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Did you know that Anais Nin's Diaries that are published have a lot of omitted parts? I wish I could read the original diaries!! All the parts were her husband appears are cut out and so much more!! Maybe one day they'll publish all of it

they are! google “anais nin unexpurgated diaries” and you’ll find them  

New Masterlist

I just made two masterlists, one for Joker and one for everything else. I’ll add them all here now :)

Loki Laufeyson:

1. ’‘You’re different’’

2. You defend him

3. Long time, No see

4. Tortured

5. Dirty Dreams

6. You Realize He’s Odin

Lucifer Morningstar (fox):

1. You see him in his true form


1. Jealousy - Captain America

Batman/Bruce Wayne:

1. You meet

2. He reveals his identity to you

Jerome Valeska:

1. Don’t Hurt Him!

2. He Takes You With Him

3. You’re Scared Of Him

4. Shooting Lesson

5. He reads your diary

Jared Leto:

1. Accidental kiss

2. Fighting

3. His friends are mean to you

4. Please Don’t Go

5. Honeymoon *SMUT*

6. He Makes You Cry

7. Hypothermia

8. Attempting Suicide *Trigger warning!*

Harley and Joker:

1. You’re sick


+ (if you want to know what his penthouse looks like, *click me*)

1. Fighting

2. Stopped from committing Suicide

3. He gives you a surprise

4. He’s sick

5. Virgin   //Imagine 61 is where you lose it to him

7. Shock Therapy

8. Impatient *SMUT*  / *PART 2*

9. Bullied

10. He scares you *part 2*

11. *song inspired* IDFC / Bullet for you //PART 2//

12. *song inspired* I will be right here waiting for you / Kidnapped

13. *song inspired* Hello / Dirty!!

14: Monster

15. Photograph / Separated /PART 2/

16: You fall asleep on him

17. Old Friends

18. *song inspired* Part Of Me / Leaving   *PART 2*

19. He kidnaps you // Part 2 // Part 3 //

20. Spider

21. *requested* Heir /PART 2

22. Obsessed //PART 2//

23. Making love

24. Anime Cosplay

25. Depressed

26. Daddy kink *SMUT*

27. Silent Treatment

28. Drunk abuse

29. Professional Killer

30. Harassed

31. After Acid Bath

32. Where are you? PART 1

32. When did you stop loving me?

33. Ignorant part 1 // PART 2

34. Working Out Together

35. *song inspired* Guys My Age

36. Shooting at the mall

37. Escaping from Arkham

38. On the line of life and death

39. ’Just Kill Me!’

40. *small series* Project 6277 PART 1 // PART 2 // PART 3//PART 4//PART 5//PART 6//PART 7 // PART 8 // PART 9 // Part 10 // Part 11

41. In case *song inspired* DIRTY

42. Misunderstood

43. I can’t sleep!

44. Used & Tortured // Part 2

45. He meets your family *Christmas edition*

46. Please Forgive Me

47. Not Strong Enough  // PART 2

48. A henchman harrasses you

49. Zombie virus

50. You were just a toy

51. Thunder

52. Human Market

53. Bonding with his daughter

54. kill for you

55. Together Forever

56. He finds out you’re a vampire

57. Interrogation

58. Dance

59. ‘Do it’ (Backstory to next imagine, stone cold)

60. *song inspired* Stone cold //PART 2

61. You lose your virginity (to him) SMUT

62. make me love you //PART 2

63. Self harm

64. Lay Me Down *Song inspired*

65. Batman Messes With Your Mind

66. He upsets you really bad

67. Griggs abuses you in Belle Reve

68. You Find Out Who He Really Is (Identity reveal)

69. He’s Scared Of Losing You

70. Quit *song inspired*

71. You Talk In Your Sleep

72. You’re his girlfriend and you’re a cop

73. Toy Box *SMUT!*

74. Singer Shot //PART 2//

75. Haunted House //PART 2//

76. I love You

77. You Own A Nightclub

78. I’m sorry, daddy

79. You’re Frost’s Daughter

80. You flirt with a guard at Arkham

81. You’re His Waitress At His Club

82. Don’t Touch Him

83. He tries to protect you

84. He can’t control himself

85. Texting

86. Anorexia

87. You’re Drunk

88. Cancer

89. You Catch Him In The Shower

90. He Leaves Harley For You

91. Swapping Bodies

3, 2, 1… a fear submitted by Dell to Deep Dark Fears - thanks!

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100 Goals you can have as a language learner

A follower of mine asked me what are some realistic goals when you’re learning languages but before giving you 100 examples, i want to mention that you can have daily, weekly, monthly or/and yearly goals. If you get easily distracted and need motivation, set goals for each category; however, if you can focus and be motivated for a longer period of time, you might not need daily or/and weekly goals.

Also, the numbers/minutes/hours are an example, you can change them according to your time, resources, motivation etc.

Daily goals

  1. Read 1 article in your target language.
  2. Learn 10 words.
  3. Learn 1 poem in your target language.
  4. Learn a song  in your target language.
  5. Watch a movie.
  6. Read 1 page from a book in your target language.
  7. Sing 1 song in your target language.
  8. Talk with a native for 10 minutes.
  9. Learn 2 idioms.
  10. Translate 1 song.
  11. Translate 1 poem.
  12. Write 1 short text about anything.
  13. Watch 1 episode from your favourite show dubbed/subbed.
  14. Get 50points on duolingo.
  15. Make a vocab list.
  16. Learn 1 new grammatical concept.
  17. Think in your target language for 10 minutes
  18. Read to a podcast for 15 minutes.
  19. Learn 1 tongue twister.
  20. Spend 15 minutes on WordBrewery.
  21. Play on Babadum for 15 minutes.
  22. Use Clozemaster for 15 minutes.
  23. Listen to an audio book for 10 minutes.
  24. Revise your notes for 20 minutes.
  25. Learn 1 vocab list.


  1. Read 10 articles in your target language.
  2. Read 2 books for children.
  3. Learn 5 poems.
  4. Learn 3 songs.
  5. Watch 3 movies.
  6. Learn 10 grammatical concepts.
  7. Talk for 2 hours in your target language.
  8. Learn 5 vocab lists.
  9. Learn 100 new words.
  10. Finish 8 lessons on duolingo. (i mean the entire bullet/dot/set of mini-lessons)
  11. Watch 10 episodes from your favourite show  in your target language subbed/dubbed.
  12. Learn 30 idioms.
  13. Write 3 A4 pages about anything.
  14. Translate 5 songs.
  15. Learn 3 vocab lists.
  16. Revise with the help of some tests online for 2 hours.
  17. Change your phone settings to be in your target language.
  18. Make a summary for the books you’ve read.
  19. Read 10 pages from a complex book in your target language. 
  20. Make 5 vocab lists.
  21. Write a motivation text of 10 lines for your in your target language about why you enjoy learning languages.
  22. Think for 2 hours in your target language.
  23. Translate 3 pages from a book in your native language.
  24. Translate 3 pages from a book in your target language.
  25. Discover 10 new songs in your target language.


  1. Learn 350 new words.
  2. Read 1 advanced book in your target language.
  3. Finish a grammar book.
  4. Finish 10 stories for kids.
  5. Learn 80 idioms.
  6. Learn 20 vocab lists.
  7. Finish 35 lessons on duolingo. (the bullets/dots/set of mini lessons)
  8. Make 20 vocab lists.
  9. Watch 10 movies in your target language subbed/dubbed.
  10. Translate 10 songs.
  11. Learn 10 poems.
  12. Learn 5 songs.
  13. Talk to natives for 10 hours. 
  14. Write summaries for every chapter/article you’ve read.
  15. Watch 15 youtube videos in your target language .
  16. Make a story of 5 minutes while looking at a random picture on google.
  17. Understand a song (that you don’t know) without checking the lyrics too often.
  18. Read 20 articles.
  19. Make a dish while reading the recipe in your target language
  20. Revise for 20 hours.
  21. Keep a journal with your daily progress and at the end of the month, read how many things you achieved.
  22. Read to a podcast for 24 hours.
  23. Think in your target language for 24 hours.
  24. Play babadum/wordbrewery/clozemaster for 10 hours.


  1. Be mistaken for a native.
  2. Know 50 poems.
  3. Be able to sing most Disney songs in your target language.
  4. Watch movies without subs.
  5. Learn 10.000 words.
  6. Read 10 advanced books.
  7. Finish duolingo/whatever course you use.
  8. Be able to think in your target language effortlessly.
  9. Master irregular verbs.
  10. Have at least 5 native friends that talk to you in your target language.
  11. Be proud you didn’t give up.
  12. Study a bit daily.
  13. Finish 3 grammar books/workbooks/books for advanced learners.
  14. Have a decent accent.
  15. Be able to read without translating anything.
  16. Watch more movies in your target language than your native one/English.
  17. Have favourite youtubers that are native of your target language.
  18. Keep a diary and read how your year has been.
  19. Be able to talk about advanced stuff.
  20. Have very detailed descriptions.
  21. Know the most popular songs in your target language.
  22. Read mostly in your target language.
  23. Know several new recipes that cooked only in the country where your target language is spoken.
  24. Being able to say that you’re bilingual/multilingual/a polyglot.
  25. Learn your next language through the one that you mastered already.
How To Keep a Diary Like Virginia Woolf

“Begin by making your own diary-books. Find some old books in a second-hand shop or a car boo sale, books with good covers and bindings. Pull out some pages and fill them with your own choice of paper. Disguise your diary inside old school textbooks, the ones that used to teach grammar. Virginia Woolf was appalled by her negligent grammar. But grammar was not the point. Practice writing with and without it. Allow yourself to move. Woolf galloped through sentences in her diary, in a haphazard way. ‘It loosens the ligaments,’ she said. Her diary was somewhere she could appear ‘slovenly’ and ‘elastic’. Not everything we jot down in our diaries needs to be carefully thought out. Put on baggy clothes. Relax your mental joints. No one but you is looking. Let your brain go loose and floppy. Let your hand lead the way. Get inside your body and find a rhythm. Bring your brain into contact with your breathing. Let go.”

Sally Bayley, The Private Life of the Diary