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Title: ParaNorman - Meet the Ghosts

Series: Passport to Reading - ISBN: 978-0-316-20982-3

Characters: Norman Babcock, Neil Downe, Grandma Babcock, Sandra Babcock, Perry Babcock, Alvin, Hippy Ghost, Bub the ghost dog, Mrs. Hardman ghost, Soldier Ghost, Mr. Prenderghast    

Creators: Adapted by Lucy Rosen, Based on the animated feature screenplay by Chris Butler, Front cover art by Pete Oswald

Year: 2012 Laika Inc

Publisher(s): Little Brown and Company, Hachette Book Group

Story: Adaption of the early part of the movie.

Good/Bad: The art is directly lifted from the movie, other than the awesome new art for the cover by Pete Oswald. I was really hoping there would be at least new story elements in the book, if not an outright new story, but no luck there. But I love Laika and I love ParaNorman, so ParaNorman stuff is awesome.