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Hawkeye (2012) #11


OMG dear anon!!! I know I’m like horribly late and you probably thought I just ditched your ask because it was too angsty…hahaha I did not, and to make up for letting you wait you get two different versions

Haha, I actually do have a thing for drama but I usually prefer it when the characters survive??? Which is why I let it kind of open in these comics (in addition to the overall vague setting, hahaha). In my head he will definitely survive; you can imagine your own ending to these, sweet anon uvu.

I think Kate may actually be the only female in your life that you’re close to and didn’t fall in love with after two seconds, and Barney’s right that’s probably good for you


Okay, but let me just look at these three panels for a minute.

Because (this is NOT EVEN a shipping thing. This is a Team Hawkeyes thing.) 

Kate gets a lot of … people trying to erase her importance in the Hawkeye story. Whether it’s casually calling her The Girl Hawkeye/Hawk Girl, bitching about how she stole the damn dog that trotted out behind her, whining about how the California issues detracted from “the main story” (Spoilers: her story was the main story too) or writing shitty posts about fictional Hawkeye movies where she would “briefly” appear … 

Here, she and Clint are presented on the same level as Barney and Clint were, in terms of importance. 

Barney and Clint who had each other’s backs when nobody else did. Barney and Clint Against the World was the case for a long time. And of course it went bad, and those circumstances influenced a lot of Clint’s relationship issues with people he loved very much. 

And, it’s important that Clint keeps being terrified that he’s going to lose Kate, too.

But before it went bad, they were each other’s lifeline. 

And Clint and Kate are presented as that important to each other, and you can read that as platonic but don’t you dare deny how important they are to each other. 

A small sample of all the great roommate fics that are out there.
All fanfiction listed below are for the pairing Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes.

Pre-Serum Roommates

a hard’s day nightmyckymaple
It’s a sweltering summer evening, and Steve’s wearing nothing but loose trousers in bed to beat the heat. // Bucky’s got a plan to cool them both off. // If it involves getting them both a bit sweaty and sticky, well, those are just technicalities.
Shameless PWP . 1k . rated explicit

Steve gets a job drawing dirty comics. Bucky thinks he needs help coming up with sketches. Not that Bucky minds posing in ladies’ underthings.
Very hot with excellent gender exploration . 6k . rated explicit . contains crossdressing

Up All Nighttriendunture
Bucky starts taking benzedrine to help him stay awake through his double shifts, but it has some unintended side effects. // Steve is upset by this. Until he’s not.
Great get-together fic . 3k . rated mature

Escalationameonna, melospiza
Bucky and Steve have been best friends since second grade. They share everything. // Bucky takes this to the logical extreme. Steve is more cooperative than he expected.
They take the long road to get together . 7k . rated explicit

keep you closeitsmylifekay
“Any particular reason you’re wearing my clothes?” Bucky asked, trying for casual but knowing Steve could always see right through his easy smirks and wide eyes. // “Forgot to do wash the other day. Figured you wouldn’t mind,” His brow furrowed down the middle and he shifted under Bucky’s hand as if to stand. “I can change if you want.” // “No.” Bucky said quickly. He pushed Steve back into the couch with a hand on his shoulder. “No, you figured right. I don’t mind. Not one bit.” // Or: Steve forgets to do laundry one day, and it turns out pretty good for both of them.
Real sweet PWP . 4k . rated explicit

Modern AU

Critical Feline MassKryptaria, rayvanfox
Adjusting to civilian life is hard for any military veteran — especially for one ex-sniper with a cybernetic arm, a classic Harley, and friends who keep trying to ‘help.’ When Sam Wilson at the VA sends Sergeant Barnes to rent a room from the hottest guy in the DC area, Bucky thinks maybe civilian life is worth it after all. And then he finds out Captain Rogers is everything Bucky’s not: a real hero, a Medal of Honor recipient, and an all-around nice guy. Bucky doesn’t have a chance in hell with him. // Sam was a huge help to Steve Rogers when he left the military. In the spirit of ‘pay it forward,’ Steve decides to rent out his basement room to a vet in need. But when Sergeant Barnes shows up on his doorstep, he knows he’s in for a world of trouble. Barnes is exactly what Steve never knew he wanted, from his bedroom eyes to his wicked innuendos. And he’s Steve’s tenant. // A love story in twelve chapters, including two Harley-Davidsons, a guardian angel, multiple snipers, the only woman who can scare them into behaving themselves, spontaneous kittens, and one attacking sheep.
Featuring Bucky & Steve as veterans adjusting to civilian life . 39k . rated teen

all exits look the sameSHCombatalade
“A… a ghost.” He repeats it, more to himself, in disbelief – all this lead up, all this mystery, the man in his bathroom and the five months of not knowing and questioning his sanity every time he opened his eyes, all of that for someone to spell out, literally spell out, what he already knew? It’s not that he’s disappointed, not really, it’s just that he was expecting a little bit more of a climactic revelation. A little less spelling, too, but what can you expect from a guy employed by an equally acronymed organization?
A SAM WILSON story with some Stucky in the background. Feat. Sam & Bucky as roommates . and it has TIME TRAVEL (you all know about my obsession with time travel right? Right? … I love it) . 13k . rated teen

Make My Heart Beat Double TimeOnlySecondsAway
When Bucky Barnes meets his new roommate, he can’t quite figure out what the guy’s problem is. Bucky never did anything wrong, so why does he hate him so much? Then again, Bucky never did read people well. // But hey, at least he doesn’t care when Bucky gets high.
University dorm AU . 1k . rated teen . warning for use of recreational drugs

Special Mention

You and Your Memorytigrrmilk
Steve broke up with Bucky the summer that he turned 19. // It wasn’t the best decision he ever made. // It’s almost ten years later, and Bucky’s back, but Steve doesn’t know what to do about that. He also doesn’t know what to do about the fact that somebody is trying to destroy the building that he lives and works in, and all of the people in it. // But somebody’s got to do something.
As a rule I don’t rec WIP’s - but this one is just so damn good. It might also help that I just read all the Hawkeye comics and this takes place in Clint’s building and it’s just PERFECT! . currently 7k . rated teen

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