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My ideal Batfam “holy grail” is:

Bruce written by Peter J Tomasi : I have a horrible, awful confession to make. I actually kind of… like… some parts of Millerbats. I’M SORRY, OK? I didn’t know it until after I read Dark Knight III and it was kind of… good… ok, so sue me. Tomasi’s Batman is the, well, perfect blend of badass, “international playboy” and weary, concerned dad that we all know and love. Runners up include Paul Dini’s Batman (DCAU / JL Bats!) aaaand the other one I like is Moench’s Obsidian-age-or-whatever, and Starlin’s 80s Batman who was a cool dude. Not to mention… Devin Grayson… Judd Winnick… Chuck Dixon… basically anyone else on this LIST is at least competent at writing a Good Bruce ™…

Dick written by Devin Grayson : I mean… have you read Gotham Knights? Holy shit. There is just lore on top of lore in those issues. Dick Grayson lore, to be exact. We get to actually acknowledge and appreciate Dick’s Romani heritage. He’s brave. He’s cool. He sometimes acts like Bruce which kinda terrifies him. The point is, he gets fleshed out as a character, where other writers just see “yup, he was the boy wonder. he’s great. golden boy can do no wrong.”

Jason written by Judd Winnick : I find Jason to be really interesting as an antagonist. Judd Winnick is the one to explore this side of him the most. He essentially shaped the Red Hood as a character and managed to make him a distinct character from Robin Jason, with just enough heartbreaking parallels to leave me a wibbling mess. Rebellious, brash, unapologetic - some of these qualities have, I feel, been toned down since the New 52 in Jason’s desperate bid for forgiveness and acceptance. He’s become the “comic relief” brother in a way that I feel is the wrong focus. Writers need to speak to Jason’s inner trauma rather than constantly handwaving it with Jason’s inner monologue of “yeah i’ve been dead so what.” So to me, Judd Winnick will always write the definitively tragic Red Hood. 

Tim written by Christopher Yost : There are many things to be said for Tim, Chuck Dixon having written a good part of the Robin series to develop his character as Robin. But the strategic, calculating Red Robin comes from the Red Robin series. And that’s the one I’ll always really, really like because he’s so compelling and so much like Bruce.

Cass written by Chuck Dixon : I haven’t read the entire Batgirl series of Cass’s run but I know Chuck Dixon has written her. The original Cass is the definitive Cass for most. Also me. 

Barbara written by Gail Simone : I think Gail Simone has put the most time into analyzing Barbara’s character, writing her as Batgirl and as Oracle.

Stephanie written by Bryan Q. Miller : Because he wrote Steph’s miniseries, of course. Which was mad good. Not to mention, Chuck Dixon for the Spoiler.

Damian written by Peter J Tomasi : Like Bruce, Damian is a character that so many writers just get so flat-out wrong. Not even Morrison himself can write a decent version of his own character sometimes. Despite his upbringing, he is a ten-year-old, and Tomasi hits the mark. He’s given Damian the right balance of snark, rebellion and a little childish innocence mixed in to make him a believable character.

Alfred written by Paul Dini : THE SNARK IS REAL. But seriously, he’s also super supportive of Bruce. And he knows when to tell him to fuck right off with that bullshit. He is awesome.

Superman, Wonder Woman, pretty much the entire Justice League written by Dwayne McDuffie : This is the best iteration of the Justice League, no lie. RIP. Come back to us and write us out of this mess.

Artists: Marcus To, Kenneth Rocafort, Jim Lee, Bruce Timm and Greg Capullo are probably my favorite faves.

What about you? What’s your Batfam “holy grail”?

‘I loved her not for the way she danced with my angels, but for the way the sound of her name could silence my demons.’ — Christopher Poindexter.