a lot. Not every book with be interesting, so I pick up another one hoping it’ll keep me reading. It’s like letting the book give a 60 second pitch as to why you should read it next. Maybe it’ll work for you, maybe not.

2. Re-read A Favourite Book

There’s something comforting about re-reading a favourite book because I know I’ll love it, and I’m always excited to dive back into a familiar world. I’ve picked up the Harry Potter books or The Infernal Devices since I love those series and it would get me back into a routine of reading again.

If you have a favourite book that’s comforting, just pick it up and read it. You’ll be happy to be back with those characters. I feel like I could grab any Harry Potter book and sink into the story, I don’t need to go in chronological order if I don’t want to, but just enjoy the familiarity.

It probably won’t help reduce your TBR and you might not like re-reading when you have so many new books to get through, but there’s something about re-reading a book you really love.

Can’t find a new book to read? Might as well enjoy one you know and love.

3. Listen to Audiobooks

I will always stand by Audiobooks since they’re a fantastic way to read. They’ve helped me out of slumps, and made me read more and quicker than I usually do. I even recommended listening to books on my Being A Slow Reader blogpost so, make sure to go check that out if you haven’t. 

I always listen to music when I’m out, on the bus, or on my way to work that I’ve started listening to books instead. I can read a chapter, maybe more during my journey and it’s such an efficient way to read.

It can help with slumps too. You can multitask whilst listening, or maybe you’ll enjoy the fact someone is reading the book to you as it can be quite calming. You can bump up the speed and read a book faster.
Because it’s such a quick way to read by listening, you’re instantly immersed in the book and you’ll be hooked before you even know it.

Honestly, just listening to a book has gotten me out of slumps without realising it. I always found myself putting my headphones in to continue the story.

You should give audiobooks a try. It’s a new format of reading and maybe you’ll like a change from physical books or ebooks. But remember to sample the narration before getting an audiobook and make sure you like it. It’s something I always do because the narration can make a difference to your reading experience. 

4. Pick A Hyped Book

I see hyped books all over my social media. New releases or upcoming books that people are loving. I’ll see this book popping up everywhere and everyone is raving about it, for good reason.

Whenever this happens, I trust a book to live up to my expectations. It’s so highly praised, I know there’s a bigger chance of me enjoying it like everyone else did.

I’m not saying everyone loves the same books, there are plenty of popular books I don’t like. But the book’s been getting great reviews for a reason - and a good book that’s been getting 4 and 5 stars is what you need to get you out of a slump. 

I read Caraval by Stephanie Garber after a ton of people could not stop talking about it and telling me how amazing it was. I ended up reading it and yes, I loved it. My timeline was filled with praise for Caraval that I went in with high hopes, trusting that I would like it and I did. After I started reading it, I couldn’t stop and now I’m waiting for the sequel. 

Pick up a book that everyone’s enjoying and hopefully, you’ll love it, too. It’s worth a shot!

5. Don’t Force It

Don’t force yourself to read when you’re in a slump. You’re already in no mood to pick up a book and making yourself read will feel like a chore.

You can try these little tricks in this blogpost but if they don’t work, you’ll have to wait until you naturally feel like reading. 

This last one isn’t a tip but some advice, I guess? It’s like when you had to do required reading at school and it was the last thing you wanted to do. Forcing yourself to read isn’t fun.


And that’s it for my tips!
I hope you found this helpful, or let me know if you already do some of the things I listed. 

I’d love to know your thoughts or how you get out of your reading slumps if I haven’t mentioned it above.

Thank you so much for reading, I really appreciate any likes, reblogs and comments!


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Don’t Leave Me (Jughead x Reader)

Prompt: Can you please do a suicide attempt one where Jug catches you in time and saves you and then become a thing P.S hope you feel better soon take care love♥️♥️🌹

A/N: I don’t tag anyone is these kinds of fics as I don’t want to trigger anyone! Sadly I know how this feels a little too well. And I want all of you to know that I am ALWAYS here for you! I’ve seen the bottom and I can tell you that it is most definitely not worth it. If you ever need someone to talk to, message me. I don’t bite.

WARNINGS: Suicide Attempt. Depressive Thoughts. Self-Harm. (Pls don’t read this if you find any of this triggering.) *There is a happy ending!*


Don’t Leave Me (Jughead x Reader)

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Gifs not mine.

A/N: This could link to one of the other reader inserts ‘The Baby Is Coming’ but you don’t have to read that to understand this. I hope I haven’t made Mycroft or Sherlock to OOC. Enjoy! xxx 

Exhausted was an understatement. You knew that childbirth was very painful and tiring but nothing could have prepared you for that. However, the long nine months and incredibly painful birth was all worth it as your little boy was born. Sherlock was stood by the window nursing the babe. He’d insisted that you slept but you wanted to stay awake because the Holmes parents, now grandparents, were on their way. You assumed that Mycroft would probably stay at the Holmes residence but you didn’t know whether he’d be forced to pay a visit to the hospital. Sherlock was tense. You could tell he didn’t want Mycroft to come but you did. You wanted a close family and although Mycroft was a fairly distant and an unsociable person, he was the uncle of your child and you wanted him to be involved.



“Yes mother,” A voice said from the other side of the door. The voice belonged to Mycroft Holmes. “The nurse said that they were in here.” The door opened slowly and in came Mycroft and his parents.

“Congratulations!” Mrs Holmes exclaimed and came over to your bedside. She kissed your cheek and then rushed over to Sherlock and kissed him. Mr Holmes gave his congratulations whereas Mycroft stayed in the doorway.

“Have you decided on a name?” Mycroft asked.

“Arthur Hamish William Holmes,” You replied with a smile.

“My little Arthur,” Mrs Holmes said happily as she took the boy from Sherlock. “I say that we’re too young to be grandparents."  

"I for one accept my age,” Her husband replied but she just chuckled. After holding Arthur for quite a while, she finally passed your son over to grandfather Holmes.

“Finally a grandchild,” He said. “We knew Mycroft would never have children and we finally gave up hope with Sherlock. Then he met you, Y/N. You both produced a lovely little baby boy. My grandson.” He was full of pride.

“Would you like a hold?” You asked Mycroft.

Sherlock was about to object but his brother did first. “No thank you,” He said. “Babies are not really my forte and I have a good view from here.”

“No I insist.”

“I don’t-”

“Mycroft Holmes, you will take the baby, hold the baby, and enjoy it.” You got out of bed and you took Arthur from Mr Holmes. You then passed him to the child’s uncle. Mycroft was terrified. He was almost shaking. Mycroft was in charge of the whole country (practically) but that was no problem and he was as cool as a cucumber. Give him a child and he will panic.

“I think we should all, with the exception of Mycroft and Y/N, get some coffee,” Mrs Holmes said. “No objections!" They all got up and left. There was no arguing with Mrs Holmes.



Mycroft watched helplessly as you fell asleep. He had hoped to hand Arthur back you but tiredness had took over you. He couldn’t give him to anyone else either. He was stuck. He walked over to the window, which was where Sherlock had stood earlier. Mycroft looked down at the boy. Arthur’s eyes were wide open and he was looking up at his uncle. Mycroft’s expression softened. He began to realise how important this child was to him. He was trusted with little Arthur and he would do anything to protect him. Mycroft was the one who taught Sherlock to not care however the 'iceman’ himself was now making exceptions.



Sherlock entered the room. He saw you asleep in the bed and then saw his older brother looking down at Arthur with admiration in his eyes.

"I may appear harsh,” Mycroft stated. “However, I promise that I will do everything in my power to keep Arthur, you, and Y/N safe.”

“Were you not doing that already?”

“Yes but that was out of 'brotherly compassion.’ Now it is out of… Out of… Love.” Love was a hard word for Mycroft to get out but he did it all the same.

Sherlock chuckled. “I’m flattered.”

“I’m serious.”

“I’m the father. Am I not able to keep my wife and child safe?”

“Yes but what happens when it comes to cases? When you’re getting into other people’s business and you put yourself and them in danger? Or when you’re bored so you get high? Who will be there to pick up the pieces? This isn’t a game, Sherlock! These are people’s lives!”

“I’m a changed man now.”

“I’m trying to help, Sherlock!”

He sighed. “Then thank you. Also, Y/N would like you to be godfather as well as John.”

“Just Y/N?”

“Fine! I guess I think you’d be fit too…”

“Then I am honoured.”

okay lowkey guys being in the hospital with my sister through the birth and taking care of the baby is giving me a strong urge to write mpreg with omega!cas and alpha!dean which is insane because I have NEVER written abo or mpreg but I just…. I wanna write about Cas holding his baby for the first time and like losing his breath while Dean is a sobbing mess right next to him in the same spot he’s been in for hours because he has refused to leave Cas’s side for even a second since they entered the hospital and i want to write about Cas getting misty eyed watching Dean do skin-to-skin with the baby while Cas is supposed to be sleeping but he can’t when Dean is singing classic rock songs to their child and whispering how much he loves her and how she’s a dream come true

OR OR OR something that starts sadder like pregnant omega!cas who rushes himself to the hospital when his water breaks and he meets the gorgeous Dr. Dean Winchester, a kind man with green eyes who reassures Cas that everything will be fine and he’s going to make sure that Cas and his baby are happy and healthy. The birth goes relatively smoothly and Cas is at the brink of exhaustion but then Dean is putting a warm little bundle in his arms and it’s like starting a second life. Cas cries and the first words he says are “I love you.”

The days following the birth are mostly pleasant. Cas learns to breast feed and mostly spends his time napping between feedings, diaper changes, and nurse check-ins. To his pleasant surprise, Dean visits a few times each day, sometimes for check-ups but sometimes he just pops his head in with a warm smile or he’ll claim the chair next to the bed and talk for a few minutes. Cas likes their talks, likes listening to Dean’s voice when he coos at Claire or asks how Cas’s day is going. All is well until the day a representative from birth certificates comes down and asks the dreaded question: “is there an alpha?”

Cas’s cheeks heat up but his body runs cold and he can’t meet Dean’s eyes as he answers, “No. It’s just me.”

He expects Dean to leave then. Because he knows what his situation must look like now, how most people think of singe omegas. Irresponsible. Dirty. Whores.

What he doesn’t expect is to feel a warm hand glide over his. He looks up, startled, to find green eyes watching him carefully, a glint of understand and support in their beauty. “You’re an amazing man, Castiel Novak.”

He doesn’t see Dean again until it’s time for him to go home and now with the scent of his pregnancy fading Cas is actually able to smell Dean for the first time. It’s light but he still picks it up: alpha. Dean smiles and leans over the baby, cooing at Claire and stroking her hand and it eases something in Cas. They chat for a little while, Dean going over the discharge information Cas needs to know before giving him the all clear. It’s a bittersweet goodbye for Cas that seems to core out something inside of him until Dean winks and says the magic words, “See you in a few days.”

And sure enough, three days later, Cas is shuffling into Dean’s office with a diaper bag in one hand and a carseat in the other for Claire’s check-up. They see each other again a week later and it’s amazing how these appointments brighten Cas’s days and how Cas thinks of those freckles for hours afterward.

Things change at the six-week check-up because all of Cas’s hormones are back to normal and he walks into the office smiling, a “Hello, Dean” on the tip of his tongue only to have all his breath stolen as the scents of leather, bourbon, and apple pie overwhelm him. It stuns Cas, practically paralyzingly him until Claire fidgets in his arms. He looks up and finds Dean in a similar state, body tense, chest heaving with deep breaths as if he can inhale Cas.

Then Dean starts bumbling around the cabinets until he pulls out a pill bottle and dumps a few capsules into his palm and swallows. “S-sorry, I, ugh, forgot to take them. This morning.”

The alpha’s scent begins fading as he speaks. Blockers. Cas fights not to let his disappointment show as the warmth burning through his blood cools. Claire coos then, rescuing them both from their awkward stare-down as Dean launches into the appointment. 

Cas loves the way Dean interacts with Claire, the way he tickles and moons over her, drawing tiny smiles and gurgled giggles. It puts heat in the pit of his stomach and he blushes as Dean declares they’re good to go. He packs up slowly, always does, because leaving always hurts a little. But he picks up Claire and the diaper bag and wishes Dean a good day.

You’re an idiot, he chastises himself on the way out to the car. What was he expecting, getting all worked up over a man he barely knows — his doctor, no less. 

For Dean to run after Cas and ask him out? For Dean to say he wants to be a part of his and Claire’s lives? To become the father who will kiss Claire goodnight and cry on her first day of school? To be the partner who will hold Cas at night and kiss him every morning?


Cas unlocks the car and is just opening the door when he hears-


He spins around and nearly gasps at the sight of Dean sprinting toward him, white coat billowing behind him. There’s a look of urgency on his face and Cas tenses as he gets closer.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing- nothing- no, I-” Dean comes to a stop and takes a few deep breaths before continuing. “Look, I know this is going to sound wildly unprofessional because I’m your doctor and it’s super inappropriate but I just- it kills me to watch you walk away each time and to never say anything. So if it makes you uncomfortable, I completely understand and I’ll refer you to another doctor, but I just- I had to ask if-if you’d like… to get dinner some time?”

Cas is struck speechless. All he can do is gape at the panting man in front of him because there is no way this is happening.

But the longer he just stares, the more hope fades from Dean’s eyes and he starts to inch away.

“Okay, obviously I read this wrong and I’m so sorry,” he says as he backs away. “I’ll just, ugh, I’m gonna go and… sorry.”

Cas reaches out before Dean can take another step, fingers tightening around the alpha’s wrist and he holds on for all that he’s worth.

“Are you free tonight?”

Dean looks struck by lightning before he eases into Cas’s touch and gets this dopey smile that Cas wants to kiss. “Yeah. I am.” His eyes slide down to Claire. “And Claire is totally welcome to join. I don’t want you to think I’m just- like I get that…” He rubs at the back of his neck.

Cas is sure his grin could split his face as Dean’s simple offer warms him like sunlight. “Thank you, but I’m sure my sister can watch Claire for a few hours.”

“O-okay. Great.” Dean nods. “So I’ll see you… tonight. I’ll call you.”


Dean steps away again, hand slowly breaking from Cas’s grip but not before flipping his palm and hooking his fingers with Cas’s. It makes Cas swallow.

“Oh, Dean?”

The doctor looks back, smile in place. “Yeah, Cas?”

Cas licks his lips, looks straight into Dean’s eyes. “Don’t take any more blockers.”


Title: Just the Three of Us (Part 11.)


Part 1. - Part 2.  - Part 3. - Part 4. - Part 5. - Part 6. - Part 7. - Part 8. - Part 9. - Part 10.

Character(s): Negan x Reader x Simon (post-apocalypse)
Negan and Simon show the Reader around the Sanctuary and decide to give her a position in the community.
Word Count: 5,779
Warning: SMUT!!! (definitely wasn’t going to add it in this chapter, but the Reader deserved it ;-) )
Author’s Note: I haven’t read through this to correct any mistakes, but I will do that later! So, here’s a warning just in case there are errors. Ahhh. Can you guys feel it? The awaited threesome will soon happen. It’s going to be worth the wait and I am so glad that everyone who has read this story is liking it so far! Like I said previously, I have many plans and directions that I am wanting to take for this particular story, so I hope you all stay tuned! :)

Taglist: @oceaninwinter || @fiftypercentmoreintoyou || @isayweallgetdrunk || @illysamorgan || @loreleilara || @adayinmymeadow || @cheyanhicks || @theonethatgotaway213 || @jannavaire || @butler-boi || @female-x || @1d-niallerbieberforever || @voidobsession || @choolhooter || @smudged-lineart || @zaddygrimes || @see-you-then-winchester || @neganisking || @adreamemporium || @thewew || @collette04 || @clinicalkayla || @ja9erz || @butterangrystudent-54d63c09 || @jmackie1983 || @anakatarinawinchester || @halluciel || @myheart4ever47 || @letsfacerealitybabe || @girlnamedmickey || @meanandshallow || @burnthedaisies || @simons-thirst-squad || @negans-network

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The following morning, you were woken by the sound of quiet knocks coming from your door. You hadn’t realized that you overslept – in fact, it had been such a long time since you were able to sleep that comfortably.

Climbing out of the small bed, you slowly walked to the door and opened it quietly. You noticed Negan and Simon standing on the other side, each with a big grin on their lips.

“Well, good fucking morning, doll.” Negan smirked, stepping inside and allowing his eyes to rake over your features. You were still sporting the flannel and panties and nothing else.

“Sorry… I didn’t mean to oversleep,” you mumbled, rubbing your eyes and shutting the door once Simon stepped inside. You raised your arms above your head to stretch out your tense muscles, the flannel lifting above your legs to reveal your black cotton panties.

Negan and Simon looked down, clearing their throats.

“That’s okay. Negan and I cleared our schedule for today to show you around and talk about your role here in the Sanctuary. We figured you’d need some rest.” Simon said, sitting at the edge of the bed.

“Do we at least get a good morning kiss?” Negan smiled.

“Are you kidding me? Not at all,” you teased. “Though, let me take a quick shower and then we can get a start on this personal tour.”

Simon arched a brow, “You need some help?”

You looked over your shoulder as you began walking to the connected bathroom. “Nope. I’m flexible. You remember, right?”

Negan growled, “You’re such a fucking tease.”

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A genderbent Lite for @atutsie ~ (A Light-chan c: )

If you like the concept you should absolutely read her fic, “Sometimes Love Just Ain’t Enough” //<— linked//, she’s everything you’d want her to be. /And it’s a Lawlight fic, sooo ~ <3 /

I hope she was worth the wait ^^’

Things I Have Been Reading - May

Hello, I didn’t see you there.  How has your day been?  Good? I have to say I really like what you’ve done with your hair, it really suits you.  Right, well, this month I’ve mostly been writing but I HAVE laughed, cried and nearly thrown my phone across the room after reading some amazing fics so here is this months little offering of things I have read that I think you might like. xx


Imagine getting flowers from Dean - @silencethroughwords  Fluffy and lovely and amazing.

Getting to Know You - @melonshino The prompt for this one was so me that I had to read it and trust me, this is some good Dean for you all here.

Heart of a Hunter @muchamusedaboutnothing  I haven’t been reading much Dean lately, don’t know why, but this gem has crossed my path and I can’t wait for the next part to appear.

Research - @wheresthekillswitch Sam smut.  You need me to say more?  Okay. Really good Sam smut.

First Time for Everything - @saxxxology  A little more Sammy smut for y’all.  Yeah, I’m enjoying filthy Sam, so what?  Read this and join me.

Rendezvous with the Past - @deanxfuckingadorablexwinchester Sammy but not the above smutty kind.  Oh no, this is the adorable, trying to do the right things and being his adorkable self Sammy who I fell for because if I can’t have Gabe back at least I’ve still got Sam.

Earth - @writingfromkitchenator Chuck and Mother Earth!!! So, I loved this and then I found a PART 2!!!! So excited!!

Before It Begins - @thewhiterabbit42  Okay so I recommend everything this girl writes because not only is it amazing but it is Gabriel at his finest and as a Gabe girl I am gonna try and drag as many of you as I can into our trash can.  You’re welcome.  Also read Only Yours

Soft - @supernatural-girl2002  Gabe wondering if you see him only as the clown.  I do like a little of insecure Gabriel and I really enjoyed reading this one.

The Beauty of a Beast - @murdochinthetardis  SPN and Beauty and the Beast together in one glorious Gabe filled series.  


By Way of Spontaneity - @bovaria  Once again she has completely knocked it out the park, seriously I have yet to come across anything she has written that I haven’t loved completely and this one is no different.  I do love Bucky in this one so much.

Selfless Love - @redgillan   You know how sometimes you read a Bucky fic and you just want to make him feel loved and make everything better?  Well this one is kinda like that but so much more so go read this series!

Naked - @marvelous-fvcks  Accidentally walking in on naked Bucky! How could this situation go?  Wonder no longer people, go read this fic which had we cringing in a good way and is just so well written and perfect in the descriptions of awkwardness!

Date Me Bucky Barnes - @brighterlights  Bucky finding potential love interests via Instagram? The whole idea behind this series had be caught from the first part and it continues to get better with each part.

A Lesson in Love - @buckyywiththegoodhair  This Bucky fic killed me and ripped my heart out and then smooshed it into a billion pieces only to give me the hope that it’s not over.

More Than That - @themcuhasruinedme  A lovely Steve series.  I’m really loving the whole Steve being a friend you confide in while he holds back his feelings for you and this one is worth binge reading.

Corners - @imamotherfuckingstar-lord Clint deserves all the love and this little fic is awesome and I just wanted to reach into the screen and give him a huge hug.

Chaos in the Pantheon - @letsgetoutalive  THIS SERIES IS AMAZING!!! Seriously! Greek Gods and Avengers! Go read this, all of it so far, go!

Star Trek:

The Part That Counts - @youre-on-a-starship  Scotty

Star-Crossed (pt 4) by @vintagevalentinexx Where are all my Scotty girls?  If you’re not reading this series already why not?  And if you aren’t a Scotty girl go read this series and maybe become one.

Crescendo - @goingknowherewastaken  I wanted to punch Bones for this one but then he made it better so I forgive him.  A Soulmate AU fantastically written with a great characterization of McCoy.

Wherever we are @the-nerdier-the-dirtier  I know a few people who need this fic.  Bones fluff where he is his lovely grumpy, awkward self with a hint of the take charge doctor we know and love.

Death by Karaoke @starshiphufflebadger I am so glad this one got pulled out of the half-finished folder because it is awesome. I don’t think I’ve read a reader insert that is more me than this one!!! Fantastic.

Blankets of fortitude by @kaitymccoy123 Fluffy floofy Kirk for you all.  I mean, how could a blanket fort not be super cute?

Good Girl - @sansasandorshipper Kirk manages to see beyond that ‘good girl’ image everyone seems to think you have and damn if it isn’t totally worth it.

Other Fandoms and Fics:

One Year - @antlers-inallofmy-decorating   Gaston! Oh man! I binge read the first 13 chapters of this story and I am telling you it is worth sacrificing precious sleep for.

I Object - @wayward-mirage  A little bit of Richard Speight Junior for you to read and appreciate.  Is he about to sit back and watch you marry some other guy?

The Normal Place, 8pm - @shellshcked  Donnie gets a text intended for someone else but aren’t they always the most fun?

What If? - @velcr0kitty  This little Mikey series has me desperate for the next part because if you know me then you know I need happy fluffy endings and I am really hoping this mutant turtle gets one.  

evgeni malkin // taking your son to practice

warnings: none

who: geno x reader

premise: geno decides to take your son to practice with him


The first sign that something was up was the silence. In your house, with a four year old and a husband as loud as yours, silence was as rare as Sidney Crosby skipping practice: it never happened. Still, you managed to collect your nerves and allow yourself to look around before jumping to any conclusions. You figured Geno was already at practice, but you were surprised that your son hadn’t already woken you up to eat cheerios and watch cartoons.

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