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2017 New Year Resolutions Ideas

- Break a world record
- Learn a new language
- Explore a new place near where you live
- Be organised
- Journal everyday
- Workout everyday
- Get a new hobby
- Read one book per month
- Learn an instrument
- Learn how to sing
- Learn a new sport
- Meditate
- Worry less
- Reduce stress
- Be more happy
- Go out and meet new people
- Do the thing you’ve always wanted to do
- Conquer a fear
- Visit another country
- Start a blog
- Keep your room clean
- Survive a day without your phone
- Survive a day without the internet
- Call an old friend
- Cook for your family
- Maintain a regular sleeping schedule
- Write more
- Go outdoors
- Donate to a charity
- Go hiking
- Drink more water
- Declutter your wardrobe
- Get your shit together
- Start an online business
- Eat healthy
- Become a vegetarian/vegan
- Find a favourite quote
- Inspire others
- Apply for internship
- Enjoy life
- Do something and be really good at it


Rory and Jess after the series finale; life in New York

Goal Setting Tarot Spread

This is a spread to be used in conjunction with a list of goals. Before laying down your cards in the shape of a pyramid, think of 3 six-month achievable goals, 2 twelve-month achievable goals, and one five-year achievable goal. Deal the cards face down. Each card gives advice on how to achieve a specific goal. Here’s how my reading for myself went:

1. 6 month goal: (Read 6 new books). 2 of Wands. Stay focused. Don’t let the desires of others distract you. Prioritize your goals.

2. 6 month goal: (Devote 1 day/week to creating). 9 of Swords. Do not let fear and anxiety surrounding failure rule you. The only way to get better is to be persistent.

3. 6 month goal: (Devote 2 days/week to working out). 5 of Coins. You’re not alone in this. Seek help from friends! They will support you!

4. 12 month goal: (Save $500). 3 of Cups. Happiness comes from great company, not from possessions. Focus on the relationships in your life instead of on things that cost money.

5. 12 month goal: (Finish tarot and palmistry courses). 8 of Wands. Divine inspiration is incoming. Be ready. Be listening.

6. 5 year goal: (Become a teacher). Justice. Stay true to your moral compass. You know what you want and how you are called to help others. Trust this.

Spread from Sasha Graham’s 365 Tarot Spreads

Deck is the Nicoletta Ceccoli Deck


I am reading a brand new book for the first time in months and it is G R E A T. I’ve been reading fan fiction for so long I’ve forgotten how thirst quenching a real book can be. 

I’ve said “oh my god” at least 6 times.

It features:
1. Sci-fantasy that is entirely unexpected at every turn.
2. A BLACK GIRL who is not a sidekick and instead is every bit as well rounded, important, developed and vulnerable and romanticized as Hermione.
3. A GAY KID (the MC) who spends pretty much none of the book hating himself for being gay and only 20% of the book being upset about gay related things (brought on by other people). Its mostly him dealing with terrifying sci-fi, which is refreshing as fuck.  (literally the way this is handled when he meets the other kids is “i dont date girls” “oh you wouldnt date me because im fat right?” “no, i dont date any girls” “oh. ok.”
4. A POLISH CHILD. It is so rare and refreshing to have mixed age characters in YA books and it feels so realistic. I think the MC and the black girl are like 17-18 and the kid (who is also a fully realized and respected person) is about 13 years old. Also, its crazy refreshing to have Eastern European characters that aren’t tropes.

I’m almost done with the book (maybe 30 pages left) and its taken be abut 3-ish hours to read and I STILL have no idea how its going to end,

I highly recommend picking it up if you’re interested in diverse, imaginative Sci-fi. 


Wow I cannot believe January has already passed by, I blinked and it was over. It’s crazy how fast time goes by without us knowing or realizing. Here are my favourites from this month. January was a great month for my reading. A great month for new beginnings and a new year.


The Diabolic by S.J. Kincaid.

This book is absolutely fantastic from the moment I started the first page I knew this book would be something vie never heard of. The diabolic is a charming heart wrenching moving story that will make you strongly think about sacrifice. The friendship between Nemesis and Sidonia is incredible and makes you reflect about those around you. The story will pick you up from the beginning and won’t let you go till the last page.

I definitely recommend this book to anyone that enjoys a fast pace sci-fi story about love and sacrifice a definite four and a half starts. ( I read all of this book in one sitting!)


A friend had recommended this book to me at the start of the year. I was reluctant at first seeing as this was adult fiction, and some of the themes may be inappropriate. I had never read a book written by Gillian Flynn also the writer of Gone Girl a book which hit the bestsellers list last year. The book as well as The Diabolic grabbed you in from the start. The book was both humours and serious. The way Flynn included humour thriller and crime together is incredible and a mix not often seen and done properly. I was a little bit disappointed that this book was a short story I would have really loved for the book to be longer, which really isn’t something to critics the book for! Overall, this book is a defined pick for over 18s.



A quick thing about organization, whether you believe me or not organization is important it helps us through and keeps us together. I used to be a very unorganized person and yes I still am at times! However vie done some things to try and reduce my unorganization.

For example this month I picked up this book. I was attracted by the gorgeous aqua blue and the shiny gold letters until I realized it was a calendar, and yes I will have to stick with it. Throughout January I used this book to guide me through my organization and saw a huge improvement! I started being much early to classes and to get to places I wasn’t as stressed because I had planned my events before they happened. I am not saying you should write down every single thing that happens because let’s be honest no one and I mean no one has time for that but if you do and you want to go ahead.

I got this notebook for $2 at a local retail store and I am sure you can find them at any retail store near you.


The foundation that I am reviewing this year is mac face and body foundation. As someone that doesn’t use much coverage I found this foundation very useful as the consistency of the foundation was fairly light. However you can build up on the foundation by adding more layers. For people who need higher coverage this foundation may not be best for them as it is fairly light and comes off quite easily.

The foundation is extremely to blend in which is a huge plus.

One of the downsides of the product is the price, in general makeup is quite expensive and I can say that my bank account wasn’t very happy!

The packaging is simple but states the use of the makeup which ideally is what you need, yes as an improvement I would like a distinct packaging that will bring it apart from all of the other foundations.

Overall whenever I reach for a foundation I always seem to reach for this one.

However I strongly believe that this is a fantastic product and that you should check it out if you have time and the product works well on you.


Coming to choose a TV SHOW for the month is extremely difficult as there are so many to choose from. I recently had my holidays which yes some of it was spent watching very good and not so good tv shows.

This month my favourite tv show is Glimore girls. If your anything like me you might be thinking what is Glimore girls exactly? Glimore girls ended around 8-9 years ago which may explain why some of us aren’t aware of this tv show.

Glimore Girls follows this family the Glimores (Coincidence ?) and most importantly Rory Gilmore who is a sweet and kind girl who is going through high school, no this isn’t your regular rom com tv show. I found that the tv show was both relaxing and entertaining and had something for me to watch. At times I don’t want to watch a very action packed movie or tv show and I want to watch something simple and easy which is definitely Glimore Girls. I am not saying it’s boring, I mean some people might find it boring it’s all about your opinion. Each episode brings something new in the mix and every episode I find myself feeling more addicted and wanting to watch the next episode! I strongly recommend you watch it if you enjoy romance, comedy, story about teenagers and an all-round tv show.


Thank you so much for tuning into another blog post! I  really appreciate each and every one of you who like and take the time to read each of my blog posts. I wish you the very best for the next month and hope that you have a fantastic time!

See you soon


i’ve read like 3 books so far this month i started writing a new *something* recently and i’ve been talking to my manager at chipotle® about starting to train me to be a kitchen manager in the next couple weeks??? i’m staying pretty much on top of homework and actually enjoying my classes?????? i’m sleeping an appropriate amount??? who is this bitch when did he get his damn life together

March is National Reading Month!

Celebrate it with the launch of our newest skill, Reader. With only a few words and a little bit of imagination, Readers go on crazy adventures, explore huge worlds, and meet amazing characters. From classic novels to the back of a shampoo bottle, we’re always hungry for the next story. Check out the challenges:


I have a challenge for you! Book Bingo!

Inspired by the popsugar reading challenge, we here at Readcommendations want to help you reach that elusive ‘50 books in a year’ goal. How are we going to do that? By issuing a new book bingo card every month!

If you read 4-5 books every month, you’ll have no problem reaching your reading goal. Plus, the challenges will get more difficult as the months progress, to help you read books you otherwise would not have read.

The bingo card can be gotten here.  It’s a little different from what we posted above, to allow you to use photo editing software as easy as paint to add your read books in the appropriate box. Here’s what it looks like if I take all the books I read in December:

External image

  • The aim of the game is to get five in a row.
  • Please count every book only once! 
  • Be creative with your interpretation of the item. You can be as strict or as loose as you like… so long as you actually read the book. 
  • Count only the books you finished reading during the month. If you started it in January, but finished it in February, then it counts for February. However, this is great if you have a book you started in December and only finish it in January…

Every month here at Readcommendations, we’ll issue a new Book Bingo card for you. Complete one every month this year, and now only will you have read over 50 books, but you’ll also be entered to win a cool giveaway! But that’s hush hush for now.

We’ll be doing the popsugar challenge as well - as a matter of fact, there’s really no reason for you not to do both! - starting on January 1st. The number one goal of this game, other than reading 50 books, it to have a blast.  

Please share with us your results at the end of the month! We’d love to see which books you read (and which ones you think we should read, too). Happy reading!