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someone: so what are your thoughts for next season?


viktor, a dweeb: i’m buying him a ring the wedding will be next june 💍💍😍


Fics I have to write/finish/translate

So I made a list of the fics I have to and want to do right now/soon.

📸 - means the fic has or will have graphics

Fics I have to finish:

  • Scarred - chapter 9 (which is a sequel at the same time)
    sum: jikook, werewolf au, abo dynamics, Alpha Jimin, omega Kook, has smut, fluff, a bit of angst, side vhope, side namjin 📸
  • The Shy Lion and a Gentle Puma - the last chapter
    (I’m so so so so sorry for not updating this, I’m trying to get this done)
    sum: vhope, college au, fluff, taehyung pov, side namjin, side jikook 📸

  • Lucifer’s Son - sequel (yay)
    sum: jikook, demon au kinda, Jungkook is the prince of Hell, Jimin is God’s worst nigtmare (literally), Jungkook’s pov 📸
  • Paper planes - oneshot (no one really knows about this, hehe)
    sum: namjin, kinda college au, just a cliche namjin fic where Namjoon is stunned by Jin’s beauty, side jikook and vhope, fluff, namjoon’s pov

  • Bunny - small parts here (I’ll continue this as long as I’ll have the inspiration for it)
    sum: jikook, bunny hybrid Jungkook, owner Jimin, too much fluff

  • A Photo for my Crush - for @gzbnana​ (I haven’t forgotten about this!)
    sum: jikook, social media au, singer + dancer Jimin, photographer Jungkook, a bunch of fluff and shy Kookie 📸

Fics I kinda started but I’m not sure if I’ll finish them:

  • Your Scent is Addicting - chaptered fic?
    sum: jikook, vampire au, vampire Jimin, human Kookie, Kookie’s scent is like a narcotic for vampires so they want to eat him but Jimin doesn’t and is a weird vampire with pink hair (at least that what Kookie thinks when he meets him) 📸
  • Feline - it has like two parts here but I dunno if I’ll continue this
    sum: jikook, hybrid au, cat hybrid Jungkook, owner Jimin, once again Kookie has painful past (cuz I’m terrible) 

Fics that I’ll be working on soon or already kinda started:

  • Fire and Ice - chaptered fic
    I wrote the character info like one year ago and I love it so much u have no idea but the problem is I don’t have plot xD
    sum: jikook, side namjin, side vhope, wizards/witches au kinda,
    This is my super original story and I want to start it sooo much and I’m so excited to do this, once I’m done with the graphics I’ll add the character info to AFF 📸

  • Special Unit 9 - chaptered fic
    sum: criminal au, jikook
    desc: Jimin - the ace of police serious crimes department - and Jungkook - the rookie with mad profiling skills - team up to work on unsolved and new cases. They might just have more in common than they think. 📸

Fics that I want to translate from my old stories:

  • Shadow’s World - chaptered fic or oneshot (the original is unfinished so I’m not sure)
    sum: jicheol, fantasy au, this is really original so I don’t really know how to summarize it but it has a really cool plot and characters, trust me 📸

  • Doll - oneshot from a chaptered story
    sum: vhope, angst I guess (but not between them), I have a description for this one, wow
    desc: Hoseok, a son of a rich household with looks of a prince and a blank stare of a doll. Few years before on a stormy evening he finds a homeless, crying boy and the ball of indiference inside him breaks. It took a long time for Taehyung to get used to normal life, Hoseok being the only one he trusts and loves. Everything would be fine but life decided to make it way harder for them. 

  • Dangerous Game - threeshot (wow)
    sum: namjin, fantasy au kinda, all sorts of monsters and mystical creatures while Namjoon is the human, Seokjin’s unnaturality is a secret for now, Namjoon’s pov, kinda university au 📸

I believe that’s all, for now at least :D

Go here for the first three fics and two other finished ones.

Check: here for my jikook works (I have the most of this ones); here for my vhope works (excet for the second one there’s only one); here for my namjin works 

And thank you to everyone supporting my fics, please don’t be afraid to message me and ask about anything or if u want to be friends with me or just want to talk! 
Please stay safe, drink lots of water and eat yummy food, have a overall nice day ^^ Love u all ❤

anonymous asked:

One of your anons asked about fic recs that expand on canon. Maybe they should check out Nerve Endings by Phyona on AO3. It's a WIP but there are 16 chapters so far.

AHHH YES I don’t know how I didn’t think about that!!! Anon definitely check this fic out!!! @rageofthenerd


Hot Pink. 

i’ll put a flower in your hair
  • yixing / fluff / pg / 1.5k words
  • summary: you’re visiting your countryside hometown with a childhood friend you haven’t seen for years
  • a/n: i’ve been reading his autobiography and this just happened idk

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anonymous asked:

I know you're responding to all those asks, but if it isn't too much trouble would you maybe make a post at the end of it with a list of all the ones you were rec'd so other people (I) can see them all in one post? And so that if we have more we think you'd like (if you still want more recs) we won't end up sending ones you've already received? :D

Yes I was thinking of doing something like this, because I have a good 10 asks still left to answer and a lot of them are anons. I’ll make a compilation post tommorow right now I just. Want to go to bed

So yes sorry for the ask spam! That’s over with! The rest of them who haven’t been answered yet will be tommorow (or maybe the day after) and I’ll compile every ask that’s been answered so far into a single post so it doesn’t take up too much space on my blog.

I’d rather not get any more suggestions, too!! I have soooo many to look up now, I can’t really read any more. so anyway goodnight friends

i just discovered that there’s a shoplifting side of tumblr.. i’m going through someone’s blog and wtf why do ppl do this? like i get it if you’re poor and really need like toothpaste or something and can’t afford it but these people are stealing a shit ton worth of stuff just because

And the award for my favorite part of YOI episode 5 goes to:


This blatant misspelling of the name of the country where this entire show was made:

victuuri fic recs

so this past week I was binge reading and ofc I’m now here with a rec list of my own bc why the hell not, authors love those so let’s stroke some egos uwu)b

the ones with stars |*| are my absolute favs and if u haven’t read them pls do!!


*Maelstrom – feelslikefire

44k | explicit | victor is stuck in a time loop which repeats a day right before the free skate of sochi gpf and during the many days he has just to himself yuuri is the one on his mind the most

Unwritten – kaizuka

34k | teen an up | soulmate au where whatever you write on your skin shows up on your soulmate as well

Ink on Ice – Daughter of Vayu (aquaregia)

43k | teen and up | yuuri is a mangaka of a popular sports series about ice skating and guess who his russian champion character is based off of

*The Fundamentals of Caring – braveten

20k | explicit | yuuri catches a cold and victor does everything to make him feel better


*On My Love – RikoJasmine 

48k+ | teen and up | time travel au where yuuri goes back in time to before sochi gpf and manages to make victor fall for him again

*Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches – Reiya

98k+ | explicit | yuuri treats victor as a rvial from the very moment they meet when he’s a kid and victor makes a careless comment that cements yuuri’s determination to beat him, too bad they fall in love

*Masquerade – Ashida

18k+ | explicit | mafia au we all want and deserve

*when the ice melts in the snow (that’s when you’ll love me) – lilithiumwords

37k+ | explicit | yuuri is an incubus who is absolutely horrible at his job until he gets assigned to victor nikiforov, a human figure skating legend… or so he thinks

Aux Alentours – yuiaeri

22k+ | teen and up | yuuri fails to quialify for the sochi gpf and quits skating to work at a pro shop at his rink which is where he meets victor who moves there with yuri as his coach

*Turn Backwards on Go – inkwellofstars

3k+ | teen and up | yuuri and victor, after years of being married, are thrown back in time to their 20-something bodies

i see quiet nights poured over ice – ohhotlamb

25k+ | teen and up | follows the canon path of pining victor towards his goal of winning yuuri over

Adagio – Envys_Majesty_999

13k+ | teen and up | yuuri is a ballet dancer who lilia brings in to help yurio with expressing agape, and victor is just starstruck

*Chasing Fate – GuyBlackhand

32k+ | mature | omegaverse; the only fic where you will find alpha yuuri, pls read it, I’m begging you

*You Can’t Plan for Everything – RivDeV

72k+ | omegaverse where yuuri is planning his heat and victor desperately wants to be a part of it, at any cost


One Night to Blow – qwartooty

3k | teen and up | yuuri gives his boy a dance of his life right before he marries his ass for the rest of eternity

From The Moon – ButterBeerBitch

5k | mature | yuuri finally lets victor into his room and… things happen ;3c

stay by my side – paranoid_fridge

3k | teen and up | “let’s end this” and the aftermath; angsty hurt/comfort

*you’re like heaven to touch – lazulisong

3k | mature | they both love victor’s russian team jacket and they use it well

Stay Close to Me – dasedandconfuzed

11k | teen and up | vicchan doesn’t die, yuuri doesn’t flub sochi gpf, and yet still they manage to orbit around each other and change each others’ lives

*i know my madness – astoryaboutwar

14k | explicit | when victor asks him out to dinner after yuuri wins silver in sochi gpf, who is he to say no, even if he’s just another thing for victor to play with?

constellations of me and you – theargonaut

21k | teen and up | a slow burn, down-to-earth walkthrough of their relationship

*Saudade – AdvisedPanic

6k | teen and up | after an injury victor is trying to get back to skating with the help of a very talented ballet dancer yuuri

*Victor Effing Nikiforov – shysweetthing

13k | explicit | yuuri doesn’t remember the sochi banquet but when victor gets far too friendly with him afterwards he just goes with it bc that’s victor effing nikiforov okay

Touch and Go – Ashida

3k | explicit | victor and yuuri play a game of push and pull

Forgetting – pushpullds

2k | teen and up | victor has early stage alzheimer’s, but yuuri is there to hold his hand through it all

I Would Give Even More – aceklaviergavin

2k | teen and up | victor had given his life to the ice, and the ice gave him yuuri

Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield kissed at the Golden Globes

i think it’s a stretch to say Ryan Reynolds is doing the Lord’s work but he’s definitely doing Deadpool’s work 

Victor and Grief/Loss as it Applies to his Career

After episodes 10-12 we finally got a really good look into Victor’s thought process and I’d like to talk about a portion of it. Specifically regarding his experience with grief and the loss of his career/the life he’d known up until the start of the show.

Victor’s whole life has been about skating. It’s all he’s ever known. He himself has admitted that it’s not until he gets away from the skating that he’s able to evaluate the bigger picture, what life and love means for him. But just because he’s found new purpose in Yuuri does not mean that he doesn’t grieve the loss of the life he’s known up until now.

After episode 12 you’re probably thinking, “but hey, he goes back to competitive skating in the end. So what was he grieving if he was planning that all along?” What I will attempt to prove with this meta is that Victor actually goes through the entire grieving process before episode 12. Please give me a listen and I’ll show you what I mean! (The rest is under the cut due to length and images.)

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Levi may have done this

But he also did this