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American propaganda works so well that we still have people out here thinking it was totally fine and justified that the United States dropped two atomic bombs on Japanese civilians, killing well over 100,000 innocent people. It works so well that, even though the United States is the only country to ever use a nuclear bomb in warfare, people think that the United States is still the only qualified entity to invade other countries in order to stop them from having nuclear weapons. It works so well that you can read all about every war crime committed by the United States all around the world, with little to no government censorship, and that STILL doesn’t make people rise up in anger. It works so well that you can read accounts of the CIA or FBI literally trying to brainwash Americans into total subservience and people STILL won’t resist.

Americans put the Soviets to shame in how effective their propaganda is. It’s not even close.

Never Sleeping Again: Part 1

*A TRC AU (Also on AO3)

Ronan Lynch was in a terrible mood. The hot summer sun was burning his fair skin, leaving his nose, cheekbones, neck, and shoulders tender and pink. And he was sweating, his standard black muscle tee clinging to his torso as he followed Matthew through the crowds at the Saturday farmer’s market. The vendors all knew Matthew by name and they called out to him, asking him to try samples of jam, fudge, and baked goods. They did not call out to Ronan, which suited him just fine. He was only here at Matthew’s request. He had been woken up at an ungodly hour to find Matthew perched on the end of his bed, begging him to go to the market.

“Why don’t you ask Declan?” Ronan grumbled as he pulled his pillow over his face.

Ronan,” Matthew whined, “you have to come!”

“No,” Ronan said.

“But there’s um, something special there. Something you’ll like.”

This was enough to get Ronan to toss his pillow on the floor and give Matthew an appraising look.

“Something I’d like, huh? I really can’t imagine what that would be,” Ronan said. Matthew had a playful but shifty look on his face, like he was trying to not give away the punch line to a good joke. “Okay, fine, whatever,” Ronan growled as he got out of bed and pulled on some clothes. “Just don’t make waking me up this early a regular thing.”

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Happy anniversary.

So I played through Half Life 2 / Episode 1 / Episode 2 again, to celebrate that little occasion. First time I’d downloaded them again in about five years - since the five-year anniversary, now that I think about it. Wanted to see how the game held up, wax nostalgic about it a little. I have about 1600 words on that, which you can read below the cut.

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Yet More StormPilot fic recs

Even more fic recs!  There’s still so many great fic coming out, and as my friend put it, I’m being a proper Ravenclaw by continuing to catalogue some of the best! (Well, best by my opinion at least).

A few of these are JediStormPilot, a few of these have a side of Jess/Rey.  A number of these are also on the longer side, so I’ve included word counts this time.

Previous fic rec posts:




Healing Through Flight

Summary: “Poe has always wanted to properly meet his hero, Luke Skywalker. He’s also been dying to meet Finn’s friend Rey. He didn’t think these things would be happening at the same time and he certainly didn’t think it would be so awkward.”

Sequel to the wonderful fic Naivety and Stupidity which I recced in my very first post, this one from Poe’s POV. (Also, part 3 is currently coming out!)  This fic also has Jess/Rey, and has Poe dealing with the after effects of his encounter with Kylo Ren

16075 Words in 6 Chapters.

“They hadn’t gotten any word that this would be happening. Damn, Poe wished Finn was there. He would have been ecstatic. As it stood, Poe supplied the excited nature for both of them. He’d seen Rey about once but from the transmissions between Rey and Finn and the stories he had heard, he was more than a little excited to meet the girl himself. He hadn’t even had a chance to properly thank her for bringing Finn back. He definitely needed to do that. And then buy her a drink because that’s what you did when people saved your not-yet-lover-but-eventually-lover.”

Supernova Tonight

Summary: “There’s probably a lot that Finn needs, now he’s conscious again, and probably half of it Poe is never going to be able to figure out, but at least he can tell him the stories.”

This beautifully written fic is probably one of my favorites right now.  Finn dealing with the effects of growing up a storm trooper, Poe dealing with helping him.  It follows Poe’s perspective throughout this, figuring out how not to speak without thinking so as to help Finn as much as possible, things like that.  There’s so many paragraphs I could pull to quote, but here’s a few that made me fall more in love with this fic towards the beginning of it.

It is rated Explicit, as it does have a few smutty scenes, but if that’s not your thing the story is still worth reading as the vast majority is.

9628 Words

“Finn says things, those times when he’s stuck back in the memories that never formed properly, that make Poe want to go out, gear up, get in his X-wing and basically personally kill every First Order bastard and go back again twice over just to be certain.”

“When he’d been young and stupid, he’d bought into the reputation flyers had for love-em-and-leave-‘em, and felt like it was something you had to live by, that it came with the role. His mother had been nothing like that, but since when did kids let parents be their models? He had one night stands round half his squad, and casual arrangements with most of the other half, and then there were all the off-world trips and the bars and the skin-sinks, and it was awesome until the night he was all on his own drinking banthan rum with no one who gave a shit to talk to about his Dad’s passing, and realised it wasn’t….

And now somehow it’s twenty years later, and he’s wound up in the longest relationship of his life – even though it’s barely been half a cycle - with a guy who probably views their interaction as familial, or at least would if he’d not been horribly kidnapped from his actual family and mind-wiped and exploited until any sense of how people might relate normally was stripped from him and…”

summer daze

Summary (and a great quote from the story):”Poe is a rescue pilot, Rey a paramedic.

While surveying a bushfire east of Melbourne Rey spots a man in trouble, and without any hesitation they save him from the fire. Noticing that her friend is checking out their recent rescue, Rey takes it upon herself to make sure Finn stays in their lives.”

This is a modern AU that takes place in Australia.

6340 Words

“Rey. Rey. What is wrong with me? What if he doesn’t like me? What if he isn’t gay? Or bi? What am going to do?” He groaned again and Rey rolled her eyes. She leaned back in her chair and took a sip of the red wine, contemplating her answer.
“You’re an idiot.” Poe sat up and stared at her, mouth open.
“Excuse me?”
“You heard me! You’re an idiot. Seriously. Just bloody call the bloke. He likes you too.” Rey rolled her eyes again. “Men. Jesus Christ, I’m so glad I’m not interested in men.”“

Square Pegs

Summary: “When Finn asks Poe for Resistance propaganda to read in the hopes of catching up on what they’ve been doing, he doesn’t expect to find a certain calendar full of what could delicately be described as glamour shots of the Resistance’s greatest pilot.”

Finn is trying to find something to do while healing, and wants to learn more about the Resistance.  The above describes it really well.  

6937 Words

“The function of the calendar seems to be all but forgotten as most of each double page is taken up by a photograph. Photographs that could only be described as softly pornographic. Poe straddling the front of his X-Wing with nothing but his helmet protecting his modesty. Poe climbing a maintenance ladder resting against the X-Wing, thigh strategically angled. He may be hidden at the front but everything is on display at the back. Finely defined muscles that shine in the bright starlight, curves instead of lines that disguise the intimate control that Poe has over each and every part of his body. Finn’s eyes are drawn to one curve in particular.”

the beloved body, compass, polestar

“Poe knows his place in the Resistance, in the galaxy at large–or, at least he thought he did.

But that was before Jakku. That was before Finn.”

Poe is trying to help Finn recover and find a place in the Resistance, while simultaneously trying to figure out how to balance his own feelings for Finn and his devotion to the Resistance.  Also, this has great friendship between Poe and Jessika.

6124 Words

“Finn makes his stomach swoop and his chest constrict and the back of his ears burn hot, but that’s not important in the long view of things. It’s not important when the First Order is still out there, and the Republic is beginning to wither after one key system was shot down out of the sky like it was nothing. Poe’s heard the stories about Alderaan–not from the General, always tight-lipped about her home planet, but his father had spoken late into the night about the fear that rippled through the village seeing a planet burst into an asteroid field, never mind five. The rain had been heavy, and as he spoke, Kes Dameron rubbed at an old blaster scar on his thigh that tended to twinge with the weather and with mentions of friends who had been left under knots of vines on Endor or in the dissipated fires on the surface of imperial star destroyers.”

number 3

Summary: “Whenever Poe thinks he might be about to die (which is approximately three times a week) he always wishes he had the chance to do three things:

1. Have a glass of the Coruscant blush wine that had been drunk by legendary rebel fighters before the Battle of Endor (a childhood dream, okay)
2. Thank the General for everything she’d done
3. Tell a certain jacket stealing, ex-stormtrooper that he’s in love with him

(The list was in the order that the points had been added, not the importance. It was embarrassing how quickly Finn had started to rank number one in importance in Poe’s life.)”

Poe works his way through some of his list.

3358 Words

““Don’t wait until it seems like the end, Dameron. Tell him when you’re safe and breathing easily. I waited. And then Han waited. We were always waiting until one of us was leaving or dying. Eventually that’s the only way you can love each other, when the world is ending. Stop waiting, tell him.””

reach me down

Summary: “Poe Dameron deals with the effects of having someone forcibly root around in their mind without permission. Luckily, he doesn’t have to deal with it alone.”

Can you see a theme in the fics I’m reccing? Poe has a nightmare, Finn and Rey come help.


1292 Words

Cover Boy

Summary: “Poe doesn’t find it funny. Unfortunately, everyone else finds it hilarious.”

Poe discovers he has ended up on the cover of First Order Propaganda: “His face appears under a bold, menacing headline that reads, “Don’t Let The Resistance Seduce You Away!””  He’s not so thrilled about this, especially the way they paint Finn.

2331 Words

“Jess is the only one who hasn’t fled from his sudden temper flare. Her face has softened, looking a little too knowing. He ignores her and scrolls down to the article, which is just as purple and stomach turning as he had suspected it would be, painting him as the sexual lothario who had preyed on a trooper’s weakness and Finn as… no one. As just another trooper, one with higher scores and more promise than most, but likely used and ultimately discarded by the Resistance. As though Finn’s choice means nothing. "They’re turning me into another boogeyman of the Resistance and making Finn seem like nothing special.””

Keep Your Eyes on Me

Summary: “Finn and Rey totally had a Moment (probably), Poe’s life is the hardest, Ben knows all of Mean Girls by heart, and none of them are going to survive Homecoming.”

Modern world high-school AU.  JediStormPilot.  I ADORE the fact that bb-8, instead of a little kid or an animal, is a genderqueer kid named Bibi.

2930 Words.

“"Them.” Finn waved a hand across the study hall room at the cluster in the corner. This being an unsupervised study period, the juniors of Jakku High were variously draped over, sleeping under, and teetering precariously half-on their desks, and engaged in a variety of excitingly not-homework-related pursuits. Finn and Poe had gone for the classic push-two-chairs-together-into-a-loveseat-and-sit-mostly-on-top-of-each-other maneuver, which had been a good idea in Finn’s opinion because Poe was warm and also had very soft, comfy hair. Jessika was sitting in her seat normally like weirdo. Bibi was lying across two desks with their iPod headphones in and a soccer ball balanced on their stomach.

And, in the opposite corner, Rey Kenobi and Ben Organa were slumped in chairs, Ben draped like a maiden on a fainting couch and Rey crouched with her knees pressed up against the desk and the chair wobbling on two legs but never actually in danger of falling. There wasn’t anything as dramatic as a space cleared around the two of them, people weren’t actually hanging back in reverence and awe, but it kind of felt like they should be. There was a glow, an aura, nay, an eminence about that particular corner of the classroom. It housed an angelic being after all, Finn reflected. Angelic in very much the flaming-sword sense, but still. “

In Fits and Starts

Summary: “Poe knows how Finn feels about Rey. But that won’t stop him from holding on as long as he possibly can.”

Poe knows Finn is in love with Rey, but is going to get as much out of his time with Finn as he can.  Then Rey returns.  Angst with a happy ending.

2093 Words

“People always think he wants it hard, fast, impersonal. And he does, he loves it like that. But not every time.

Finn is the only one who holds him in his arms, who pushes into him carefully – like he’s something precious, something to be cherished.

Poe doesn’t know what he’s going to do when it stops.”

But I’m a Stormtrooper!

Summary: “A Resistance pilot and a reformed stormtrooper walk into a bar. Finn’s not sure what the punchline is, but he’s almost certain it’s gonna hurt. (He’s wrong.)”

Seriously, this fic would be worth it for the drink names alone at the bar.

3269 Words

Galactic Dreams (Or lets fly birthday girl)

Summary: “Rey had to admit that she was sorely tempted and it really wasn’t like Luke could possibly sense her from all the way down here. It wasn’t like he could somehow stop her if he possibly did. It wasn’t like he could outrun an x-wing at any rate. Great motivations and suggestions from a supposedly even-headed Jedi in training but Rey had only ever piloted the Millennium Falcon. Opportunity like this didn’t just come flying in every day.

It’s Luke’s birthday and Leia’s idea to surprise Rey with a gift inspires Jess to do something similar.”

While still StormPilot, this fic is primarily Rey/Jess. and is cute fluff where Jess goes to deliver Rey and Luke birthday presents from Leia.  She decides to add her own presents to Rey to the mix.

5684 Words

The Adventures of Ace Dameron

This is an adorable little series, of three short fic so far.  Finn wakes up to a little boy named Ace, who over the course of the stories proceeds to charm the pants off Finn, to the delight of his dad.

Same Old Story with a Different Name

Summary: “Jessika has more important things to do than gossip about Dameron and Finn or daydream about Rey. Pity she’s not getting around to them.”

This fic is from Jessika Pava’s perspective. The pilots gossip about Poe and his relationship with Finn.  It’s also Jess/Rey

2662 Words

“The mood on base changes when Rey returns with Luke Skywalker. They’re not staying long—just giving an update, really—but both are treated like the celebrities they’ve become, Rey’s star shining slightly brighter since she’s younger and cuter and a whole lot newer, although Jessika’s never really let go of her childhood fixation on Skywalker as the galaxy’s greatest hero. Rey stops by the hangar sometimes, where Dameron’s been teaching Finn the basic mechanics of X-wing repair. (“He’d rather be working sanitation,” Snap tells Jessika at lunch one day. “At least, that’s what Dara said. It’s what he’s good at. But I think he likes Poe more than he likes working.”) The three of them have become something of a trio, and though Jessika treasures her friendships with Snap and the rest of Blue Squadron, she can’t help her jealousy—not of Rey, but of the others, the ones who get to occupy her free time. Jessika would be lying if she said she hadn’t noticed Rey, and not just for her heroics. But no one needs to know that.”

I hope you all enjoy this one as much as the others, and if you can help me get to over 300 notes (My 3rd one got to 270 notes) through reblogs and likes I will love you all forever!!!

anonymous asked:

May I just suggest if you are interested in truth, you diversify your list a little to include varying opinions. Your follow list as it stands slants heavily one direction, which opens you up to really just embrace propaganda and avoid employing critical thinking skills. Unless you enjoy that, then carry-on.

I’m more than willing to read varying opinions (and do occasionally watch clips from Fox to get a feel for how others react, interpret, etc), but honestly, I’m twenty-seven now and have VERY little patience with the idea that all beliefs are equally valid, especially when facts become second to feeling in politics. I do sometimes see good and interesting articles and pieces written by more right-wing commentators, politicians, and so forth that get RTed on my timeline, and that’s sufficient for me. To be brutally honest, I think my critical thinking skills are fairly decent, and if someone is spreading propaganda or consistently ignoring facts, I’m not all that interested - democrat, republican or anything in between. 

Peridot had found herself in the most peculiar situations. Somedays she was fighting with a superior. Somedays she found herself being interviewed by the diamond. Other days, she found herself in the middle of a standstill.

Peridot’s task for the day was to find any old gemshards from the war. She started this search in the Strawberry shields. These gemshards would be used to mainfest a unamed Geo-Weapon thought of by the greatest military leader to boot, Yellow Diamond.

She had multiple little bubbles following her around with shards of Dead Gems in them. Gems had no respect for the long deceased unlike Humans. During the war, the Diamonds would put up posters with phrases like “A good gem is an alive one.”

Peridot was fascinated by this stuff. In her spare time she read documents from the war, she interviewed people from the war, she even had Rebel War Propaganda and Paraphernalia. She had an addiction to it. So imagine her surprise when she was told by her superiors to do this goal. She was estatic about this mission.

She walked around amiring each and every weapon slung into the groud wether it be a custom made weapon by a certain Bismuth or a mace made for a Amethyst, she enjoyed all the sights. She wanted all of it.

After about 53 minutes of looking through dead gem sharda, something cuaght her eye… A reformed gem?! No, it couldnt be, all of the gems here were shattered! Maybe it was a Crystal Gem? No, it’s not that either. There’s no star on her uniform. At least not what from she can see.

Peridot kept her head down in the bushes as the gem passed her. She needed to formulate a plan of attack and a escape route if need be. She had an idea…

As the Gem walked by her Peridot sprung out and pointer her Laser canon at the back of this particular Gem’s head. This was the first fight Peridot had been in and she didnt want to make it her last. If she had to she’d use unfair advantages becuase deep down she knew she wasn’t a good fighter.

“Stay right where you are…”

The Problem with American Sniper

Let me start off my saying, as a first generation American who moved here from Iran, I will be the last person to devalue America. I grew up here, and I will always be extremely grateful for all of the opportunities and rights I’m given in this country, because I know I wouldn’t have them if my parents had not moved here. I actually do care a lot about this country, and despite common perceptions of me, I am “patriotic” enough to want to improve and contribute to it and make it a better place for everyone. Criticizing unjust and hateful institutions within America, or mistakes it has made regarding foreign relations does not equal hating America. I’ve been told “if you don’t like it here, go home” numerous times when criticizing problems I notice (and ironically enough, I’m being told this while exercising my right to free speech, which in other circumstances people would jump to defend).

The most recent issue I’ve seen come
up is regarding the movie “American Sniper”. No, I haven’t seen the movie in its entirely nor read the book, but I have done my research on it, and on the issues it’s supposedly covering. First of all, it is politically and historically inaccurate and leaves out huge, vital parts of the Bush Administration and the timeline for events that actually happened in the Middle East. It gives a very false perception of what was actually going on, and tugs of your cute little American heart strings with vivid propaganda instead. That’s not even my biggest beef with it.

By doing this, the movie is spreading Islamophobia and even more misconceptions about the Middle East and it’s culture. The vast majority of Americans, especially those seeing this movie, are not actually educated on the religion, the culture, or the politics of this region. So the fact that it’s pushing one side of the story without any accuracy or accountability for the actual events is a huge issue. I grew up in post-9/11 America, and it’s a horrible time and place for Muslims. Ironically, I am not Muslim and I have never identified as one, but my family does and I have always felt the stigma around simply saying I’m from Iran when people ask. When I was a kid, I would wish I had a “white” name so people would stop asking me where I was from when I met them. I remember looking at a map of Europe and literally picking a random country to say I was from instead. That’s how ashamed I was and how badly this toxic, anti-Islamic mindset affected me as an 8 year old.

Being anti-terrorism is very different from the anti-Islamic propaganda America has been pushing ever since 9/11. If America were really concerned about terrorism, you’d think they’d care about the domestic terrorism happening. There are police officers brutally murdering and attacking black people in this country, but America doesn’t seem to see that as an issue. Also look at the domestic terror attacks we’ve seen done by white people. What am I talking about? Exactly. They aren’t nearly as hyped up or plastered on the news.

Let’s also address that this is a “heroic” story of a man who killed the most people. Honestly I don’t know what else
to comment here because that statement speaks for itself. To what extent are we conditioned and brainwashed to where we think of someone who kills hundreds of innocent people to be a hero?

In my history class the other day, we were watching a video on Hitler and Nazi Germany. Specifically, when Germany took over Poland and how he got the support to do so. One detail that I found interesting was that Nazis made movies that portrayed Polish people as violent and brutal, attacking innocent Nazis. He used this propaganda to rally hate for the Polish and get people to support him taking over it.

No, I’m not trying to equate America with Nazi Germany. I just noticed the use of propaganda and portrayal of specific groups of people was interesting, and I immediately thought of the Islamophobia that American Sniper exudes. I think the comparison might help people notice the point I’m making. I get that a lot of people don’t understand this because they’ve never had to experience it, but it still blows my mind that more people don’t notice these blatant fallacies (or choose to ignore them).

Overall, I think mass
media that spreads hate, perpetuates negative stereotypes, and fails to educate people on relevant historical facts is hugely problematic, and American Sniper is all of those things. I want America to be a safer and more comfortable place for people of color, somewhere that certain groups of people don’t have to live in constant shame and fear for their lives due to their ethnicity or skin color. I want America to be accountable for its actions and to not romanticize killing innocent people by calling it heroism.

Stevie and Bucky or the Comic Wherein Little Steve Rogers and Bucky Bear Have Their Own World Like Calvin & Hobbes

For the past seventy years, generations of kids in the US and later on, around the world, have grown up with Bucky Bears. 

Bucky Bears have quietly stood watch in the night, keeping little ones safe as they dream.

Bucky Bears have defended kids against the monsters under the bed, in the closet and in that particular dark corner of the bedroom where sometimes, there’s a figure that’s blacker than black and the horror of it all is just imagining what’s underneath all the darkness. 

Bucky Bears have been brave and loyal and have listened quietly to childhood secrets, hidden tears, been hugged out of their stuffing, been patiently repaired, washed and passed on to the next generation. 

So really, it was inevitable that one of these kids would grow up to draw and write about Bucky Bear and his Steve, because one is never without the other.  And it helps that the artist - who hides her identity behind a pseudonym - is a big Captain America fan and she reads everything she could find about the real Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes.

So Little Stevie isn’t quite the angelic all-American model of perfect boyhood that propaganda would like him to be.  Little Stevie is tiny and scrappy, with a smart mouth.  He’s a bundle of earnestness and pure stubborn will and he hates bullies.  He gets into fights and swings with tiny fists and throughout all his adventures, he’s accompanied by Bucky Bear. 

Bucky Bear has swagger and charm to spare.  He generally gets his flirt on from all of the dolls and other stuffed toys in the neighborhood, a fact that makes Little Stevie roll his eyes but he actually listens when Bucky tries to teach him how to “treat a dame right."  This is usually Peggy Next Door, who thinks that Little Stevie is cute and often tries to drag him into make-believe games in which they are both spies on Super Secret Missions.   Bucky Bear is dragged along, complaining all the while.  

Bucky Bear doesn’t hesitate to take a swing against the neighborhood bullies that Little Stevie encounters and one memorable strip has him trying to teach Little Stevie how to throw a punch… except that Little Stevie ends up falling over most times and gets a little too beat up all by himself.  "You’ll get it, eventually,” Bucky Bear consoles him. 

Another noteworthy strip has Little Stevie valiantly trying not to cry after one particularly bad day and it’s Bucky Bear who tells him, “You ain’t a wimp if you cry.”

“Not cryin’.”

“I’m just sayin’.  Cryin’ helps sometimes.  Gets all the sad out.  And once you get the sad out, it’s all over.”

There’s a suspicious wobble. 

“I ain’t tellin’ no one, you know."  And then, Bucky Bear gestures down.  "It’s just that the flowers need waterin’ too.  They been lookin’ peaky, see?”

Little Stevie ends up laughing.  But the last panel has him coming out to water the flowers anyway. 

Sometimes, Little Stevie gets sick and there’s one unforgettable strip where Bucky Bear sits next to him on his sickbed.  The only thing that can be seen of Steve is his hand on the covers of his blanket.  Bucky Bear puts his paw on that little hand.

“You gotta get well, Stevie,” Bucky thinks.  “There’s so many adventures to get into today.  And I ain’t going on any single one of them if you’re not there.  So you get well, Stevie.  Don’t keep me waiting for you too long, okay?  Or I’m going to end up waterin’ the flowers for you.”

There are real tears in Bucky Bear’s eyes. 

The strip was so affecting that the artist was flooded by emails and PM’s and asks checking if Little Stevie actually died. 

When the real story of what happened to Bucky Barnes comes out, the Artist inevitably can’t help but tell the story in the comics in her own way.  There’s a panel that gets constantly reblogged in Tumblr, tweeted in Twitter and passed around in Facebook.  It’s Little Stevie, still in his normal kid clothes but holding on to a miniature shield.  His expression is a mixture of hope and wistfulness.  And the caption is:

Bucky, please come home. 

Some time later, the Artist - who is finally revealed to be a young lady named Terri Morita - receives a drawing from one Steven G. Rogers.  It’s a sketch of two little boys.  The taller boy has his arm slung around the smaller one, whose face is nearly taken up by his blinding grin.  The caption is simple:

Bucky’s come home. 

- end -

mycrazyfanworld  asked:

www*hungertv*com/feature/exclusive-the-interview-little-mix/ Thoughts on the last bit (more like last sentence)? Stadiums REALLY??? And of course they had to mention Zayn I mean bc why not...


My bullshit detector went off several times. Starting with this pic:

Excuse me, what have y’all done with Jesy’s legs? Whyudoherlikedat? I’m already annoyed. Ok, allow me to interpret this article for you. 

Little Mix are sitting opposite me in Rankin’s office, a bundle of excitement while discussing their upcoming third album, which, they say, unashamedly, is “100% girl power”… 

We are still pimping girl power. Pay no attention to the fact that we don’t walk the talk. If we say it, you’ll believe it. Especially if you’re 12 years old. 

When it comes to their careers though, Little Mix haven’t had much of a struggle.

The struggle is real. Do not mention the canceled US tour or the much delayed 3rd album. 

But don’t expect any Sugababes style feuding here; while all four entered as solo artists the girls are either fantastic actresses, or really do get on.

They are for sure not getting along. #confirmed

According to them though, it was after The X-Factor that hard work really kicked in. “When we came off the show we never sat back and thought, “that’s it, we’ve won”. We knew that people would be expecting success from us so we had to deliver it”, says Perrie Edwards, the feistiest member of the group. “If you come off The X-Factor and expect everything to be handed to you, that’s when it falls apart”, continues Jesy Nelson.

The failure of other XFactor winners is not the fault of bad management or record company foolery. Those unfortunate souls are just lazy fucks, say the ladies who’ve been on vacay for 9 months. And Perrie is feisty. Notice Perrie. Pay attention to Perrie. She is not Zayn Malik’s doormat. She is feisty. Got it?

“That’s where a lot of artists that come off The X-Factor fall down, they’re there and then they’re gone in a flash. We had to work so hard and I don’t think people realise that – it was never easy – but we kept that mentality up and that’s why I think we’ve been successful.”

We did not build our fanbase off the back of 1D’s. We worked hard for it. 

And you couldn’t ever claim that Little Mix have squandered opportunity. Since releasing their first album, DNA, in 2012 the band have sold 7.5 million records, scored a handful of number one hits, followed up with a second album, Salute, and even cracked that elusive American market, breaking the record for a highest charting debut from a British girl group, a record previously held by the Spice Girls.

Check the resume. We’ve done things. Allow us to remind you. Sure we’re stretching the American market thing. Back in the Spice Girls’ day, having a top ten album for 6 hours would count for absolutely nothing, so we’re making false equivalencies. But don’t think about that.

…while now it seems that there’s a daily commentary in the red tops about the state of Perrie’s relationship with ex-One Directioner Zayn Malik. So how does this affect them? Leigh-Anne is the first to wade into the murky waters of privacy: “I recently got really annoyed because some paper wrote that I wasn’t with my boyfriend anymore. I just thought, “why are you writing that, you have no idea what’s going on and you’re making everyone think that there’s a problem”. It gets so frustrating because you want to shout from the rooftops, “you’re wrong, this is what actually happened!”

Perrie agrees: “But you feel like why should you have to, our relationships are no one’s business but our own. At the start you want to try and fix it, and run around telling everyone that rumours aren’t true, but now it’s just not worth it. Let it go, if people believe it, then whatever.”

Our team plants all these stories for publicity. But it’s some sleazy business, so we’re gonna deny any involvement. We will claim we want privacy, yet use our relationships for promo shamelessly. Hey, it’s showbiz. We’re playing the game.

“It’s because people that aren’t in this industry believe everything they read”, says Jesy.

We just threw shade at our entire naive fandom. But naive fandom is naive. They’ll never notice.

Once a magazine brought out a two page spread about us that we were breaking up because we all hated Perrie. We know it’s not true but fans or other people that pick that up and read it start to believe it, and then they think there’s a problem.”

Do not hate on Perrie. I repeat, do not hate on Perrie. We have all our eggs in the Perrie basket. You. Must. Not. Hate. On. Her.

Welp, that’s about it. I don’t blame the ladies at all for this piece of propaganda. This is obviously management attempting to control the narrative. I feel a little sorry for them. This is such a shitshow.

anonymous asked:

do you think psychic stuff is real?

oh boy this is one of my favorite paranormal topics so get ready for a longer reply than anyone wanted. also im kinda half awake so ill try and be coherent as possible but that might be fighting a losing battle.

i think it’s likely that Some psychic phenomena exists on Some level (besides trickery and misattribution). without even getting paranormal,  i think it’s either a) known human senses being used in ways we arent yet aware of, b) another sense that isnt formally recognized, or a combination of both.

i mean a lot of what we could call psychic phenomena might be examples of the brain processing sensory data unconsciously. like when you get a bad feeling all of a sudden but you cant tell why until something bad happens. even if you didnt process the warning signs consciously because they were so subtle, you might subconsciously process them and get the fear reaction. or how many people can automatically ‘sense’ the emotional tone of a room upon walking in, without having any actual context. the fact that these things happen s pretty well accepted, and i think it can be stretched a bit to encompass some psychic experiences.

the whole ‘humans only use ten percent of their brains’ thing is a complete myth, but the fact remains that we dont fully understand how the brain works. that doesnt mean theres room for Really wild shit, but i think it leaves room for the possibility of human senses functioning in ways we arent currently aware of.

with the bigger stuff like outright telepathy, i think it exists on Some level. a lot of it might be down to coincidence, but ive had straight up bizarre moments where i start thinking about something ive never spoken about out loud and is in no way related to anything recently going on, and within a minute a friend brings it up, or vice versa. a couple times  is a coincidence, but this was like. weekly for me. idk how that would work without getting even more out of my depth into pseudoscience, but i feel like theres Something there, even if some of it really is coincidence.

and ok this is speculation of someone who has an unhealthy interest in this topic but is Definitely Not An Expert so take this with a grain of salt. but i think as social animals having some means of sensing and communicating that we call psychic would be beneficial and could be evolved? i mean we already develop natural ways of nonverbal communication, as well as what seems to be along the lines of very simple telepathy. our ability to communicate in this way would be really beneficial in our development as a species.

i guess the main argument against parapsychology is it really hasnt been demonstrated consistently or in reputable conditions. most claims fall flat when tested with sound experimentation.  this is going to sound like a bullshit excuse (and probably is most of the time) but if psychic power is based on the power of belief+intent, wouldnt a highly skeptical environment that Really wants to disprove it make psychic powers less likely to work? 99% of the time it doesnt work because its fucking Fake. but honestly i think that could be possible if theres an actual phenomena.

similarly, if its something thats hard to harness consistently, id assume even real psychics would cheat sometimes out of desperation to prove their extremely inconsistent abilities. again, most psychics are certainly frauds and cheat because they dont. have any psychic power to begin with, but thats another possibility.

theres also the fact that both the US and SU took serious interest in parapsychology during the cold war, and tested it under more rigorous conditions. sure, a lot of it was  “the soviets MIGHT have Government Psychics so we need to get Better Government Psychics” and propaganda. but whats honestly interesting is that a lot of the studies werent closed with “we’re shutting this project down because remote viewing is fake and this is embarassing”, but with more “there were results, but not consistent or practical enough for use in the field compared to conventional methods”. it’s hard to find detailed info about these experiments that isnt completely made up, and very little specifics about  the russian side of things that ive been able to find (probably bc i cant read russian), but it’s worth noting at least.

so again, it seems like theres Some form of phenomena, it’s just hard to nail down the source or test it due to it’s inconsistent nature.

so yeah i think stuff like what we call ‘clairvoyance’, ‘telepathy’, etc, might be real on some level. plus if you bring a paranormal aspect into it, you could completely discard everything i just said bc it wouldnt even need to function like conventional human senses because its goddamn supernatural.

im more skeptical about telekinesis and precognition, just because they seem way less feasible as something a human could do and kinda. break our understanding of how physics and time work. but again, if theyre supernatural, they break those laws by their very nature, so who knows?

so yeah idk, as usual my answer is “maybe”. id love to hear other ppl’s thoughts on this though


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Will and Parv hash out something important. Originally from [this], but they’re not contiguous. This one is also way sappier and way more angsty than I had intended.

warnings: blood (I mean it. it’s blood magic. if their latest videos grossed you out, this is worse), language

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