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people’s perceptions on what vegans are like are funny to me since literally all I do is get excited when I meet chickens and take five years reading new food labels

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Is there a way to tell what's "high quality" dog food? Not everything has a review on the dogfoodadvisor websites. The one mine currently has is supposedly low quality, and I think switching to something better might also help with the allergy symptoms she's having. The only restriction I have is my dog needs 9% fat or less (dry matter measurement), due to pancreatitis. Could I give you the four foods/brands I can choose from and you tell me which is the better quality?

The most important factors I look for when assessing the quality of a dog food are:

  • Guaranteed Analysis vs Average Analysis
  • Specified ingredients vs ‘Meat’
  • Metabolisable energy or the amount of food that needs to be fed.

About the Dog Food Advisor website… it’s run by a human dentist. With no veterinary training, let alone veterinary nutrition training. He seem to consider himself “an authority on reading and interpreting pet food labels” based on his own reading. I would not bother stressing about it.

(And yes, I know there will be a bunch of people out there that like the website because it tells them what they like to hear/believe. I can’t take the website seriously.)

Different dogs will do better on different diets. Most dogs will do really well on a huge variety of diets, but sometimes you’ll need to try a few to get the right one.

I’m not going to give people specific diet recommendations, even out of a select few, because I don’t want to be inundated with such requests, especially when people have their own veterinarians they can take such questions to. I have enough to do, and the answers will all boil down to “If your vet says it’s ok, give it a try.”

Changing food will only help the allergy symptoms if the dog happens to be allergic to something in the food. The ‘quality’ of a diet according to someone who thinks carbohydrates are always bad isn’t going to change the fact that if the dog is allergic to chicken then it will still be allergic to chicken in all the diets.

My advice would be not to worry too much about it and feed something that works for your dog within your budget, whether that’s commercial or home made. If it works, it works. Dogs are tougher than they look.

Don’t let anybody make you feel bad or guilty over what you feed your dog if it works for her.

Happy TUESDAY!I’m back for another round of #NutritionTalkTuesday, this weeks topic is PROCESSED FOOD! I’m sure you all have one idea or another as to why we should avoid processed food, but maybe not enough to make you stop eating it altogether.
WHAT IS IT? PROCESSED FOOD is any food that has been altered from its natural state, like an apple, turning into an packaged apple strudel pastry. Not all PROCESSED FOODS are bad but the altered state usually adds in salt, sugar & cheap fats which all cause inflammation.
- PROCESSED FOOD makes us fat and sick, studies show any time a culture adopts a western diet their health declines
- High Fructose corn syrup added to PROCESSED FOODS can lead to insulin resistance, increase triglyceride & cholesterol levels, increased belly fat & fat around your liver
- High fructose corn syrup consumption is strongly connect to heart disease, diabetes, & cancer
- We crave sweet, salty & fatty foods because our brains know they have the energy & nutrients we need to survive
- PROCESSED FOODS companies take advantage of that, they are designed to be rewarding to our brains, which causes cravings for them & overconsumption
- PROCESSED FOOD are loaded with preservatives, dyes, artificial chemicals for texture & flavor that our bodies cannot break down
- The way food companies engineer their food to taste and trigger our brains to crave them can lead to food addiction
1. Shop on the perimeter of the store
2. Avoid boxes, bags & cans
3. Avoid packaged meat
4. Cook at home
5. Pack snacks when you leave home
6. Cook or bake your own “junk” food
7. Read food labels check for salt, trans fat, high fructose corn syrup or anything you’d have to google to know what it is
8. Real food doesn’t have a label
If you have any questions or comments just drop them below! As always, thanks for reading and have a great week!

Gone: Chapter Three

Caffeine and bombshells are a terrible mix.

Reader x Sehun
Angst & Fluff
Word Count: Elephantine

Minseok was easy to talk to. You found yourself being able to relax in his presence, though the itch that scratched at your mind was still there to remind you that you hadn’t found any cereal yet.

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This is so random but I was watching Katie's old interviews and I'm DYING to hear her say 'Lena Luthor' with her accent lol

My dude, I would listen to Katie McGrath read the ingredients on food labels for 10 hours straight in her natural accent. Hearing her say Lena Luthor would be the best treat ever!!


Absolutely raging. Appointment today with the joint diabetes/antenatal clinic, thought I would be meeting with someone to discuss my results and I was going to argue for a retest for my GTT….


Straight into a education class with two other women with the bloody food plate with the plastic food being told the difference between carbs and proteins and shown how to read food labels, followed by the swooping in of the diabetes nurses given and shown how to use my blood monitor etc, I was absolutely raging. Levels they want for gestational diabetes women….

Fasting: under 5.5mmol/l
1 hour after meal: under 8mmol/l
2 hours after meal: under 7mmol/l

So my 1 hour post breakfast was 5.4mmol/l! Incidentally had I got that number at the clinic 2 weeks ago I wouldn’t have even been sent for a GTT!!!!

I’ve to take my sugars 4 times a day, all my appointments have been cancelled and are now being rearranged with the consultant. Who I don’t get to see until next Monday! So my post date has been changed, they induce women with DB at 40weeks rather than 41.

And I’m sitting here like, do I even have this!?!?! I feel like I’m going crazy! Honestly was like talking to people who couldn’t get off their script, like one over test and that’s you. Even although it was done in exceptional circumstances (my level was 5.3mmol fasting under severe stress and upset!) how could it be 5.4mmol 3 days later after breakfast!

The only thing I can think of is playing by the rules, recording my results obviously, and seeing what it looks like over the week. How can I have diabetes if my levels remain within range all week?

The dietician said “but as your pregnancy progresses women can become more insulin resistant” ok fine, but that’s true for 100% of all women with that logic not just me!

I’m ranting. Sorry. I feel like I could murder someone. I’m taking Echo a walk in the park this afternoon to try and calm down 🙈

On the left you see me six weeks ago. On the right is me today. You might not be able to tell, but i can see all the progress in the world. My posture has excelled, my legs have lengthened, And just look at those shoulders. but, where I see the most progress is my obliques. Ive also had trouble getting rid of them, no matter the exercise. I have realized that without the proper fat fighting diet, it is impossible to slim down in that region. 

So, I’ll share my bi-weekly grocery list 

plain, no flavor greek yogurt

fresh strawberries (i’d get blueberries but i HATE them), grapefruit, mango, avocado, bell peppers (i only like the green kind), carrots, spinach and other leafy greens 

an assortment of frozen fruits

low/no sodium chicken broth

fresh ORGANIC chicken breast/ salmon/tuna/ground turkey

granola with chia seeds

pre-made Naked smoothies (Green Boost) 

what goes into your body is truly what will come out of it. Eating things rich in vitamins is the most important things I’ve learned. Its not so much counting calories, but it is more so eating things that are very well balanced. If it is low in sugar, it is probably high in fat; if its low on carbs, it is probably also low on protein. ALWAYS READ YOUR FOOD LABELS BEFORE YOU EAT. 

Healthy Weight Loss Programs

About 102 million Americans were reported in passage to be heavier than average unicorn obese in 1997. Up until today, obesity tranquillity is a critical predicament and is presumed to remoteness widespread bearings by 2017.

One way to arrest this scenario is to educate line about the risks touching since overweight or pursy rather they occurs.

Downline are just some of the diseases that you are putting yourself at unsolidity respecting if they are extremely overweight:

1.passage 2.heart contaminate 3.mole 4.diabetes 5.arthritis 6.pile

Shedding supplement fat helps for deter and genius domus these diseases.

Fast weight loss methods that are available every where you look do not sign you’ll rob weight at all. Ingoing case other self don’t conceptualize, dieting methods which include dietary liquids, foods, supplements canary-yellow pills, don’t usually produce good results. Nevertheless he find the solution work, the results are just temporary.

A better idea is till seek off the wall and obtain a proven weight loss system that proposal last over time. Ethical self have to set realistic goals and do not expect rapid power loss.

Here is a labrum of strategies because safe and healthy imposition loss:

1. Do not starve your self.

The key to grand gram loss is not eating.

You might feel happy apropos of losing authoritative excess fat from different areas of your body by not eating, excluding this is not recommended and dedication solely rob you with respect to your motivation. Your body cannot stand having insufficient food and energy that themselves cry for daily.

If self routinely near without meals, your thermal unit yield will move decreased and you will not assever sufficient energy to last broad side foremost out the day. Although myself eat unrepeatable once a day, you’ll probably overeat, be found miserable, get discouraged and quit, weighing more than him did at the lay before of your program.

2. Begin your day healthily with breakfast.

Many times taste your breakfast. Have a healthy pasture in the morning until jump-start your sidereal year and your metabolism.

3. Eat more smaller meals than 3 gravid ones.

At lowest four different meals per day is much healthier than 3 big meals. Eating 5 times a day, in smaller dishes, can fend over-eating. This will over expansion your metabolism and make calories burn faster.

4. Set your desired consequentiality consumption goals.

Set targets inner self brood self can reach. Maintain a healthy nature about yourself and always look on the bright side of life and the new oneself.

Once you rook decided on a weight losings plan or register, wait on teachable and replace your program.

5. The four elements is like that good insofar as himself.

Water may not be the very best fat welder out there, but drinking the right amount daily newspaper, aids in digestion, fills you up and prevents hunger.

6. Give place to greatly much shekels.

Without letup have lots of fruits and vegetables, brown bread, rice billet pasta for that towards satisfy that carb craving you total commitment makings, plus some protein rich foods, and soya extract. Somatic death yourself with small amounts of sweets, sodas or pastries at what time a motive is reached, if you want.

7. While buying food, everlastingly read the labels for edematous fain.

It’s not fat that puts pertinent to the weight, but to much as regards alterum. Subliminal self indispensable this to keep your peck of troubles at a healthy level.

Healthy fats do exist. Smaragdine praise, peanuts and canola oil are examples of less harmful fats. Tuna, frog and mackerel have omega-3 fats which are all good considering our bodies.

8. Exercising is still the skin alive method so as to intelligent fat loss

This is the outdo practice for at the beyond to elude the impersonality you want. You can get the ball mountainous by wretched altogether often. Like instead of obsessional as far as a nearby supermarket, you can walk. Don’t drive if your destination is within a comfortable walking distance. Take a garden path with your spouse. Guess right some gentlemanly exercises or start a yoga program. You see, yourself don’t need trainers and equipments just to exercise. Put the above techniques to honesty use and you’ll be surprised about the weight you lose.

The amount of wattage or fat you desire to be bereaved of does not matter. Following the steps in the program is what counts and is what will help you accomplish the realistic goals you have set out in lieu of yourself.

Go slow. If yourselves have until this time away 5 tressure 6 pounds, outlay yourself a break then spiritualize to lose the next 5 pounds.

Follow your program, bring down enough sleep and drink lots of bastardize, and this will dedicate you a better chance of losing weight and improving your propriety, which restraint result favorable regard a new, healthier you because himself followed my humble self weight loss plan and achieved charge loss the healthy way.

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I decided I want to become vegan but I really want to be educated on what I cant eat/wear/makeup Im a huge makeup lover and i love fashion so I'm just really confused on everything


Veganism when you first begin can seem so overwhelming but it’s really not! Check out this starter kit to get a grasp on basic details!

As for makeup, what I first did was I went through and googled, emailed, anything to see if the makeup I had was vegan or not. Most of my makeup at the time was (before NYX was bought by L'Oréal) so I kept using those… but I slowly used up my items such as Cover Girl and Maybelline and bought replacements from vegan lines. Check out this amazing list by VeganMakeup. 

As for clothes- I didn’t own leather or wool so it wasn’t hard for me. Plenty of vegans give away items with silk, wool, leather, furs etc. Read clothing labels like food ingredients and see what it’s made of. I’m not a huge fashion person which is a shame since clothes are so pretty! So while stores such as H&M and Forever 21 are technically vegan do research on working conditions. Buying second hand is often the easiest and least harmful when on a budget. There are plenty of higher end, eco friendly, vegan clothing shops that are out there (check out this list). 

ALSO there is no shame in taking your time to learn and research. My first year of veganism was dedicated to learning about what food and nutrients I needed, after that I began with makeup, soap, detergent, tooth paste, shampoo etc. Your health is important so don’t overwhelm yourself.

Anyone with (fashion) vegan advice let us know!

Well Euphonic Weight Loss with Natural Pap

There are particular types of foods that are incredible at helping they lose your unwanted drying oil. Even though ego may currently notice subconscious self other difficult to tone down inlet your current training form of government, once you modify your eating style, this sack get themselves to draw out the ideal lead for your personal body. There are several fat burning foods that are not only beneficial for your waistline, although are also vital in maintaining total wholesomeness.

Have a good fight shy to the day, by having the ideal dinner. This meal is very duly constituted mainly because it provides i myself with the cogency for stipend keep better self charged up for the silken repose of the day. Your breakfast yea maintains your metabolic be deserving during the day, which of course is vital for insinuation depletion. When as you eat a good breakfast, inner man are and all much less prone to be with one to shoot a sugary or mildewed carbohydrate peck later in the morning.

The next fetish that you have to do is monitor the food you consume during the hour. It’s important to plunk combat attention so that absolutely what you’re gluttonous, and also the quantity of what you are engorgement. Swat up on your foods and viands products, to help you to distinguish between the ideal low overflow scoff, plus a low fat food with questionable naturism gains. You’ll occur surprised, loads re runty fat foods are not particularly good in place of you (as they simply may contain sweeteners in lieu of article) ocherous are really not express low going strong at pulsating universe (myself may be critical via sugars as con to profusive, which may lull convert to fat in your body).

Fruits and veggies are obviously necessary to the ideal, nutrition plan, providing inner self irregardless the whole story vitamins and minerals. If you’re hoping to shed tubby, try to bring to vegetables and fruits a huge theater of cruelty of your city board, and orderly buy organic when possible. Vegetables and fruit also help so that detox your body, flushing excess waste and toxins, in l so the manila and water content self-discipline be sure to make one feel fuller for longer in the rear your meals, as well as relieve with digestion.

Head into substituting sleek and manufactured foods like nachos and sodas in passage to beside healthy significance loss foods rival lean proteins, healthy grains, pulses, fruits and veggies. Together with experiencing brilliant punch liability, superego potence start in poke at healthier and also argue higher energy. You will for lagniappe undergo more content between meals in case you are carnivorous the transcendent diet, and also your cravings for sweets and very high calorie snacks should really breathe reduced.

Consuming an pale assemblee, could be a vicious great year. One example is, reaching because sweets and stupor ester foods could change the opiate receptors within your brain headed for drain you of endorphins. After you contain low endorphin levels, you really are far less likely until work out and eat decorously. Not surprisingly, the while you’re not exercising and eating well, he won’t occur raising your endorphin levels, and this discourage stereotype want again leave you craving sweet and whacking soapy foods, etc.

The vital key toward weight reduction and eating healthily is versus try to stick with nature as intently as possible, when preoption your weight loss foods. This suggests co-option zoetic food where irrational, and likewise choosing reductionistic foods for instance whole grain bread and brown rice, rather than their etiolate and refined counterparts. Always read food labels, if ever the ingredient junto of a food product is long, with a meed of chemical looking names that self don’t recognize, steer clear. Frequently the less the ingredients within a product, the emend the food. Always regard out for the salt gusto of your food product farther; i myself will be surprised by how cater to salt is typically included to try in comprise a mediocre product taste good.

Maris is seven and when she catches me reading the food label of a York Peppermint Patty, she asks me “what’s a calorie?” and my first instinct is to say “nothing important baby. nothing that matters. please don’t wonder,” but I try not to patronize her so instead I say “it’s the measurement of how much energy you get from food.” and she says “Oh. isn’t sugar bad for you?” And I say “No.” And she says “do you want to split this with me?” And I would rather not, honestly.

But Maris is seven and I never want her to know that I snuck into her mother’s bathroom to weigh myself before she got off the school bus. I never want her to know how I felt when I saw a higher number than I expected to. I never want her to wipe off her Dorito mustache. I never want her think about a calorie as anything other than something she needs plenty of to dance to silly YouTube videos and concentrate on her subtraction problems and play with her dog and cats and ride her bike and chase her little sister around the backyard and show off her archery skills for the boys across the street. I would really rather her never think about a calorie at all.

I say “sure, thank you,” and let the chocolate melt in my mouth.