read all the books.....but what if i cant

What is a story you have been dying to tell?

When I was 15 years old, I ran away from home because I was pissed off at my parents for a reason I cant remember. I didnt have much money, so I decided to hop onto the skytrain(public transport train in British Columbia) and ride it as far as it would go. I reached the end of the line in less then an hour, and decided I wanted to ride it all the way back again, while trying to formulate some kind of plan of how I wanted to live the rest of my life without my parents or anyone. At the last stop, or the first stop depending on your perspective of it, a girl came on and sat in the row right behind me. I didnt pay much attention to her at first, as I was busy writing my life plan on a napkin. It was a few minutes later that she got up and came sat next to me, curious as to what I was writing. I told her the story, and after a few laughs, we began talking about everything and anything. Her name was Amanda, 17 years old, and absolutely wonderful. She told me she was getting off at the last stop, which was also the first stop, depending on how you look at it. It was also the stop I had gotten on originally, and I told her we would ride to it together. The train ride took less then an hour, and what a wonderful hour indeed.

When the last stop did come, we both knew we probably wouldnt see each other ever again(this was before the days of cellphones, and I was a shy little kid afraid to make moves). As we got to the end of the sidewalk which split in two different directions, she went right and I went left. Before saying goodbye she turned to me and asked me a question that has become a wonderful part of my life; she asked me, “Tell me something you have done, or want to do, that you think I should do? It can be anything, as challenging as you want it to be, or as easy. As long as you give me the rest of my life to complete it, I promise I will do it..” I was confused as to why, but I thought about it, and told her, “Sing a song acapella in a room full of strangers.” She said perfect and asked me if I would like a challenge as well. I told her I did, and she told me, “read, from start to finish, “Ulysses” by James Joyce.” I had never heard of it at the time, but I agreed, and we said our goodbyes.

I have a awful memory, and cant remember most conversations I have with most people. But I remember all of that clearly. You know why? Because of the challenge she gave me. In the 12 years that have past since, I have tried to read that book in over 150 different sittings. Everytime I open my copy of the 780 page monster of a book, I always think of her, and I always think of that day. Ive never been sure if it was her intent or not, but she left her lasting memory on me with that challenge. I soon after learned what she did, was a completey wonderful and amazing thing for me. So I decided to keep it going. Ive met a lot of strangers in my life; some that have become friends, and some, due to living in different time zones and whatnot, didnt. I dont want to just have experiences and then let them go. I want to remember these meetings, and embrace the fact that they happened. So whenever I leave someone who has left an amazing impact of my life, I always make sure to add them to my Ulysses Bucket List. I ask them to give me a challenge, as difficult or as easy as they want it to be, and regardless of the fact that they have done it or not; simply something their heart has had wanted to do.

Some have been easy and fun; I met a man in India 9 years ago who told me to, for a week or a month, cook/buy twice as much food as I intend on eating, and give the other half to a stranger in need. I completed that mission 8 years ago, and thought about that man and the time we had all the way through. I met a girl on a cruise 6 years ago, who told me to jump into a body of water on a slightly cold day, without touching or feeling the temperature of the water first. I did that the very same year. I met a couple at an outdoor music festival a few years ago that told me to wear the most bizarre outfit imaginable and walk through a public place, completely oblivious to the fact that you arent looking normal. I did that task the very next day, at the same festival. Some have been difficult, to say the least: three guys I met in Amsterdam and smoked all night with, told me to go to a mall and give 10 strangers 10 presents. That one took a lot of courage, but I did it a year or so after I met them. It was nerve racking, but at the same time exhilerating leaving my comfort zone. A girl I met on a plane told me to sky dive; Im still in the process of getting that done. A couple I met in Cali on the beach told me to tell the 5 people I hated the most, that I love them and respect them. That one was very difficult because of my stubborness, but ive come close to completing that list many a times(still in the process, 2 more people to go).

And some things, have had an everlasting impact on my daily life. I met a girl at a music festival, who told me that whenever I get mad at someone, walk away, sing my happy song in my head for 5 minutes, go back to the person im mad at with a clam heart and mind, and work things out. Ive made this my way of life. I once met a man at a gym in a hotel I was staying at, that told me “whenever your body and brain tells your that you are exhausted and done…use your heart instead and push out 2 more reps.” Ive made this my motto when working out or working on any kind of extrenuating exercise in which my body demands me to quit. I also use it while working on anything, and while studying. One of the best pieces of advice ive ever received.

There are many others that each brought joy to my life. There are still many tasks I have yet to accomplish, and everytime I think of these tasks, I think of the people that gave them to me. It amazes me how well I remember all these people, while I cant remember so many aspects of even yesterday. These experiences, not only do I take from them a “mission” or a “challenge”, I also take from them a memory of them that never fails to appear inside of my mind. I opened my Ulysses book for probably the 300th time yesterday, and read a few pages, which prompted me to share this story with you today. Im in the final 30 pages of the book, also known as the most dreaded of the read(in the last 40 pages or so, James Joyce doesnt use a single punctuation mark; no periods, no commas, no nothing; a straight 50 page run-on sentence).

I never saw Amanda after that day, nor do I know if she ever did get a chance to sing a song to a room full of strangers. But what I do know, is that she gave me a gift that has never once stopped giving. So wherever you may be, thank you for giving me the Ulysses Bucket List. And I swear i’ll finish it one day. My life advice? Simple: Create your own Ulysses bucket list.

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The Overwatch Guys as Dads

Soldier 76:

  • This guy was meant to be a dad
  • he doesn’t feel that way 
  • he reads ALL the books 


  • Can he even have kids? 
  • He actually is not that bad as a dad 
  • ones of those really badass ones that will do their kids hair (Which comes out terrible) but beats up anyone who comments on it 
  • Is a master at building forts 


  • Such a peaceful guy…. not sure if he can have kids either?
  • always setting up his kids to tease Hanzo
  • takes them a long with mediation to try and show them how but they end up messing with Zenyattas orbs


  • he has such calm kids 
  • probably played a lot with Genjis kids 
  • also reads all of the books 
  • always wants to make sure his kids are comfortable with what they do 


  • dont even get me started on him 
  • Such a great dad 
  • lots of hugs
  • always has the best stories 
  • his kids all love hasslehoff
  • HUGS


  • Kids are as crazy as he is 
  • same wild laugh 
  • not too fond of showers
  • love explosions just as much 
  • maybe a little bit too much 
  • they get in trouble more than their father tbh 


  • Can you imagine tiny little roadhogs running around 
  • they’d have the masks and everything 
  • i cant 
  • I still hate roadhog though 
  • cute kids though 


  • ??????
  • ???
  • ??????
  • well maybe it would be cute to get him those little wind up robots 
  • he would sit in the middle of them 
  • Then zarya would crush them 


  • would usually wonder if his actual babies were in fact turrets 
  • but he has actually 8 or 9 kids 
  • He makes them all learn how to build turrets 
  • they all call reinhardt uncle or grampa 
  • thought they’re the same age


  • No time for kids when you have science
  • Tracer is enough for him


  • Daddy wild west 
  • Totally read to his kids all the time 
  • loves watching old western movies with them 
  • gives them piggyback rides all the time 
  • loves dressing them up like a cowboy 
  • they end up picking his accent 


  • Kids are like zenyattas
  • super calm 
  • love his tattoos 
  • eventually learn how to master the dragons on their own 


  • Such a cool dad 
  • makes them music all the time 
  • takes them to his concerts 
  • They call D.VA their aunt 
  • super cute
  • have the dreads and everything 
  • have lots of pet frogs 

quiet night

theres just a what-if here about ritsu getting just a bit of psychic empathy and achieving the rest with his writers brain, and theres also a headcanon about mob not being a very good singer or not playing any instrument but being able to whistle very well 

I remember theres a word for that, the very good whistler thing, from a jeffery deaver book Ive read, but I cant find it in my memory anymore

I kinda want it back


so i have started reading the grisha triogy by leigh bardugo after reading six of crows. for some reason i thought its Impossible for me to like it as much as i liked six of crows. that was a severe error of judgement of course because im halfway through book three and i have loved every single moment in the series.

i highly recommend for anyone who likes fantasy, romance and interesting world building.

i havent been able to stop reading GDI

now to talk about this the darkling becausE I HAVE TO ADDRESS THIS MATTER: I HAVE VERY STRONG AND VERY CONFLICTING FEELINGS ABOUT HIM and so does alina maybe

on one hand i despise him for literally all the things hes done on the other though i would still definitely kiss him at least once or twice or more and that is Terrible!!!!

alright ive said my piece haha


anonymous submitted:

“twenty one pilots is getting so much recognition now (which is so WEIRD but anyway) which means it’s at the point where people are complaining about “ugh now all these fourteen year old girls are obsessed with them and it’s ruining everything :(((” but like……….

the older people in the clique are always talking about how important the music is and how it changed/saved their lives and how when things are really really awful, listening to TOP reminds them to keep going and not give up - all of which is AMAZING and so so true, but doesn’t it make sense then that 14yo girls would like them?


being at the height of your uncertainty and awkwardness and having society/people coming at you from all sides telling you what you have to be and what you have to look like and how you have to act…all while you’re too young to really know how to deal with it and ignore it and cast it aside as the bullshit it is. THE MOST HORRIBLE I EVER FELT ABOUT MYSELF WAS AT FOURTEEN. eleven years later i’m still not at a point where i like myself, but at least i’m old enough now to have worked through it…it’s fine it’s cool it doesn’t matter, i exist and i’m gonna try my darndest to keep existing.

and we all know that TOP attracts a lot of mentally ill people - tyler literally refers to “his people” as being the ones whose brains are a battlefield - and i know from personal experience that being mentally ill as a kid SUCKS. it SUCKS SO MUCH because you keep doing and thinking these things that you know don’t make any sense and yet you CANT MAKE IT STOP, and when you’re young, you don’t have the words yet to express what you’re feeling. what’s even worse is when you’re a kid (and especially when you’re a girl) people so often try to write off your mental illness as a plea for attention or you “trying to be cool/different” or “you’re just pretending to be like this because you read about it in a book somewhere.”

i think we can all agree that that’s completely HEINOUS. that’s disgusting and horrible and isolating. but isn’t that what the clique is doing when they say “what could fourteen year old girls possibly get out of their music”? short answer: it is. and it’s so invalidating of people’s experiences it should make us - the ones who know what it’s like to have messed up brains and no support from those around us - feel sick.

so i guess what i’m saying is this: being young sucks. being a young girl sucks even more. being a young mentally ill girl sucks the most. and if these fourteen year old girls find meaning or comfort from TOP’s music they should be welcomed in with open arms. because life is HARD dude, we all know that…so don’t begrudge people what gets them through the day, no matter how old they are.”

hey i totally agree with this. i’m so sick of the idea that once the music becomes renowned within the teenage girl demographic, it’s ruined. it perpetuates the idea that once a teenage girl likes something, it’s meaningless and silly and that’s extremely sexist, ageist and just all-round invalidating. who and what teen girls are passionate about is not of any less importance than what men are passionate about. young female fans are usually compounded with the idea of irrational excitement and being a “shallow” fan - not having a critical perspective of the music, which is absolute bullshit. 

let me just reiterate what anonymous is saying…. being a 14 yr old girl with a mental illness is not easy dude. heck, being a 14 yr old girl without a mental illness is hard enough. 14 is a very vulnerable age where you constantly feel like everything’s out to get you. from around 12 - 15 i felt like i was constantly under pressure to act a certain way and music has always been something i’ve turned to for comfort. i started getting into top and /alternative/ music when i was 14 and the misogyny which seemed to be particularly strong amongst alt music fans was something that really confused me and i found myself having to prove that i was different from the “other teen girls” (whatever that meant at the time???) as if being a teenage girl was something that was embarrassing?

tyler and josh always describe the clique as being an inclusive group of people who support each other through thick and thin and yeah ideally the clique would be like that, and it is like that within certain /subsections/ (for lack of better word?) but unfortunately in reality, the clique as a whole is probably just as judgmental when it comes to accepting young teen girls into the fanbase which really really sucks. when i was 14 i wasn’t in the clique yet but i’d listened to their spotify discography probably about 100 times and it helped me, and continues to help me through so much and sadly in a sense, i’m kind of glad that i didn’t join the clique until later because looking back, i know that my experiences would be invalidated because of my age and gender. 

so in conclusion, teenage girls are fucking hardcore for staying so beautifully passionate about what they love despite having to deal with everybody’s shit, and anybody who invalidates and looks down on young female fans for no other reason than because they’re young and female, needs to get their head out of their ass. 


“your first priority is your classes!”

“school is the only job you need!“

“your grades should be what matters to you!“

“you dont have time to (have a boyfriend/hang out with friends/be online/pursue passions/etc) you should be studying!”


Damian knew Jason before the Pit
  • Damian dragging Jason around Ra’s’ huge compound, like a tour
  • Damian learning Jason’s tells, like when he’s about to have a flashback or when he’s tired
  • Damian finding some of his grandfather’s stewards manhandling a terrified, confused, listless Jason out of the library, and beating the absolute shit out of them for ever harming Jason
  • Damian protecting Jason because Jason currently cant protect himself
  • Damian slowly coming to view Jason as a friend, even if he never speaks and Damian doesnt even know what his favorite animal is
  • Damian reading books to Jason because he’s learned Jason loves being read to
  • Damian using Jason as an excuse to skip his lessons (he’s still a child, after all)
  • Jason being transferred to a different compound after the Pit, which means Damian doesnt see him again
  • Damian coming face to face with Red Hood and all he can think is “I knew you”
  • Jason not remembering any of it

EDIT: I wrote a fic for this


Originally posted by crushedwires

It was a rainy day outside. It was enjoyable though. It was one of those days where you just relax and watch the raindrops dance down your window. One of those days where you strain to hear the small pip pap of raindrops on your roof. One of those days where the rumble of distant thunder brings a smile to your face. One of those days that curling up with you favourite person and a good book seems like the best plan in the while world.

And that’s what today was, a day to curl up with your favourite person. You and Harry were situated on your couch. It was his turn to come from his Earth to visit.  

Harry was at the end of the couch with his feet up on it, in one hand he held a book and the other rested on your head, absentmindedly running his finger through your hair. You were between his legs, your back on his abdomen and you head resting on his chest. A grey blanket covered the both of you making you two the picture of rainy day comfort.

A comfortable silence had made it’s way over the room, and all that could be heard was the soft rain drops bouncing off your window. That is, until Harry decided to break the silence.

“I can’t believe you’re reading Harry Potter again.” He scoffed. He had taken a moment to put his book down and savour the moment between you two but stopped short when he noticed what you were reading.

“I can’t believe you haven’t read it.” You shot back not taking your eyes off the book.

“Its a children’s book.”

You glared up at him and raised your eyebrows. “You’re point?”

Harry rolled his eyes, “Either way, we don’t have it on earth two.”

“I still cant believe that.” you put your book face down, making sure to keep your spot and leaned your head back so you could look up at him. “That an author as great as J.K didn’t even write on your earth.”

Harry hummed in response and went back to his book. You followed suit diving back into your book. It was Christmas, and Hermione was just telling the boys that they should check the restricted section.

It was a few minutes later when he spoke again. “What’s it even about anyway?”

You looked up at him from the corner of your eye and smirked. His eyes were still on his book but you knew his attention was on you. “Why? Are you finally interested?” You asked in a mocking tone.

Harry scoffed. “I’m just curious.”

You raised an eyebrow at him.

“Humour me.”

“Well,” You put your book down on your stomach and shifted around getting more comfortable. “It’s about a little boy whose parents are killed when he’s a baby by a powerful evil wizard. For a while he thinks he’s just an ordinary boy, but when he turns 11 a whole new world is opened up to him. A world full of magic.”

“Sounds childish.” he commented.

“Well its is a “children’s book”.” You used your hands to do air quotes.

Harry huffed and went back to his book, or at least that’s what you thought. Harry was staring down at your book and reading over your shoulder. You didn’t notice till a small aggravated sigh escaped his lips when you flipped the page before he was done reading. A wide smile spread across your face when you realized he was interested in your “children’s book”.

It happened a couple more times before you closed your book.

Harry’s eyes quickly went back to his book hoping you didn’t notice him. “What are you doing?” He asked.

You sighed.“If you’re going to read over my shoulder then we might as well start from the beginning.”

“I wasn’t reading.” He lied.

You chuckled “Oh yeah?”

“I don’t read children’s books.”

“How about listening to one.” You suggested. You looked at him over your shoulder waiting for his response. When he didn’t give you one you opened your book to the first page and cleared your throat getting ready. “You might want to get comfortable, we could be here for a while.”

Harry smiled down at you, giving you a quick kiss on the top of your head before pulling off his glasses, tilting his head back and closing his eyes.

“You ready?”

He hummed in response, and you began reading.

“Mr. and Mrs. Dursley, of number four, Privet Drive, were proud to say that they were perfectly normal, thank you very much.”

bfkdkfknfsk??????? ok look there are a LOT of reasons that pennywise should not be the new gay icon including the fact that it is…hmm…a child predator, mayhaps…but the most confusing evidence ive seen so far is “IT CANT BE A GAY ICON ITS A FEMALE HAVENT YOU READ THE BOOK”

like,, what….what!!!! what???? Afab People Can Be Gay? it’s wild i know it’s really fucking insane but afab people can be homosexual! like don’t use that of all things to argue why pennywise shouldn’t be a gay icon?? instead use the fact that it’s literally a homophobic child eating murder clown

anonymous asked:

"hey whats up my name is nezumi im 16 years old and i never learned to fucking read"

hes in way too fucking deep too he cant tell shion he cant read NOW he just sits there staring at his books for hours pretending he can and hes SO bored and thats why hes so fucking irritated all the time

Evan x Book Lover! Reader Hcs

Will be turning this into an actual Evan x Reader, but for right now I’m going through some stuff and I just feel like writing some cute fluffy hcs for my tree boy!!!

Requested: Yes!!!! By my beautiful best friend!!!

This is like, so   m u c h   fluff


- Evan is total sucker for when you read out loud to him

- He loves loves loves when you guys are like sitting on his couch or somethin and he gets to lay his head in your lap

- He admires the way you read so passionately and loves to watch your facial expressions

- Your voice to him is just honestly so relaxing, it helps calm him down

- Usually if he’s had a really hard day, you’ll offer to read to him

- Evan will almost never ask you to read to him, little babe is too shy okay

- hes so precious

- So you’ll have your current book in your bag, and you’ll pull it out and his little eyes just light u p 

- You’ll get comfortable on his couch, and then pat your lap and this boy basically r u n s to where you are

- It takes him a little bit to get comfortable bc it honestly makes him so flustered still

- As soon as you start reading his nerves calm down a whole lot more, the longer you read to him, the less tense you can feel his body becoming, and his breathing slows down rapidly, and he’s almost completely calm

- but he’s not completely calm bc as much I wish, anxiety cant be cured with a good book and some loving

- Now on to the g o o d shit

- You guys honestly have some many cute library dates!!!!!

- And they’re usually all just out of the blue

- Evan will be like

- “So, you um finished your book yesterday?”

- and you just nod and smile bc you know what he’s about to ask

- so you guys just hop in his old beaten up car and drive to your local library!!!!!

- Honestly you guys are the purest thing bless you

- When you get there, you guys go to your little spot in the corner where you always go

- You guys set there so much the people who work at the library even know it’s your little spot and tend to leave romance novels there on purpose

- Evans favorite genre of literature is Fantasy and if you don’t agree I will gladly throw hands

- He feels like when he reads or when you read fantasy to him, it’s like he can escape the reality he’s in, that he can completely block out all of his worries for a bit

- this!!!! boy!!! buys!!! you!!! so!!! many!!!! books!!!!

-literally almost every time he’s at a store I shit you not

- One time he was at like Wal-Mart or Target and he spotted this book with like a magical looking cover and sparkles and he was like “H O L Y F U C K  Y/N needs this”

- So he swooped it up and brought it home to you

- Turns out it was a book for a 5 year old 

- But you bet your ass you thanked him with so many kisses all over his face, and read that damn toddler book to him with the biggest grin

- but Ev also understands that sometimes you just need to be left alone with your books to have your me time so you wont talk to him for a little bit

-but you’re sure to assure him that you’re not ignoring him and that everything is okay that you just need some you time

- Last but certainly not least

-There was a solid month that you set down with him and read the whole Harry Potter series to him

-That’s all I got folks

for all the ppl who are upset about what finn said about reddie: if he had said anything other than that, he would have brought trouble for himself, jack, and movie. if he said anything about reddie not being fake or more of a brotherly relationship, shippers would go insane. you all know how crazy shippers are.

plus, im pretty positive he hasn’t read the book so

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Or you could just say "Yeah she didn't do that well in Twilight, but there wasn't a lot of material for her to work with. Either way, here are some films in which she actually shows she is a talented actress" instead of doing all these mental gymnastics to try and excuse her twilight performance and say that "SHE WAS FORCED TO ACT LIKE SHIT SHES THE REAL VICTIM HERE"

you’re missing the point because kristen did well in Twilight and when i watched saw the movies, i SEE BELLA on screen. btw, i abhor the movies but it was nice seeing Jacob or Taylor Lautner shirtless on the screen everytime (and at that time i was in the closet and questioning my sexuality) but anyway, you cant say she didnt do well when if you read the books, that is really what Bella is minus all the internal monologues. so Kristen did the best she could and yes she is the real victim since many people vilify her for that performance so i think it isnt fair and im not even a huge kristen stewart stan

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Oh crap. Well ah nvm then. Bdw what is your hc for the nights that egos cant sleep. I can see sneep reading books all nignt.

Schneep would read books
Chase would either busy his mind with tricks or just stay in his kids room until he falls asleep
Jackieboy Man is too busy fighting crime to get some sleep
Anti would probably hold his knives close
Marvin would try to find a place where he’d feel comfortable enough to sleep (he loves the compf) - Mod Lily
Angus cannot sleep until he has wildlife noises
Robbie sleeps without his head

What is the recipe to a good night’s sleep?

Is it staying awake minutes and hours and days until you cant keep your eyes open no more?

What about reading your favorite series of books and dream all night and day on what could’ve happened if only your favorite character hadn’t died?

Or is it listening to your favorite album on repeat until you can’t tell apart the voices inside your head from the songs?

Could it be binge watching your favorite comedian sing into your ears and putting a smile on your face as you drift off?

For now, i’ll keep looking for the perfect answer while I refill my bottle of antihistamine until I my body can’t function no more…

if i was the sorting hat, i would be like

“what the fuck are you talking about? you wanna be a ravenclaw? you haven’t even read a book in your entire life! i cant put you there just because the only fucking friend you made on the train is one of them. shut the fuck up and believe me, you would be a fucking great gryffindor”

“omg, seriously? no, you’re not a fucking slytherin. do you even know you at all? bitch, please, you are such a hufflepuff person”

“gryffindor is definitely not your place… no, I don’t fucking care about your family. no no no. go to ravenclaw, you would be much happier there. i mean, this is my only fucking job, i know what i’m doing”

IronHawk (Part Eighteen)

The boys blow off some steam, Logan and Tony talk, then Logan and Clint talk and. Tony makes a big decision.

Catch up on Chapters 1-17 HERE

Enjoy :)

“So just tonight?” Clint asked, as he walked with Logan around the Tower grounds. He was happy to give a tour, happy to be spending time with his friend again.

“Yep. I’ve got some stuff to take care of at the school. Didn’t want to ride all weekend. And you know… you did tell me to find you.”

“Hell yeah I did.” Clint agreed.

When the SHIELD transport had touched down all those weeks ago and Hawkeye had caught the news, seen his team struggling to fight those rock things, Clint had tossed Logan his bag and yelled to Coulson that he had to go.

“Wait - where?” Logan asked, not having seen the news yet, and definitely looking forward to a slow night of cigars, beer, and maybe, maybe some more time with Clint.

“The team needs me, Tony needs me, I just– I got to go. Just um… Logan?”
The mutant looked up to where Clint was already several feet off the ground. “This is a shitty way to end things so…Come find me, yeah?”

“You aren’t coming back.” Logan stated with a sinking feeling in his chest, and Clint shook his head.

“Not for a while at least. Come find me, okay? Lets at least share a beer..”

“Count on it Wing boy.”

“I’m glad you’re here.” Clint said with a smile, and a hand to Logan’s shoulder.

“So what? Pizza and beer all night? I got to leave pretty early but I’m down for something fun. Red white and Super said something about you working on training with them like we did.”

“Red white and—” Clint laughed. “I’m stealing that. New nickname for the Captain. And yeah, they’ve been pretty impressed with some of the stuff I’ve showed them.”

“So maybe we should show them how the real soldiers do it.”

“Yeah?” Clint asked, amused. “Want to do some fightin’?”

“Always.” The mutant popped his neck, the adamantium laced joints cracking so loudly that Clint shuddered. “Let’s show the boys in tights how it’s done, huh?”

“You know I’d love to see how you do against Hulk and the Captain. Maybe no claws with Captain, but you can’t really hurt Hulk.”

“Watch me try.” Logan grinned around his cigar.

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