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He found his father-in-law in the sitting room that overlooked the rose garden and the fountain, where the western wall was only a thousand panes of polished glass. The sun was setting and the room was filled with the rich, amber sunlight of a late summer evening and the paler flickers from the hearth where drift-wood burned. Belle preferred the strangely shaped, salt-rimed wood to the traditional oak and pine for the unusual dancing color of the flames, the unpredictable shower of silver sparks, the fineness of the ash left in the hearth. Maurice was smoking a pipe and the smoke curled like twilight coming into the room, scenting the room with its sweetness.

“Maurice, I need to talk to you,” Adam began, running his hand through his hair half-distracted, marveling a little at how human it felt.

“I wondered how long it would take for you to figure it out,” Maurice said, puffing a little on the pipe, then setting it aside. “Frankly, I’m rather impressed with how quickly you have understood. I have perhaps underestimated you,” he said calmly, with an appraising amusement Adam had never been subjected to before. The older man made a small gesture of encouragement.

“It’s Belle. She’s…” Adam trailed off, searching himself for the correct word, the right collection of words that would explain it.

“She’s terrifying,” her father said plainly. “She’s always been this way, you know. Imagine how it was for me, I could hardly speak of it, of her, to anyone else. And such a little girl, no one would have believed me.”

“I thought she just liked to read. I thought she was very bright, self-taught– I thought,” Adam said. Maurice interrupted.

“You thought you could keep up with her. That it would be easy to do so, no?”

“I found her reading Vitruvius and Taccola, di Giorgio in the library. I didn’t know I owned the books, but I do. We do. I hardly knew who they were but she explained. I thought she would be reading Marlowe or Sidney or Marie de France, getting drunk on poetry, but she is designing a new mill and a bridge for Villeneuve now!” Adam exclaimed.

“When she was four, she built herself an abacus from the clock-work gears she found in my workshop. She learned German from the Belgian woman who made the best rolls in town when we were in Bergues, Latin from the priest,” Maurice paused. “I always wished there was an academy for her to attend, a tutor I could hire but there was no school which would take her, no teacher I could afford. Even to buy her a book was beyond me.”

“Does she love me only for my library?” Adam asked, aware he sounded overly dramatic, the echo of the self he had been before Belle, before the Beast, when he had been the prince and never gainsaid by anyone. Maurice just laughed.

“Of course not, you young fool. She is my daughter, but I’m not blind—anyone can see how she looks at you. But you must see her, understand her, if you want to make her happy—and it may not be easy. She’s not an easy woman, Belle, even if she might seem that way,” Maurice said.

“Go on,” Adam said. He had not yet learned enough humility to ask for the guidance he needed but if it was being offered, as Maurice was doing…

“She read all the time because as odd as it was, the villagers could understand it. There have been women who loved God’s word before and this is France, we have had our troubadours, our lays, our Heloise to Abelard. They could not understand a woman who was an engineer, who could rebuild their crumbling bridge, their windmills, re-design a city to resist the plague. To be fair, I’m not sure where she might go that the people would know what to make of her. But you, you have been several selves already, have been transformed and taught, however bluntly, by Madame Agathe, to see within and to accept. You might be the making of her,” Maurice said, pausing. “And I should like to see it. Her mother was much the same and I only painted her. Don’t do that.”

“I haven’t the skill or the inclination,” Adam replied, considering what a lovely model Belle would make, except that the static representation could never capture her essential quality of action, her mind, her eye, her hand all vital and primed to observe and change what was around her.

“Devote your talents to other endeavors, then. Buy her more books, yes, but also a surveyor’s kit, some broken clocks, a quantity of charcoal and paper, and if there is an opportunity for you to consult an architect, invite the man to dinner,” Maurice said. “You’re lucky,” he added. “You may invite whatever guests will please her and not worry that she will prepare the meal. She has many gifts, but cooking bores her. The kitchen doesn’t take such inattention lightly.”

“No, I gather from Mrs. Potts it does not. Have you any other wisdom to impart?” Adam answered.

“Nothing you cannot divine for yourself. You are intelligent enough, even if you are not her equal. Don’t let her know it and don’t forget it. Now, what vintage will we share tonight? A Burgundy? I thought I smelled some capon…”

Book 46 - When Comes the Spring by Janette Oke Book Review

It is not often you can find a sequel that is just as good as the original story, but Janette Oke accomplishes this almost impossible feat in When Comes the Spring. I love this just as much, if not a tad more, than When Calls The Heart.
When Comes the Spring follows Elizabeth Thatcher and Wynn Delaney as they begin their first year together as husband and wife. We get to see their wedding and share in their joy. Then we get to share the heartbreak of saying goodbye to loved family as well as the thrill and excitement of leaving to start their own lives together as they head to Wynn’s new posting - a primitive village in the north west.
The journey to the posting is a massive adjustment for Elizabeth. This gives us a chance to watch her grow and discover her own strength - not that she’s some king of wonder women - Janette Oke let’s her character be flawed and real. At times Elizabeth is overcome with self-pity, sometimes she cries, sometimes she gets unreasonable. And this is why she is such a wonderful character - because she is real.
I also love the way Janette Oke address marriage. She does not paint it as some kind fairy-tale. She shows that a marriage takes WORK, that you have to put in effort to make a marriage work. She shows that it isn’t some magical cure for loneliness, that you can still be lonely at times and happily married. She shows that you can’t always get your way, that you sometimes have to submit. She shows that there will be problems, disagreements, arguments challenges and hard times. But that if you are willing to really work at marriage, it can be beautiful and fulfilling and wonderful - that it is worth the effort.
Janette Oke also makes an incredible romantic, clean, book by including many tender moments between Wynn and Elizabeth; including how people show love for each other in the small, every day ways as well - romance doesn’t have to be huge romantic gestures, but just holding someone’s hand, or letting them cry on your shoulder or making them breakfast. Janette Oke is a master at making the little things matter.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Elizabeth’s adjustments to her new life, her overcoming prejudices she didn’t even realise she had, her making friends with people she can’t even talk to, her learning to love the wild world around her and understand a culture, a way of life, so different from her privileged upbringing. And Wynn is now officially my favourite male lead of all time.


OMG. I finally finished Perhaps, Maybe chapter 4. Against all odds and all the doubts I did it. I cannot believe it. I’m so tired but Guys,  I have a spankin new chapter and a beautiful banner to go along with it. (Courtesy of the lovely @akai-echo)  So I will be posting the chapter up soon! 

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You are the best anime dad

aahhh thank you wow

As an anime dad I’m going to recommend two amazing mangas I picked up at the store today!!

This one is super cute and fluffy and about the characters at an all girls highschool and tbh something must be in the water because everyone is gay. But it’s SO FUCKING CUTE??? AND EVERYONE IS SO GOOD??? AND WONDERFUL??? AND THEY JUST MAKE SO HAPPY ALREADY AAAHHH.

And The Girl From the Other Side which I am just about to read. The art style is beautiful and haunting and the story synopsis reminds me almost of a kind of over the garden wall theme. I am really looking forward to reading this one!!!

What I’m currently writing

Got tagged by the lovely @phd-mama, cant wait to read all of your beautiful writing!

Okay, so I have a million things in the making (fine. Its only, like….six things.)

1. A new time stamp for As long as you’re smiling and…wear clothes, where Harry appriciates Louis face. 

2. A timestamp for Lilin, where, this time its Louis (the little demon) who does the dreaming now that he’s in the human world.

3. A full on angsty Ziam fic where Liam is organized on the outside and an absolute mess on the inside. 

4. A Howl’s moving Castle AU, this one has been in the making forEVER! I dont know how to end it!

5. That one summer fling fic that I just cant seem the be happy with. 

6.  JUST started to write a a/b/o fic TODAY! Its got a prince, and a sword fight so far. 


Erhm….thats about it! =) I want to know what @flamboyantommo is up to and my kitten @gaycousinlarry! (sorry if you both already got tagged! Then just ignore this and act like nothing ever happened, lalalala!)

it is part of the
human experience to feel pain
do not be afraid
open yourself to it

- evolving

victuuri fic recs

so this past week I was binge reading and ofc I’m now here with a rec list of my own bc why the hell not, authors love those so let’s stroke some egos uwu)b

the ones with stars |*| are my absolute favs and if u haven’t read them pls do!!


*Maelstrom – feelslikefire

44k | explicit | victor is stuck in a time loop which repeats a day right before the free skate of sochi gpf and during the many days he has just to himself yuuri is the one on his mind the most

Unwritten – kaizuka

34k | teen an up | soulmate au where whatever you write on your skin shows up on your soulmate as well

Ink on Ice – Daughter of Vayu (aquaregia)

43k | teen and up | yuuri is a mangaka of a popular sports series about ice skating and guess who his russian champion character is based off of

*The Fundamentals of Caring – braveten

20k | explicit | yuuri catches a cold and victor does everything to make him feel better


*On My Love – RikoJasmine 

48k+ | teen and up | time travel au where yuuri goes back in time to before sochi gpf and manages to make victor fall for him again

*Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches – Reiya

98k+ | explicit | yuuri treats victor as a rvial from the very moment they meet when he’s a kid and victor makes a careless comment that cements yuuri’s determination to beat him, too bad they fall in love

*Masquerade – Ashida

18k+ | explicit | mafia au we all want and deserve

*when the ice melts in the snow (that’s when you’ll love me) – lilithiumwords

37k+ | explicit | yuuri is an incubus who is absolutely horrible at his job until he gets assigned to victor nikiforov, a human figure skating legend… or so he thinks

Aux Alentours – yuiaeri

22k+ | teen and up | yuuri fails to quialify for the sochi gpf and quits skating to work at a pro shop at his rink which is where he meets victor who moves there with yuri as his coach

*Turn Backwards on Go – inkwellofstars

3k+ | teen and up | yuuri and victor, after years of being married, are thrown back in time to their 20-something bodies

i see quiet nights poured over ice – ohhotlamb

25k+ | teen and up | follows the canon path of pining victor towards his goal of winning yuuri over

Adagio – Envys_Majesty_999

13k+ | teen and up | yuuri is a ballet dancer who lilia brings in to help yurio with expressing agape, and victor is just starstruck

*Chasing Fate – GuyBlackhand

32k+ | mature | omegaverse; the only fic where you will find alpha yuuri, pls read it, I’m begging you

*You Can’t Plan for Everything – RivDeV

72k+ | omegaverse where yuuri is planning his heat and victor desperately wants to be a part of it, at any cost


One Night to Blow – qwartooty

3k | teen and up | yuuri gives his boy a dance of his life right before he marries his ass for the rest of eternity

From The Moon – ButterBeerBitch

5k | mature | yuuri finally lets victor into his room and… things happen ;3c

stay by my side – paranoid_fridge

3k | teen and up | “let’s end this” and the aftermath; angsty hurt/comfort

*you’re like heaven to touch – lazulisong

3k | mature | they both love victor’s russian team jacket and they use it well

Stay Close to Me – dasedandconfuzed

11k | teen and up | vicchan doesn’t die, yuuri doesn’t flub sochi gpf, and yet still they manage to orbit around each other and change each others’ lives

*i know my madness – astoryaboutwar

14k | explicit | when victor asks him out to dinner after yuuri wins silver in sochi gpf, who is he to say no, even if he’s just another thing for victor to play with?

constellations of me and you – theargonaut

21k | teen and up | a slow burn, down-to-earth walkthrough of their relationship

*Saudade – AdvisedPanic

6k | teen and up | after an injury victor is trying to get back to skating with the help of a very talented ballet dancer yuuri

*Victor Effing Nikiforov – shysweetthing

13k | explicit | yuuri doesn’t remember the sochi banquet but when victor gets far too friendly with him afterwards he just goes with it bc that’s victor effing nikiforov okay

Touch and Go – Ashida

3k | explicit | victor and yuuri play a game of push and pull

Forgetting – pushpullds

2k | teen and up | victor has early stage alzheimer’s, but yuuri is there to hold his hand through it all

I Would Give Even More – aceklaviergavin

2k | teen and up | victor had given his life to the ice, and the ice gave him yuuri