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Are you seriously mad because 1d won an award that lm were nominated for?? Like at least be happy for us, not all 1d fans are rude ..

i literally don’t give a damn? they knew how important this award was for us and the girls and they already had 1 award still only voted on our cateory bc they knew they couldnt ‘let’ little mix win, they have a much bigger fanbase and that was the result. i don’t give a fuck about 1d or their fans, i’m sorry if it sounds rude to you but im tired of seeing them stealing the spotlight away from little mix when we clearly know who deserves it.

Photo: The Monastery of Tatev, Armenia by Suren Manvelyan.

The thousand-year-old Tatev monastic complex is located in the south of Armenia in a beautiful and strategically advantageous natural setting.

It overlooks the Vorotan River Gorge and is flanked by steep, rocky slopes and lush forests. During the Middle Ages, Tatev was one of Armenia’s most important spiritual centers. It also had great academic and political significance. It housed Tatev University, whose legacy lives on today through a wealth of preserved manuscripts, and was the political stronghold of Syunik principality.

Within its walls, the eminent Grigor Tatevatsi and his successors wrote missives to the world leaders of their time and penned scholarly treatises that are as much a part of the world’s cultural heritage as are the architectural monuments of Tatev Monastery. Tatev was highly self-sufficient. It had an oil mill, flour mills and a traditional bread-making oven, or tonir. All food for the hundreds of monks, students and clergy who resided at the monastery was grown and prepared on premises or on the surrounding plots. The surplus was used for trade and bartering. Tatev had a highly advanced water supply and irrigation system, with clay pipes transporting fresh spring water from the mountains above to the monastery and its surrounding area. This allowed for the cultivation of orchards and vineyards in the Vorotan Gorge, where a wide range of fruits and vegetables were grown, including olives, which were very uncommon in the region.

There was also a winemaking facility close to Mets Anapat, a cloistered monastery deep in the gorge, which was administratively and economically linked to Tatev. Villagers cultivated the orchards and operated mills and other production facilities. They gave a percentage of their harvest and yield to the monastery.

SOURCE: Tatev Revival Project -

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I went to the Sherlock Holmes exhibit in London today. It was actually awesome and there was a lot in there. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to take photos. Me and a woman got into a heated debate about Sherlock and teenagers. 

Well on the way out I bought these books, there were two more but my mum dragged me to the till before I could grab anymore, and then I picked up this bag for £1. While my family were looking around at the other items in the gift shop I saw a boy (must have been about 11) looking at the Young Sherlock book series (If you follow me, you will know I loved that sereis) and I saw he was looking puzzled, like he was in two minds whether to get it or not. I walked over and told him it’s worth reading, I talked him through basic plot and he started asking if it was difficult to read because he struggled with the original books. I could tell this boy really wanted to read the books so I told him that it doesn’t matter how long it took him to get through the books, whether it’s hours, days, weeks or even years. As long as he enjoyed it. His face kinda lit up and I helped him to pick the first 3 books of the Young Sherlock series and reassured him that they weren’t too hard to read. As he walked up to his mum to get some money, she smiled at me and waited for her son to go buy them before thanking me. Apparently the boy struggled with confidence when reading and was often put off of books because of it, even though he would really want to read the adventures and know the stories. She said how frustrated he would get when he couldn’t get through a book in a week, like his friends could. (I knew what she meant because I went through a similar thing as a kid). He loved watching Sherlock and had tried to read the books but he kept giving up, so she took him to the exhibit so he could learn more about Sherlock, in hope he would pick the books back up. I promised the boy and his mother that the YS books still had the same thrill of the Original books, but because it followed Sherlock as a kid it was a lot easier to read and understand. It would be a great starting point for the boy until he was confident enough to try the originals again. The mum really couldn’t thank me enough and I just said how I love to read and if I can help anyone pick up a book and give it a try, that’s good enough for me.

So all in all, the Sherlock Holmes exhibit was great and I got some great books :)

Prank Wars

could you do one where the reader and dean get into a prank war and they constantly are trying to one up each other. however, Sam gets annoyed and tries to put a end to it, but the reader and dean team up against Sam and go after him.

You stood back to marvel at your masterpiece, it was ready. “Hey, Dean come here, I need you for something,” you called. You were actually proud of what you had done. You had covered one of the doorways with clear saran wrap so that when your unexpecting victim, Dean Winchester, walked through, they would be met by an invisible wall. You had stationed yourself inside the room so Dean had to walk through to get to you. His footsteps came closer.
"What’s-," he started but quickly ended his sentence. You watched with a delighted smile as his face smushed up against your trap. He stumbled backwards, his eyes wide in confusion. You burst out in a joyful, hearty laugh, and you couldn’t seem to stop. You doubled over, hugging your stomach.
"I got you, Winchester," you could barely speak, you were laughing so hard. Dean tore through the saran wrap, finally realizing what had happened.
"Don’t get too cocky, (Y/N)," he pointed his finger at you, "You better watch your back."

Lunch time was always an exciting time of the day, I mean, what’s better than food? This day, the day after the saran warp incident, you had gotten ahead of yourself when Dean told you lunch was ready. Your stomach overpowered your mind and you forgot to check for traps. You would usually double check your sandwich and look all around you, but today you were extra hungry. Sam and Dean, along with your sandwich, were already seated at the table, but you could only focus on your sandwich. You pulled our your chair, expecting it to hold you, but as you sat down, the support underneath you broke. You fell straight to the floor. Dean’s laugh echoed throughout the room, now it was he who couldn’t control himself. You did have to admit, Dean was a pretty good prankster.
"Oh my God, (Y/N), are you ok," Sam asked concerned. You pulled yourself up, laughing a little.
"Ya, I’m fine," you answered with a grin. "Winchester, I’m gonna get you so good, you just made the biggest mistake of your life."
"Oh, I doubt it’s the biggest mistake," he could barely catch his breath,"But you’re on."
Sam spoke up, catching the two of you by surprise, “No, no you’re not on, you two are going to stop this right now. No more pranks.”
"Aww come on, Sammy, it’s just a little fun. (Y/N)’s ok, (h/s)’s even laughing, right (Y/N)," Dean tried to reason. You nodded your head.
"You’re going to hurt yourselves, it’s dangerous," he insisted. Dean shot you a glance from across the table, it was clear what you would have to do.

It was perfect, really, the contraption that you and Dean had come up with. The ideas you two could come up with when you worked together was astounding, you were unstoppable. But, out of all the ideas, this one was the best. A bag of flour was hung from the ceiling by a rope. This rope was then attached to a pulley and anchored to the ground by Dean, who was hiding around the corner. When Sam walked by, Dean would let go of the rope and the bag of flour would fall on his head, a prankster’s dream. Show time.
"Hey, Sam, can you help me reach something," you called upon your victim. In no time he was making his way to you. When the oblivious Winchester was in the right spot, Dean released the rope. The flour fell directly onto Sam’s head. White powder exploded everywhere. Sam’s hair was dyed white, as well as the shoulders of his shirt. His face was painted. You and Dean immediatley lost it, laughing. The younger Winchester stood expressionless, staring at the two of you.
"You gotta admit, Sammy, that’s pretty funny," Dean choked out. Sam just rolled his eyes.
"You two are five year olds," he muttered.