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Iris and Lillium’s designs for mine and @i-read-good-books   Android AU collab!! (VERY NieR:Automata inspired by my (very annoying) requests.  hahaha ) 

Text by her:


“from dusk til dawn

getting to know each other”


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Presumably, he wanted to make a name for himself, which is why I won’t identify him. His name deserves to be forgotten. Discarded. Deleted. Labels like ‘madman’, ‘monster’, or ‘maniac’ won’t do, either. There’s a perverse glorification in terms like that. If the media’s going to call him anything, it should call him pathetic: a nothing.
—  Charlie Brooker, with one of the wisest quotes about spree killers/terrorists ever.
i’ll never be
“the one that got away”
because you told me to leave
and i did
so what does that make me?
“the one who left”?
“the one who listened”?
“the one that wanted to stay”?
“the one that would still be here if you wanted me”?
—  ”the one that’s still here even though you’re long gone”
(cc, 2017)

The ACOWAR box, curated by the amazing girls at @the-yachronicles has finally, fiiiiinally arrived! 🎉🙌 (No, but really, the Romanian post office is an absolute joke 😡)
But it was so sooooo worth the wait! I can’t even begin to explain how happy this box made me! All the care and thought that went into it is amazing ❤ Thank you so much for a wonderful box, loves 😍 You absolutely kick ass!
The ACOWAR box included:
* A Court of Wings and Ruin by @therealsjmaas (😍) @sjmaas
* A custom-made and exclusive High Lady of the Night Court candle by @koolandco (it smells absolutely divine I can’t even 😍)
* A custom ribbon bookmark by @charmedfiction (gooooorgeous, wings and roses on one side and a star on the other ❤)
* A custom Feysand bookmark by @readandwonder_ (all the feels forever ❤) 
* A Feysand print by @charliebowater (I fangirled so much it’s not even funny 😂) @charliebowater
* A Night Court tote bag by @paperlyandco (it’s so pretty and it has one of my favourite quotes on it ❤)
* A baby Rhysand sticker by @taratjah (the cuteness is too much 😍) @taratjah
* A custom pin by @eviebookish (I’m so in love with the design, it’s gorgeous)
I adored everything about this box ❤
Everyone needs to check out The YA Chronicles because they’re absolutely fantastic ❤

…she needed no ornamentation. It would have been like putting jewelry on a lion.
—  Sarah J. Maas, A Court of Wings and Ruin
Maureen Corrigan’s Summer Reading List:

Journeys, near and far, into the past and even into near space are the subject of the novels, memoirs, and narrative histories that make up our book critic Maureen Corrigan’s early summer reading list. Here are her recommendations:

  • American Eclipse By David Baron
  • Murder in Matera By Helene Stapinski
  • The Awkward Age By Francesca Segal
  • Between Them By Richard Ford
  • You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me By Sherman Alexie
  • Camino Island By John Grisham
  • Hear why she picked them.

Illustration: Chelsea Beck/NPR

Podcasts — everyone seems to have one. And more and more people are listening to them. At the same time, sales for audiobooks are growing faster than any other segment of the publishing industry. That got NPR’s Lynn Neary wondering: Are podcasts helping to drive listeners to audiobooks? The answer, as it turns out, is more circular than that.

A Publisher Tries Podcasts As A Gateway To Audiobooks