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I love Discworld fans.

“Listen, there are forty-one books in this series that’s been going since the 80′s, so it’s going to be a little daunting! Luckily there are at least forty-one approaches to the reading order, so you’ve got options! Just…don’t start with The Color of Magic, for god’s sake. I mean, theoretically, yes, you could read them in order but hell, who would want to? Start with Guards! Guards!, he’s got the hang of the thing by then. Personally, I read them using this chart!” 

At which point they’ll pull out this lovingly made infographic that probably has sodding footnotes to boot, they’re so goshdarn helpful about it, when honestly, none of us really care which order you read them in, as long as you read them somehow. 

Just…don’t judge the series by The Light Fantastic, wait to read that one after you’ve finished Soul Music or something and feel brave enough to go back. Seriously, the first few books aren’t BAD or anything, but they’re like comparing a sketch in Leonardo’s notebook to The Last Supper.

Reminiscence (Calum imagine)

Summary: You spend Valentine’s Day reminiscing

Word Count: 1.6k

A/N: This has to be one of my favourite things that I’ve ever written :) Please pay attention to the dates and times! It begins in the present, and then there are a series of flashbacks. They’re all in chronological order for ease of reading, but please pay attention to the timings if you’re unsure!

This is for @calumsbicth and @calsdream‘s Valentines!5sos blurb night!

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Present day, Valentine’s Day

With a cream envelope held between your fingers, you can’t prevent the smile from spreading across your lips. A greying memory slips into your mind, your eyes fluttering to a close as you let yourself get taken away to the land of fantasies.

Valentine’s day, two years ago, 1pm


At the sound of your name, you looked up.  You were in a park, sitting on a picnic blanket. Surrounding you were hundreds of tiny daisies, scattered amongst the green grass like a sprinkling of icing sugar.

“Hmm?” You looked across the blanket to see Calum, your boyfriend, with a wide smile spread across his face.

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rainbow-flavoured  asked:

Heeyyy, so I've been in and out of this comic for a while and have never really had the chance to sit down and read it. Is there any way to read the comic in chronological order?

I’ve been receiving these asks quite often every now and then, so here I’m gonna explain it!

Keep in mind that this comic is best read on PC, tumblr mobile app is bad DO NOT USE IT


From the beginning

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Here is the masterlist for the (Y/N) Barnes series!!!

As always, this is here for you to be able to find the (Y/N) Barnes stories easily, and will allow you to read it in chronological order, or just let you see how everything slots together. I hope that you enjoy, and if you have any feedback, please let me know!

  1. The Day Your Life Changed Forever
  2. Walking You Home
  3. Dancing the World Away
  4. The Belated Kiss Good Night
  5. Cursed
  6. Meeting Steve
  7. Borrowed Rage
  8. The First Time
  9. Reflection
  10. Ballgame
  11. The Break In- Fear
  12. Moving In
  13. Shadow
  14. Self Defence
  15. Fog and Mirrors
  16. Treasure Hunt
  17. Your Fiance
  18. Asking a Question
  19. Get Well Soon
  20. Kids
  21. Thank You For Walking Me Home
  22. Vows
  23. The Best Man’s Toast
  24. Enlistment
  25. Buchanan the Bear
  26. Letters
  27. An Adventure of Your Own
  28. The 107th
  29. Lets Hear it For Captain America
  30. I Promise
  31. Real Americans
  32. Could Have Gone Better
  33. Three Days
  34. Scared
  35. I Fell in Love With a Hero
  36. Waking Up
  37. Hands
  38. Unfair Fates
  39. Don’t Think of Him
  40. The Helicarrier
  41. Manipulation
  42. Intrigued
  43. Recovery
  44. Recovery- Letting Someone In
  45. Recovery- the Zoo
  46. Recover- Wish You Were Here
  47. Recovery- Grace
  48. Recovery- A Good Man  Alternate Edition
  49. Recovery- Tony Day
  50. Recovery- Family
  51. ASMR
  52. Family Ties
  53. Steve’s Notebook
  54. Auntie Barnes
  55. Nightmares
  56. Impressing a Man Not Easily Impressed
  57. Be My Valentine
  58. Hijacked
  59. Steve’s Notebook- Comic Con
  60. Your Fault
  61. Wish I Could Stay Longer
  62. Strain
  63. The Lemurian Star
  64. The Lonely
  65. Flowers
  66. The Photo
  67. Sweet Agony
  68. I Kind of Liked It
  69. The Man on the Bridge
  70. You are James Buchanan Barnes
  71. Understatement
  72. Acknowledge Your Ghost Story
  73. Taking Down the Helicarriers
  74. Solved the Riddle
  75. Home
  76. Don’t Leave Me Again!
  77. Amazing
  78. Fear Not This Night
  79. Office
  80. Awkward
  81. Dove
  82. Hostages and Files
  83. Help Him
  84. A New Leaf
  85. Happy Birthday (Captain) America
  86. Muscle Memory
  87. While Your Lips Are Still Red
  88. Lose Yourselves
  89. Worse Than Dying
  90. What Could Have Been
  91. V-Day
  92. Red Room
  93. Red
  94. Broken
  95. Falling Again
  96. Ice Cream and Tic Tacs
  97. Happy Halloween?
  98. I’ll Give You Everything
  99. Past, Present, Future
  100. Accountability
  101. In Her Sleep
  102. Peggy Carter
  103. Out of Reach
  104. The Last
A (very long) Peridot Analysis Post

To say Peridot is a divisive character seems a bit redundant. Frankly, every character in Steven Universe seems rather divisive. Some people find her quirky antics hilarious, others find them obnoxious and wish she’d remained a villain. Personally, I’m not really either. I had previously found her quite funny, but as the show moved into season 3 and now 4, I’ve found myself growing detached from all the characters due to changes in the writing, and I think Peridot is a good catalyst for discussing this, because I did legitimately like her upon her initial introduction to the main cast. With that in mind, I’m going to talk about her ‘phases’ in chronological order.

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Mobile Masterlist

Hey guys! It’s been ages since I updated my Masterlist. I’m so sorry!!! But, here it is : ) Just a reminder, this list puts the (Y/N) Barnes story in chronological order, so if you want to read it that way, or see how everything slots together, this is the best way to do it (and if anything is confusing, or I release a new story and you aren’t sure where it would fit, please send me a message- I’m happy to help)!

  1. The Day Your Life Changed Forever
  2. Walking You Home
  3. Dancing the World Away
  4. The Belated Kiss Good Night
  5. Cursed
  6. Meeting Steve
  7. Borrowed Rage
  8. The First Time
  9. Reflection
  10. The Break In- Fear
  11. Moving In
  12. Shadow
  13. Self Defence
  14. Fog and Mirrors
  15. Treasure Hunt
  16. Your Fiance
  17. Asking a Question
  18. Get Well Soon
  19. Kids
  20. Thank You For Walking Me Home
  21. The Best Man’s Toast
  22. Enlistment
  23. Buchanan the Bear
  24. Letters
  25. An Adventure of Your Own
  26. The 107th
  27. Lets Hear it For Captain America
  28. I Promise
  29. Could Have Gone Better
  30. Three Days
  31. Scared
  32. I Fell in Love With a Hero
  33. Waking Up
  34. Hands
  35. Unfair Fates
  36. Don’t Think of Him
  37. The Helicarrier
  38. Manipulation
  39. Intrigued
  40. Recovery
  41. Recovery- Letting Someone In
  42. Recovery- the Zoo
  43. Recover- Wish You Were Here
  44. Recovery- Grace
  45. Recovery- A Good Man
  46. Recovery- Tony Day
  47. Recovery- Family
  48. ASMR
  49. Steve’s Notebook
  50. Auntie Barnes
  51. Nightmares
  52. Impressing a Man Not Easily Impressed
  53. Be My Valentine
  54. Hijacked
  55. Wish I Could Stay Longer
  56. Strain
  57. The Lemurian Star
  58. The Lonely
  59. Flowers
  60. The Photo
  61. Sweet Agony
  62. I Kind of Liked It
  63. The Man on the Bridge
  64. You are James Buchanan Barnes
  65. Understatement
  66. Acknowledge Your Ghost Story
  67. Taking Down the Helicarriers
  68. Solved the Riddle
  69. Home
  70. Don’t Leave Me Again!
  71. Amazing
  72. Fear Not This Night
  73. Office
  74. Dove
  75. Hostages and Files
  76. Help Him
  77. A New Leaf
  78. Happy Birthday (Captain) America
  79. Muscle Memory
  80. While Your Lips Are Still Red
  81. What Could Have Been
  82. V-Day
  83. Red Room
  84. Red
  85. Broken
  86. Falling Again
  87. Ice Cream and Tic Tacs
  88. Happy Halloween?
  89. Accountability
  90. In Her Sleep
  91. Peggy Carter
  92. Out of Reach

petal-cub  asked:

ok so im just getting back into the warriors series after reading the first Arc and part of the second Arc before getting fed up with how dumb literally every cat was and I'm going to start reading them again WITH the like special editions? Like Blue and Tall's books. But is there like a specific order I should read them in chronologically? Like do I need to finish the first arc to have no spoilers for Blue's story and Tall's story? Also how many other special editions are there and what order?

here’s the reading order i would recommend - (note this is just my opinion, obviously the best way to read them would be chronologically by release date)

The Prophecies Begin (into the wild - darkest hour)

Tallstar’s Revenge (super edition)

Yellowfang’s Secret (super edition)

Bluestar’s Prophecy (super edition)

The Rise of Scourge manga

Firestar’s Quest (super edition)

Cloudstar’s Journey (novella)

The New Prophecy (midnight - sunset)

Tigerstar & Sasha mangas

The Power of Three (the sight - sunrise)

Graystripe’s mangas

Leafpool’s Wish (novella)

Dawn of the Clans (sun trail - path of stars)

Moth Flights Vision (super edition)

Omen of the Stars (fourth apprentice - last hope)

Dovewing’s Silence (novella)

Hollyleaf’s Story (novella)

Crookedstar’s Promise (super edition)

Mapleshade’s Vengeance (novella)

Tigerclaw’s Fury (novella)

Goosefeather’s Curse (novella)

Bramblestar’s Storm (super edition)

Mistystar’s Omen (novella)

Skyclan’s Destiny (super edition)

A Vision of Shadows (apprentice’s quest - thunder & shadow)

Hawkwing’s Journey (super edition)

The Ultimate Rick Riordan Reading Order

So I decided to (as best as I could) put all of Rick Riordan’s books in chronological reading order so people know what to read first! I took some liberties with the short stories since it’s hard to pinpoint exactly when they take place, but I did my best! Without further ado, here’s the list:

The Lightning Thief
The Sea of Monsters
Percy Jackson and the Stolen Chariot (From The Demigod Files)
The Titan’s Curse
The Battle of the Labyrinth
Percy Jackson and the Bronze Dragon (From The Demigod Files)
Percy Jackson and the Sword of Hades (From The Demigod Files)
The Last Olympian
Percy Jackson and the Staff of Hermes (From The Demigod Diaries)
Son of Magic (From The Demigod Diaries)
The Lost Hero
The Diary of Luke Castellan (From The Demigod Diaries)
Leo Valdez and the Quest for Buford (From The Demigod Diaries)
The Son of Neptune
The Mark of Athena
The House of Hades
The Blood of Olympus
Percy Jackson and the Singer of Apollo (From Guys Read: Other Worlds)
Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods*
Percy Jackson’s Greek Heroes*
The Sword of Summer
The Hidden Oracle

The Red Pyramid**
The Throne of Fire*
The Serpent’s Shadow*
Demigods and Magicians***

*Must be read after the Heroes of Olympus series but can be read before anything else

**Must be read after the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series but can be read before anything else

***Must be read after the Kane Chronicles and the Heroes of Olympus series

a thousand words

@perfectpotts asked: I love the MODERN AU series so much! I’m re-reading the series in order from the master post you put chronologically. Could you do more from the early days of their marriage? Maybe a chapter where Jamie has to get creative with a romantic/cute present for Claire because they are broke during her first year in medical school?

anonymous asked: Is it too early, too weird or too bold to ask about the possibility of a Modern Glasgow Christmas Special? 

Modern Glasgow AU 

When the humming clock on the wall hit five thirty, Claire Fraser sighed, closed her notebook, neatly stacked her papers, and stood to push it all into her satchel.

It was long since dark outside, and from this vantage point she could see the seemingly endless line of study cubicles huddled against the library windows, each one with a head bent over a pile of books and binders and other study materials.

Exams weren’t until next week – but it was never too early to start studying. It was a lesson Claire had learned early on this semester – more than six years after graduating college, it had been a massive adjustment to attend class and do assignments again. Her marks on the first few assignments hadn’t been as high as she would have liked – but now that she’d settled into a routine, it was all going much more smoothly. And Jamie, bless him, had been such a rock throughout – helping her make flashcards, tucking a sandwich or bag of crisps into her bag each day, texting her with random emojis to make her smile.

The satchel had been his gift to her on her first day – it was meant to be a replica of what field medics had used during World War II, constructed of solid olive green drab with a red cross painted on the top flap. It was perfect, and thoughtful, just like him.

Claire hurried to button up her blue coat and wind her scarf – Fraser tartan – around her neck.

The best part about coming home was that Jamie would be there, waiting for her. They’d even spruced up the flat with a few Christmas decorations this year – just a few hand-me-downs from Jenny, really, together with some small items she’d purchased at a charity sale in January. Money was still tight, now that she’d stopped working and was a student full-time – but it would work out. It had always worked out.

It was only twenty minutes on the bus to their street – and Claire texted Jamie on her way out of the library, waving a quiet hello to several classmates as she passed by their study cubicles.

*Leaving now. What’s for dinner?*

Claire slipped her phone under her arm as she pulled on her grey knit cap and fished in her pockets for the warm gloves Mrs. Fitz had knit her. When she turned back to her phone, she swallowed – so glad that nobody was waiting behind her for the elevator.

For Jamie hadn’t replied with words – just a picture of his hand (his left hand – proudly displaying his wedding ring), fingers splayed on his belly, right beneath his bare navel.

So he wanted to play tonight.

Claire’s heart thrummed with excitement.

*Set up the camera,* she replied. *I love you, you cheeky bastard.*

The elevator arrived, and Claire stepped in just as Jamie replied with a kissy face emoji.

She swallowed, throat suddenly dry. God, she couldn’t wait to be home.

“I’m ravenous,” she declared, sometime later.

Jamie, wrapped around her like a limpet, paused from sucking her neck and dragged his nose up to her ear.

“So am I,” he purred, biting her earlobe and drawing one big hand down to caress where they were still joined.

Claire drew from a well of willpower she didn’t know she had, reaching down to take his hand, twine their fingers together, and gently drew their joined hands over and across her hip.

He settled his head against her shoulder in mock defeat, sighing theatrically. “Ach. Ye mean food.”

“Mm-hmm.” She couldn’t help but kiss the messy curls at the crown of his head.

Jamie pushed himself up on one elbow. “Well then – I’ll go to the kitchen, find something for us to eat.” He pulled away from – and out of – her, wincing. Then bent to kiss her properly, stood up, crossed the room to the tripod, clicked stop, and threw the camera to Claire.

“Find the best ones – I’ll want to look at them wi’ ye when I’m back.”

And he left their bedroom, naked, padding down the hall in search of sustenance.

Claire leaned over the bed, found her tartan scarf in the tangled pile of hers and Jamie’s clothes – God, they had just ripped everything off of each other – and settled the scarf around her bare shoulders as she leaned against the headboard. The low screech of a siren sounded in the distance as she turned on the camera and viewed the gallery.

This camera had only one use – for intimate photographs of the two of them. Jamie had found the perfect angle – directly beside the bed, the frame trained on Claire’s pillow. Every thirty seconds it captured an image of the two of them from the shoulders up. For these photographs were not meant to titillate with gratuitous nude shots – rather, they captured smiles, and kisses, and nose bumps, and the soul-deep joy that their lovemaking always elicited.

And, of course, absolutely gorgeous shots of Jamie and Claire losing – and finding – themselves in each other.

The gallery held over a thousand images. They didn’t turn on the camera every time they made love – but when they did, it added an extra dimension to the entire experience.

Just scrolling through today’s images formed a small knot of desire in Claire’s belly. How she craved him.

“Ye are so beautiful.”

She looked up to see her husband in the doorway, holding a plate with two sandwiches – and a small book tucked under his arm.

She smiled, so wide, heart so full.

“To see ye wi’ my tartan, Claire – ” he swallowed, at a loss for words.

“Come here, Jamie,” she whispered, extending her left hand.

Quickly he crossed to her, settling the plate on their bedside table and gently placing the book – face down – on his side of the bed. She shifted over for him to settle beside her in bed, and then he helped her settle on his lap. She drew his forehead to hers as their heartbeats quickened. He was half-hard already and it took just a few quick movements of her wrist before he breathed, “Come home, lass,” and she took him inside her.

They gasped – then settled into silence. Intoxicated in the magic of each other. Not moving.

“Do you want me to show you my favorite from tonight?” she whispered after a while.

He nodded – and she bent to pick up the camera, both of them groaning at the sensation. Quickly she scrolled to a gorgeous shot of Jamie, head against the pillow, eyes closed and brow furrowed as his mouth parted in a silent scream – with Claire’s head and shoulders hovering above him, face frozen in the exact same way.

“So beautiful,” he mused – and the rumble of his voice darted straight to her core. “Look at how beautiful we are together, Claire.”

She seized his mouth and kissed him long and hard and deep.

But he pulled away to gently set the camera aside, reach for the small book, and hand it to her.

“This is my early Christmas gift to you, my wife, my soul. For I dinna want anyone else knowing this book exists, except for you and me.”

Gingerly she opened the cover – stamped with no name or date – and realized each page was a different image of them.

All of which were incredibly intimate. All from the camera set up in their bedroom.

She felt Jamie’s hands rub circles at the small of her back as she thumbed through the images.

Love. Want. Bliss. Ecstasy.

“How?” was the only word her brain could process – so overcome by so many emotions.

Both his hands had a solid grip of her arse as he slowly, gently ground into her.

“It’s why I worked late the other night. I waited for the lads to leave – then printed the book myself. Special edition – one of one. A memento of our first full year together, aye?”

She thumbed to the very last page in the book, trying desperately to ignore the flames of desire flickering through her body. It was a photograph she’d never seen before – Jamie holding the camera at arm’s length, Claire nestled against his side, asleep.

“Jamie,” she breathed. “Jamie, this – this is – it’s beyond words.”

Gently he took the book from her, set it beside them, settled her hands on his shoulders, and returned his hands to her bonny round arse.

“There’s only so much I can say to ye, Claire, but the same poor words, again and again. But these photographs – they say everything I canna find the words to express.”

Now he pulled her to him, and she gasped.

“Because ‘I love ye’ is never quite enough,” he continued. “How can I express everything I feel for ye in those three puir words?”

She struggled to breathe, so great was her desire for him. And yet somehow, she managed to hold him at bay. For he would always, always be at her mercy.

“I know, Jamie. Don’t you think it’s the same for me? I know, my love, my heart. For I am only complete now, in this moment, with you inside me.”

He reached up to kiss her, smiling so wide.

“Happy Christmas,” he breathed, heart so full with love he worried it would burst from his chest.

“Happy Christmas,” she whispered. And then helped him lose all sense of space and time.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any suggestions for someone wanting to start reading F4? Like jumping on points or just good stories you like? I wanted to read the ultimate F4 but I heard its not very good ):

If I could pick one place to start, I’d say Mark Waid’s run. It’s fun, it’s emotional, it’s got a great take on the Four that looks at all different dynamics on the team (so not just Reed&Sue and Ben&Johnny), and Wieringo’s art is great. For Waid’s run, you want Fantastic Four volume 3 #60-70, renumbers to #500-524.

Alternatively, I think Hickman’s run is probably the best Fantastic Four story on the whole. It does start off very Reed-heavy, which I think is off-putting to some people, but it’s got the best Reed and it’s just a really, really good comic that has totally made me cry. Fantastic Four #570-588, then switch books to FF #1-12, at which point Fantastic Four picks up again at #600 and the books run concurrently through FF #22 and Fantastic Four #611.

Honestly as a kind of a crash course to the Fantastic Four, I’d recommend starting with Waid’s run, then Hickman’s, then finish with Robinson’s – Fantastic Four volume 5 #1-14, Fantastic Four #642-645 why does everything I recommend have to have so much renumbering. There’s nothing wrong with the Straczynski , Millar, or Fraction issues – Millar’s Christmas issues are a favorite story of mine (Fantastic Four #564-565) and I think Straczynski on the whole does fun stuff the team, especially Ben and Johnny – it’s just fun stuff that runs into Civil War, which makes it not great starter material. I do recommend Fantastic Four #533-535, where Johnny and Ben go to stop the Hulk’s rampage in Las Vegas. The late great Dwayne McDuffie’s storyline where Storm and Black Panther join the team while Reed and Sue go on their second honeymoon is fun, too – Fantastic Four #544-550.

I just dumped so many comics on you, I’m so sorry. One more! It’s a Johnny rec more than a Fantastic Four one, since only Ben gets some screen time and only in the last issue, but the Human Torch (2003) miniseries is SO GOOD and is just so great about Johnny and his relationship with his powers. The Burn! story (Human Torch #1-6) is an all time favorite of mine.

In general, unless you like 60s comics and want to go way, way back to the beginning, I don’t recommend starting with anything published before 1997 (so, pre-Heroes Reborn) for your first Fantastic Four comic. I’m not saying don’t read them, just maybe don’t read them first – Ben and Johnny are very much who they are no matter when you’re reading, but I don’t find Sue or Reed particularly “settled”, as characters in their modern incarnations, until this point.

On the record, I don’t think Ultimate Fantastic Four is very good, quality-wise. It lacks a lot of focus. But also I’ve read it like three times and I do have a lot of thoughts about it and I’m very attached to its versions of the characters so y’know. (Okay, I’m not attached to its Reed, but I kind of enjoy him anyway. Ironically a lot more now that he’s in 616.) I don’t think it’s really the best place to start, but I wouldn’t say don’t read it. And write sad Ultimate Johnny fic.

I read a Kate Bush biography and listened to all her albums in chronological order, reading the lyrics as I went. Just by chance, I was also doing a big jigsaw puzzle of a map of Iceland at the same time. As I put in the last jigsaw piece, I was listening to the last song (‘Among Angels’) on the last Kate Bush album (50 Words for Snow) and I just started crying.
—  Björk, Dazed Digital (2015)