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Do you have any headcanons about how Gideon interacts/communicates with the Legends differently?

You know what I like this a lot because I’m really starting to like Gideon as her own character

  • I think I came up with this talking to @the-bastard-jon-snow, but I really like the idea that the AI’s pick up mannerisms from their captains and Gideon picked up the British accent to match Rip.
  • Gideon loves Rip more than everyone else on the ship combined, which is why anyone she sees as trying to fill in for him (like when Ray was in the captain’s seat) is going to get some shit.
  • Snart is hands down the person most likely to get lethally sassed just because Gideon feels like it, and her sense of humor is constantly evolving. The second time Len tried pulling the “Bone me” joke Gideon responded with an upbeat “Preparing to bone”.
    • Sara almost pissed herself. If she could have given Gideon a high five she would have.
  • Mick and Gideon don’t get along, because as far as Mick is concerned Gideon is just a nosy computer who won’t get off his ass. “Blah blah you shouldn’t play with a lighter in your highly flammable bed, blah blah Captain Hunter doesn’t like you standing that close to the stove” and crap like that.
    • Mr. Rory has used up the hot water… again,” Gideon announces just as Mick arrives in the kitchen for breakfast. The rest of the crew groans. 
    • Mick grunts, irritated. “Hey, Rip. Your computer’s getting unplugged if it doesn’t stop snitching on me.” 
    • Rip shrugs and takes a sip of his coffee. “There’s nothing to unplug, Mr. Rory, but good luck with that.”
  • Sara and Gideon get along great, even though Sara also does a lot of nag-worthy things. (“Miss Lance, are you aware that those are Professor Stein’s leftovers?” “Sure am, Gideon. Be cool.”) But Sara likes Gideon, and talks to her nicely (“Good night, Gideon,” she says sweetly, walking back to her room in a towel after her shower. “Good night, Miss Lance,” Gideon says back brightly). Whenever Sara can’t sleep and goes wandering the ship Gideon politely asks if she wants a sedative, which she doesn’t, but it’s the thought that counts. 
  • Ever since Jax read the almighty instruction manual he’s been reminding Gideon that he could disable her voice if she gets too sassy. Gideon ran the numbers on that and doesn’t think he’d actually follow through, but it’s become sort of a running joke between them now.
  • Ray likes to talk to Gideon when he’s working in the lab, because it’s a lot more fun than talking to himself. “Gideon, if I’m right about this, I’m a genius. Well - a bigger genius than I already was.” “Gideon, what are the odds I’m right about this? No, scratch that. I want to be surprised.” “Gideon, this is going to be cool. Are you watching?” “I have no choice, Mr. Palmer.” 
  • She doesn’t take quite as much pleasure in sassing Ray as Len, but good god he’s an easy target.
  • Stein and Gideon are business colleagues; he doesn’t get chatty with her but he listens when she’s saying something important and doesn’t question her too much. Gideon would give him a solid 5.
  • It takes Kendra a long time to stop feeling self-conscious about talking to a disembodied voice, especially when she was alone with Gideon. But she’s always polite and says “please” more than anyone else in the crew, so Gideon’s nice to her.