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Hawkeye (2012) #11

I think Kate may actually be the only female in your life that you’re close to and didn’t fall in love with after two seconds, and Barney’s right that’s probably good for you


Okay, but let me just look at these three panels for a minute.

Because (this is NOT EVEN a shipping thing. This is a Team Hawkeyes thing.) 

Kate gets a lot of … people trying to erase her importance in the Hawkeye story. Whether it’s casually calling her The Girl Hawkeye/Hawk Girl, bitching about how she stole the damn dog that trotted out behind her, whining about how the California issues detracted from “the main story” (Spoilers: her story was the main story too) or writing shitty posts about fictional Hawkeye movies where she would “briefly” appear … 

Here, she and Clint are presented on the same level as Barney and Clint were, in terms of importance. 

Barney and Clint who had each other’s backs when nobody else did. Barney and Clint Against the World was the case for a long time. And of course it went bad, and those circumstances influenced a lot of Clint’s relationship issues with people he loved very much. 

And, it’s important that Clint keeps being terrified that he’s going to lose Kate, too.

But before it went bad, they were each other’s lifeline. 

And Clint and Kate are presented as that important to each other, and you can read that as platonic but don’t you dare deny how important they are to each other.