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Hey correct me if I'm wrong bc it's been literal years since reading the PJO books, but didn't Grover fall asleep for like a year before the titan war? And if so, then WHY did no-one write a fic about him and Percy bonding over losing an entire year of their lives? AND their mental bond? And what is Grover even doing these days as Lord of the Wild? I just need more Grover in my life tbh.

he did! everyone was wondering where he was and he was asleep in a tree 

………..what a good question

  • as soon as the titan war is over and percy and annabeth have sorted their feelings out, grover and percy sit out in the strawberry fields and grover makes percy tell him everything
    • “grover you really don’t need to know how many hours of video games i played” 
      “yes i do” 
  • they find that grover is still garbage at panflute, without the monsters percy’s life is relatively boring, and that they really don’t just sit and talk enough 
  • grover also does a serious interrogation about sally and paul 
  • it ends with percy bringing grover back to see sally and she hugs him hard and then proceeds to try to feed him like two dozen batches of cookies
  • grover offers to sever the mental bond a few more times but every time he does, percy pretends not to hear
  • they get a lot better at controlling it because percy still stays away from as much technology as possible
    • sometimes percy will send weird and random thoughts to grover in the middle of class and grover is just like “dude wtf pay attention” 
    • percy once tried to use it to cheat on a test and was like “hey grover ask annabeth something” and annabeth showed up at the apartment to yell at percy and then offer studying tips/advice and a study buddy if he ever needed one
    • things get like super weird when it’s two am and neither of them can sleep and they just send back strange and sometimes deeply philosophical thoughts
      • they wake up the next morning like “all i remember is peanut butter and napoleon what happened” 
    • after tartarus, grover checks in on percy all the time. to make sure he’s eating and sleeping and taking care of himself. and to ask if he’s ok, because percy doesn’t lie as well over the mental bond
  • grover has a lot of duties as lord of the wild that percy doesn’t always understand but he always listens to grover rant about
    • he’ll latch onto the little things he knows and make commentary on that and grover is like “thank you for understanding” 
  • percy once asks grover if being lord of the wild makes him a god or what and grover just lays down on the ground for a little while because thinking about being considered a god stresses him out 
    • percy lays down with him and starts talking about the new book his mom is working on 
  • most of grover’s duties have to do with protecting animals and the environment, so percy helps him set up time with rachel so he can reach out to the mortal world as well
    • percy sits with them and tries to pay attention but sometimes he falls asleep and sometimes he doodles with whatever rachel hands him 
  • it takes a while, but eventually percy knows a lot about what grover does!!! and he’s really proud of his best friend!!!
  • one time, grover is going on and on about this problem he’s having and struggling with, and percy offers up a really informed and good suggestion and grover just stares at him for a moment and was like “how did you remember that?” 
    • percy shrugs and says “i pay attention?” 
    • grover hugs him and almost starts crying and percy is so confused
We Need To Talk About Ramona Blue:


First off, know that I am not going away. I am going to stand here and scream this from the rooftops as many times as I have to. Because I am tired of my voice and my story being drowned out. This book tells my story. If I get even one person to at least consider they might be wrong, if even one person buys this book because of me, then I’ve made a difference. 

I respect your opinion and based off of the original synopsis I completely understand why you felt that way - indeed I agree with you. I understand why the initial synopsis made you angry, really I do. The b.s. trope that lesbians (or any LGBT+ girl) can be ‘cured’ by finding the right boy is not just offensive and incorrect, but incredibly, incredibly harmful. And when it’s used as much as it is, it leads to people in the real world justifying their homophobic thoughts with - “I can f**k that girl, she’s secretly straight anyway. I can make her change her mind. She just needs the right guy.” Corrective rape is a very real danger and one that is directly impacted by words like those in that synopsis.

But this isn’t what the book is about. When the author, Julie Murphy @andimjulie, was informed of how offensive and harmful the synopsis/blurb was she started arranging to have it changed. Because here’s the thing: authors don’t get to write those. Some random person at the publishing house does. It’s that random person that made the harmful words and who misunderstood the book.

The new synopsis is up on this goodreads page now  . Please read it and maybe consider changing or removing your rating?

Because this book isn’t about 'lesbians can be cured.’ This book is about bisexual girls, girls just like me, who grow up not knowing that they are bi. Believing that because they like girls they must therefore be lesbians or because they like boys they must therefore be straight. I’m the latter; in this heteronormative world I spent years believing I was straight before I realised.

This book is for all the girls like me who think they fit into one box because they like someone and then one day, realise they have feelings for a different gender. It is about how confusing and scary and downright terrifying that is. It is about lying awake all night thinking “but does liking this boy mean i was straight all along?” “do i actually like him or is it because i’m supposed to?” it’s about worrying that you can’t change your identity because people already know you as a 'lesbian.’ Worrying that you’re just attention seeking or greedy or unable to make up your mind, that you’re on the fence and you need to choose.

This book is about the moment of relief when you finally find the name that suits you - bisexual. Or, perhaps when you decide that it’s okay to not know for sure right now. And how much weight is taken off you once you know who you are, and you have an identity.

I haven’t read the book yet but the new revised synopsis reflects that the book will actually be about those topics. You’re punishing the author for what someone else misunderstood and wrote as a harmful piece of promotion. Notice how different (and not harmful) the synopsis is now that it’s been written with the author’s suggestions instead of just by some dude? That to me suggests that the book itself, written entirely by her, will be much more like the new synopsis than the old one.

Oh, and you will also notice that I mentioned I haven’t read the book yet. So how then, you wonder, am I able to sit here and say that the book will be about all of the things above?

Because I am that girl. I went through all of those things. Mine was vice versa to Ramona - I believed that I had to be straight because I liked boys and if you like boys that’s all you can be right? Wrong. It was so, so hard for me to figure out who I am, where my place in this world is. It took me four years to get where I am (I’m 18 now). And I still haven’t finished this journey - my parents don’t know. I know, from reading this new synopsis, that that is what this book is about because I have lived it. I know because the author is bisexual, married to a man - she has lived it too.

Tumblr I just don’t get it. We cry and cry for more representation but when you have it you destroy it’s chances with negative reviews before it’s even begun. All because it’s the “wrong sort” of representation. You don’t want this bi girls story, my true story, because it shows that sometimes girls who like girls also like boys. Not always but sometimes. And sometimes we end up with those boys. 

Please, buy this book. Promote this book, please at least undo this low rating until you have read it. This book could have saved me so much heartache when I was fourteen. It could have let me know that I was not alone. It could have saved me six months of self-harm, an emotionally abusive relationship, bullying for being 'frigid.’

I didn’t have this book when I was facing all those things. But the next bi or pan girl could. We could save them.

Representation is important. Lesbian representation and positive, good representation at that, is important. But so is bi girl representation. And this book just happens to be one for the bi girls. This doesn’t have to be either or, bi girls existing doesn’t mean that lesbians do not. Please, let’s not harm each other’s chance at representation. Let’s support each other.

Please, at least let’s read this book before we give it a rating. Please help the next girl like me before she is hurt.

hamilton headcannons - bookstore edition!
  • aaron
    - walks in knowing exactly what he wants
    - only buys one book. john always tries to get him to buy more but aaron insists he already has too many (which isn’t true; he doesn’t have many books because he likes to reread the same ones over and over)
    - he also likes to note lines/sections that he really likes with multi-colored post it notes. the more post its a book has, the more often he rereads it
  • john
    - will go directly to the graphic novel/comic book section
    - ends up on the floor surrounded by comics
    - spends the entire time reading them and ends up buying every one
    - if he has the funds he usually will buy a book or two regarding social issues ( he doesn’t stock up though because he’ll sneak one from angelica’s collection here and there)
  • lafayette
    - usually interested in the biography section
    - grabs a handful that seem interesting to him (sometimes he’ll find several biographies on the same person)
    - often shares fun facts abt the people he reads about at random times (“did you know frida kahlo could drink any man under the table?”)
    - finds a corner to read the first few chapters of each one
    - only ends up buying one but writes down the names of the rest so he can come back and buy them
    - if he’s done before everyone else he’ll get a coffee at the café with peggy
  • hercules
    - wanders around the store for a little while
    - makes his way to the kids section
    - ends up sitting on a colorful carpet and reads children’s books to the kids (he spends the entire time back there)
    - his favorites are the quiet noisy book and any Dr. Seuss book
    - he always uses different voices for each character in the book (he gets really into it - the kids love listening to him read and some parents even join in to listen too)
  • alexander
    - spends so much time in the store
    - gets a few books from every genre
    - ends up spending way too much money in one trip
    - his bookshelves are already overflowing yet he promises that he’ll read every book (he won’t)
    - he prefers nonfiction but will sometimes find an amazing fiction book that he rereads over and over
    - angelica scolds him, telling him he’s “wasting his money” (alex ignores her but deep down knows she’s right) (she always is)
  • george
    - is basically in the same boat as aaron
    - knows what he wants, buys it, and is done
    - sits beside aaron and reads while everyone else is busy
    - disapproves of aaron’s pick, calling it “boring” (little does he know aaron secretly bought a romance novel to read at home but he doesn’t want anyone to know about it. the notebook is a weakness of his)
  • eliza
    - looks at the poetry section for a while
    - she prefers really old poetry and spends afternoons deciphering their meaning
    - rarely ends up buying much
    - she already has plenty at home and even has a list of what book to read next (also ang lets eliza borrow from her stock whenever she likes)
    - after she finds what she wants she’ll go to the kids section and listen to herc read with the kids
    - she picks out more kids’ books and stacks them up beside herc
  • angelica
    - actually doesn’t need to buy any books
    - usually brings extra money in the case that her sisters don’t have enough
    - brings the book she’s in the middle of with her
    - spends some time looking around and writes down the names of ones she’s interested in so she can borrow them from the library later on
    - owns every single classic novel (little women, pride and prejudice, etc.)
    - has lots of books about social issues/feminism
    - goes b/c she enjoys the atmosphere of bookstores
    - also b/c she loves the sound of new book spines cracking
  • peggy
    - goes to the café first
    - gets a really fancy drink
    - looks for books with fun covers and reads the summaries in the front covers of each
    - ends up only choosing one because she spent too much money on her overpriced frappucino
    - while in line she’ll probably pick up some colorful pens
    - goes back to the café to read her book or draw designs on laf’s arms with her new pens
Godric’s Hollow
  • When James parents died they left him their whole estate, but Godric’s Hollow was special, it was him and Lily’s wedding gift and the charming, secluded hamlet suited them just fine, so that is where the newly-weds decided to live.
  • It soon transpired that James had no clue how to furnish a house, and so Lily and Sirius teamed up to make this place a home.
  • Lily started with the sitting room, buying two enormous comfy sofas that could swallow you whole as you curled up and read a book from the equally enormous antique bookcase she bought and filled, with Remus’ help.
  • Sirius bought an entire stores worth of kitchenware, because if there is one thing he had learnt from his days cooking with the house elves, it was that you never knew what you were going to need.
  • ‘What even is a turkey thermometer and why do I own one?’ ‘Shut up Prongs you didn’t know what a baking tray was until two days ago.’
  • Lily also purchased an assortment of flowers which she placed on every bare surface of the house, adding splashes of colour all over the place.
  • Peter, who was quite allergic to pollen, couldn’t stop sneezing wherever he went.
  • ‘I fell attacked in my own home!’ ‘Pete, you don’t live here.’
  • Sirius and Remus are very big on the whole matching sets thing, and so came the his and her loofahs, his and her sink, his and her arm chair by the fireplace. Sirius even bought a ‘Mr & Mrs calendar collection’. Remus reassured a panicking James that Sirius had done the same thing with their apartment.
  • James and Lily spending an entire weekend painting bedroom walls a specific shade of cream that James had picked (Lily couldn’t tell the difference between three identical shades of cream, but James had been persistent that each one had a different ‘aura’) 
  • James accidentally swinging his arm around and wiping a huge line of paint across Lily’s face in the process.
  • ‘Potter!’ ‘Oh god, I’m so sorry babe I didn’t mean-’
  • Lily’s paint brush crashing not-so-accidentally into James face.
  • The next 15 minutes being a paint war between the two as the cover each other in more paint than is one the walls, laughing hysterically and it ending in a paint soaked kiss on the floor.
  • Three weeks of hard work later and the house is finished. It is finally a place the Potters and sometimes Sirius can call home. They can relax and focus on fighting a war.
  • And then Lily gets pregnant.
  • And the quiet life in Godrics Hollow has to prepare to become a lot noisier.
  • But no one is complaining (well Sirius is a little bit because he is usually the centre of attention, but Moony shuts him up.)
  • James is freaking out because raise a baby? In this house? In this war?
  • Lily is like husband, calm yourself, here have one of these 8 different parenting books Remus and I have been reading.
  • Sirius makes it his personal task in life to design the perfect nursery for this kid, and so seals himself semi-permanently in the second bedroom to work on it. No one is allowed in until it is finished.
  • Peter goes out and buys a pram and a high-chair, James and Lily really appreciated the gesture, they hadn’t been seeing enough of Peter recently.
  • Remus buys a collection of children’s books that he wants to read to the newborn, he has been saying all this time he would be terrible with a child, but everyone can tell he is secretly over the moon with excitement.
  • Lily is the first one to begin child-proofing, when she moves the knife block into high cupboard one day, and James is confused so he asks what child-proofing actually is.
  • James Potter becoming obsessed with child proofing.
  • I mean he finds every single corner in the house, I mean every. single. one., and places a foam buffer on it. He hides every mildly sharp object from scissors to hairbrushes.
  • ‘Really James?’ ‘Lily, you don’t understand, what if it poked it’s eye out with it by accident?!’ ‘…’
  • He buys a safety gate for the stairs, he buys locks for the toilets seats, he replaces the flower vases with plastic ones, he buys cushions for the dining chairs, he throws out the food processor and tries to throw away the toaster, but Remus eventually takes matters into his own hands and stops the rampage.
  • Then, one month before the baby is born, Sirius unveils his nursery.
  • He’s hand painted all the furniture, from the crib to the tiny bookcase, each in there own individual pastel colour.
  • He has put a mobile over the crib, its of the solar system, and its charmed to also show the phases of the moon. He also added in Sirius the star as an extra orbit.
  • There is a fully stocked changing table in one corner and a full chest of drawers in the other.
  • But the real showstopper what he painted on one of the walls.
  • Its a kind of mural. Of a Forrest full of trees and plants with a small clearing at the centre. Walking into the clearing is a large black dog accompanied by a equally large grey wolf with a small rat hurrying along between their feet. Lying down nuzzled together in the middle of the clearing however, is a stag and doe, dozing peacefully, curled around a small fawn that lies in between them. 
  •  The Marauders, Completed. I written above the image.
  • James has tears in his eyes as he hugs his brother, he is so grateful.
  • Then Harry is born and the house comes alive with life and joy and the Potters pour their love into their son.
  • Remus and Sirius would come over almost every day to play with Harry, Peter would join them as well sometimes and the laughter would carry on through the night as the small house vibrated with happiness.
  • Then the prophecy happened.
  • Remus and Sirius couldn’t come over any more, neither could Peter.
  • The house seemed to dull slowly as the absence of the men took it’s toll.
  • The flowers wilted as Lily couldn’t go out to buy her favourite fertiliser anymore, and James broke the stair gate one day by accident, but couldn’t go out to buy a replacement.
  • A certain darkness seemed to want to creep into the house as James and  Lily’s greatest project and comfort, had become their prison.
  • But, as always, the couple took this in their stride, determined for this to make them stronger rather than weaker, if not for themselves then for Harry, who mattered more to them than anyone else.
  • Lily dried and pressed the wilted flowers to make decorations for the walls, and James used the kitchen tools Sirius had bought to craft a new gate for the stairs.
  • They focused their energy on Harry, who although couldn’t go out to the park, go still be zoomed around the house by James with a small levitating spell, or slide down the stairs with a mattress on Lily’s lap, or fall asleep to one of Remus’ stories in a pillow fort his parents had built him.
  • And whenever James was missing Sirius more then usual, or Lily was wishing Remus was here to make hot chocolate for them all, they could look at that mural on the wall and know that, one day, everything would be okay.
  • Because although their world was crashing down, Lily and James Potter loved each other enough to build themselves a new one.
  • Until one dark night on Halloween, after a day of carving pumpkins no one else would see and eating candy they couldn’t give to other children, Harry Potter lost everything. Because the home his parents had so loving built, was blown apart by someone who could not love. He lost the big sofas you could sink into, and the industrial amount of kitchen utensils. He lost a baby gate and foam corners. He lost a master bedroom that still had hand prints on the walls from where his parents has played. He lost bundles of calendars made for years to come. He lost a collection of books selected just for him to enjoy. He lost two people who sacrificed everything they could, just to keep him safe. And when that curse rebounded, everything in its path was destroyed.
  • And in its path was a mural, of a little Forrest somewhere, with a black dog, a wolf, a rat and and family of deer, all looking with love at the little fawn below.

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one thing you love about link and sidon? i love links dorky smile and i lovvvee sidons cat-like snoot!

oh heck. 

What’s not to love?! 

Also, are we talking in terms of canon or widely accepted headcanons in the fandom? And is this on individual terms or in their couple terms? Because I could go on for miles with each one. In fact, I think I will! 

Canon Link

- his cute little smile when he’s cooking and peering over the cooking pot

- his puns. His terrible puns. Is he sealious right now?

- how god damn sassy he is in general. (”I want to set things on fire!!”) (*casually goes up and tries to steal the thunderhelm and his excuse is that he wants it*)

- the fact that enough people comment on his nudity and that it was programmed into the game to suggest that Link would definitely do this more often if he could

- his cute little giggles when he’s bouncing on the water bed

- his lack of giving a fuck about gender norms 

- The very heavy implication that Link knows a shitload of languages, despite being mute

- Everyone either knowing what Link is saying based on his facial expressions or everyone in Hyrule just being fluent in Sign Language so Link can communicate easily

Fandom Link


- Selectively mute but still cusses the fuck out of monsters when he gets frustrated 

- (this goes in a different section but is still related: Sidon being so shook when he hears Link using bad words for the first time)

- The bad puns and Dad Jokes intensified 


- Link being very musically inclined

- Like. No, here me out. He carves his own ocarina to take with him. The music you hear on the soundtrack is the music he wrote on his journey because that was one of the few things he did remember was his love of music

- Link filling his house with a shitload of refurbished instruments. Pianos, violins, you name it, he probably fixed it up and owns it now


- Tbh I love everything about Link, Canon and Fandom. 

Canon Sidon

- The Fourth Wall Break

- His motivational speeches (we all need a smol Sidon to cheer us on, let’s be real here)

- The pride he takes for being unstoppable in the water

- Yet the fact that he still allows him to be vulnerable in the times that he misses his sister the most

- Also the fact that he doesn’t deny to Link that he was taking a moment to miss his sister if he gets caught

- That boopable snoot


Fandom Sidon



- Sidon making snorting and grunty noises like a cat or some other animal and it’s purely subconscious but it also immediately gives away his mood and it’s precious

- Related, but Sidon’s gills poofing out like a cat when he gets startled. I know that that can’t anatomically happen considering what little muscle in gills actually exists and how it’s supposed to move but STILL

- His pupils getting either really really big or really really small. You could say it’s a predatory response or he’s very excited to see Link again. You choose.

- I’ve seen this in some fic but idk how widely accepted it is but…Sidon being afraid of horses

- Related, this is entirely my own doing but I will go down with this headcanon: Sidon being a book worm. He’s read every single book in the royal library cover to cover. Link can’t keep resupplying him fast enough because he just plows through the story in one sitting. If there are languages within the books that are completely made up, Sidon teaches himself that language because he’s a fucking NERD


- Sidon taught himself Sign Language at a very young age so he could talk to Link

- Sidon has been in love with Link since pre-Calamity, he just wasn’t aware

- Sidon is very traditional when it comes to courting. Link is very much not. 

- Everyone knowing that Link and Sidon are helplessly in love with each other except for them

- The first song Link composes after defeating Ganon is Sidon’s Song

- The first time Sidon visits Hateno, Link puts on a little concert for him. Sidon’s Song he saves for the finale

- L I N K I S B I G S P O O N 

- I don’t care that Sidon is twice his height, Link is and will do his damn best to be the best fucking big spoon there ever was

- Sidon fucking LOVES IT

- Sidon hugs are best hugs

- Link hugs kind of crush Sidon’s lungs a little bit

- Holy fuck Link is strong

- Link just casually bench presses Sidon when bored. Shark Prince swoons helplessly

- Link is the best cook. Sidon is fucking terrible. No amount of cooking lessons are helping Link’s poor shark bf. 

- They like to float down rivers and stuff together, but every. Single. Time. Link gets a wild hair up his ass to try to swim and out swim Sidon. And every. Single. time. Sidon has to save this dumbass because he runs out of stamina and nearly drowns. 

- Sidon can dish out compliments but he cannot take. Link loves watching Sidon’s face turn redder than the top of his head when complimented. 

Perfect Strangers (Part 3): Nobody Said It Was Easy

Title:  Perfect Strangers (Part 3):  Nobody Said It Was Easy

Author:  Mimi @captain-rogers-beard

Summary:  Bucky Barnes is the consummate ladies man, a different girl every night, no lasting relationships. You are a painfully shy bookworm terrified of getting involved with someone for fear of getting hurt. When the two of you literally run into each other, sparks fly.

Sequel to Three’s Company

Master Post

Characters:  Bucky Barnes x Female Reader, Steve Rogers

Word Count:  2996

Warnings: mild language

Author’s Notes: Thank you to @star-spangled-man-with-a-plan and @climbthatmooselikeatree for your invaluable help and contributions.

***My work is not to be posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

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Things I Learned as an Undergrad
  • Always bring water with you. ALWAYS. Invest in a water bottle that you can carry around with you and don’t let it out of your sight. 
  • Talk to your professors. Go visit their office hours. Ask them questions. Talk to them about your life. They don’t get to just chat with students that often, so hanging out with them regularly makes them feel appreciated. 
    • also, this pays off come job hunt and grad school recs time, because they know you well enough to write letters for you. 
  • Also, thank your profs for everything they’ve done. When I graduated, I gave the profs who had most influenced me and who I was closest to small thank you gifts and notes to thank them for everything they’d done. They were incredibly touched.
  • If the prof repeats something or writes it on the board, PUT IT IN YOUR NOTES. Usually this means that they think it is incredibly important, and they want you to know it for the exam. 
  • Have a note-taking method, and be willing to be flexible with it. For each class, I had a basic notes method (date in the corner, title of the section underlined, and then black for powerpoint information and color for extra information given in class), but it changed with each class. Each professor will teach differently - don’t be surprised if your notes for each class look a little different. 
  • Do something outside of classes. Whether that’s acting in the school play, joining a Greek organization, or being part of a club, make sure that there is something else outside of course work to keep you motivated.
  • Take one day off each week to relax. I always took my Fridays off, once classes were done. I’d relax, watch some TV or Netflix, read a book I’d beeb looking forward to, and just chill. 
  • If you need to get out of your dorm, do it. Find some friends and go shopping for a little while. Go sit in a coffee shop. Sit in a bookstore and read. Believe me, this will pay off in increased productivity when you go back to your work.
  • BUY A PLANNER AND USE IT. I live out of my bullet journal - it has my entire life in it. I’ve also used the New York Public Library planner, which is ideal for students in undergrad. 
  • Color-coding is super helpful. I used one color for each subject, and made sure that my pens, highlighters, etc. matched up. It helped me from getting too confused about what was due for which class and when.
  • DO THE READING. Even if you just do an academic skim, you’re better off than not doing the reading at all. And your professors will thank you when you’re helping to lead class discussion.
  • Don’t forget to have fun. It’s college, you’re supposed to enjoy it. Don’t spend all your time in your dorm or doing homework. You’ll find yourself with lots of regrets if you do.
Flux: The Beginning (M) | 02

Prequel of Bliss | parts: 01 | 02 | 03

Character: Yoongi x reader x Jungkook

Genre/words: Smut, Poly!AU, Slow Burn, Angst / 7,162 words

Summary: One of them is your longtime crush, while the other is the man which you had shared your secrets with on many heated nights filled with lust and forbidden desire. You had sworn that it would end, and that secret crush would remain a secret.

Warning: mentions of alcohol, dirty talk, voyeurism

a/n: After re-writing and going back and forth in editing, I finally think it’ll be wise to post the whole series in three parts. Sorry if this part is much shorter, I will make it up on the last chapter :)

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Headcanons for being best friends with the Chocobros:

SFW. Just shenanigans.

Based off of these two asks:

If you need anything else, don’t be a stranger! I combined them bc they were kind of the same subject? I hope that’s okay.

Originally posted by ffxvcaps

I’m not crying, you’re crying.

  • Hey welcome to friendship town with the Chocobros. I hope you’re ready for an….. interesting time.
  • Being around four young guys means a lot of things. They’re loud, they complain a lot, and they joke around way more than they probably should.
  • The pranks are sort of never ending. It usually starts with Gladio, and trickles down the line like some sort of mischievous disease. He’ll prank Prompto. Obviously.
  • Prompto will be too scared to prank him back so he’ll get Noct.
  • Noct will get Ignis because he’s lazy and Ignis is too busy worrying about actually surviving than he is about anything else.
  • Ignis will sigh, pinch his nose like a disappointed parent, and then add way too much spice to Noct’s curry that night.
  • You, though. You get everyone in your own way. Your pranks are never as severe as theirs, mostly because you’ve found the thing that gets to them the most is subtlety.
  • It’s the small things that do it. When you rearrange Iggy’s spices, he spends the next week complaining to the entire group about it.
  • You’ll spend an entire day just staring at Gladio and looking away whenever he tries to catch your gaze. He can’t really do anything about it because he doesn’t have proof that you’re staring. He’s not fast enough to catch it. He’s going insane. Please help him.
  • Prompto’s camera roll is occasionally spammed with dumb selfies. Just hundreds of selfies, one after the other, with pictures of everyone else sleeping peppered in for good measure. He doesn’t know how you’re doing this. His camera is almost exclusively on his person.
  • Noct still hasn’t figured out how you’re pranking him, and it’s ruining his life because he knows that you have to be. (You are indeed pranking him. The prank is that you’re not pranking him. The ultimate bamboozle.)
  • But it’s not all practical jokes! You do nice things for them too, I swear!
  • Noct’s somehow bribed you into taking veggies off his plate when Ignis isn’t looking. Then, you pretend it didn’t happen because you’re a Good Friend. Ignis is completely aware, of course. He’s not an idiot, and you’re terrible at lying.
  • Waking up super early to help with breakfast, or to go on a run with Gladdy even if it makes you feel like your lungs are falling out. Why’s he so quick? He big.
  • Cooking with Ignis/ watching him cook over his shoulder bc you’re hungry and it looks so good.
  • Helping Prompto find the perfect angle for his photos. He has climbed onto your back and shoulders several times. Your spine despises him.
  • Separating people when they’re annoyed with each other because it will escalate in such a close environment, and you don’t want anyone to have a broken nose.
  • You’re the only one who’ll sit with Noct and not complain while he’s fishing because you know that’s his wind down time.
  • Being assigned the task of waking the younger two because they stay up super late to play video games and you’re the only person that can wake them up and not put them in an awful mood.
  • You’ve driven the Regalia a total of three times and Gladio claims that each occurrence took five years off of Iggy’s life.
  • “Sit still and watch the road, Y/N!”
  • “Noctis do not distract the driver.”
  • “Turn that music off!”
  • Fighting to ride shotgun so you can play the music you want. Most of the time they let you win bc you WILL dance and sing and they will think it’s hilarious.
  • Occasionally they join in and dance/scream/sing with you. One time you were sad, and Noct just turned to you with a completely neutral expression while bouncing to the beat of a song. It was way too hard to stay sad, especially once you heard Ignis humming along.
  • Calling everyone out when they’re annoying you as if they’re not there.
  • “Hey guys? Why won’t Noct let us sleep at a reasonable time? I’m sure Prompto’s getting tired of me using him as a mattress.”
  • Being cold and tired at 3am very often because Noct doesn’t know how to just settle down and stop hunting sometimes.
  • Stealing someones jacket because you’re cold and tired and in a cave at 3am.
  • Being on the road is hard. No one knows how to sit still. Someone always has to stop the car to use the bathroom. Noctis and Gladio eat all of the snacks super fast, so you have to stash a bunch away in strange places or else the rest of the group is gonna starve.
  • You have a secret stash of potions and stuff too, because it’s easy to forget to buy more supplies when so much is going on.
  • Sometimes you sneak away with Noctis to talk. He’s got the most going on out of everyone, and you always offer to carry some of the weight on his shoulders.
  • Thanking Ignis every day for being so kind and caring. Always complimenting his profiteroles.
  • Making sure Prompto knows he’s loved and just as important as anyone else!!!!!! If he argues, you’ll flick him on the forehead.
  • Chilling with Gladio. He needs quiet time. You’ve bought him one of those clip-on book lights that old people use to read in the dark.
  • They always smell like sweat and dirt and desperation. When you can finally catch a hotel room, it’s a blessing.
  • Prompto is a fast little guy who’ll kick anyone out of the way to get to the shower first. One time he barged right in on you and was too sticky and desperate to care that you were just about to finish changing, pushing you from the room and slamming the door so hard the entire hotel shook.
  • It wasn’t until he walked out and saw you sitting cross-legged on the bed, chatting away with everyone like you weren’t missing your pants, that he realized what he’d done.
  • No one knows how to save the hot water they are all selfish demons who want you to freeze.
  • Laundry day is a nightmare. Where are your underwear and socks even going?
  • Gladio has to physically carry you away from chocobos bc for some reason they love you and will not leave you alone.
  • (You are the chocobo whisperer.)
  • You’ve got secret handshakes with all of them bc you’re a nerd that loves your friends.
  • You also have dumb nicknames for everyone bc you’re a super nerd that loves your friends.
  • At some point during the trip you all become so close that you can have entire conversations with each other with non-committal noises and eye movements. It’s pretty useful during times when you have to sneak around.
  • Getting bored during battle and making up new, overly dramatic fight moves to shake things up a little. You end up on your ass more often than it actually works out, but they got your back.
  • Always being there for them when things get bad, and always knowing someone will be there when you need them, too.
  • You just love your best friends a lot, and you’ll die for them if you have to, okay?
Tired of hiding

This one is for the lovely anon who sent me the prompt. I really really hope it lives up to your idea and how you imagined it. *crosses fingers* *worries*

(Note to everyone else reading this - the idea and most of the storyline isn’t mine)

Summary: Baz starts going to an LGBT+ club at Watford, Simon finds out and it changes the way he sees Baz

Warning: homophobia (well… kind of. It may all just be a big misunderstanding)

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Davey x Reader- Teacher AU

Who’s ready for some self projection??

  • Alright so Davey teaches English
  • He’s that teacher in a sweater and nerd glasses who sometimes gets so caught up talking to students or reading a book that he walks into a wall
  • His room is super neat, bookshelves covering every wall, filled to the brim with every kind of novel
  • Obviously adored by the students I mean come on
  • He assigns a good amount of homework but everything is just so interesting no one really minds
  • He focuses a lot on speeches and persuasive writing but that boy could fan over his favorite books for an entire period
  • And he has
  • Many times
  • If a student is struggling or just in a bad mood, all they have to do is say they don’t want to participate today and he will one hundred percent let them sit in the corner and sleep or finish homework or whatever they need bc Davey spent so many nights in high school having panic attacks due to stress and he gets it

  • You’re the history teacher
  • Everything is kind of a mess in your room but also really organized
  • Like you have tons of artifacts and posters from every time period and no where to put them so they just kinda get overlapped and shoved onto the walls
  • Students started shipping you two immediately
  • You spent the first day geeking out about history and Davey did the same with English and everyone was just like
  • These dorks
  • Need to be dorks together
  • You were both younger members of the staff and so you stuck together when it came to lunches and meetings
  • You had started the same day as he did
  • The second you walked into the teachers lounge he was in love
  • From there you guys became best friends
  • Grading papers together over breakfasts every Saturday
  • Going to football games together and accidentally spending the whole time talking about literature and current events that you missed the whole game
  • Students teasing you endlessly
  • “So Mr/Ms y/n, can you tell us who caught the game winning pass? Or were too busy staring into Mr Jacobs eyes?”
  • He asked you one day for any suggestions on what he should teach and you recommended a book that you were covering in your history class as well
  • So you two started doing lesson plans together every day after school, marching up eras and projects so you both were teaching the same time periods and main ideas
  • Not only was it a way to spend time together, but you let the students make one project for both subjects so they adored it too
  • Sometimes if Davey didn’t have a class for a period, he’d walk into your class and just sit on the desk in the back and listen to you lecture
  • “Did you need something Mr Jacobs?”
  • “No, not really”
  • The students were blessed every time either of you went to the others class because no matter what one of you got on a tangent or made a comment that led to a discussion about one super specific thing instead of the topic
  • Everyone is just dying for you to be together
  • Until one day they just can’t take it.
  • “Alright Jacobs. We know you like them, ask them to a basketball game or prom or something! They obviously like you!”
  • “You guys realize were not actually IN high school right? ….you really think they do like me?”
  • They literally don’t stop until he marches up to your room and asks you on a date
  • And so he does
  • Except he’s stuttering and muttering and making obscure literary references
  • And everyone is just face palming
  • But you understand and agree to go on a date with him and the entire hallway cheers
  • In conclusion you two are adorable little nerds and everyone knows it

  • Please keep requesting!!

Sitting in the grass on that hilltop the grass reached just above the top of my head, dipping down in the breeze to caress shoulders and tickle my nose. Engrossed in my book and the entrancing landscape of endlessly rolling hills and rolling clouds I forgot entirely one very important thing: I am allergic to grass. (it was a very itchy, sneezy, regretful dash back to the truck)

Read to me

(A/N): I was just feeling a bit salty when I wrote this so I needed to get my frustrations out so :)

Summary: Bucky loves it when (Y/N) reads to him

Warnings: none?

Tags: @mcuimxgine, @ifoundlove-x0vanessa0x, @saradi1018, @holland-toms, @superwholockian309, @fly-f0rever, @capbuckthor

Originally posted by vapidkoala

    (All excerpts are from Ray Bradbury’s The illustrated man. Any words from his story are italicized.)

    (Y/N) lay curled up on their bed, their eyes scanning over the words in front of them as they drank in every word, an almost high coming over them as they did. The story painted such a vivid picture for them that it was hard not to read the entire book in one sitting, something they had done quite frequently but they had promised themself that they’d savor this book, take in every word and sentence until their head ached but nearly 120 pages in and that promise was flying out the window. (Y/N) was so in depth in the book that they could barely here the door creak open when it did, the soft sound of feet on their shabby carpet. In fact it wasn’t until a certain supersoldier laid beside the reading body that (Y/N) snapped out of their book trance, gasping softly. 

   “Bucky!” (Y/N) exclaimed, “You scared me!” Bucky gave them a sleepy little smile as he closed his eyes, humming to himself. 

   “Sorry doll,” He whispered, nuzzling his face against the pillow beside them. “What’re you still doing up? I thought you’d gone to bed ages ago,” (Y/N) smiles at their lover sweetly as they reach out, gently brushing some of his hair away from his eyes. 

   “I’m actually reading,” 

   “Hm…What book?” 

   “It’s called the illustrated man, it’s really good,” 

   “Really?” Bucky cracks an eye open to look at (Y/N), his eyes glazed over with exhaustion. (Y/N) nods, cracking a smile as they glanced at the words a few paragraphs ahead. 

   “It’s really good,” 

   “What’s it about?” Bucky asks as he shifts a little closer to (Y/N), draping an arm over their leg as he pressed a gentle kiss to their hip. 

   “It’s about a illustrated man, he’s covered in tattoos but every night the tattoos will shift and change. These tattoos essentially predict the future-” 

   “Will you-” Bucky yawns a bit, licking his lips afterwards. “Will you read some to me?” (Y/N) smiles as they nod, one hand reaching down to play with Bucky’s hair while the other kept the book upright. 

   “They moved away. Suddenly the floor plates were laced with bone and white skulls that screamed,” Bucky curls against (Y/N) more, resting their head on their warm thigh as they recite the words to him. 

   “The captain did not dare look down, and over the screaming he said ‘Is this where Perse is?’ turning in at a hatch.” Bucky shifts once again, wrapping more of himself around (Y/N). (Y/N) halts in their reading, looking down at Bucky fondly. He looked so sweet like this, all sorts of sleepy and affectionate, his face pressed against (Y/N)’s thigh to the point that it was squishing his cheeks. (Y/N) smiles a bit as they sigh, running their fingers through Bucky’s rather long hair. 

   “Why’d you stop?” He asks, lifting his head up just enough to look at (Y/N) sleepily. 

   “Sorry…you just look really cute like this,” Bucky smiles sleepily, his eyes closing once again. He hums, resting his head back against (Y/N)’s legs. 

   “Well thank you,” (Y/N) gives him a look over, noting the way half his body was curled against them and the other half was not. With a sly little smirk (Y/N) parts their legs, allowing Bucky’s head to fall off their lap. 

   “(Y/N), what are you-” 

   “I want you between my thighs,” Bucky looks up at (Y/N), smirking just a bit. 

   “Doll, I’d love to but I am way too tired to even-” 

   “Not like that you dork,” (Y/N) smiles, shaking their head lightly. “Like when I sit on your lap, I want you to sit on mine,” Bucky eyes them warily, his sleep deprived eyes looking them over a few times. 

   “So you want me to sit in between your legs?” (Y/N) smiles a bit more, nodding. 

   “You’re already half curled up on me, why not just sit here instead?” Bucky looks between (Y/N)’s legs only for a moment before crawling between them, resting his larger body against their chest. His back presses against (Y/N)’s chest and he curls up against them a bit, pulling their sheets over their legs to keep them warm. “You ready?” (Y/N) asks, scratching at Bucky’s head again. The man nods, yawning a bit as he does. (Y/N) smiles as they wrap their arms around his waist, holding the book out in front of them as they attempt to find where they had left off. Finding their spot,  (Y/N) gives the top of his head a quick peck before continuing on with their story. 

   “The captain walked to a port. He smelled of menthol and iodine and green soap on his polished and manicured hands. His white teeth were dentrificed, and his ears scoured to a pinkness, as were his cheeks,” Bucky shifts a bit, turning his head to rub his nose against (Y/N)’s neck, his body nearly going slack against theirs. He inhales deeply and exhales too, his warm breath hitting (Y/N)’s neck softly.

    (Y/N) could tell he was on his way out, he never did last long when (Y/N) would read to him and they were sure their warmth and arms around him wasn’t helping. With a tender smile (Y/N) continues on, resting their chin atop the brunette’s head.

    “His uniform was the color of new salt, and his boots were black mirrors, shining below him. His crisp crew-cut hair smelled of sharp alcohol. Even his breath was sharp and new and clean.” Suddenly Bucky’s breath evens out, a steady in and out against (Y/N)’s neck, his nose bumped right up against (Y/N)’s pulse point; he’d fallen asleep. 

   (Y/N) gingerly sets their book down, settling it down on their bed as they reach over and flicks off their bedside lamp, only shifting enough to get comfortable against their headboard. With a little huff of air (Y/N) reaches down and grabs their sheets, pulling it up to Bucky’s chin to keep him warm. 

   “Goodnight my sweet angel,” (Y/N) whispers, pressing a kiss to Bucky’s head as they close their eyes, allowing their own exhaustion to take over. Bucky shifts once more in his sleep, this time the movement much more subtle, a simple quirk of his lip was all, a simple, sleepy, and all too adorable smile. 

Pretty Boy

Warnings: Curse words, this isn’t edited

Characters: Sam and Dean Winchester (mentioned), Sister!Reader Winchester, Peter Parker, Ned, etc.

Summary: The reader goes to New York and meets some new friends at her school

Word Count: 1,818

Y/N: your name

Y/N/N: your nickname

E/C: eye colour

Mx. This is like Mr. or Ms. except it doesn’t identify gender. I wanted to make this without mentioning gender so

a/n: Yup, this is a crossover. Spn and Spiderman:Homecoming! Hope you guys like it


Slowly you opened your eyes as the sound of your alarm clock continued to sound. You yawned loudly as you hit the alarm clock, the annoying sound finally stopping. 7 AM it read, you rolled your eyes and laid in your bed thinking about how much you didn’t want to get up. You had never gone to an actual school, not in a long time at least. Your brothers let you have online school, it was much easier for everyone really. They didn’t have to worry having to put you into the a different school overtime you moved and you didn’t have to worry about all the stress other people gave you. You don’† know why they decided right now was a good idea to put you back into a real life school, Sam had said something about wanting to give you the full high school experience before you graduated.

You let your mind wander to your first day back in school, you were entering as a sophomore. You remembered how nervous you were, you had completely forgotten how stressing real life schools were. There were so many people all the time now, before you didn’t have to deal with any popular kids giving you a hard time. 

You walked to the principals office after asking around for about twenty minutes. Immediately noticing your presence, the man stood up and presented himself.

“Hello I’m the principle here at Midtown, you must be Y/N?”


After a minute of talking about how you you used to take online school and your classes, the principle said “Well, come with me. Classes are ‘bout to start.” He walked towards the door and opened it, letting you walk out first. The walk to your first class was awkward, primarily your principle asking you questions and you answering with an “Uh huh” or an “Uh uh”. Finally you reached your class. Again he opened the door and let you walk in first. 

“Your first class is World Religions I believe” he said to no response.

“Good Morning everyone!” The man was answered by a few muttered good mornings in response. “Well, today we have a new student. Please treat her kindly, she’s must be very nervous. Just like you must have been when you first entered!” You rolled your eyes slightly at this, man you hated doing this.  “Please, Y/N tell us a little about yourself. Where you’re from, and so on.” He said, and you cringed internally, you really  hated this. 

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RFA+S - Love Languages

I like love languages, and it’s almost Valentine’s Day.

So, everyone has a preferred love language.  Most people have 2 or 3 that are pretty close, I think, so I chose the RFA’s top 2.  I tried for what they were most thankful to receive, as well as what they might find most meaningful to give.

Minorly NSFW-ish because they’re adults, so some of it crosses over.

Spoilers.  So many.  I refer to their routes a lot because I have way too much time on my hands and do not want to work on an assignment.

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anonymous asked:

Please do Ken/VIXX! I love your writing. You are one of my favorite writers. Because not only do you get the characterizations spot on, in my opinion, you also put out the ideas in such a way that it feels more organic. I don't know how you do it, but they always make me happy.

omg thank you so much ;;;; that means a lot to me!!!

  • lifeguard! ken
  • who has totally shown up to work in a speedo before because his lifeguard trunks were in the wash and no one could make eye contact with him for the Entire day
  • wears the sunglasses + the white stripe of sunscreen on his nose
  • puka shell necklace
  • lied that he cold surf on his application. he cannot,,,,,,surf let alone stand on the board
  • you’re at the beach on your day off, just relaxing with a book to read and ken thinks you’re awfully cute and it’s obvious by the way he keeps walking back and forth where you’re sitting flexing his muscles and going “im a lifeguard, call me if you need some help, im SUPER strong and SUPER cool”
  • and you roll your eyes, but he’s pretty cute 
  • but then suddenly,,,,,,,,,you look up at the sky and there’s rain,,,dark clouds,,,,,and whAM you feel the wind blow past
  • and someones grabbed a megaphone and yelled for everyone to get off the beach - there’s been a hurricane warning
  • and you gather your things, but then your towel blows away toward the ocean
  • and you’re like whatever but then you see ken,,,,,chasing after it into the water 
  • and you’re like nO DONT !!!!!!! the waves look super huge but ken is going anyway
  • and you’re standing there as everyones running past in a hurry and ken literally gets into the water to grab your towel and then tries to run back but gets knocked down by the wind
  • and you’re like “oh my god he’s so dumb,,,” but you can’t leave him so you run forward and help him up and you’re both dashing to make it inside of the locker rooms
  • and you’re standing next to him and ken’s like “got your towel back! no need to thank-” and you’re like “YoU COULD HAVE BEEN SWEPT UP IN THE WAVES DID YOU EVEN THiNK”
  • and he’s like ,,,,,,, “yes, true, but i got your towel back even though it’s all wet but hey” and he winks 
  • and you understand that he has no sense of the danger he put himself in,,,,,but he did it for you,,,,,and somehow that’s dumb but endearing
  • and you’re like “when this hurricane is over,,,,,,,,,do you wanna like,,,,,,get some food or something”
  • and ken grins and is like “sure! my shifts probably over since no ones gonna wanna swim in a hurricane, do you like seafood?”
  • you looking at ken: how is someone so,,,,,,good looking but so,,,,,,,,,,childish
  • (it’s cute tho) 

anonymous asked:

Kids react to Dadsona having an anxiety attack when they are alone with him?

[thank you for the prompt anon! last kids react to… I’m doing! also last prompt being answered tonight, leaving the rest to Auggie. hope you enjoy! ask box is closed for today.]

🎣Daisy :
- read a book on how to help people who get anxiety attacks
- makes you take deep breaths and offers you water once you’re stable enough to drink

🏋Briar, Hazel, River :
- they place River in your lap
- you end up crying because she’s so adorable and everything is making you freak out but there’s a cute baby

🐶Lucien :
- gone through this many times with Damien
- doesn’t leave you alone, makes sure you’ve calmed down before going to make you tea

📚Ernest :
- doesn’t know what the fuck to do
- tells you to calm the fuck down and is panicking himself
- ends up calling Hugo

💒Chris, Christie, Christian :
- the twins have no idea what to do and run off
- Chris seems a little tense but he brings you a glass of water and sits by your side the entire time

☕Carmensita :
- calls Mat, first of all
- then tries to make you tea, if all else fails she holds you close and reads you a story from one of her books

🔪Val :
- gives you intrusions to follow through on breathing techniques
- stays calm the entire procedure
- tells you repeatedly that everything is alright and that you’ll be ok

Its okay you don’t have to love me - Steve Rogers

Words - 1126

Requested - None 

Warnings - Heartbreak

Description - “I’m afraid well be one of the ones who miss each other their entire life”

Tag List 

- @commissioner23

I’m laying on my couch wrapped up in a blanket with the tv on low, reading one of my favourite books with a mug of tea freshly made sitting on my coffee table. As I’m just finishing chapter 17, a knock comes from my front door, I sigh and stand up, the blanket wrapped tightly around my shoulders shielding me from the cold. I unlock my door and open it to see Steve, “Hey, wasn’t expecting you to come round this late, not that I mind”, as I’m talking Steve interrupts me, “can we talk?” he says with a serious expression,” of course”. 

I lead Steve over to my couch and jester for him to take a seat, him suddenly acting like a stranger in his second home. I inhale a deep breath, worry taking over my body, I take a seat beside him awkwardly. 

“Y/N, before I speak my thoughts, I what to say I love you and that will never change” I look down and bite my lip, trying not to cry. I can tell where this conversation is going.I look up and my eyes lock with him, a single tear runs down my cheek. I exhale a shaky breath. 

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*Love Birds* Newt x reader

◘ Anonymous asked:

Hello lovely author! I was wondering if you could write one where reader and Newt are professors at Hogwarts? Newt is smitten with reader (though she is pretty much too) and students ship them and maybe even bert when the two love birds will get together? Just fluff and admitting feelings!:D Maybe even put Yule ball somewhere in there,haha:)

❤ Quick note: I know the Yule Ball is a TriWizard tournament tradition, but let’s just pretend for this it’s not ^_^

Making your way down the halls of Hogwarts, you smiled as you passed by some students sitting in the corridor working on an assignment. It was mid evening and you were on your way to your classroom where you taught Transfiguration. You had forgotten to grab some of the student’s assignments that you needed to correct that evening.

Rounding the corner, you bumped in to a tall man. 


Your arms stretched out in front of you, bracing you for your fall when the man quickly grabbed you and saved you from plummeting down on to the hard rock ground.

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Awkward & Apprehensive (Matt Murdock x reader)

Request: 30. “I don’t know what I did to deserve you.” With Matt Murdock, please? :)     (I’m using this request to carry on this storyline)

Awkward & Accidental

Matt’s plan was to stop living the hero life once the two of you were married, or at least, once he had worked up the nerve to actually ask you, but on this night, he found himself sitting high above the city on a random rooftop, listening for anything that gave him that feeling. That feeling was the rush of his blood as his pulse began to race, his lungs pulling air from around him faster and desperately to counteract the surge of adrenaline that left him just a little dizzy.  If he could be honest with himself, he would understand his addiction to it, but he would never admit that aloud to himself or anyone, not even you.  

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