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Time for Friday Reads! Here’s what we’re working on:

Editor Rose Friedman: I’m bringing home the new Michael Chabon, Moonglow. Whether or not I’ll actually find time this weekend to read it is a different matter…

Code Switch’s Kat Chow: I just read Ken Liu’s short story “Paper Menagerie” and teared up at my desk. I’m also trying to push through Maggie Nelson’s The Argonauts. Mostly I want to read Sarong Party Girls, by Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan, but I misplaced my copy.

Critic Annalisa Quinn: Ian McEwan’s Nutshell! It’s great, if slightly weird, to read Hamlet as told by a fetus …

Petra: I’m reading an ARC of Fran Wilde’s Cloudbound, the sequel to last year’s Updraft. It’s a delightful new addition to one of my favorite genres: Steampunk that doesn’t suck. Although honestly, even though there’s goggles and gliders, it’s not really steampunk – it’s much more imaginative and weird.

How about you?

She tucked her feelings
in the deepest well,
with her silent words
and unwritten letters.
He ran the longest way,
swam the widest sea
with his unbeaten courage
and strong curiosity.
Going back to where
they came from,
they bumped at each other
in an isolated intersection,
fate pushed them together,
two souls with different
purposes resting
on their shoulders.
—  ma.c.a // They Met In Unexpected Place
I was the innocent good girl from that small town. I made straight A’s and never did anything that was reckless and stupid. You were the crazy bad boy from a town that was a tad bit bigger.
For you, fun was parties, girls, booze and drugs. For me, it was a quiet night in with my friends, movies, music and pizza.
I had heard you never went for “girls like me”. You went for the non-intellectual, over-confident ones, always compensating for whatever they lacked deep down. Truth be told, I had dreamt of bumping into someone at a run down bookstore, trying to find old books that had more stories to tell than what the author had originally intended. 
But here we are, going strong against all the odds. My movies aren’t nerdy and your bike rides aren’t terrifying anymore. Somewhere between all the occasional mid-week parties and the quiet nights over the weekend our polar opposite ideas of fun became a part of our everyday lives.
—  excerpts from a book i’ll never write #23 (inspired by this) // a.b & .a.c.
I know someday, someone will come
and his smile will light up my day.
He will puzzle the shards of my soul,
and make me feel I don’t deserve to be left behind again.
I know someday, someone will come and his heart
will complete my whole being.
He will love me, especially my flaws,
and make me feel that I deserve the whole world.
I know someday, someone will come
and his arms will hold me tight.
He will be my future, lifetime,
and make me feel like I’ve never been
broken and alone in my past.
—  // 8-26-’16, 11:21pm
So if you enjoyed the premise of Eleven's story in Stranger Things...

I recently, by chance read the book “The Door Too December” by Dean Koontz. Its about a girl who is abducted at a young age by her father, who then uses her to experiment with latent psychic abilities in humans. She is tortured for years with his experiments, until her father turn up brutally murdered by something with inhuman force… A monster that the girl seems to be able to detect involuntarily. A monster that she encountered in her own psyche. The story is mostly from the perspective of the detective in charge of the murders and the girl’s mother. So there ya go, more material to absorb!